NEWSLETTERNUMBER 28                                                                                                                   SUMMER 1994

APRIL 1994-A.J:ter the Super Bowl of Birthday Weekends, I'm                            Springbreak,Susanand I went back to Belize for a vacation
sittin' here counting up body shots; aches and pains and minor                                                                             at
                                                                                   of our own with our kids. I did a guestappearance Ramon's
bruises. Four-dayweekends...     What a concept!                                   Reef Resort (since Ramon is an old friend of Buffett's). I
    I'd have to say right off, it was                                                                                                my
                                                                                                                          celebrated actualbirthday
hands down the best. So many                                                                                              (March 16) at the Barry
memories.With Gonzo All-of-Us in                                                                                          Bowen house on Ambergris
Luckenbach and tying the twenty                                                                                           Caye. Barry is the owner of
yearstogether...Itwasreally special.                                                                                      Belikan Beer. Great beer.
    '94 hasbeena blast so far. Susan                                                                                      Grear guy. Dixie and he are
andI startedNewYear's Eve with a                                                                                          wonderful hosts, and we
bonle of Dom and a warm ftre; a                                                                                           laughedand talked the whole
quieteveningathome, watchingold                                                                                           day awayon their shadydeck.
movies.                                                                                                                      Reality is putting your
    I smokeda big cigar, then it was                                                                                      socks on. My reality is April
off to Belize for the fan outing on                                                                                        15.
AmbergrisCaye.Fishing anddining                                                                                              Here's hoping Washington
and great food, then picking and                                                                                          spends some of ]ny hard-
singing, all in the tropical clime of                                                                                     earneo moneywlsely,
the Caribbean.We did not want to Goraos old and new! Lost Gonzo Band alumni and Gonzo Compa.dresunite                                 Peace  andLove.
comeback. Some     of us didn't!

the Southeast,
                                       with I ! W onstageat Lu ckenba ch. L-r : Lloyil M aine s, SweeI M ary E gan, G ary
    The band and I cameback to tour P. Nunn, Bob Livingston, Jerrl telf, Fredilie Krc (seated al drums), Iohn
                Georgiaand Florida. Inmon, Cmig Hillis, Kelly Dunn                                                                 h:Ltr
      BIRTHDAY WEEKEND, 1994; Nuthin'                  brother Kerry gave out autographs to people          on the stage when I read Hondo's
  much happened in Luckenbach this                     who thought he was Townes Yar Zandt.                 "Luckenbach Moon," as the real thing rose
  month...'Cept the potato chip man carne              Kowboy, VeLAnneandMarge were there with              outside.
  by. . . Oh yes, then there was the full moon and     their refreshment tubs...                                The most necessary ingredient to any
  magic-the kindamagic createdby Jerry Jeff,                Sweet Mary Egan coulda stopped a train          "magic" 't' (*-unexplained amazement) is
  the Lost Garbanzos, and 400 crazed fans              with her angelic, earthy frddlin' around. She        the response. I'm talkin' about 400 fanatic
  crammed elbow to elbow under the tin roof of         even gof a standing ovation (Craig Hillis had        farrs who stole the show. They weren't just
  the antique dancehall in downtown                    to lean his in ttre comer). On the "Cotton Eye       from Big Flat, Texas. There were fans from
  Luckenbach.Tradition, old friends, old music         Joe," everyone could hardly keep sittin' still       Rotterdam,Nebrask4 Canada,Califomia, and
  and moonshine all blended togettter to create        in their numbered seats. The natives were            Colorado: Scareme!
  one unforgettable night-the premiering of            restless.                                                They said Jerry Jeff was some kinda cult.
  VivaLuckenbach! .Itwas dynamite! Or was it                Gary Pee None was as animated as ever.          But I think they ue the cult! Anyone who'd
  nitro glycerine?                                     He wore red, white and blue and a smile bigger       follow Jerry Jeff around for three days in a
       Lastnight the moon showed off and so did        than his face. I don't know how anyone can           row and pay that kind of money to hear the
  everyone else. I had the biggest hat" Kowboy         dance and sing and play all at once. John            s,unesongs again and again and again... They
  had the biggest time, Sheriff Marge had the          Inmon played guitar so fast his fingers almost       weremore like lris choir--stnging every word
  biggest posse, and our town had the biggest          fell off. Michael almost lost his hyde. Steady       to six hows of songs.The women on the front
  moon. The moon made the beautiful girls              Freddie wore a "sidekick" (not psychic) hat          row were kinda "on ttre trashy side"-they
  beautifuller (there weren't any ugly ones).The       made by Hondo's Hats. Kelly Dunn's hair is           all wore cat-eye 3-D glasses and danced the
  beautifullest was Susan Walker. She stood            shorter. Bob Livingston, wearing aqua boots          can-can. One guy danced doesy-doe like Dr.
  outside wearing white leather and a hat (made        and a hat not made by Hondo's Hats, shook            Seuss' Cat in the Hat wittr 17 cowboy hats
  by Hondo's Hats) where our oneparking meter          the cobwebs off the Texas flag backdrop with         stacked on his head to "Man With the Big
  usta stand.                                          his bass playing. Lloyd Maines (not from             Hat". The peeknuckle crescendo-climax was
       Greg Chesher's I'd Rather Not Be                Llano, but now from Lluckenbach by way of            "Don't It Make You Wanna Dance," And
  Marching Band played dinner music. Lots of           Llubbock) lliked playing his pedall steell           they did. We were all so high strung that we
  Bar-B-Q and beer was consumed. The band              Ilargely with his lleft hand. Jerry Jeff peeled      could hardly stand an encore-took too much
  was very tight (the music, that is). James           down to the bottom layer T-shirt to really get       outta us. A big time was had by all.
  Luckenbach even left his wheelchair at home;         down to business.                                         Afterwards, ruarly everyone who cared
  instead, he had a Jerry Jeff walker. Rex                  No guitars were smashedon "Hill Country         went home. The quietness at Luckenbach
  Spielberg Foster was there showing the real          Rain," but the vibrations of all the metal music     will----once again-get deafenin'. Times like
  reel-to-reel film of Black Dank Rides (starring      did cause a few mud-dobbers' nests to fall           this are eolden.
                                                                                                                     - Thark you Jerry Jeff and Susan,
  Hondo) that Juan had to re-reel. A fan from          outta the rafters. Kinda shook the acorns outta
  Virginia said it was really a reeling experience.    the trees too.
       Juan let LaDawn quit workin' cattle long
  enough to come and Col. Graham (our F-15
                                                            Beautiful songs like "Keep Texas
                                                       Beautiful" were sung. Sentimental ones like
  commander with all the Rite Stuff) let my            "Little Bird" and semi-mental ones like                      Becky Crouch Patterson
  sister Chris out of her cage at the Pentagon.        "Gonzo Compadres" were sung well, as well.           P.S.-"You can't forget memories."
  My eyes boogied out watching her and                 Just like the clouds stayin' home to help the                 Peter Cedarstacker,Writer
  LaDawn boogieing and "getting down". My              moon show ofl the whole band left me alone
                                                                                     vl          I BIRTHDAY',g5:Justasyourhangoverssrart
                                                                                      a J        to abate,it's time to start makingplansfor the
                                                                               1995installrnent. manyfans liked the dateswitch to the latter
                                                                               part of the monttr (in terms of weather,wildflowers,no Spring
                                                                               Breakconflicts),thatwe ue makingit permanent.     Henceforth, the
                               AT'TENTION!!!                                   Bfuthday  Weekend                               in
                                                                                                   will be on the last weekend March.Which
                      IHNDY PHONENUMBERS!!!                                    means thedates the 1995BirthdavWeekend
                                                                                      that          of                            will be March
  Berkfee   Perf.Ctr..........            .,..........617-26-1400.  ext.261
  Boston   TfcketMaster,................            .............6171931-2000  24-21,t995.
  Luckenbach,Texas                                 .............. I997
                                                              2t0    -3224     I LAST OF TIIE TRUE BELIZERS: We had so much fun in
                                                                               Belize this year (didn't we, Parker?)that we're doing it twice as
                                                                               muchnext year.JerryJeff will be hostinga Tried & True tropical
                TO                   When lhe LoneSlor Roodhouse        closed
                                                                               vacation Belizefor two weeksnext winter,from Jan.8-22.Fans
down, l',lonhotton's Woniors were worried fiot theywould be leh high
ond dry. Au  conkoire,BubbolWe hore iustmored lhe porV lc Tromps(51 can sign up for either one or both weeks.Once more, we'll be
W. 2l;tSt., 212/727-ngq. JerryJeff thebondwillpeiformin NYCon sayingat theVictoriaHouse Ambergris
                                        ond                                                                 on           Caye, closeproximity
THURSDAY,    l"lAY 5 (tho/s Cincode Moyo for oll you fronsplonted    Teionos!)
                                                                               to sun, surf and Belikan Beer. Interested
                                                                               Agneswith the Victoria House,800/241-5159.
                                                                    f GUITAR FOR SALE: Thesunburst        rosewood  Martin thatJerry
                                                                    Jeff usedontheViva Luckenbach!     recordingis being offeredfor
                                                                    saletlrrough T&TM office(512/288-1695). guitarfeatures
                                                                                the                              The
                                                                    Fishman  pickups.Call if interested.
                                                                           f SONGBOOKNOTE: Lors of fans at the Birthday askedus
                                                                           ahut progress theJeny Jeff Songbook, we wereobligedto
                                                                                         on                        and
                                                                           saytherewasnone.Oneof these     days,we'll publisha songbook
I tlFE'S A PITCH:   Whot could be more quintessentiolly                                                     it
                                                           Americon fhon andwhenwe do, you'll readabout here.      Bearwith us.
boseboll,rheFOURTH JULY
                      OF       ond. ..JerryJeff.Theguyswill be perfiorming
on infield concerton Independence   Dqy ot lhe neurSon Antonio Missions I JERRYJEFFBY MAIL: MCA Records             (JenyJeff's old label)
bosebollstodiumimmedioielv   followinolhe qome bett eentheMissions    ond
                                                                           _hq9bgguna new operatign  c4led "T91qt-Cttf!g$g']. Besides   a
rhe-Midfondfubrf ornorclnbrmorrtr-cl1t?Io/43t-}4n.                         wonderfularrayof diverseLone Star artists,the mail-order-only
f GRUENE     SCENE:                                         to
                    JerryJeffond thebondwill be returnins Gruene      Holl
                                                                     heot division hasavailable                      (on
                                                                                                JJW'sVivaTerlingua CD andcassette),
on AUGUSI I 2-l 3. Thisis the perfectlime o[ theyeor trcbeottheTexos
by tubing down he GuodolupdRiver,     which fowi right throughthe heorto[ Ridin' High  (on CD and cassette), A Man Must Carry On
tdwn. And then enioy JerryJeff,fo boot! Tickets go on soleihroughthe (cassette
                                                will                                only). To receivea catalogor place an order,call 800/
T&TMofficeon ruESDAY,JULY       5.
FORiIORE|NFORilATION,CAl.Ll&lM, 512/288-1695. OFFICE             HOURS
ARE9O0 A.M-S:OO PJfl. CENIRAT         Tli,lE, WEEKDAYS.                    I TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:Hard as it sometimes !c          is
                                                                           believe, areachrally          T&TM is dividedasfollows:
    And fheWinner 1s...                                                  FORBOOKINGINFORMATION:
     e              beenstuffe
    Th bollotboxes            d,                                         SusanWalkerA&T Artists
   the bribes have been                                                  P.O.Box39
   paid, ond the votes                                                         TX78767
   hove been counted.                                                    5r2f2384r70 . Fax:5r21238-5301
   And ot long lost, we                                                  FORPROMOTIONS,  NEWSLETTERS ANID
   ore hoppy to onnounce                                                 MERCF{ANDISE:
   that lhewi nner of our " Nome                                         PamStockor GwenRobison/T&TM
   the Armodillo" conlest is...                                          5121288-1695
   B'LL      WORDEN,           Of
                                                                         FORMEDIA AND PUBLICITY INFORMATION:
   ATWATER,         GA, who
   christened our critter
   ,PSYCHE.DILLO",                                                       5nn38-r695
    Bill will be receiving                                               FORCOPYRIGI{TAND PUBLISHINGINFORMATION:
    outogrophed copiesof the                                             SusanWalkerorJohnT. Davis
    new Vivo Luckenbochl                                                 Goodknight           Music@Mf)
    CD, posler,Iyric book                                                Rr 6,Box4ll
    and T-shirt.Thonks to                                                Austin,fi78737
    everyone for your entries!                                           5121238-1695
                                                                         Thanks, Tried& Trueis unable accept
                                                                               but                   fo              material.
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                                                 JERRY JEFF WALKER ON THE ROAD
                                      JERRYJEf'f WALfeR, with theGonzoCompadres,    notedas (SOLO)
April23                                    TX
                  Cily Limits; Stephenville,                         June25       RoselandTheatre;PortlandOR
Aprd29            BayouCity Theare; Houston,  TX                     Jane26       Red ButteGarden;SaltLake City, UT
                                                                     JuneZ7                    Fe,
                                                                                          Santa NM
May 4             lvlain Event; Little Rock, AR
lvlay 5           Tramps;New York City                               July 1       European Tavern& Garden;   Houston,TX
Ivlay6            DartmouthCollege;Hanover,NH                        July 4       SanAntonioMissionsBaseball   Stadium;
MayT              BerkleePerformance     Center;Boston,MA                            SanAnmnio,TX
May 9-11          The Birchmere;    Alexandria,VA                    July 19      The Supper Club; New York
May 12            Boot-Scootin'Saloon;    Cuyahoga Falls,OH          July 21      Stephen Talkhouse; Amagansett,Long Island
May 13            The Ark; Ann Arbor, MI                             J:uly22      DeeringOaks                   ME CIENT)
May 14            Confederate   AirForce; Midland,TX                 luly 23      SugarloafMountain;Sugarland, (TENT)
May2I             KPLX FanJam,Ft. Worth Stockyards;                  July24       Mid-AtlanticWine Festival;Annapolis,MD
                      Ft. Worth, TX                                  Ju.ly25-26   The Birchmere;Alexandria,VA
May 28            The Backyard;    Austin,TX                         July27       TBA; Knoxville, TN (TENT)
                                                                     July 28      Be HereNow Club; Asheville,NC
June4              Luckenbach, TX
                                                                     July 30      Billy Bob'sTexas; Worth,TX
June6              DallasAlley; Dallas,TX
June11             TBA; Lubbock,TX                                    August 12-13Gruene Hall; Gruene, TX
June12             La EntradaPark Corralles,NM                        August23    Toolie's;Pheonix, AZ
June14             Gizzly Rose;Denver,CO                                                                         CA
                                                                      August24-25T\e CoachHouse;SanJuanCapistrano,
June16-17          GreatAmericanMusic Hall; SanFrancisco, CA          August26    VenturaTheatre;  Ventura,CA
June18             SierraSkiesCountryMusicFestival,                   August28    Mishawaka  Inn; Ft. Collins,CO
                      Calaveras Fairgrounds;
                                Co.                     CA
                                               Calaveras,             Sept.I      FineLine; Minneapolis,MN
June19             Hall CrestWinery; Santa Cruz,CA                    Sept.2      ParkWest;Chicago,  IL
Jwe2I-22           Last FrontierSaloon;Anchorage,AK                   Sept.3                             WI
                                                                                  "Labor Fest";Janesville,
June24             The Backstage;        WA
                                  Seattle,                            Sept.9                            NC

            For schedule                                              remember, dates subjectto change.
                                   Tried & True Music,512/288-1695.
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  -fisr( vul t{M. lR6$ABh'ivM uqtr{s&il"f0(f0s7l4I56EDJll

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