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					                                                                                                Term Life
                                                                            Security your family deserves

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Dear {Client Name},

I understand that supporting your family is a large task. We all dream of living comfortably with our
loved ones and having our children grow up to be successful individuals. With the increasing pressure
on your shoulders of the provider, wouldn’t you like to know that you too, could have the extra security?
Many of us choose Term Life Insurance to cover our needs during a particular time period. It is
generally the most affordable solution for a growing family!

                          Guarantee future for your loved ones!

Term Life Insurance allows you to choose the specific period of time you’d like for insurance
protection- usually 10, 20, or 30 years. Therefore, you can be sure that your children will have the
financial support to finish college and your family can still retain their home should you ever have to
leave them behind.

              It is the most wonderful gift you can give to your family!

{Mr/Mrs. ClientName}, I understand you have done as much as you can to protect your partner and
children from harms way, let me show you what you can do now to ensure their safety in the future!!!
Thank you for taking the time to consider this option; I will contact you in a few days to tell you more in
detail what Term Life Insurance can do for you. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, do not hesitate
to contact me at {Contact #}.


{Agent Name}

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