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					It’s in our hands
       The first census
   The first census
    took place in

   3.9 million
    people were
The census is a count
of everyone living in
the United States.
All U.S. residents must be
counted – citizens and
   You will receive your census
    form in March.
   You are required by law to
    complete and return it by
    April 1.
The U.S. Constitution requires
a census every 10 years.
   Households should complete and
    mail back their forms upon
   Households that do not respond
    will receive a replacement form
    in early April.
   In May, June and July, census
    takers will visit households that
    did not return their forms.
It’s quick and easy
The census form asks
10 simple questions
and will take about
10 minutes to complete.
     It’s important
The federal government will use
census data to:
 Establish state legislative
 Determine the number of
  seats each state has in the
  U.S. House of Representatives
   It’s confidential
Census forms are confidential
for 72 years and cannot be
shared with anyone, including
welfare and immigration
 It provides funding
The federal
allocates more
than $400 billion
each year to
states and
communities based,
in part, on census data.
The questionnaire
This year’s
form is the
in history,
only 10
       Question 1
How many people were living or
staying in this house, apartment
or mobile home on April 1, 2010?
        Question 2
Were there any additional people
staying here April 1 that you did
not include in Question 1?
 Children
 Relatives
 Nonrelatives, such as roommates
 People staying here temporarily
 No additional people
       Question 3
Is this house, apartment or
mobile home:
 Owned by you or someone
   else with a mortgage or loan?
 Owned by you or someone
   else free and clear?
 Rented?
 Occupied without payment
   of rent?
       Question 4
What is your telephone number?
We may call if we don’t
understand an answer.
       Question 5
Please provide information for
each person living here.
 What is Person 1’s name?
       Question 6
What’s Person 1’s sex?
 Male
 Female
       Question 7
What is Person 1’s age and date
of birth?
        Question 8
Is Person 1 of Hispanic, Latino
or Spanish origin?
 No
 Yes, Mexican, Mexican American,
 Yes, Puerto Rican
 Yes, Cuban
 Yes, other
             Question 9
What is Person 1’s race?
Mark one or more.
 White
 Black, African American, or Negro
 American Indian or Alaska Native
   Asian Indian         Chinese   Filipino
   Other Asian          Japanese  Korean
   Native Hawaiian      Samoan
   Guatemalan or Chamorro
   Other Pacific Islander
   Some other race ________________
       Question 10
Does Person 1 sometimes live or
stay somewhere else?
 In college housing
 In the military
 At a seasonal or second residence
 For child custody
 In jail or prison
 In a nursing home
  How will the census
affect Brevard County?
            Our data will
            stick with us
            for 10 years.
Community services
Local governments will use census
data to allocate funding for:
 Education
 Public safety
 Housing
 Roads
 Public transportation
 Other community services
Disaster assistance
The higher our
census numbers,
the more federal
and state funding
we will be eligible
to receive after
declared disasters.
An undercounting of even
1,000 people can cost the
county and its cities millions
of dollars and affect their
ability to provide important
      It’s the law
All people living in Brevard
County at least six months
of the year are required to
complete and return their
census forms.
2000 response rates
Brevard County   70%
Florida          63%
United States    63%
 2000 response rates
Cape Canaveral         55%
Cocoa                  60%
Cocoa Beach            63%
Indialantic            69%
Indian Harbour Beach   69%
Malabar                70%
Melbourne              69%
Melbourne Beach        71%
2000 response rates
Melbourne Village   80%
Palm Bay            72%
Palm Shores         58%
Rockledge           75%
Satellite Beach     79%
Titusville          69%
West Melbourne      73%
Public awareness campaign

   To educate the public about the
    importance of completing their
    census forms

   To increase Brevard County’s
    response rate
        Key messages
   Return your form by April 1.
   It’s quick and easy.
   It’s important.
   It’s confidential.
   It provides funding.
Hard-to-reach populations
   People living below the poverty
   Minorities
   Immigrants and migrant workers
   Renters
   People receiving supplemental
    Marketing Materials
   Fliers
   Bumper Stickers
   Snipe Signs
   Bookmarks
   Campaign Buttons
   Posters
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 Census 2010: It’s easy. It's important. It’s confidential.
 You will receive your census form in March.
 Please complete and return it by April 1!
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