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					                                                                                                                                       July 2009 – Senior Beacon – Page 39

  Product Report
  Navy Seal Invents Cure for Old Age
   With baby boomers growing older,         access to many coupons at once for          for your car keys or the dog's favorite
lawmakers say it will cost $1 trillion      maximum savings in the store.               toy? Ten minutes of lost time in one
to fix America’s healthcare system.           It has convenient pockets for cell        day means 40 hours of lost time per
But according to former Navy SEAL           phone, debit/credit cards, ID, pen/         year. EZ-Find is a simple gadget that
Phil Black, there’s a much simpler          pencil with handy clip in back for          keeps track of important stuff, in-
solution — seniors should just stay                                                     cluding the TV remote, cell phone,
healthy.                                                                                cameras, pat toys and other house-             boththe traditional flame and the spe-
   “Spending $1 trillion won’t solve                                                    hold items. EZ-Find tracks up to 25            cial Colorfusion light show. With
the problem of old age, but spending                                                    items at once with a hand-held trans-          Color-fusion Technology, the effect
$16.95 might,” says Black. “With the                                                    mitter, microchip and an LCD screen.           will soothe, mesmerize, relax, com-
new FitDeck Senior, millions of baby                                                    Receiver tags are put on your items,           fort and enhance your mood.
boomers and retirees can stay in shape                                                  so they never go missing again. Find              The candles are available at www.
and out of the doctor’s office. That will                                               out more at www.ez-find.com.                   colorfusioncandles.com. Scented
lower healthcare costs for the entire                                                      EZ-Find has awireless remote                color changing flame candles are
country.”                                                                               which sends signals over 60 feet in-           $12.99 and come in a variety of fra-
   Black is the inventor of “FitDeck,”      shopping lists and recipes.                 doors and 100 feet outdoors through            grances, including French Vanilla,
an innovative deck-of-cards workout            The KouponKeeper also includes           floors, walls... even cushions. Not only       Lavender, Fresh Linen, Cinnamon,
that has succeeded as a budget-             helpful tips for finding internet cou-      does EZ-Find make a perfect birth-             and Holiday Berry fragrances. The
friendly alternative to expensive gym       pons, winning with rebates, and             day gift for family and friends. EZ-           flameless spa candles are $18.99 and
memberships. With over 100,000              learning how to save in a variety of        Find can find keys, remotes, toys,             are available in Vanilla, Lavender,
original FitDecks sold, Black has just      ways.                                       PDAs, phones, cameras, Ipods, medi-            and Ocean Mist fragrances.
launched FitDeck Senior, a title dedi-         The KouponKeeper retails for             cation, wallets, pet collars, and much
                                            $19.95 and can be purchased online          more.
                                            at www. kouponkeeper.com, via
                                            phone at 901-619-1046 or at retail
                                            stores nationwide. A large majority
                                                                                           The loud 92 decibel alarm finds
                                                                                        lost items quickly with a long life
                                                                                        battery tag. It comes with 4 EZ-Find
                                            of senior households use coupons,
                                            but don’t have a product that helps
                                            them maximize their saving poten-
                                            tial in an organized, hassle-free way.
                                                                                        tags and additional 2-tag packs can
                                                                                        be purchased separately. Cost for
                                                                                        starter package is $59.95.
                                                                                              Colorfusion Color
                                                                                                                                              • Why am I the only person on
                                               The KouponKeeper not only meets                Changing Candles                             earth who knows how to drive?
                                            that need inexpensively, but will pay          Colorfusion Candles create a                       •I drive way too fast to worry
                                            for itself in only one trip to the store.   color-changing, sound and aroma-                   about cholesterol.
                                            KouponKeeper is a shopping orga-            therapeutic experience. Available in                  •When everything’s coming
                                            nizer that attaches securely to any         flame and flameless varieties, in both
                                            shopping cart, allowing easy access                                                            your way, you’re in the wrong
                                                                                        regular and season-themed designs.                 lane and driving against traffic.
                                            to many coupons at once for maxi-              Colorfusion Candles are the most
                                            mum savings in the store. It has                                                                  •If you can read this, I can
                                                                                        significant enhancement to happen                  slam on my brakes and sue you.
cated to the needs of baby boomers          convenient pockets for cell phone,          to candles in many years. Enjoy
(55+ years) looking to stay fit well        debit/credit cards, ID, pen/pencil with
into their golden years.                    handy clip in back for shopping lists
   FitDeck Senior is similar to other       and recipes.
FitDeck titles but with a few key              Gadget Keeps Track of                                         All Hair Replacement Options
features tailored for seniors. The over-          Stuff You Loose                                              Medical & Non-Medical • Men • Women • Children
sized 3.5" x 5.25" cards are easy to          Do you spend the morning looking                                “We love our competitors...
handle and read. Users can shuffle                                                                                                                                     After
the cards in order to create hundreds                                                    Ed            Joy     That’s where most of our
of unique workouts in seconds. Cards                                                                            clients come from”TM.
are color-coded by muscle group and                                                         Visit www.edosbornehair.com or call
offer three different levels for begin-                                                   1-800-348-HAIR. Their office is located at               HAIR-4-U
ner, intermediate, and advanced in-                                                      490 Valley Street, Suite 4, Manchester, NH.               Complete
dividuals. And best of all, no equip-                                                    We will duplicate your present hair replacement           Within 24          Before
ment is required to perform the 75                                                       or introduce you to the latest extreme makeover            Hours
exercises and stretches in the deck.                                                     technology in hair replacement.
   In addition to FitDeck Senior, there
are 24 other FitDeck titles, including:                                                                            Over 40 Years of Excellence
Bodyweight, Yoga, Pilates, Prenatal,
Junior, Stretch, Office, Travel, Navy                                                                           Our best referral is our clients successTM
SEAL, Baby Stroller, Stairs,
Kettlebell, Exercise Ball, Pull Up,
Playground, Combat Sports and many
others. Twelve more FitDeck titles
are scheduled to launch by the end of
   It retails for $16.95 at www.fit
deck.com. “Older folks are begin-
ning to realize the importance of ex-
ercise. Americans looking to retire
soon may not have much control over
their 401(k)s, but they can certainly
take command of their physical fit-
ness,” says Black. “FitDeck offers
them a fun, affordable and simple
way to stay healthy and physically
active for years to come.”
        Koupon Keeper
       helps save you $$
   A large majority of senior house-
holds use coupons, but don’t have a
product that helps them maximize
their saving potential in an orga-
nized, hassle-free way.
   The KouponKeeper not only
meets that need inexpensively, but
will pay for itself in only one trip to
the store. KouponKeeper is a shop-
ping organizer that attaches securely
to any shopping cart, allowing easy