Combat fraud with a global panel of leading experts from 6 differ by sdfwerte


                                                                         Combat Fraud With A                            Gain valuable insights from the
                                                                                             perts From
                                                                         Panel of Leading Ex                            United Nations & Thai Government:
                                                                           6 DIFFERENT COUN
                                                                                                              Police Major General Peeraphan Premabhuti
                                                                                                              Permanent Secretary
                                                                                                              PERMANENT SECRETARY OFFICE OF THE
                                                                                                              PRIME MINISTER, THAILAND
                                                                                                              Patrick O’Sullivan, Money Laundering Advisor,
   SECURE YOUR ORGANIZATION WITH CUTTING-EDGE                                                                 Law Enforcement Global Programme Against Moneypanel
                                                                                                                           Combat fraud with a global
    TECHNIQUES TO ELIMINATE CORPORATE FRAUD:                                                                  Laundering, Anti-Money Laundering Unit
                                                                                                              UNITED NATIONS OFFICE ON DRUGS 6 differ-
                                                                                                                       of leading experts from AND
❖ Unravel the latest threats and deception techniques used by high-tech criminals and discover new                     ent countries!
                                                                                                              CRIME, AUSTRIA
  advanced strategies for detecting fraud
❖ Optimize and achieve business objectives with the latest mitigation strategies that will detect fraud and   Discover what payment card companies
  ensure operational efficiency                                                                               have to offer:
❖ Re-engineer business processes to cover loopholes and reduce the risk of fraud                              Barry Wong, Senior Business Leader
❖ Decipher the mechanics of forensic accounting with critical insights learnt from case studies               MASTERCARD WORLDWIDE, HONG KONG
❖ Understand the wisdom of Confucianism and how it could encourage whistleblowing to maintain order and
  social harmony                                                                                              Emoke Bitter, Director, Data Secur ity
                                                                                                              VISA INTERNATIONAL
❖ Obtain hands-on advice on how to conduct fraud investigations from a practitioner’s point of view
❖ Prevent internal fraud within your organization by developing an effective fraud risk management            Seize the opportunity to hear from experienced
  framework                                                                                                   practitioners from leading companies:
❖ Discover the benefits of MasterCard’s Security Leadership Framework in effectively mitigating
  customer fraud losses                                                                                       Grant Newsham, Executive Director for Corporate Security
❖ Delve into the thought process of the criminal mind and find out whether your organization is at            MORGAN STANLEY, JAPAN
  danger of harboring a potential criminal                                                                    Eric Van Der Hoeven, Group Audit Controller
❖ Gain valuable insights on how to effectively combat corporate fraud by learning from landmark cases         JARDINE MATHESON, HONG KONG
❖ Promote fraud awareness and foster a culture of compliance and honesty by understanding the
                                                                                                              Alan Luk, Director of Strategic Internal Audit Division for
  importance of corporate governance
                                                                                                              South & South-East Asia Region, CANON
❖ Innovate the prevention of fraud by establishing hotlines to create an alternative channel for
  employees to report cases                                                                                   Ng Mui Siang, Head of Internal Audit
❖ Recognize the critical indications of identity theft and employ effective methods to prevent the            CITY DEVELOPMENTS
  criminal misuse of the victim’s identity                                                                    William Lim, Director of Internal Audit
❖ Ensure accurate financial disclosure by understanding the specific requirements of the                      LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES
  Sarbanes-Oxley Act
❖ Identify key opportunities in fraud detection by examining advanced anti-money laundering and               Acquire expert advice from the BIG 4
  terrorist financing detection strategies                                                                    on how to successfully combat fraud:
❖ Harness the benefits of the COSO framework to ensure reliability in financial reporting
                                                                                                              Mohd Khaidzir Shahari, Associate Director
❖ Examine the role of the internal auditor in effectively preventing and detecting fraud
                                                                                                              KPMG, MALAYSIA
❖ Implement effective measures to protect sensitive customer data in the payment card industry
  and secure the future of electronic payments                                                                Glenn Daly, Director, BRS
                                                                                                              ERNST & YOUNG

           SEPARATELY BOOKABLE! An Optional 1-Day Pre-Conference Workshop                                     Peter Coleman
                                      31 January 2007 * Wednesday                                             Head of Deloitte Forensic Practice in ASEAN
                                                                                                              DELOITTE & TOUCHE FINANCIAL SERVICES
                                                                                                              Abigail Cheadle, Lead Director of Forensic Services
           TO YOUR MITIGATION STRATEGIES”                                                                     Subramaniam Iyer, Par tner, Advisory
                          Led by Jay Jhaveri, Director, World-Check                                           PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS
   Abigail Cheadle, Lead Director of Forensic Services, Deloitte & Touche Financial Services                  Uncover the latest intelligence on
                                                                                                              corporate fraud from top consultants:
ORGANISED BY:                  ENDORSED BY:
                                                                                                              John Tudorovic, Executive Director
                                                                                                              FERRIER HODGSON, HONG KONG
                                                                       Special discount of 10% to
                                                                      members of CIMA, ICA & ACFE
                                                                                                              Jay Jhaveri, Director
                                                                                                              Kannan Govindasami, Assistant Manager
                             SUPPOR TING ORGANISATION:
                                                                                                              HILL & ASSOCIATES
 DAY ONE          1 FEBRUARY 2007                   THURSDAY                    ■ Examine the principles and techniques used today
                                                                                ■ Understand the role of computer forensics
                                                                                ■ Explore the deployment of asset tracing and recovery
                                                                                ■ Gain valuable insights from recent case studies
8.00    REGISTRATION AND MORNING COFFEE                                         Subramaniam Iyer, Par tner, Advisor y
        Patrick O’Sullivan, Money Laundering Advisor,                   12.30   LUNCH
        Law Enforcement Global Programme Against Money
        Laundering, Anti-Money Laundering Unit                          1.45    HARNESSING THE BENEFITS OF MASTERCARD’S
        United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Austria                       SECURITY LEADERSHIP FRAMEWORK AS A
                                                                                TACTICAL AND STRATEGIC APPROACH T O
        TECHNIQ UES USED IN COMMITTING FRAUD AND                                ■ Developing a cr itical understanding of MasterCard’s
        REVEALING NEW ADVANCED STRATEGIES FOR                                      Security Leadership Framework
        DETECTING IRREGULARITIES                                                ■ Identifying the types of risk it addresses and why
        ■ Revealing the latest intelligence on fraud deception                  ■ Effective guideline on how to deliver the Security
            techniques used by criminal syndicates to infiltrate into              Leadership Framework
            leading organizations                                               Barry Wong, Senior Business Leader
        ■ Advanced methods for detecting the manipulation of                    MasterCard Worldwide, Hong Kong
            confidential data during early stages and tracing the
            source to reveal the perpetrator                            2.30    DEVELOPING AN EFFECTIVE FRAUD RISK
        ■ Examining the most sophisticated and advanced                         MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK TO PREVENT
            techniques used in cyber-fraud to effectively detect                FRAUD WITHIN AN ORGANIZATION
            fraudulent information and hacker intrusions                        ■ Devising effective policies and compliance procedures
        ■ Devising an effective system within a corporate                           that will help to mitigate fraud
            environment to involve all employees in the detection               ■ Critically assessing the organization’s fraud
            and prevention of fraud                                                 vulnerabilities and operational risks to devise effective
        John Tudorovic, Executive Director                                          countermeasures and mitigation strategies
        Ferrier Hodgson, Hong Kong                                              ■ Must know procedures for effective pre-employment
                                                                                    screening to avoid criminal infiltration within the
10.00   OPTIMIZING AND ACHIEVING BUSINESS OBJECTIVES                                organization
        WITH EFFECTIVE CONTR OL MITIGATION                                      ■ Enhancing corporate governance as a strategic tool
        STRA TEGIES THAT WILL HELP TO DETECT                                        for improving employee due diligence
        FRA UD AND ENSURE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY                                ■ Effectively breaking down processes and limiting
        ■ Ensuring that present control measures are not                            access to confidential information to ensure that
            getting in the way of current business objectives                       no employee has full control of a complete operation
        ■ Implementing effective mitigation strategies that strike              ■ Understanding the gaps and weaknesses in various
            a balance between operational efficiency and control                    business operations to identify strategic methods for
        ■ Strategically and effectively re-engineering business                     strengthening them against fraud
            processes to cover loopholes and reduce the risk of fraud           Kannan Govindasami, Assistant Manager
        ■ Effectively training employees to adopt advanced                      Hill & Associates
            procedures that will help to detect fraud without
            hindering their work process                                3.15    AFTERNOON REFRESHMENT
        Eric Van Der Hoeven, Group Audit Controller
        Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong                                     3.30    ESTABLISHING FRAUD HOTLINES AS AN EFFECTIVE
                                                                                WARNING SYSTEM FOR PREDICTING AND
10.45   MORNING REFRESHMENT                                                     PREVENTING FRAUD
                                                                                ■ Understanding the importance of creating an alternative
11.00   CRITICALLY EXAMINING THE ADVANCED MONEY                                    channel for employees to report fraud cases
        LA UNDERING AND TERRORIST FINANCING                                     ■ Ensuring employee privacy by effectively establishing
        DETECTION STRATEGIES USED IN PRIVATE                                       a secure connection that is independent from bank
        AND PUBLIC SECTOR INSTITUTIONS TO IDENTIFY                                 management to guarantee anonymity and confidentiality
        KEY OPPORTUNITIES IN FRA UD DETECTION                                   ■ Employing effective methods to assess the credibility
        ■ Examining how advanced measures instituted to detect                     of the information given and taking disciplinary action
           money laundering can also provide critical indicators of                against employees who abuse the hotline
           corporate fraud and vice versa                                       ■ Effectively marketing and advertising the hotline to
        ■ Critically identifying the various deception techniques                  encourage employees to use it for reporting fraud
           used by corporate fraudsters in laundering money from                   related matters
           corporate funds                                                      ■ Devising simple and effective step-by-step procedures
        ■ Understanding the relationship between public & private                  for reporting to avoid misuse of the hotline
           sector institutions in the development of AML and CFT to             Abigail Cheadle, Lead Director of Forensic Services
           devise advanced strategies for fraud detection                       Deloitte & Touche Financial Services
        Patrick O’Sullivan, Money Laundering Advisor,
        Law Enforcement Global Programme Against Money                  4.15    CRITICAL OVERVIEW OF THE SARB ANES-OXLEY
        Laundering, Anti-Money Laundering Unit                                  ACT AND INTERNAL CONTROL SYSTEMS TO
        United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Austria                       ENSURE ACCURATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE
                                                                                ■ Understanding the specific requirements of the
11.45   DECIPHERING THE MECHANICS OF FORENSIC                                      Sarbanes-Oxley Act in establishing effective internal
        ACCOUNTING – CRITICAL INSIGHTS AND LESSONS                                 control measures
        LEARNT FR OM HISTO RY                                                   ■ Implementing effective control measures that comply
        ■ Demystify forensic accounting                                            with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
        ■ Analyze the current rise in demand for the practice
         ■  Revealing the criminal penalties and larger fines for               ■ Sumitomo Mitsui Bank (London) – uncovering high-tech
            corporate executives who misstate financial statements                 criminals who attempted to steal £220 million from the bank
         ■ Identifying the new challenges to businesses, specifically              by entering as cleaning staff and hacking into accounts
            in the documentation of control procedures related to               Grant Newsham, Executive Director Corporate Security
            information technology                                              Morgan Stanley, Japan
         Glenn Daly, Director, BRS
         Ernst & Young                                                  12.30   LUNCH

 5.00    END OF DAY ONE                                                 1.30    EXPLORING THE THOUGHTS OF THE CRIMINAL
                                                                                MIND IN COMMITTING WHITE COLLAR CRIME –
                                                                                IS YOUR ORGANIZATION AT RISK OF HARBORING
                                                                                A POTENTIAL CRIMINAL?
  DAY TW O          2 FEBRUARY 2007                      FRIDAY                 ■ Examining the critical factors that lure employees into
                                                                                    committing fraud to devise solid preventive measures
                                                                                ■ Uncovering the serious threat posed by internal
 8.30    MORNING COFFEE                                                             employees who are unhappy with their jobs and devising
                                                                                    a plan to resolve the problem effectively
 9.00    CHAIRPERSON’S WELCOME AND OPENING ADDRESS                              ■ Detecting suspicious behavioral patterns among
         Patrick O’Sullivan, Money Laundering Advisor,                              employees and adopting effective counseling techniques
         Law Enforcement Global Programme Against Money                             that will help to minimize the disruption of business
         Laundering, Anti-Money Laundering Unit                                     operations
         United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Austria                      ■ Understanding how greed and cash flow problems can
                                                                                    cloud an employee’s thought process
 9.15    EFFECTIVELY APPLYING THE COSO (COMMITTEE                               Peter Coleman
         OF SPONSORING ORGANIZA TIONS OF THE                                    Head of Deloitte Forensic Practice in ASEAN
         TREADWAY COMMISSION) FRAMEWORK FOR                                     Deloitte & Touche Financial Services
         ■ Developing a critical understanding of the 5 components              – CRITICALLY EXAMINING HOW INTERNAL
             in the COSO framework to effectively analyze the                   AUDIT ORS CAN PLAY THEIR ROLE
             internal control system implemented in an organization             ■ Understanding the IIA Standard 1210.A2: Proficiency
         ■ Harnessing the benefits of the solid internal control                   of internal auditors to identify fraud
             system of the COSO framework to ensure reliability                 ■ Examining the role of an internal auditor in fraud risk
             in financial reporting                                                management and assisting the deterrence of fraud
         ■ Ensuring effectiveness and efficiency of business                    ■ Effectively structuring the organization of the internal
             operations with the COSO framework                                    audit to enhance the value of it’s contribution towards
         ■ Employing the COSO framework to ensure that business                    fraud prevention
             operations comply with applicable laws and regulations             ■ Identifying the right competencies of internal audit in
         Ng Mui Siang, Head of Internal Audit                                      fraud risk management
         City Developments                                                      Mohd Khaidzir Shahari, Associate Director
                                                                                KPMG, Malaysia
         ■ Identifying the importance of having an effective            3.30    SECURING THE FUTURE OF ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS
            whistleblowing framework by examining the downfall                  – UNDERSTANDING THE RISK OF ELECTRONIC
            of Enron and Arthur Andersen                                        PAYMENTS AND IMPLEMENTING EFFECTIVE
         ■ Uncovering the wisdom of Confucianism in China where                 MEASURES TO PROTECT SENSITIVE CUSTOMER
            morality and fairness to all makes whistleblowing a noble           DATA IN THE PAYMENT CARD INDUSTRY
            cause to maintain order and social harmony                          ■ Examining global security trends
         ■ Understanding the social-political influence of communist            ■ Understanding the prohibition of data storage
            ideology where loyalty to the organization and reporting            ■ Identifying the standards of the payment card industry
            wrongful acts to maintain social order are eminent                  ■ Visa account information security program
         ■ Examining China’s tr ansition from planned to market                 Emoke Bitter, Director Data Security
            economies to find out why the reporting of wrongful                 Visa International
            acts became a personal survival skill
         ■ Effective guidelines for whistleblowers on how to ‘sound     4.15    EFFECTIVELY CONDUCTING FRAUD
            the alarm’ effectively and efficiently                              INVESTIGATIONS FROM A PRA CTITIONER’S
         ■ Examining the whistleblowing framework of leading                    POINT OF VIEW
            western school of thoughts                                          ■ Critically evaluating the indicators that fraud might have
         Alan Luk, Director of Strategic Internal Audit Division for               been committed to determine whether a thorough
         South & South-East Asia Region                                            investigation is necessary
         Canon                                                                  ■ Notifying the appropriate authorities within the
                                                                                   organization to avoid disrupting other employees
 10.45   MORNING REFRESHMENT                                                    ■ Effectively assessing the extent of complicity in the
                                                                                   fraud to avoid obtaining misleading information that might
 11.15   GAINING VALUABLE INSIGHTS BY LEARNING                                     affect employee relations
         FR OM LANDMARK CASES TO EFFECTIVELY                                    ■ Ensuring that the investigator has no relationship to
         COMB AT WHITE COLLAR CRIME                                                those being investigated or to any of the employees
         ■ Enron, Arthur Andersen, and WorldCom (USA) –                            within the organization
            examining the chain effect of the biggest corporate
            fraud scandal ever
                                                                       Separa !
                                                                                             1-Day Pre-Conference Workshop
          ■   Devising effective procedures to identify perpetrators    Booka
                                                                             ble                       31 January 2007 * Wednesday
              with minimal involvement of innocent parties
          William Lim, Director of Internal Audit                          “EFFECTIVELY DEPLOYING THE LATEST
          Lucent Tec hnologies                                          ANTI-FRAUD TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES THAT WILL
                                                                          MAKE FAST, CRITICAL ADVANCES TO YOUR
                                                                                 MITIGATION STRATEGIES”
                                                                                         Led by Jay Jhaveri, Director, World-Check
               KEY BENEFITS OF ATTENDING                                                                     &
                                                                                     Abigail Cheadle, Lead Director of Forensic Services
                                                                                            Deloitte & Touche Financial Services
 ✔ NETWORK with an international team of experts from 6
                                                                                           WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES
   different countries
                                                                       Cor porate crime is a thr iving multi-billion dollar industry. Dangerously
 ✔ UNRAVEL the latest deception techniques used by high-tech           armed with some of the greatest minds on stealth and deception, it is
   criminals and discover new advanced strategies for                  not sur prising to know that the y have infiltrated some of the world’s
   detecting them                                                      leading organizations . This w o rkshop howev e r, will tak e fraud
                                                                       detection and prevention to the next level and show you how to
 ✔ GAIN unique insights from the United Nations on how                 combat the rogue regime of hackers, fraudsters, and criminal
   advanced anti-money laundering and terrorist financing              syndicates with the latest tools and techniques that will add dynamism
   detection strategies can help to identify key opportunities in      to your anti-fraud mitigation strategies.
   fraud detection
                                                                       This interactive workshop combines detailed technology based
                                                                       techniques with advanced KYC (Know Your Customer) implementation.
 ✔ ACHIEVE business objectives by optimizing the effectiveness         The session will enable delegates to develop more advanced anti-fraud
   of advanced mitigation strategies without affecting operational     programmes through the provision of practical advice all based on the
   efficiency                                                          experience of real life situations within corporates.

 ✔ SEIZE the opportunity to acquire expert advice from leading         Split into two sessions, this unique day is a one stop shop for the
   payment card companies like MasterCard and Visa                     enhancement of anti-fraud strategies aimed at enabling delegates to
                                                                       create best practice within their organisations.
 ✔ UNCOVER the wisdom of Confucianism where morality and
   fairness to all makes whistleblowing a noble cause to maintain                              WORKSHOP OUTLINE
   order and social harmony                                            Advanced KYC implementation:
                                                                       ■ Understanding the importance of identification and verification
 ✔ IDENTIFY the critical indications of identity theft and find out       during the pre-KYC (Know Your Customer) stage
   from Police Major General Peeraphan what should be done to          ■ Taking KYC to the next level – deploying periodic and perpetual
   prevent the misuse of the stolen identity                              screening
                                                                       ■ Implementing comprehensive KYC in a M&A (mergers &
 ✔ DISCOVER the thoughts of the cr iminal mind and find out               acquisitions) situation – gaining valuable insights through case
   whether your organization is at risk of harboring a potential          studies
                                                                       Technology & Process Implementation:
 ✔ OBTAIN sound advice from experienced practitioners in               ■ Revealing the importance of financial health checks in data mining
   major organizations on how to effectively investigate and           ■ Dispelling the myths of computer forensics
   prevent fraud                                                       ■ Analyzing fraud surveys and revealing best practices
                                                                       ■ Establishing whistleblowing hotlines – best practice and guidance
 ✔ SIMPLIFY the complexities of forensic accounting by                 ■ Critical case study investigation on how technology plays a part in
   examining critical case study issues                                   reducing cost while increasing the efficiency of an investigation

 ✔ SECURE the future of electronic payments by implementing                          ABOUT THE WORKSHOP LEADERS
   effective measures to protect sensitive customer data
                                                                                      Jay Jhaveri is the Director, Asia for World-Check. He was a
                                                                                      professional banker in the wealth management industry for more than
 ✔ INNOVATE your anti-fraud strategy by establish fraud hotlines                      12 years. Jay has worked with leading European banks in India, the
   as an effective system of predicting and preventing fraud                          UK, and Singapore. He is frequently asked to speak at conferences
                                                                                      and seminars in the areas of KYC, AML, CFT, EDD and PEPs. In
                                                                                      addition to being a prolific writer, his views are sought by the press
                                                                                      and he has been quoted extensively. World-Check is the pioneer and
                                                                       leader in providing pro-active, highly structured profiles on high and heightened risk
                     WHO SHOULD ATTEND                                 individuals and entities. The coverage is global (more than 230 countries and
                                                                       territories) and updated continuously to reflect the emerging risks as they are
       ❖ Chief Executive Officers ❖ Chief Operating Officers ❖ Chief   reported. Today, World-Chec k is used by almost 2,000 institutions, including 200+
                                                                       government and government agencies, in more than 130 countries in order to
    Financial Officers ❖ Chief Information Officers ❖ Chief Internal   mitigate their KYC and PEP risks. – “Reducing Risk through Intelligence”.

  Auditors ❖ Chief Security Officers ❖ Managing Directors ❖ General                  Abigail Cheadle is a Director and the Head of Deloitte Forensic
                                                                                     practice in Singapore. She is a Chartered Accountant with 15 years
  Managers ❖ Heads of Internal Audit ❖ Heads of Legal & Compliance                   experience in investigations and asset tracing in Asia, Australia,
                                                                                     USA, Europe and the Middle East. Abigail was the Head of Forensic
       ❖ Heads of Legal Departments ❖ Heads of Regulatory Affairs                    Accounting f or Asia Pacific, Er nst & Young, and more recently,
                                                                                     a Director and Head of Business Development for a boutique
  ❖ Heads of Risk Management ❖ Heads of Credit Control ❖ Heads of                    investigations firm, Background Asia Group. Abigail has extensive
                                                                       experience in project management of fraud and financial investigations across a
        Insurance Claims ❖ In-House General Counsels ❖ Forensic        variety of industries. Abigail has also conducted Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
                                                                       (“FCPA”) inv estigations, managed dispute resolutions , negotiated restructur ings,
              Accountants ❖ Audit Managers ❖ Finance Directors         managed due diligences, analysed business intelligence and traced and recovered
                                                                       assets globally.

FOR ENQUIRIES AND REGISTRATION:                                                              WORKSHOP TIMETABLE
                                                                       Registration starts at 8.30am; Workshop commences at 9:00am and concludes at 5.00pm.
CALL (65) 6536 8676 OR (65) 6536 8437                                  Workshop materials, lunch and refreshments will be provided.
                                                                                                                PROFILES OF CONFERENCE
                                                                                                              SPEAKERS FROM LEADING-EDGE
       COMBAT FINANCIAL CRIME WITH THE                                                                          ORGANISATIONS INCLUDE:
                                                                                                                    Pat O’Sullivan is the Law Enforcement Advisor to

     LATEST TECHNIQUES AND INTELLIGENCE                                                                             the Global Programme on Money Laundering of
                                                                                                                    the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in
                                                                                                                    Vienna, Austria. He worked for 5 years as a

    FROM THE WORLD’S LEADING EXPERTS ON                                                                             consultant to the Legal Department of the IMF and
                                                                                                                    was involved in AML projects in many
                                                                                                       countries in the Pacific, Asia and Africa. Pat is a former New

              CORPORATE FRAUD                                                                          Zealand Policeman with 30 years experience in criminal
                                                                                                       investigations and intelligence analysis. The final decade of
                                                                                                       his police service was spent in money laundering and
                                                                                                       criminal asset investigation. He was the former head of New
                                                                                                       Zealand Interpol Office, the AML section of the National
                                                                                                       Proceeds of Crime Bureau, and in 1996 established the New
    “There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy – hypocrisy, FRAUD, and tyranny.”       Zealand Financial Intelligence Unit of which he was the
                                                                                                       director until 2001. Pat was a delegate to the Financial Action
                                                                       - Freder ick W. Rober tson      Task Force , the Asia Pacific Group on Money Launder ing,
                                                                                                       and the Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units.

                                                                                                                    Police Major General Peeraphan Premabhuti is
                                                                                                                    a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He was
Hypocrisy has always been an element of fraud. Tyrannically, it has driven the downfall                             appointed by the Thai Cabinet to serve as a
                                                                                                                    Permanent Secretary for the Prime Minister’s
of many leading organizations. The shocking spate of recent white-collar crimes has                                 Office in 2006 upon receiving royal endorsement.
                                                                                                                    Pol.Maj.Gen. Peeraphan has a long and
dangerously echoed the misadventures of Enron, Arthur Andersen, and WorldCom just to                   distinguished 34 years of service to the Thai Government. In
                                                                                                       1992, he served as a Superintendent for the Economic Crime
name a few. The perpetrators were dealt with severely, while the heavy penalties showed                Investigation Division of Central Investigation Bureau and
                                                                                                       was assigned in 1994, as a member of the Drafting
no mercy. Will your organization be the next victim of corporate fraud?                                Committee on the Anti-Money Laundering Act by the Royal
                                                                                                       Thai Government. In 1998, he served as a Deputy Executive
                                                                                                       Director of the International Law Enforcement Academy and
                                                                                                       by 2001, he was appointed as the Secretary General for the
Chances are, you will not know till the losses are obvious.                                            Anti-Money Laundering Office of Thailand. Pol.Maj.Gen.
                                                                                                       Peeraphan has been granted scholarships by the
                                                                                                       gove rnments of Canada, Italy, UK & USA to enroll in
                                                                                                       specialized in-service courses in Commercial & Computer Crime.
The growing complexities of today’s modern business practices have taken fraud to the                               Grant Newsham is responsible for organized crime
next level. High-tech criminals are infiltrating major organizations, while hackers are                             and money laundering risks in Morgan Stanley
                                                                                                                    Japan’s (MSJ) operations. Under Grant, MSJ has
                                                                                                                    established an effective due diligence scheme
gaining access into confidential data storage systems and devising advanced deception                               addressing criminal/suitability risks to Firm
                                                                                                                    business transactions. Grant was a diplomat
techniques. Fraudsters are getting more and more sophisticated everyday and your                       serving in the US Foreign Service for 8 years with
                                                                                                       assignments at the US Embassies in Tokyo and Islamabad.
company’s reputation is at stake. It is now more crucial than ever for organizations to arm            His Foreign Service work covered a number of regions, with
                                                                                                       a specialty in third-world insurgencies and international trade
themselves with the latest intelligence to combat this deceitful multi-billion dollar industry.        and commercial matters. He is also an attorney & previously
                                                                                                       worked for Graham & James, and served as co-chairman of
                                                                                                       the District of Columbia Bar’s Inter national Trade Committee.
                                                                                                       Grant serves as a Colonel in the US Marine Corps Reserve
Join us in combating corporate fraud.                                                                  and is assigned an intelligence role to Headquarters, Marine
                                                                                                       Forces Pacific in Honolulu. He previously served as the
                                                                                                       Mar ine Attaché, US Embassy, Tokyo, and with III Marine
                                                                                                       Expeditionary Force, Okinawa, handling matters involving
In a bid to go beyond the cosmetic topics of detection and prevention already repeated by              terrorism and insurgency in South East Asia.

so many conferences, Asia Business Forum has gathered an international team of                                     Barry Wong has over 23 y ears of exper ience in
                                                                                                                   the Security & Risk Management field including
experts to reveal their latest intelligence to tackle the most grievous issues on                                  13 years with the HK Police dealing with
                                                                                                                   Criminal Investigations, 4 years with an oil
                                                                                                                   company as its Security Advisor for the AP
corporate fraud. By taking a big leap beyond the confines of combating the financial crime             region, and 1 year with PWC as a Senior Manager. Barry is
                                                                                                       the Head of Security & Risk Management Asia Pacific for
war-front, this unique event is also designed to not only prevent fraud, but also ensure               MasterCard, providing risk management services to member
                                                                                                       financial institutions assisting them to make use of best
operational efficiency during the process to help leading organizations achieve business               practices and latest fraud trends to mitigate losses. Barry is
                                                                                                       tasked with a leading role in fraud mitigation strategies and
objectives. Auditors, risk managers, CFOs, COOs, CEOs, and just about everyone                         works with other industry players for the integrity of the
                                                                                                       payment system.
who has a critical role to play in the prevention of fraud, cannot afford to miss this                              Peter Coleman was a partner of Aegis
                                                                                                                    International Fraud & Security Consulting (USA &
crucial event.                                                                                                      Australia) for 3 years. Before that, he was Vice
                                                                                                                    President Asia Pacific with Praesidium Services
                                                                                                                    Limited (UK). Peter was also an Associate
                                                                                                       Director in the Fraud and Dispute division of PWC. He was a
Uncover the latest intelligence on deception techniques used by high-tech criminals and                detective with the Victoria Police in Australia for many years
                                                                                                       and is a highly skilled interviewer with more than 25 years
discover new mitigation strategies that will not get in the way of business                            experience in conducting interviews into fraud and other
                                                                                                       criminal activities in many countries. Locations where Peter
objectives. Understand the cognition of the dangerous criminal mind and find out from                  has worked in this field include Australia, Singapore,
                                                                                                       Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, T aiwan, Japan, Hong Kong,
Police Major General Peeraphan what the critical indications of identity theft are.                    Papua New Guinea, United States, United Kingdom,
                                                                                                       Venezuela, South Amer ica, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
DON’T MISS OUT on what the UNITED NATIONS has to say about anti-money
                                                                                                                   John T  udorovic has over 16 years experience in
laundering, and FIND OUT from BIG 4 how to effectively combat corporate fraud.                                     the area of fraud risk and investigation including
                                                                                                                   12 years with the Australian T axation Office. He
                                                                                                                   spent his last fiv e years with the AT O o n
                                                                                                                   secondment to the Australian Federal Police
PROTECT your business from falling into the hands of corporate crime and uphold the                    investigating fraud committed against the Commonwealth
                                                                                                       by organized crime groups. Prior to joining Ferrier Hodgson,
reputation of your esteemed organization.                                                              John w as with Er nst & Young Singapore’ s Global
                                                                                                       Investigations & Dispute Advisory practice for two years.
                                                                                                       John has experience investigating fraud and conducting
                                                                                                       corporate intelligence assignments in Singapore, Hong Kong,

                                                                                                       Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

                                                                                                                    Kannan is a Manager with the Business
                        1-DAY PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP                                                               Intelligence & Integrity Risk division in Hill &
                                                                                                                    Associates, based in Singapore. Prior to that, he
                                         31 January 2007 * Wednesday                                                wor ked with Er nst & Young in audit and assurance
                                                                                                                    for over 6 years. In addition to being a member of
                                                                                                       the Cer tified Practicing Accountants (CPA), Australia, he has
       “EFFECTIVELY DEPLOYING THE LATEST ANTI-FRAUD TOOLS                                              a Master of Arts in Communication Management and
                                                                                                       Bachelor of Business in Accountancy to his name from
      AND TECHNIQUES THAT WILL MAKE FAST, CRITICAL ADVANCES                                            University of South Australia and Royal Melbourne Institute
                                                                                                       of Technology respectively. Kannan is responsible fo r
                 TO YOUR MITIGATION STRATEGIES”                                                        leading fraud investigations as well as fraud risk
                                                                                                       management engagements in Singapore and across Asia.
                                 Led by Jay Jhaveri, Director, World-Check                             Kannan is currently assisting a US listed company to
                                                      &                                                conduct a vendor integrity review in Malaysia as part of a
                                                                                                       global fraud risk management exercise.”
          Abigail Cheadle, Lead Director of Forensic Ser vices, Deloitte & Touche Financial Services
                                                                                                                  Subramaniam Iyer is currently the leader of the
                                                                                                                  Business Recovery Services and Dispute
                                                                                                                  Analysis & Investigations Group in PWC

  REGISTER NOW TO SECURE YOUR PLACE AND SAVE $200!                                                                Singapore. He now leads his team of experienced
                                                                                                                  forensic specialists and insolvency practitioners
                                                                                                       to assist in fraud/forensic investigations, restructure of
           Call our Customer Hotline Tel: (65) 6536 8676 today. Or Email to                            companies including strategic business reviews and also
                                                                                                       serves as judicial manager and liquidator of several
                                                                       companies and as a trustee in bankruptcies.
                    REGISTRATION FORM                                                              5 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER
         SUCCESSFULLY COMBATING                                                                     TELEPHONE: (65) 6536 8676 or (65) 6536 8437
     CORPORATE FRAUD CONFERENCE                                                                     FAX: complete and send this registration form
(1-2 FEBRUARY 2007) & WORKSHOP (31 JANUARY 2007)                                                    to: (65) 6536 4356
                Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore                                                    MAIL: this completed form together with payment to:
      Yes! Please register the following delegate(s) for this                                       Asia Business Forum (Singapore) Pte Ltd
      Event (Please photocopy for more delegates)                                                   3 Raffles Place #09-01 Singapore 048617

 Please tick (✔ ) your choice session(s)                                                  @         EMAIL:

    ❍ 2-Day Conference + 1-Day Workshop [ Jan 31-Feb 2, 2007 ]                                   

    ❍ 2-Day Conference only [ Feb 1-2, 2007 ]                                                       WEB:
    ❍ 1-Day Workshop only [ Jan 31, 2007 ]                                             Your investment for attending this Event is:
      I am unable to attend but please put me on your mailing list                                                                             Early Bird Fee
                                                                                                                Regular Fee                 (If payment & registration are
                                                                                                                                           received by 29 December 2006)
 I wish to claim 10% discount as a member of                    CIMA or
                                                                                                           S$2,395 + 5% GST*               S$2,195 + 5% GST*
                                               ICA or           ACFE
 Membership no.____________________(please fax us your membership card)                Workshop Only       S$1,395 + 5% GST*               S$1,395 + 5% GST*
                                                                                       Conference          S$3,590 + 5% GST*               S$3,390 + 5% GST*
Name:(Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms):____________________________                                       + Workshop

Job Title:_______________________________________                                      Note: *GST is only applicable to Delegates from Singapore.
                                                                                       The fee includes lunch, refreshments and conference documentation.
Email:___________________________________________                                      Group Discount: Enjoy a group discount of 10% for 3 or more
                                                                                       delegates registered at the same time from the same organisation
Approving Manager:______________________________                                       and of the same billing source.
Job Title:_______________________________________                                      METHODS OF PAYMENT
Email:___________________________________________                                          Please cross cheque or bank draft made payable to
                                                                                           ASIA BUSINESS FORUM (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD and mail
Company:______________________________________                                             your payment together with this registration to 3 Raffles Place,
                                                                                           #09-01, Singapore 048617. Enclosed is our cheque/draft for
                                                                                           Overseas delegates may pay by telegraphic transfer into the
Tel:___________________ Fax:_____________________                                          account of Asia Business Forum (Singapore) Pte Ltd which is:
                                                                                           Account No. 147-070312-001, The Hongkong and Shanghai
Booking Contact:_________________________________                                          Banking Corporation Limited, 21 Collyer Qua y, #01-01 HSBC
                                                                                           Building, Singapore 049320. Please quote our reference no.
                                                                                           1845S and your Company’s name in your payment instructions.
Nature of Business:_______________________________                                                              Y)
                                                                                           Credit Card (AMEX ONL Please debit m y Card Number:
Company Web site:_______________________________

Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore                                                           VISA/MASTERCARD Please debit my Card Number:
6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square Singapore 039594
Tel:(65) 6845 1000           Fax:(65) 6845 1001
Website: www.marina-mandar
Attn: Room Reservation Department
                                                                                           Card Holder’s Name __________________________________
For reservations, please make your bookings directly with the hotel.
To enjoy the special room rates, please quote Asia Business Forum’s "Successfully
Combating Corporate Fraud". Hotel bills are to be settled by delegates directly
with the hotel. Hotel reservations and travel arrangements are the responsibilities        Signature __________________Expiry Date_______/_______
of the registrant. Please note that hotel rooms are available on a first-come-first-
served basis.                                                                           Important Notice: Payments are required with registration and must be
                                                                                        received prior to the Conference to guarantee your place. Walk-in delegates
INCORRECT MAILING INFORMATION                                                           will only be admitted on the basis of space availability at the Conference and
It is possible that you may receive multiple mailings of this event or incorrect        with immediate full payment.
company details on the labels, for which we apologise. If this happens, please let
us know so that we can update our database immediately. If you do not wish to          CANCELLATIONS & TRANSFERS
have your name on our mailing list, please let us know and we will remove it from      If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcomed at no extra
our listing.                                                                           charge. Please provide the name and the title of the substitute delegate at
                                                                                       least 2 working days prior to the Conference. A refund less S$300 administration
FOR OFFICIAL USE                                                                       charge will be made for cancellation received in writing on or before 11 January
                                                                                       2007. Regrettably, no refund can be made for cancellation received after this
FEE RECEIVED               ADMISSION FORM SENT 1845S/RH/GH                             date. A complete set of documentation will however be sent to you.
 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z EQ                                The organiser reserves the right to make any amendments and/or changes to
                                                                                       the programme, venue, speaker replacements and/or topics if warranted by
                          C o p y r i g h t @ October 2006                             circumstances beyond its control.

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