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									                                                                            Laser Radar systems
                                                               Matris laser radar system ML series

        Features of matrix laser radar system ML7 series
        *     Range up to 7 meter with 5 mm accuracy
        *     120x160 pixels in resolution at 30 Hz full frame rate
        *     576 000 individual 3 D points are measured per second
        *     Pulsed time of flight unique for each pixel element
        *     Internal microprocessor and USB interface for external PC
        *     No moveable parts and solid state C-Mos technology
        *     Camera output in same image as the 3D output with all pixels defined to distance
        *     Attractive pricing approaching just over Euro 1000 in high volumes

Laseroptronix is happy to offer thus unique matrix laser radar systems. Earlier solutions have always used moveable
parts but this is fully static. Unique chips admits to grab a simultaneous time of flight recording of a light pulse over
all pixels in the special camera units at one occasion. You can also say that each one of the 120x160 pixels have
a complete time of flight range finder. Accuracy is about 5 mm and the matrix ladar can make 30 complete images
per sec. This is equal to 576 000 compete distance values per second.
Output is over USB 2 interface to a PC system with special software. The internal processor can also make
advanced calculations so it can operate stand alone.
Limitations today are the 7 meter range and sensitivity to sun light in out door applications.

Many of our products are protected by patents and patent applications                      Document Matrisladar05 11 01

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                                       Matrix laser radar is made by
                                       special circuits admitting the
                                       very fast speed and compact
                                       design. C-Mos technology
                                       has opened the door for new
                                       possibilities not earlier

Left image shows main board with special circuits. Right image the complete system with a pencil for dimension
reference. The casing have a large array of special IR illumination sources giving a very short and rapid pulse
used for the time of flight calculations.
Exact pixel in the camera have its unique time inter wall counter so one light burst gives the entire 3D view of the
area in 120x160 pixels
                                                                  Face identity application idea
                                                                  Here the image gives a 3D image of dimensions.
                                                                  This is a new approach in biometric ID solutions.
                                                                  The superimposed photo and 3D information
                                                                  admits higher levels of security than todays
                                                                  solutions. Here each point have a 5 mm accuracy
                                                                  and there are up to 120x160 3D points in the
                                                                  image. This is very difficult to fool.
                                                                  If the entire body is scanned this make it far more
                                                                  complex to fool an ID system by masking the
                                                                  Same ideas are suitable for medical alignment in
                                                                  applications in radiology and cancer treatment.

  3D scan of area with car and person.
  This shows an unique possibility to check areas for intruders and trespassing into sensitive areas. The
  applications in machine security and alarms systems are very unique. It is possible to control exactly
  what shall give an alarm so this avoids false alarms to a high degree.
  *    Alarm by area or volume
  *    Alarm by movement direction or speed
  *    Alarm by shape
  *    Alarm by position in the area
Depth view of biscuits

This shows a photo of 4 packs of biscuits with different heights. The camera have gives an colour image where
distance corresponds to colour. Last graph shows real distance values. This shows the capability to see 3D with
a matrix ladar and to make inspections in industrial automation.
Normal camera looking in 2D have many limitations in what they can see and measure. here the 3D capabilities
open the door for many new applications.

3D views of persons in an area.

     Left image is a 45 Degree of a person and his face. This is very unique compared to normal cameras and
what they can do. Here the 3D recordings was wrapped by the photo of the camera resulting a pure 3D image
possible to rotate.
Centre image is a flat view of a person in front of a wall with a door opening in the wall
Blue is short and red is far away.
Right image is same area in an other angle. Red is close and blue is far away.
     We have videos in 3D with the camera showing movements in areas like this. Here effects are very dramatic
as persons moving in the area will be showed by colour changes as well as shapes. This is a very efficient way
to improve the visibility of incidents. Colour versus distance improves presence in areas in remote control
     All systems are delivered with a PC software for control and settings. You can use the PC screen as a
monitor and make software for controlling the system. Later the system can operate alone with no PC or in
combination where the PC system do all calculations.
                                                                             Laser Radar systems
                                                                Matris laser radar system ML series
Data sheet
ML7 Miniature 3D time-of-flight Matrix camera with USB 2.0 interface Features

Number of pixels (ROI option) Up to 120 x 160
Depth resolution Down to 5 mm
Wavelength of illumination 870 nm in near IR area
Illumination power 800 mW out put
Maximum range 7.5 m
Frame rate Up to 30 fps , depends on ROI ,exposure time ,etc.
Diagonal field of view (HxW)+/-30 ° ((+/-21 ° x ++/-23 °)
Interface USB 2.0
Connector Mini USB Type-B
Power supply +12 V /1.5 A DC
Power consumption 18 W max.
Lens f=8 mm, F=1.4, M 12x0.5 thread micro optics
Dimensions (mm)135 (W)x 45 (H)x 32 (D)
Weight 0.2 kg
Encapsulation IP 65
Housing made in anodized aluminium
System is CE marked

Applications for matrix 3D camera systems

*      Tele robotics where the 3 D gives more exact information about the area
*      Alarm systems where the shape and position of objects can trig and give alarms
*      Industrial automation application
*      Production control
*      Door and entrance control applications trigged with better algorithms than todays solutions
*      Security and alarm systems for critical applications in home land security
*      Advanced Identity applications replacing cameras with 2D characteristics
*      Anti collision applications in cranes or robotics

Many of our products are protected by patents and patent applications                   Document Matrisladar 05 11 01

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