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					                     Poster Presentation Explanatory Notes
For any developing country such as Camerooni to achieve a successful Infrastructure Development; Basic
Human Needs and Development; Economic Growth and Employment; Empowerment and Governance etc as
core ‘Thematic Development Factors’ within this Information Age, must be based on sound strategic
development initiativesii specially through ICT programs and projects for sustainable development. ICT is
a fundamental part in achieving the main goals and targets for these 'Thematic Development Factors’.
In this light therefore, the case of ‘ICT Development Initiatives’ there is need for this initiatives to be
inspired by national policies like ANTICiii etc drawn from basic principles or development agenda adopted
during international conferences and meetings like the WSISsiv, GKPv Conferences etc. These principles
focus on unacceptable disparities that exist among humanity, nations and communities. These basic
principles should be combined or integrated with strategic initiatives of international development
promoters and donors like UNDPvi, IDRCvii and OSIWAviii etc. Effective implementation can then be
achieved through outreach development initiatives with grassroots based organizations like
TechCeFaCos NGO Cameroon.
ICT by its performance and potential has become a pivot for realizing the MDGs and other development
objectives using integrated and holistic approaches as well cooperation in providing effective, best and
affordable models in dissemination of ICT for Sustainable Development. In short, ICT is more then
computers and telephony-ICT is embedded in virtually all industrial, commercial and services systems.
So, TechCeFaCos NGO as an agent of development in ‘promoting creativity and technological
empowerment for creation of hope as well as wealth creation’; has taken the challenges ixin reaching-out
for development by exploiting the full potentials of ICT as bearable, viable and equitable tool to make
development ‘sustainable’.
ICT Development Initiatives are base strategic programs and projects of TechCeFaCos NGO in achieving
development using ICT as a pull engine and ‘ICT Empowerment Centre’ as the drive (based on the ‘ICT
Development Initiatives’ Poster with an explanatory summary document).
   -   ICT Empowerment Centre-As ‘TechCeFaCos’ Kumbo TeleCentre’:
          Is a ‘low cost tech’ & ‘open source model’ based ICT Empowerment Centre that uses the power of
          ICT with extended objectives and focus, in targeting the achievement of thematic development
          factors based on Infrastructure Development; Basic Human Needs and Development; Economic
          Growth and Employment; Empowerment and Governance etc.
          Presentation Guideline for ICT Empowerment Centre:
               a. Brief Description
               b. Vision, Objectives And Goals
               c. How ICT Contribute To The Organizational Objectives
               d. Transferability
               e. Project Summary
     -    ICT Access-Availability and Usage:
               a. Computing: based on usage of hardware and software which is technologically accessible,
                  affordable, and available
               b. Connectivity: interconnections of networking system of ICT and media
               c. Content: development of local content and relevant content for socioeconomic
                  development etc
               d. Capacity: creating ICT awareness for development etc
     -    ICT4Development-Sustainable Development:
               1. ICT can only help achieve development-it’s a means and not an end.
               2. Active efforts must be undertaken for global inclusiveness.
               3. ICT for Sustainable Development must be economically viable, and provide value for end
               4. ICT for Sustainable Development must be participatory and collaborative for the solutions
                  to be globally relevant and sustainable.
     -    Development Objectives-As A Joint Venture Through ICT:
               1. Bring together all the stakeholders and increase their interactions.
               2. Develop metrics for success and efficacy, and introduce academic rigor.
               3. Focus on real innovations and new challenges.
               4. Develop new models.

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    Poster title and part of poster section on ‘Strategic Development Initiatives’
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