Reciprocal Borrowing by mustarhymes


									                                Reciprocal Borrowing
                                FAQ and Guidelines


      To apply procedures that will promote a consistent experience for all patrons.
      To have simple procedures that work well.

Personal Information:

         What data will cross over in the transfer?
            o Name
            o Home Library Barcode Number
            o Address
            o Phone #
            o Total Monetary Blocks Amount
            o Non-Monetary Blocks
            o E-mail Address
            o Patron Type

         What form of ID will be required?
            o Documentation that verifies current address (eg. Driver’s License).

         What if ID does not match address in database?
            o Populate address field and change as needed with new address.

         How will PINS be handled?
            o Each system will ask patron. New PIN will be assigned.

         Barcode issues?
             o Each system will use the barcode from the home library system,
                whenever possible.
             o Note: Database barcode issues will be a problem for some systems
                without true patron authentication.

         How will libraries handle user types?
            o Each system will use the barcode from the home library system,
               whenever possible.
            o Note: Database/barcode issue will be a problem for some systems w/o
               true patron authentication.

         What if the customer does not have a card in possession?
            o Local rules apply for application.
           What if a customer loses their card?
             o If a “statewide library card” is lost, there is no charge for a
                replacement card.

           Does Reciprocal Borrowing require a paper application?
              o The software brings the information automatically. If a system
                 requires a paper copy, we suggest a short form; or leave outside county
                 customers out of certain demographic data to make it as quick and
                 easy as possible for the customer.
Patron Issues

           When will users be blocked?
             o If a patron record shows fines of greater than $50.00 or collection
                agency, patrons will be required to settle issue at home library before
                borrowing at other systems.

           Out-of-State fees?
             o Local rules- each system should charge their standard out-of-state fee.

           Payment for lost items?
             o Payments cannot be accepted for other county issues like lost items-the
                software has no mechanism to clear the record at the customer’s home

           Claims returned/claims never had?
             o We do not care about claims return – we only care about monetary

           What if home card is expired?
             o If address matches the expired block, then accept customer.
             o If not, register as a new borrower with your local system.

           Inactive Users?
              o Customer records should be purged based on local rules.

          What’s available to the patron?
             o Full borrower privileges.

           Database access?
             o Note: Database barcode issue will be a problem for some systems
                 without patron authentication

       Emergency Procedures
          What procedures are used when a system is down?
            o Use current procedures.

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