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Poster Presentation Day 2 - 28 November 2003 (Friday) by vgw19124


									      Poster Presentation
      Day 2 – 28 November 2003 (Friday)
No.     Topic       Title                                               Author               Country
1.      Clinical    Local experience & advantages of midwives as        LAI Fung King        HK
                    obstetric ultrasonographers                                              KWH
2.      Clinical    AN exploratory study of midwives’ perceptions       E. SIU               HK
                    on performing ultrasound scanning as an                                  TMH
                    integral part of antenatal care
3.      Clinical    Increasing awareness to warning signs in            NORONHA              India
                    pregnancy among antenatal women
4.      Cultural    The range of midwives responsibilities &            T. KEIKO             Japan
                    assurance of the safety of delivery in maternity
                    clinics in Japan.
5.      Cultural    A description of post-war Japanese women’s          S. YUFUNE            Japan
                    perception of their mothering experience.
6.      Clinical/   Factors influencing HK Chinese mother’s             SIN Wai Ha           HK
        Cultural    participation in “Significant others accompany                           PMH
                    labour program”
7.      Clinical/   Cessation of smoking                                T. NAMI              Japan
8.      Clinical/   The HK women’s needs for community                  F. HAU               HK
        Cultural    midwifery service                                                        PWH
9.      Clinical/   Risk factors of postnatal depression in Japan       Akiko UNO            Japan
10.     Clinical/   Perception of pain management during labour         LAW Choi Har         HK
        Cultural    among HK Chinese first time mother
11.     Clinical/   Efficacy of delay removal of urethral catheter in   LAM Kit Yee          HK
        Cultural    preventing urinary retention in the immediate                            PWH
                    period after regional anaesthesia for Caesarean
                    section – preliminary report
12.     Clinical/   Evaluation the effectiveness of Continuous          TSE Lai Chun         HK
        Change      Midwifery Care in nursing support on the                                 KWH
                    initiation of breastfeeding for HK Chinese
13.     Clinical/   Report on an out-break and Management of            YEUNG Kit Ming Amy   HK
        Change      MSSA Breast Infection                                                    KWH

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