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City Of Carmine


									                        City Of Carmine
                        Regular Meeting
                      December 14th, 2009

      The City Council of the City of Carmine met in regular session on
Monday, December 14th, 2009, in the Carmine City Hall Building.
Members of Council present were Mayor Justin Flasowski, Mayor Pro-
Tem Susan Bathe, Wade Eilers, Tim Sanders, and Emily Sellers. City
employees present were City Secretary Ruth Owen and Assistant Clerk
Leatha Miller. Mr. Richard Hamilton of Texas Trash and Treasures
arrived for the meeting at 7:15pm and Carmine Web Administrator
Suzanne Flasowski arrived for the meeting at 7:40 PM Councilperson
Jayne Knox was absent from the meeting.

      At 7:00 PM, Mayor Flasowski declared a quorum present and
called the meeting to order.

     The pledge of allegiance to the United States Flag was recited, and
Mayor Flasowski gave the invocation.

       City Council considered Ordinance 88-2009, an Ordinance
establishing policy regarding indemnification from liability and
maintenance of the Muehlbrad-Albers Park Pavilion. Council discussed
the escalating cost of maintaining the Pavilion as well as the grounds and
agreed a small increase for rental of the Pavilion was warranted.
Councilperson Sanders entered a motion to approve Ordinance #88-2009
increasing the rental fee from $20.00 to $30.00 per day. Councilperson
Eilers seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

      City Council considered a reply letter from the Texas Department
of Transportation (TxDOT). The reply letter addressed a November 24,
2009 request from the City for Engine Brake signs on US Highway 290.
Mayor Flasowski explained that the City would be responsible to
purchase and erect the signs but TxDOT would supply the breakaway
posts. This installation will be accomplished in accordance with a 1997
Municipal Maintenance Agreement between the City and TxDOT. Mayor
Flasowski will contact the Fayette County TxDOT Maintenance Office to
determine the acceptable locations for the signs as soon as they are
purchased and      available. Mayor Pro-Tem Bathe entered a motion to
approve purchasing four Engine Brake signs. Councilperson Sellers
seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

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       City Council considered a reply letter from TxDOT for an additional
Traffic Study requested by the City in November 2009 for US Highway
290. The request was in response to a prior TxDOT Traffic Study, which
indicated that 85% of motorists driving through Carmine on US 290
drove in excess of the posted 55 MPH Speed Limit. The City requested
that the posted speed limit of 55 MPH be extended beyond the 0.4 miles
in length to begin at Upshaw Road on the east, and approximately 0.5
mile west of Spur 458. In addition, the City requested larger speed limit
signs with flashing beacons and a yellow flashing light installed at the
Spur 458 crossing. Mayor Flasowski explained that according to the first
TxDOT Traffic Study completed in 2008 it was determined that the speed
limit could actually be increased, but was not recommended by TxDOT
due to the development in the area. He stated no further requests will be
submitted at this time, but future conditions may necessitate the
installation of traffic safety devices within the City Limits at that time.

      Mayor Flasowski advised Council of a meeting with TxDOT
representatives concerning drainage on TxDOT easement at Thigpen
Street and removal of a tree on a TxDOT easement within the Muehlbrad
- Albers City Park. He said that recommendations were made for
improved drainage in the E. Thigpen area and TxDOT agreed to remove
the dangerous tree.

      City Council considered the appointment of new General Assembly
Representative to the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG) to
replace Secretary Owen. After a brief discussion, Mayor Pro-Tem Bathe
entered a motion to approve the appointment of Councilperson Sellers as
the City of Carmine Representative for the City’s Representative to
CAPCOG. Councilperson Sanders seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-
      City Council considered the Occupancy Tax and Tourism Budget
for 2010. After a brief discussion concerning expenditures, Mayor Pro-
Tem Bathe entered a motion to approve the 2010 budget as presented.
Councilperson Eilers seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

      City Council considered approval of the 2010 City Hall Holiday
Schedule. Councilperson Eilers entered a motion to approve the schedule
as presented. Mayor Pro-Tem Bathe seconded the motion. Motion carried
      City Council considered a request from Water/Sewer Maintenance
Manager Michael Proske to replace the lawn mower for the Muehlbrad –
Albers Park. Council reviewed documents of the existing mower
purchased in 2002 and advised Mayor Flasowski to obtain estimates
from area vendors for future Council consideration of the purchase.

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     City Council considered one Building Permit submitted for
December from Richard Hamilton of Texas Trash and Treasures. Mr.
Hamilton addressed Council with a request to construct a concrete work
area/porch behind his store located on the corner of E. Thigpen Street
and N. Hauptstrasse. Street. After a brief discussion, Mayor Pro-Tem
Bathe entered a motion to approve the request as presented.
Councilperson Eilers seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

      City Council discussed certain business environment concerns
expressed by Mr. Roger Chambers of Market Realty, Inc. His issue was
the loss of a potential sale of property in Carmine due to the failure of the
Carmine Chamber of Commerce to promote Carmine businesses in a
professional manner. Councilperson Eilers volunteered to research the
issue with other Chamber of Commerce members. A tentative
membership meeting was scheduled for January 7th, 2010, at 6:00pm at
the Carmine Lion’s Club.

      City Council considered a request from Website Administrator
Suzanne Flasowski for information suggestions to be included in the
upcoming Quarterly Newsletter. Council made varying notations of future
information and thanked Ms. Flasowski for her expertise in compiling the

      City Council considered past achievements including recent
building   maintenance    at   City   Hall  and    record   retention
accomplishments. Secretary Owen said the record retention was
progressing and expressed certain goals for further improvements in
2010. She also discussed various upcoming compliance concerns for the
Water and Sewer Systems.

       Council tabled any action concerning the Building Code Ordinance
specifications due to a delay in receiving information from Attorney
Angela Beck

      Council submitted signatures for Certificates of Appreciation for a
future Award Ceremony.

      Update of City Park activities and construction included a
discussion of the handicap parking area with the probability of reducing
the original planned spaces. This is due to the cost of utilizing concrete,
instead of asphalt, for a specific smaller area. The handicap parking area
will be striped with handicap signs and installed soon. Estimates are
being requested for completing the sidewalks on the north end of the
park and ADA compliant repairs are being obtained from a plumber for
the restrooms.
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     Minutes of the regular City Council meeting held November 9th,
2009, as submitted; the treasurer’s report for November 2009, as
submitted; and payment of December 2009 bills, as requested; were
approved on a motion entered by Councilperson Sanders and a second
by Councilperson Eilers. Motion carried 4-0.

Additional comments from Mayor and Council addressed the following city
business; however, no action was taken:

      Comments included discussion of information concerning a
potential property purchase by a Law Firm, the bumper sticker/button
tourism promotion on the website, an increase in fees from the Texas
Commission of Environmental Quality for the water and sewer systems
and requesting police patrols due to the recent burglary of a business.

      With no other business to be addressed, at 8:45 PM a motion was
entered by Councilperson Eilers to adjourn the meeting. Councilperson
Sanders seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

Minutes, December 14th, 2009

Justin Flasowski, Mayor


Ruth Owen, City Secretary

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