Chem 323 Potential Poster Presentation Topics Winter 2008 Potential topic 1 Instrumentation for nanoparticle synthesis Flame based 2 Instrumentation for nanoparticle synthesis by vgw19124


									     Chem 323-Potential Poster Presentation Topics (Winter 2008)

#    Potential topic
1    Instrumentation for nanoparticle synthesis: Flame based
2    Instrumentation for nanoparticle synthesis: Plasma based
3    Instrumentation for nanoparticle analysis/characterization
4    Drug delivery using nanopartciles
5    Instrumentation for pill-based capsule endoscopy imaging
6    Instrumentation for micro-arrays
7    Application of quantum dots in biological imaging
8    Application of nanowires as chemical sensors
9    Carbon nanotubes as chemical sensors
10   Environmental applications of aptamers
11   Toxicogenomics for environmental applications
12   Instrumentation for microspectrometers: Gratings
13   Instrumentation for microspectrometers: Time-of-flight (mass spec)
14   Instrumentation for microspectrometers: Magnetic sector (mass spec)
15   Instrumentation for microspectrometers: Other (mass spec)
16   Fabrication of micro-instrument components: Micromachined gratings
17   Fabrication of micro-instrument components: Wet chemical etching
18   Fabrication of micro-instrument components: Surface micromachining
19   Fabrication of micro-instrument components: LIGA
20   Fabrication of micro-instrument components: Electrochemical fabrication
21   Fabrication of micro-instrument components: Electrochemical etch stop
22   Fabrication of micro-instrument components: Deep reactive ion etching
23   Microfabricated chemical sensors for aerospace applications
24   Micromachined pressure sensors
25   Microscale vacuum pumps
26   Microdroplet generators
27   Ion sources for mass spectrometry (pick one)
28   Instrumentation for ICP-MS (Mass Spectrometry)
29   Instrumentation for sequential ICP-AES (Atomic Emission Spectrometry)
30   Instrumentation for ICP-AFS (Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry)
31   Instrumentation for multi-channel ICP-AES: PMT-based
32   Instrumentation for multi-channel ICP-AES: Photodiode-array based
33   Instrumentation for multi-channel ICP-AES: CCD-based
34   Instrumentation for multi-channel ICP-AES: CID-based
35   In-torch vaporization sample introduction in ICP spectrometry
36   Powder sample introduction for ICP spectrometry
37   Laser ablation sample introduction for ICP spectrometry
38   Transform approaches to spectrometry: Fourier Transforms
39   Transform approaches to spectrometry: Hadamar Transforms
40   Transform approaches to spectrometry: Wavelet transforms
41   Automated spectral interpretation: 1-dimensional
42   Automated spectral interpretation: 2-dimensional
43   Applications of neural networks in spectroscopy
44   Fuzzy logic
45   Genetic algorithms
46   Artificial Intelligence (in Analytical Chemistry)
47   Virtual reality in analytical chemistry
48   Diode lasers: principles of operation
49   Diode lasers: spectroscopic applications
50   Quadruple mass spectrometry instrumentation
51   Ion trap mass spectrometry instrumentation
52   Detectors for mass spectrometry
53   Instrumentation for quartz crystal microbalance
54   Scaling problems in miniaturization
55   Atomic force microscopy
56   Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
57   Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
58   MALDI
59   Triple-quad mass spec
60   Lasers: Basic theory
61   Semiconductor lasers
62   How old is the internet? Internet and the WWW as a teaching tool
63   Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
64   Transmission Electron Microscope
65   PCR on a chip
66   Microfluidics for sample manipulation
67   Miniature mass spectrometers
68     Miniature Ion mobility
69     Miniature Time-of-flight
70     Miniature Megnetic Sector
71     Other types of miniature mass spectrometers
72   Glucose sesnors/detectors
73   Optical micro-spectrometers
74   Fiber optic sensors
75   Miniature plasma sources
76   Corona discharge ionization soures
77   UV ionization sources
78   Nano-electrospray ionization
79   Plasma TV/LCD TV/HDTV etc.
80   Multimedia in the class room
81   WWW in the analytical laboratory.
82   How does a color TV work?
83   How does a laser printer or a color ink jet work? (pick only one)
84   Smoke detector: How does it work?
85   How does a CD-ROM/DVD work?
86   Blue ray DVD
87   Web 2.0
88   Displays based on organic molecules
89   HDTV and the benefits of 16:9 aspect ratio
90   Solar cells
91   Hydrogen fuel
92   3G communications
93   Battery storage
94   Nano sensors
95   How does a ---bring your own topic ----work?

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