ACR Steering Committee Minutes

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					ACR Steering Committee Minutes
    June 12, 2006

Steering Committee Members present: George Bergman, Michelle St. George, Karen
Snyder, Pete Stramese, Joanne Goodwin, Jim Rutherford, Eve LaMois (substituting for
Biruta Kelly), and Betsy Mead.

ACR Member present: Katherine Hamilton

Minutes from May 9, 2006 meeting were approved.

Financial Report: Wanda provided an abbreviated report which was discussed.


Yard Sale – a smashing success! – we made over $1500. Thank you Anna Leider for
providing the location.

Maax Online Store – Katherine Hamilton suggested a schedule of “summer”, “winter”,
“pre-season” and other times for opening the site to ordering. It takes 5-6 weeks to
receive the item from the time the order is placed. There are two ways to ship: directly to
each purchaser or directly to a central delivery point who can then distribute the orders to
everyone. It will cost more to have the new uniforms available through the online store.

New Uniforms – the new logo will appear on the new uniforms. We will be ordering the
uniforms online since all agree that the ease of ordering on-line would negate the few
extra dollars we pay for using that option. Katherine will be in contact with the steering
committee members about the size of the outline on the logo.

Rowing Calendar – Michelle has looked at the calendar proofs but was not happy with
them. She may get a new photographer to continue taking photographs.

The new sculling representative to the steering committee is Biruta Kelly – a member of
the 3-day recreational sculling program. She will represent all of the sculling programs.


ACR has hired two new coaches – Nick Johnson will assist Matt Lukban with the
competitive sculling program and Nate Walker will take over the women’s 4-day
competitive sweep program in August. Nate will also be happy to substitute or jump into
any sweep boat as a rower if needed.

George provided the steering committee with pricing quotes for decals, bumper stickers,
and patches. The prices seem reasonable – a little over $400 for 250 4X6 decals ($1.70
per decal); about $180 for 500 bumper stickers ( 36 cents per sticker) and $128 for 100
patches ($1.28 per patch) which can be sewn onto the sleeve of existing jackets. We will
authorize purchase via e-mail since we no longer had a quorum.

George conducted an audit of the 2005-2006 books and discovered three outstanding
checks. One was a $300 check written to the Laura Lynam fund which had not yet been
cashed; the others were refund checks that we owe to rowers.

Betsy will follow up with Brooksie regarding Terry’s responsibility for cleaning the
showers. Also, a small table with a basket of “hotel” shampoos, conditioners, and other
items has been added to the shower room as a convenience. We hope that rowers will
keep it stocked.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Next Steering Committee Meeting July 11th at the Boathouse.