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                Special discount offers to members of The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
                                             Title                                                  Price(HK)   Discount    Price(HK)    Qty      Total
Hong Kong Master GAAP Guide (8 edition)                                     Book code: 1743H
                                                                                                      980         20          784

US Master GAAP Guide (2ndChinese Edition) 美国公认会计原则指南
                                     Book code: 1731C
再版 27 次,在美国会计领域享有高度声誉,CCH 现更新中文版《美国公认会计原则指南》第二                                                        800         20          640
ICAEW - IFRS Diploma Manual (Chinese Edition)                               Book code:1792H
国际财务报告准则高级证书学习教材(中文版)的学习材料为个人及机构提供独一无二的学习                                                             950         20          760
专业人士及学生筹备实施 IFRS 的必然之选。
Mergers & Acquisitions in China: Law and Practice 2nd edn Bookcode:1761H
At the present time and for the foreseeable future, China sustains far and away the largest
volume of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity of any country in the world. This new edition
of the definitive English-language book on M&A in China has been urgently called for by               950         20          760
interested investors and practitioners. Like its original, this second edition tackles head-on
such topics as due diligence, structuring options, and M&A activity by diverse players in
various targets, as well as anti-trust, tax, and labour issues
Hong Kong Employment Law - A Practical Guide (2nd Edn)                                                580         20          464
                                                                            Book code: 1741H
Employment Law in China (2nd Edn)                                           Book code: 1746H          560         20          448
Employment Law in India                                                     Book code: 1798H          780         20          624
Sarbanes-Oxley Manual: A Handbook for the Act and SEC Rules –
It ccontains detailed examination and discussion of the blizzard of SEC rulemaking that filled
in the statutory framework, as well as a discussion of the statutes themselves. The Manual
also looks at relevant SEC staff interpretations. In addition, the Manual examines the
legislative history of Sarbanes-Oxley. Further, court decisions interpreting provisions of the       3,880        10         3,492
Act are examined. Among the many topics examined in the Manual are: provisions governing
audit committees, auditor independence, the certification of financial statements, insider
reporting, the composition, rules and standards of the PCAOB, attorney professional
responsibility, analyst conflicts of interests, whistleblower protections, and internal control
over financial reporting.
Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Planning & Compliance                            looseleaf book
It provides critical analysis of the provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and related
regulations and standards. It is designed to help users fully understand the complexities of
this evolving regulatory regime, and to develop strategies and “best practice” standards to
help clients remain in compliance and free from liability. It also offers guidance for handling
real day-to-day situations, and includes practice aids to save time. Topics covered in this title
are: CEO & CFO responsibilities and certifications, SEC disclosure rules, new form 8-K rules         3,880        10         3,492
(Form 8-K has been dramatically expanded through the addition of 14 new items that trigger
preparation of the Form 8-K and the expansion of existing triggers. Companies need to
maintain careful disclosure controls and procedures regarding 8-K items as it may be difficult
to identify a particular event as a trigger under the form), director’s responsibilities &
liabilities, pension plan blackout periods, audit committees, auditor independence, insider
transaction, prohibition on loans to directors & officers, rules and standards of the PCAOB,
and new criminal penalties.

                                                      CCH HONG KONG LIMITED                                   Please fax to: 2521 7874
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                                                            39 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
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           Special discount offers to members of The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Investment In China Special Economic Zones (Chinese Edn)
looseleaf book
Topics: Overview of Special Economic Zones, Introduction of the Special Economic Zones
    at the national administrative-level, Application of policies administered in Special
    Economic Zones, Horizontal Comparison of nationally administered Special Economic
    Zones, Vertical Comparison of nationally administered Special Economic Zones,
    Special Economic Zones in Changjiang River Delta region, Special Economic Zones              3,880   10           3,492
    in Zhujiang River Delta region, Special Economic Zones in Beijing, Tianjin and
    Shandong region, Special Economic Zones in Northeast China, Special Economic
    Zones in the Sichuan and Chongqing region, Clinical Case Study on Investment in
    nationally administered Special Economic Zones, Legislation and Special Economic
    Zones Statistics

Accounting for Financial Instruments                                     Book code: 1725S
Accounting for Financial Instruments will provide the reader with: a sound understanding of
the requirements of the standards governing financial instruments; an appreciation of the
practicalities involved in applying these standards though numerous examples and                 1,125   10          1012.5
interpretations; and illustrations of how financial instruments are accounted for in different

Singapore Master Tax Guide 2008/09                                         Book code:1753S
With its practical and reliable presentation of the Singapore income tax regime, the
renowned Singapore Master Tax Guide 2008/09 is favoured by students and new
practitioners for its clear explanations of tax concepts. In addition, all new tax changes,      730     10            657
including changes effected by the 2009 Budget, recent amendment acts, orders, rules and
court rulings issued have been incorporated to give you a complete picture of the tax scene
as it is today.
Singapore Income Tax Submissions Handbook                              Book code: 1755S
The Singapore Income Tax Submissions Handbook is a comprehensive guide which has
been specially designed to help accountants and tax practitioners prepare annual income
tax returns. The Handbook takes the user step by step through the various forms which
have to be filed by individuals and businesses each year, with the help of case scenarios,       590     10            531
sample completed tax forms, tax computations and explanations of the tax law. Presented
in a user-friendly format, the Handbook is filled with practical tips, worked examples,
checklists and tables, with references to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore’s
Interpretation and Practice Notes and Administrative Statements where relevant.
Commercial Applications of Company Law in Singapore, 3rd edn
                                                                       Book code: 1756S
Contents: The Functions and Structure of Companies, Company Law, Legal Nature of
Companies, Business Planning and Company Formation, The Memorandum and Articles
of Association, Managing Companies, Members' Decision-Making , Company Meetings,
Limitation to Voting Power , Company Directors, Directors' Duties, Conflicts of                  848     10           763.2
Interest ,Consequences of Breach of Duty, Members' Remedies, Reporting and
Disclosure, Shares and Shareholding , Increasing and Reducing Share Capital, Debt
Finance , Contracting by Companies, Corporate Liability, External Administration, Winding
Up, Securities and Takeovers

India Master Tax Guide 2008                                              Book code: 1799S
The India Master Tax Guide 2008/09 is an authoritative yet concise commentary on the
tax provisions for the financial year 2008/09. The book currently in its 2nd edition covers
direct tax laws in a structured manner with adequate case laws and examples. The
interpretation and presentation style enables readers to understand the most complicated
tax provisions easily.   Tax provisions as amended by the Finance Act, 2008 provide              1,028   10           925.2
readers with the most up to date information and analysis critical to their everyday tax
work Illustrative commentary provide practical direction on accurate interpretation of key

                                                    CCH HONG KONG LIMITED                                    Please fax to: 2521 7874
                                                             Room 1608, 16/F., Harcourt House,
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          Special discount offers to members of The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Tax Planning for Businesses in Malaysia                                Book code:1788M
Covers all the important issues that must be considered when structuring a tax planning
strategy. Case law decisions are also used to further explain the applicability of law and
principles of taxation. Topics are focused on practical and relevant issues faced by         780       10            702
businesses and investors such as financing the local subsidiary, withholding tax, tax
treatment of a foreign service provider, structuring a foreign business, repatriation of
profits, use of tax treaties and others.

Malaysian Audit Manual                                                Book code: 1771M
Published in association with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), this manual is
a comprehensive compilation of checklists, programmes and procedures relating to the         800       10            720
auditing standards and processes required for auditors in Malaysia. It provides auditors a
complete framework for conducting a variety of audits with explanations, references to
standards, guidelines and pro-forma worksheets.
Malaysian Master Tax Guide 2008                                      Book code: 1748M
Malaysian Master Tax Guide offers practical, accurate and reliable presentation of the
structure, features and ambit of Malaysian income tax law. It provides clear explanations
of how the law is relevant to individuals, partnerships, corporations and other taxable      585       10           526.5
entities and includes critical information in areas of real property gains tax, double tax
treaties and investment incentives. Foreign business professionals interested in doing
business in Malaysia will find the explanation of industrial and investment incentives and
the chapter on special concessions granted under tax treaties particularly useful.
Master Business Guide to South East Asia
(Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia)                                                          622       10           559.8
                                                                      Book code: 1796S

Vietnam Investors' Guide: Business Law                               Book code: 1780S
Contents Includes: Governmental Structure and Legal System of Vietnam, WTO
Commitments of Vietnam, Law on Investments, Enterprise Law , Banking and
Finance ,Import-Export and Distribution of Goods, Real Estate Laws, Labour Securities,       1,950     10           1,755
Competition Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Bankruptcy, Dispute Settlement , Appendix
– templates of forms and contracts

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