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					LSL Learn Succeed Lead October 2009
                                       FEEDBACK LOOP

                                       information about
                                       reactions to a product, a
                                       person’s performance of
                                       a task, etc., used as a
                                       basis for improvement

                                       a structure, series, or
                                       processs the end of
                                       which is connected to the

                                                LSL’s Tip
                                                Monthly Management

                                                By Jake Lansburgh

                                      Welcome to LSL’s Monthly           Tip of the Month:                   with your colleagues is key to
                                      Management Tip! We want            FEEDBACK LOOP                       a great feedback loop. There
                                      you to start off every month       Feed back between managers          are different types of feedback
                                      with one of our innovative and     and employees can be one of         too, they can be formal such
                                      helpful management tips.           the most important and              as a form or survey or informal
                                      Having trouble with a co-          beneficial concepts an              such as coffee breaks or
                                      worker? Feel like your             organization can adopt. We          outside of the office. Think of
                                      employees are losing               recognize that sometimes this       feedback as a hamburger, the
                                      motivation? Or do you just         is overlooked particularly in the   top part of the bun is positive
                                      want a good kicker to boost        vertical avenues of a business.     communication, the beef in the
                                      general morale at the              Our program will help you           middle is the reality of what
                                      beginning of the month?            integrate both positive and         you’re saying and the bottom
                                      There’s no better place to start   negative feedback channels          bun is the reassurance that
                                      than LSL’s Monthly                 while still maintaining a sense     you trust them. Feedback has
                                      Management Tip.                    of professionalism between          to make a full circle
                                                                         employees and managers.                 That’s         the     LSL
                                                                             Improving             your      Management Tip of the Month.
                                                                         interpersonal communication         Thanks for reading and be
                                                                         skills is the best way to start     sure to check out our website
                                                                         the feedback loop. Being able       at for
                                                                         to communicate effectively          more information.


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