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									                                               Lake Management in a Changing Environment
                                 NALMS and the Alberta Lake Management Society invite you to join us for NALMS 2008
                                 at Château Lake Louise, in beautiful Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. It has been nearly ten
                                 years since NALMS last visited Alberta for the 18th International Symposium at Banff
                                 Springs Hotel, and there have been major changes in the economy and environment of
                                 Alberta and the world.
                                 Our symposium theme concerns lake management during unprecedented development,
                                 water scarcity, and climate change. Expect an excellent and wide-ranging technical
                                 program. More than 30 special sessions and several pre-conference workshops are
                                 Leisure activities abound in Banff National Park – one of Canada’s most spectacular
                                 National Parks, a World Heritage site. Planned activities include the NALMS annual 5 km
                                 run/walk, the Columbia Icefields Tour across the Great Divide – the backbone of North
Lake Management                  America – and other organized events. There will be opportunity for independent
                                 activities such as hiking, cross-country skiing, natural hot springs, skating, shopping in
 in a Changing                   Banff and plenty of sightseeing.

  Environment                    Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is a four star, historic hotel located high (5680 feet ASL) in
                                 the Rocky Mountains deep in Banff National Park. This fully renovated landmark hotel has
                                 550 rooms and eight restaurants and lounges. Conference room rates start at: $149 plus
28 t h International Symposium   tax for single and $169 double occupancy for a Mountain View Fairmont Room. Identify
              of the             yourself as being with North American Lake Management Society to receive the
         North American          conference rate. Government and other room rates will be available on our web site.
   Lake Management Society

                                           Hotel Information
  November 11-14, 2008           Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
                                 Lake Louise, Alberta

                                 Reservations: (403) 522-1866
                                 Global Reservations Centre: 1-800-441-1414
    Château Lake Louise          email:
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada     website:

                                     Don’t miss this opportunity.
                                    Space is limited, register early!
Hosted by the Alberta Lake
  Management Society
               Contact Information                                                                       Proposed Session Topics
G en e r al C on fe r en c e , U . S . Exh ibit o r & U . S .   W e i n v i te pr e se n t a t i on s t h at de a l wi th a l l aspec t s of the sc ience and man agemen t of lake s
                    S p on s o r sh ip :                        an d re ser voi rs , an d thei r w ater shed s. Of p ar t ic u l ar in teres t w i l l be pap ers t h at re l ate to
Contact the NALMS Office
                                                                t he c onfer enc e t hem e a n d the fo l low in g propo se d t op ic s:
(608) 233-2836
Al Sosiak, Conference Chair
                                                                A LPI N E LAK ES                                          LAKE AN D W ATE RS H ED MANA GEM E NT
(403) 297-5921                     •   Climate change impacts on snow water                  •   Emergency response lessons
                                                                    supply for alpine lakes                               •   Low impact development in sensitive areas
                 Conference Prog ram:                           •   Grasshopper effect: long range transport              •   Water stewardship: taking ownership of supply
Lee Jackson, Program Co-Chair
                                                                    and condensation of organics in northern                  and demand
(403) 220-6790                        latitude and alpine lakes                             •   Lake and watershed management in Central
                                                                •   Tourism and alpine lake management                        America
Sharon Reedyk, Program Co-Chair
                                                                •   Climate change, glaciers, groundwater                 •   Involving the public in support of wetlands:
(780) 495-5965                 
                                                                    and snow – impacts on mountain                            public education and participation in creation
               Canad ian Sp on sorship:                             headwaters                                                and assessment
                                                                •   Restoration of alpine lakes                           •   Involving First Nations in lake and watershed
Stephen Goudey
                                                                •   Climate change effects on alpine lakes                    management
(403) 253-7121              
                                                                                                                          •   Shallow lake management/biomanipulation
                 Canad ian Exh ibi tors:                        WATER QUALITY                                             •   Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy
                                                                •   Assessment of nanotechnology                          •   Learning from our mistakes: mitigating current
Jean-Francois Bouffard
(780) 454-2505                                                  •   Cyanobacterial blooms and toxicity                        problems and new development regulation                            •   Endocrine disrupting compounds                        •   Agriculture, land use and watershed
                                                                •   Nitrogen dynamics in lakes                                management
         Local Events & Tran sportati on:                       •   Internal phosphorus loading and its                   •   Livestock management issues
Francine Forrest                                                    control                                               •   Fisheries management issues in AB and
(403) 297-5383              •   Mercury and other contaminants in lakes                   elsewhere
                                                                •   Assessing water quality and ecological                •   Integrated Watershed Management Plans
                                                                    status: monitoring and establishing                   •   Effects of forest disturbance on watersheds -
              Important Deadlines                                   reference conditions                                      wildfire, harvesting and mountain pine beetle
J anuary 2008                                                   M ET H O DS                                              •    Lakeshore management/development
F i rs t c al l for p aper s                                                                                             •    Effects of climate change on prairie lakes
                                                                •   Lake and wetland reclamation of oil
                                                                    sands                                                •    Remote sensing and GIS application in lake
J une 1 , 2008                                                                                                                management
                                                                •   Impact assessment methods for wetlands,
A b s tr ac t s du e .
                                                                    watersheds and riparian zones; pre and  •                 Ecology and management of benthic
                                                                    post development assessments                              vegetation
O ctober 9 , 200 8
                                                                •   Large data set management               •                 Birds in the trophic web of inland waters
L ast day of guar anteed co nfere nce r ate f or
ho te l r ooms.                                                 •   Monitoring lakes with volunteers

   International Travel Regulations                             If yo u do n’ t see a session in yo ur are a o f intere st, ple ase co ntac t our Pr ogr am Co mmittee
                                                                t o or g an i ze a s es s ion ! The fir s t c al l fo r p aper s w i l l b e ava il a b l e o n the N AL M S web s i te i n
T r av e ler s t o an d fro m Can ad a re qu ire a              J an u ary 2 008, an d abstrac t s will be due o n June 1, 2008.
passpo rt or o ther acce pte d do cumen t to                    A variety of pre-symposium workshops will be offered on Tuesday, Nov. 11. Contact our Program Committee to
en ter th e Un i ted S t ate s b y air . F or m ore             propose a workshop.
infor m ation, visit:
h t tp: / /w ww. tr ave l. s t ate. go v/ tr ave l/c bp mc /    V i si t our we b sit e f or m ore de t ail s a nd for th e m ost up- t o-d a te inf orm a ti on on NA LMS
c bpmc_2 223.h tml                                                                           2 0 0 8 : h t tp :/ / w w w .n a l m s . o rg / co n f e r en c e s

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