WSU Course Equivalency Guide for Fort Scott Community College

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					   WSU Course Equivalency Guide for Fort Scott Community College
                Secondary English/Language Arts

The following list of classes will transfer from Fort Scott Community College into the Secondary
English/Language Arts program at WSU. The list only includes classes that meet a specific
requirement for the program. Additional courses will be required for the Associate of Arts or
Associate of Science degree.

It is important to note that students transferring from a two-year college must complete at least 60
hours at a four year college or university and 45 of those hours must be upper-division. Students
are encouraged to seek Dual Advising from advisors at WSU and FSCC in order to proceed
successfully through the program.

     WSU Course           Fort Scott Course        Fort Scott Course Name                     Hours
     Engl 101             ENG 1013                 English 101 (“C” or better)                3
     Engl 102             ENG 1023                 English 102 (“C” or better)                3
     Comm 111             SPE 1093                 Public Speaking (“C” or better)            3
     Math 111             MAT 1083                 College Algebra                            3
                          (or higher)              (or higher – “C”or better)
     Psy 111              PSY 1013                 General Psychology                         3
     Thea 143             DRA 1313                 Theatre Appreciation                       3
     Engl 362             ENG 2013                 American Literature I                      3
     Engl 363             ENG 2023                 American Literature II                     3
     Engl 310             ENG 2223                 Intro to Literature: Poetry                3
     Engl 330             ENG 2253                 Intro to Literature: Short Story           3
     CI 271 & 272         EDU 1013 & 1021          Intro to Education & Lab                   4
                                                   (“B” or better)
     Stat 370             MAT 2253                 Elementary Statistics                      3
     CESP 334             PSY 1023                 Developmental Psychology                   3

Transfer Students with an AA or AS from a KS Community College must include 45 hours of
General Ed. requirements with the distribution specified in KBOR Policy: (12 hrs. Basic Skills; 12
hrs. Humanities/Fine Arts; 12 hrs. Social & Behavioral Sciences; and 9 hrs. Nat’l Sciences with one
lab included).

For questions, please contact the WSU Education Support Services office at (316) 978-3300.

                                                                                      September 2009