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									Entrepreneurs in Action! Entrepreneurs in Action Entrepreneurs in Action!

                                                                                Entrepreneurs in Action! Entrepreneurs in Action!
Entrepreneurs in Action Entrepreneurs in Action!

                                                   Entrepreneurs in Action!

                                                    Presentation to the Board
                                                   Tennessee Wesleyan College
                                                     R. Wilburn Clouse, PhD
                                                      Vanderbilt University

Entrepreneurs in Action! Entrepreneurs in Action Entrepreneurs in Action!
                                    Entrepreneurs in Action!

 • Twenty-first century entrepreneurs must think differently – more creatively.

 • Schools should teach about uncertainty, helping students learn how to deal
 with ambiguity and how to manage chaos.

 • We need to develop citizens who will “make jobs instead of take jobs.”

 • People need to know how to be creative and think outside the “box” of

 • Americans must be prepared to compete effectively and individually in the
 new global economic environment.
                           Entrepreneurs in Action!
               Goals of the Grant
•Connect with-- Local Businesses
• Faculty Seminar Series
• Cybercafe—connect with students
• Entrepreneurship Cases as a Problem-Based Learning
• Evaluation--Cases
• Documentation---Manual “of how to”
• Multiplier Effect—connect with other universities
Summer Institute Entrepreneurs in Action!

                Goals of the Institute
• Develop an integrated cross-disciplinary curriculum.
• Connect learning to the framework of the student.
• Involve TWC faculty in curriculum development.
• Connect with the local business community.
• Infuse entrepreneurship into the curriculum.
• Develop a network of colleges and universities interested in
• Develop creative thinkers.
• Help students see new opportunities.
Outcomes of
                                    Entrepreneurs in Action!
1.   To develop a cross-disciplinary, problem-based learning environment
     and to extend the model to other colleges and universities via network
2.   To assist college students to interface in helping to solve local
     community problems in ways that result in business ventures.
3.   To generate new, creative ideas to revitalize downtown Athens and to
     use these as a model for other cites.
4.   To develop an instructional model that encourages faculty members to
     work collaboratively across disciplines to identify new business
     ventures within the multi-disciplinary approach and to connect several
     colleges and universities together through our web-based EIA
5.   To encourage students to see new, innovative opportunities and to
     marshal resources to develop business ventures.
6.   To teach students to create jobs as opposed to taking jobs.
7.   To help students develop and understand the freedom and fulfillment
     associated with self-employment and self-direction.
8.   To develop a cross-disciplinary, cross-college/university EIA program
     that can be expanded to include other schools later.
9.   To connect our work to the local community via a network of Online
Description of EIA Entrepreneurs in Action!


                in Action!
        Community             Schools
Description of EIA Entrepreneurs in Action!
       Entrepreneurial Thinking

1)    tolerance for risk
2)    opportunity recognition
3)    the gathering of resources to address a want or need
4)    approaching a problem from a fresh or unexpected
      point of view (creativity in problem-solving)
5)    combining existing knowledge in new ways
          (innovation in problem-solving)
6)    vision
7)    independent thinking
8)    expressing an action orientation (Clouse & Goodin,

      Complexity of            …the use of creativity and innovation as an
                               integral part of a process which employs
     problem-solving           knowledge and experience (Simon, 1986; Kim,
Selected Outcomes
                Entrepreneurs in Action!

   Entrepreneurial Thinking Encourages Business

           Lee Rabideau
    Former Vanderbilt student and
  founder of Diabolo Revolution, Inc.
    http://www.diabolorevolution.com    Lee Performs Tricks at the Bonnaroo
                                         Festival in Manchester, Tennessee
Learning Theories Entrepreneurs in Action!

             “Just in Time”
         Students learn a new concept just at
         the moment when it is needed.

                  Recursive Design
                   Continual application
                   reinforces learning.
Learning Theories Entrepreneurs in Action!

                “Whole - Part - Whole” Teaching

     Whol                       Part                      Whol
     e                                                    e
   Problem                    Activities                 Problem
   Context                  Subject Matter               Solution

                           Problem Solving

   Student groups “plunge into” the problem, take it apart, then put it
   back together into a new “whole,” which represents their own solution.
Learning Theories Entrepreneurs in Action!

  Connecting to the Framework
        of the Learner

   Learning is facilitated by instructional methods that connect new
     knowledge to the life experiences of the student, or to existing
University Level                          Entrepreneurs in Action!

                   Selected Examples of Business Start-Ups
1.    Dalton Franklin, a Vanderbilt University junior and President of Simplicity, Inc
2.    Jason Wolf, MA in Human and Organizational Development, Partner in 4Results, Inc.
3.    Jerry Carr, EdD, President of Carr and Associates
4.    Chris Kincade, MA in HOD, President of Bonus Building Care
5.    Chuck Kincade, BS in HOD, Partner in Bonus Building Care
6.    Jeni Stephens, MA in General Administrative Leadership and Miss Tennessee in 1996,
            Vice-President of Stephens Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning
7.    Kori Langford, BS in HOD, Director of Strategic Development and Organizational
            Leadership for Dynamic Management Company
8.    Deane Peterson, doctoral student in HOD, Managing Partner of Peterson and Peterson
            Medical Clinic
9.    Gina Scott, BS in HOD, President of Technically Right
10.   Lee Rabideau, BS in HOD, President of Diabolo Revolution, Inc.
Public School
                                        Entrepreneurs in Action!
 •   The Case of the Disappearing           •   The Case of the Slippery Slope -
     School                                     Black Gold in Paradise
      – Ellis Middle School, T. W. Hunter        – St. Tammeny Parish High
        Middle School, Hendersonville,             School, Mandeville, Louisiana
                                            •   The Case of the Neighborhood
 •   Signs of a Storm                           Renaissance
      – Manzano Vista Middle School,             – Schenectady School System,
        Los Lunas, New Mexico                      Schenectady, New York

 •   So, What Are You Doing This
      – Mitchell-Neilson Elementary
        School, Murfreesboro,

 •   When Summer Sun is No Fun
      – Mt. Juliet Middle School, Mt.
        Juliet, Tennessee
New Projects                      Entrepreneurs in Action!

          These cases are offered for possible testing by TWC
                     faculty in the spring of 2005.

•   Blackout in                                    •   Music City Blues
    America!                                            – Music Business
     – Electrical Energy                                  Case
                                                   •   Talking to the Air
•   A Question of                                       – Wireless
                                                          Technology Case
     – Oil Related Case
                                                   •   Santa Fe Effect
                                                        – A City Planning
•   Chasing the                                           Case
     – Drug Related
       Case                                        •   Athens City Limits
                                                        – Cybercafe
•   Not In My
     – A Recycling
Networks                              Entrepreneurs in Action!

      Coalition Building        Interdisciplinary           Regional Networks

 Regional Forums
                           Entrepreneurship Education          Needs Analysis
                                 The “E” Spirit
  New Venture
  Accelerators                                                “E” Curriculum

 Sources of Funding

                                                    Case Studies Whole-Part-Whole

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