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									Solvent Misuse

                 Get the
What is ‘Sniffing’?
‘Sniffing’ is when everyday household products
are breathed in on purpose to get ‘high’.
These include:
                 Aerosols         Glues

                       Petrol             Gases

                When these products are used for
               their correct use they are perfectly
             safe but when ‘sniffed’ can be deadly!
          There is no such thing as ‘safe sniffing’
       Get the Facts…

What’s in danger?

 • Your body
 • Your mind
 • Your life

All these are at risk!
                     Your Body
                    Dizzy     High
Light headed                              Chronic headaches


                                      Buzzing in the ears
 Runny eyes &nose
    Smelly breath

                                      Spots/sores around
Difficulties breathing
                                          the mouth

               Acting drunk    Sick
               Your Mind

Act crazy                  concentrate


  Violent &
                       Not in control
               Your Life!

• Suffocation
• Explosions
• Choking on vomit
• Fatal Accidents

  Solvents can kill instantly at anytime!
 It Will Never Happen To Me!

                Won’t it?
Check this out …

• ‘Sniffing’ kills more young
  people than illegal drugs.

• 70% of solvent deaths are under the age of 19.

• Many people who die from ‘sniffing’ do so on
their first or second experiment; there is no
evidence they have ‘sniffed’ before.
           Long-Term Damage
Certain products if used
 everyday can damage:
 •   The Brain                Brain
 •   Nervous System
 •   Liver
 •   Kidney                   Damaged
 •   Lungs                    Brain
 •   Testicles
            The Consequences
‘Sniffing’ affects the part of the brain that tells
you what’s right and wrong. So when people are
‘high’ they do silly things they wouldn’t normally
do, which could result in:
 • Criminal Record
 • Broken Friendships
 • Ruined Career
 • Disfigurement – burns
 • Pregnancy
 • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
               Why Do It?
          What Could U do Instead?
   To get             Curiosity          Escape

Bored                               Coz friends
                                       do it

  For a
  laugh                                 Unhappy

Stressed out
                                  Being bullied
              The Facts Are…
• The vast majority of young people don’t ‘sniff’
They don’t think its cool, they think it’s stupid.
• ‘Sniffing’ doesn’t make your problems go away.
It may make you feel good for a short while but
when it stops nothings changed.
• You are 1 in a million! There is no
one else like you on this planet.
Your life is too important to waste.

   Is it worth the risk?
What can YOU do?
If you know someone is ‘sniffing’:
 •   Encourage them to seek help.
 •   Be there for them
 •   Tell someone
If you are ‘sniffing’ think:
 • Why are you doing it?
 • Do you want to get help?
 • What are the personal risks to you?

For more information on how to get help contact:
     Re-Solv’s National Freephone Helpline:
              0808 800 2345
       Or speak to someone you can trust.

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