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					Vogel France SAS                                            A LARGE MACHINE T OOL
                                                           WITH VOGEL MQL-SYSTEM

WFL (Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik Linz) is the biggest Austrian machine tool maker of milling, turning and
drilling centres (Millturn).
New developments currently in the pipeline at WFL are focussing on the integration of new processes
within the framework of complete machining. Use of a so called U-axis at the milling head has opened up
opportunities for the use of controlled facing heads as well as driven boring bars with extendable cutting
edges. This represents a decisive improvement, particularly for the manufacturer of large-scale valves
and various components used in the aerospace industry.
Just in this field of aviation and aerospace industry Vogel France begins to test and to sell VOGEL MQL.

The company Messier Dowty in France (a member of the SNECMA group) is one of several companies
working with the newest and biggest WFL machine → the M150 Millcut, a truly large machine tool
[l × w × h = 17 × 5 × 5 m] (see technical data and photos).
They produce on this machine among others landing gears for Airbus and Boeing. Each machining cycle
takes 3 hours and there are three cycles to complete the machining (9 h). Cooling of the parts was
realized by 80 bar emulsion flow through the spindle. In this case the material to machine is a very special
one with a strength of more than 2000 MPa (normal steel 400 ... 1000 MPa).

The result of the recent machining process is good, but the costs of the parts are too high due to the
machine costs per hour.

To come to lower machining time the solution was a test installation of the MQL-system LubriLean with
Digital 1 and Easylub. After several tests with a special oil-water emulsion it was possible to reduce the
machining time tremendously (two times faster).
In addition they found that the MQL-system avoids thermal shocks as they occur from time to time with
the old cooling system (loss per part about € 15,000).

Messier Dowty will install on their four M150 Millturn machines the VOGEL MQL-system LubriLean with
Digital 1 and at the first time with the HMI-Easylub.


2003                             \\fs\vol1\vorstand\sander\winword\nemack\_new_application\teil 4\f_large machine tool with mql.doc

                                             Entrance of MQL


2003   \\fs\vol1\vorstand\sander\winword\nemack\_new_application\teil 4\f_large machine tool with mql.doc

Workpiece:   SPOOL (Gehäuse)                                                   Division:     AIRCRAFTS
Material:    inconel
Machining:   turning, milling, drilling complete in two ( 2 ) clampings

Workpiece:   LANDING GEARS (Fahrwerksteil)                                     Division:     AIRCRAFTS
Material:    steel
Machining:   turning, milling & drilling complete in four (4) chlampings

2003                     \\fs\vol1\vorstand\sander\winword\nemack\_new_application\teil 4\f_large machine tool with mql.doc

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