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Embedded Software
                           A Skyteam group company

FW development
In our world, firmware refers to the lower layers of embedded software systems, where
real time aspects are the main hints. The hardware — both microprocessors and
DSPs, — is strictly tied to our packages, including BSP, PSP, O.S. customization,
middleware and specific small applications.
The operating system (VxWorks, Mqx, Psos,
Linux R.T., etc..) may be present or not.
Sometimes a simple scheduler is supplied.
Languages ranges among Assembler (rarely),
C and Ada. C++ is more and more applied.

Communication protocols are very often in-
volved: field busses like CAN/CANopen, Mod-
bus, Profibus, LON, and/or TCL protocols like
Ethernet, TCP/IP, SDH, SONET, TCP/IP fam-
ily, SIP, SNMP.

Porting from a HW platform to another may be required. The use of remote debug-
ging (JTAG and/or BDM) is mandatory.

SW development
Software refers to the upper layers of embedded systems. Typically it implements core
applications, by using Man Machine & Graphical Interface, Data Bases, Communica-
tion Stacks, application frameworks, etc.
The operating system is always present (VxWorks, XP embedded, WinCE, Linux,
etc..) , while common languages are C++ , C# and Java. Cross developing is based
on a variety of IDEs and frameworks (Tornado, Microtask, Green Hills, gcc, etc..).

Sometimes part of the software side of an embedded application is PC resident : con-
                                          figurations , monitors, simulators and
                                          other packages are included in the Sky-
                                          technology proposal. Visual Basic, Visual
                                          C++, C# and Java are typical languages
                                          for such programs. .net , J2EE are com-
                                          mon development environment.

Headquarter:                                 Skytechnology                 Sites:
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                           A Skyteam group company

Integration & testing
 Integration and testing involves two different entities: system and software.
 So, as software systems grow more complex, the need to test software thoroughly at
 every stage of the development lifecycle, is becoming absolutely necessary.

 In addition to consolidated methods and techniques,
 dynamic testing (unit and integration testing) has
 repeatedly been shown to be highly effective in
 finding defects early in the lifecycle, minimizing
 the cost implications of faults.

 Environment suites, tools and protocols can widely
 change depending by the application type, rules
 and constraints that apply to the specific test or
 integration project.

 We covered a wide range of experiences moving from the development and testing of
 safety-critical railway and airborne applications, dealing with severe standard
 constraints (i.e. Sil4 for Cenelec EN50128, Do178b) and tools (GCC – Linux, SpLint,
 IPL Cantata++, SVN, Lauterbach Trace32) to Networking (C on VxWorks) and UMTS
 for the Telco market sector (Omnitracker, Flexelint).
 Thanks to such wide knowledge of languages (C,C++,Java), OS (Linux, VxVorks, etc)
 and protocols (CAN, Profibus, Modbus, SONET, etc) we are able to make the
 effort that has to be putted in place by customer for testing and integration projects,
 more affordable.

Software Life Cycle
The adopted sw lifecycle strongly depends on the client methodology. In most cases the
client establishes the normative standards the conformance to its own internal sw qual-
ity manual, the use of languages, tools , IDEs, etc.
The ability of Skytechnology is to adopt the complete client platform both for turnkey and
time material activities.
That means consolidated skills and learning capabilities about standards (Do178b in
aerospace, EN50128 in transportation, FDA in medical, etc.), languages (C, C++, ADA,
Java, XML, UML, etc..), RTOS (VxWorks, Linux, XPembedded, CE, Mqx, etc.), tools for
different developing phases (DOORS, Rational suite, STP, Telelogic, Artisan, IPL …)
and documentation support (Requirement specification, design and detailed design, test
plan, test specification, test procedure and test report).
Anyway, when the client has no internal standards, Skytechnology proposes the solution
that best matches the functional, costing and timing constrains to achieve the project

Headquarter:                                 Skytechnology                   Sites:
55, Francesco Gonin str.                                                     • Milano
20147 Milano – Italia                                                        • Roma
Tel: +39(02)370511                                                           • Torino
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                           A Skyteam group company
Most embedded applications use communication protocols over different communica-
tion media. The adoption of heterogeneous (and often more expansive) tools for traffic
analysis is not efficient when more than one protocol or more than one channel is pre-
sent in the system.
SkyMon is a PC tool collecting and displaying, in a single window, information coming
from heterogeneous channels with a single time ordering.
Increasing the protocol set is the main features of SkyMon; starting from CAN/CANopen
(under construction) and looking forward to Modbus (RTU and TCP) , Profibus/Profinet,
MVB, TCP/UDP, SkyMon owns a protocol model schema able to easily include up-to-
date and next generation protocols.

Communication over IP is a very growing-up market. The SIP laboratory aims to evaluate
methods and tools for building IP-based communication platforms, including video com-
munication, social networks and specific phone services.
The goal is to integrate heterogeneous media like PCs, IP videophones, IP switches,
GSM and UMTS phones by using both Linux-based (i.e. Asterisk) and Microsoft (i.e.
Communication Server) development environment.

Execute design for specific customer applications together with the capability to develop
reliable and cost effective end solution are key factors in the M2M marketplace.
The identification of concepts and ideas based on the main GSM/GPRS products that
can be transformed in end solutions is the big challenge of our M2M laboratory started
this year. We are now facing with the development of mobile applications and the design
of digital board equipped with Telìt hw modules. The development of Python software to
manage the GPS / GPRS modules of such board is one of the tasks currently active in
the lab.

Windows Drivers
Electronic boards driver implementation is nowadays a typical embedded developer chal-
lenge, this, independently if the board is featured or not by RTOS.
We experienced USB and PCI driver development (by using specific DDK like WinDriver)
but up to now didn’t faced with other Windows system drivers development kit .
At the end of 2006 we started a new laboratory whose main goal is to enforce the capa-
bilities to realize a large set of drivers (audio, video, etc..). both in XP and Vista environ-
ment. A MIDI to USB driver is our first challenge.

Headquarter:                                 Skytechnology                       Sites:
55, Francesco Gonin str.                                                         • Milano
20147 Milano – Italia                                                            • Roma
Tel: +39(02)370511                                                               • Torino
Fax: +39(02)4156786