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                             Scanning Infrared Gas Imaging System
                             Remote Monitoring of Hazardous Gases

SIGIS2   New generation Stand Off Gas Identification and Imaging System
         Designed for Public Safety, First Response and Environment

    The SIGIS2 (Scanning Infrared Gas                    Monitoring Public Events
    Imaging System) provides                      During the FIFA World Cup 2006 and the
         Highly resolved Imaging                  European soccer championships (2008) the
                                                  SIGIS2 systems were in use for surveillance
         Very good Sensitivity                    of the stadiums and in public viewing areas
                                                  in different cities.
         Reliable Identification
                                                  No intentional releases of hazardous gases
    of gas clouds even at large distances.        occurred, but the systems have proven their
                                                  effectiveness by identifying and locating
    By overlaying the image of spectra from       various gases in the air (Ethanol, Ammonia,
    FTIR analysis and a video image, the          SF6, Methanol).
    SIGIS2 performs accurate measurements            Monitoring Chemical Accidents
    at daytime or during the night or in
    absence of sunlight. All members of an        Visualize the origin and distribution of
    extended library within the instrument are    hazardous compounds from a safe distance.
    supervised simultaneously.                                 Environmental
                                                  Supervise the release of chemicals from
                                                  industrial plants.

    The SIGIS2 is operated in a passive
    mode, meaning that no external light
    sources are required - the use of the
    instrument is remarkably easy.
    SIGIS2 has been developed for the
    German Analytical Task Force. It complies
    with requirements of first response action
    and also has proven its capabilities during
    continuous supervision of public events.

                                                     Solutions in Chemical Detection
Technical Data SIGIS2
Stand-off Imaging of chemical gases

   High Optical Resolution (10mrad)
   Enhanced Sensitivity (20mK NEΔT)
   Video & IR imaging for Day & Night Operation
   No active Light Source required
   Telescope for Long Range Detection
   Detection at large distances is possible due to narrow
   aperture (f. e. NH3, 30ppm, DT=2K, L=10m, range D=5 km)
   Picture Region Scan within few seconds (15-20s)
                                                                        3D Reconstruction of Cloud becomes
   Localization, Identification and Quantification                       possible by using two instruments
   (concentration times length)                                                 Provided by TUHH

   Large field of supervision 360°x 60° monitoring
   User defined programmable scan & autonomous 24/7 operation
   Integrated GPS
   Expandable library (50 standard compounds)
   Integrated Calibration
   Video Camera and IR-Camera for night time operation
   3D reconstruction (Tomography) of cloud possible
    (with 2 instruments)
   Easy to operate:
                                                                                 ID of SF6, 2,5 km
   - FTIR analysis is integrated in the picture of the landscape                Provided by TUHH

   - Environmental parameters are monitored automatically

                                                        Detection of Ethanol in Public
                                                        Viewing Arena
                                                        Provided by Mannheim Fire Dept

  The SIGIS2 is provided in collaboration with the
  company Sigma ElectroOptics GmbH and the
  Technical University Hamburg-Harburg

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