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                              CAPP 305 Midterm Examination (C) - SAMPLE
                                   (Actual exam contains 50 questions)


1.    You use VB's Project Window to enter computer instructions into your application.

2.    When you let your mouse linger a moment over one of the controls in the Toolbox, a pop-up menu appears to
      identify it.

3.    In naming a horizontal scroll bar control, it is customary to use the prefix hsb.

4.    If one loop is placed inside another, it is said to be nested.

5.    An example of a low-level language is BASIC.

6.    Visual Basic is an example of a procedure-oriented language.

7.    With the OR operator, both test conditions must be true for the expression as a whole to be true.

8.    You can use either the ampersand (&) or the plus (+) sign when combining or concatenating one string to

9.    Programming loops are associated with the term iterations because they permit code to be repeated under a
      variety of conditions.

10. Adding an event procedure to a control is done by clicking the control once to open its Code Window.

Multiple Choice

11.       In Visual Basic, a module _______.

          a.   is a type of project
          b.   is a container for forms or controls
          c.   is always associated with a form
          d.   none of the above

12.       Which of the following is a part of the basic Visual Basic design process?

          a.   Problem definition and analysis
          b.   Cost justification
          c.   Scheduling the completion date
          d.   Preparing computer instructions