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forensic accounting flyer


forensic accounting flyer

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									                                                                                                                                 The evidentiary nature of accounting data.
FORENSIC ACCOUNTING IN                                  CALL FOR PAPERS
MATRIMONIAL DIVORCE                                     Submitted research should be grounded in real-
                   J.A. DiGabriele, Editor              world business problems or litigation issues faced
               Designed to enable practitioners         by practitioners and entity stakeholders. It is a con-
               in the field of marital dissolution to   dition of consideration that submissions be previ-                           Volume VII   G   Number 1
                                                                                                                                     January – June 2006
                                                                                                                                                                          ISSN 1524-5586

               effectively and efficiently plan and     ously unpublished, original to the author(s), not
               perform their work. Provides a           submitted elsewhere for publication, and that a
               contemporary overview of the             Transfer of Copyright agreement be completed.                                      Journal of
               field, current information on impor-
               tant aspects of typical engage-
ments, and insights into complexities which may
                                                        All submissions must be accompanied by a non-
                                                        refundable processing fee of $50.00 made payable
                                                        and sent directly to the Editor-in-Chief:
challenge professional awareness and objectivity.
Also available separately as stand-alone book:
ISBN 1-930217-12-9                             $59.00
                                                                     Professor D. Larry Crumbley
                                                                     Journal of Forensic Accounting
                                                                     Dept. of Accounting - 3106A CEBA
EXPERT WITNESSING IN FORENSIC                                        Louisiana State University                                                   Auditing, Fraud & Risk
ACCOUNTING                                                           Baton Rouge, LA 70803

W.J. Pagano and T.K. Buckhoff, Editors

Developed for the benefit of con-                                                                                                                                  D. Larry Crumbley
sulting and expertizing account-
                                                        The worldwide audience includes academic
ants, as well as the attorneys that
                                                        researchers and educators specializing in forensic
engage their services. Topics are
                                                        accounting, practicing forensic accountants, inter-
wide-ranging – from practical tips
                                                        nal auditors, professional audit advisors, regula-
on courtroom attire to legal theo-
                                                        tory and standard setting participants, enforce-
ries underlying Daubert – and
                                                        ment agents, process security specialists, and
include: testifying do’s and don’ts; advice for case                                                                          The Journal of Forensic Accounting ™ is
                                                        legal, tax, and insurance personnel.
preparation, management, and success; anticipa-
tion of Daubert challenges and cross-examination
                                                                                                                              positioned at the leading edge of scholarly
techniques; independence considerations in an                                                                                 research in the factual basis of economic
advocacy environment; deposition and cross-                                                                                   transactions and reporting events –
examination strategies; and priviledged informa-
tion and communication considerations.                                                                                        • evidence and judgment
Also available separately as stand-alone book:
ISBN 1-930217-14-5                             $59.00
                                                        Journal of Forensic Accounting is a trademark of R.T. Edwards, Inc.
                                                                                                                              • reliability testing
                                                                                                                              • transaction and reporting event recon-
ARCHIVAL CD OF VOLUMES I-V                                                                                                      struction, ownership and accountability
                    This collection of volumes I-V
                    (2000-2004) of the Journal of                                                                             • risk and allegation based engagements
                    Forensic Accounting is the                                                                                • all source methods of corroboration
                    perfect tool for all serious
                    researchers and practitioners.                                                                            • scientific valuation and risk measure-
                    Contents may be searched by                                                                                 ment in complex environments
                    key word, and handy links                                R.T. Edwards, Inc.
                    from both issue Tables of                                   .
                                                                               P O. Box 27388                                 • procedural responses to fraud risk
                                                                        Philadelphia, PA 19118 USA
Contents as well as the cumulative Author/Title
                                                                           Phone + 215.233.5046                                 assessments
Index are provided.
                                                                                                                              • thinking forensically
Requires Adobe® Acrobat Reader.
1-5 user site-license                        $519.00
      Journal of Forensic Accounting                                 AIMS & SCOPE                                                       SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION
                                                                     The Journal of Forensic Accounting is an independ-                 The Journal of Forensic Accounting is published in
                                                                     ent international forum for publication of the models              two semiannual issues per year of approximately 130
                                                                     and methodologies of investigative and forensic                    pages each.
D. Larry Crumbley
Louisiana State University                                           accounting. The focus of the journal is on the eviden-                         Journal of Forensic Accounting
                                                                     tiary nature of accounting data. Topics include eco-
                                                                                                                                                          ISSN: 1524-5586
                                                                     nomic fraud and forensic auditing; compliance, due
ASSOCIATE EDITORS                                                    diligence, and risk assessment; detection of financial             ❏         Archival CD                       ………. $ 519
Mark S. Beasley                                                                                                                                   Volumes I-V        (2000-2004)
North Carolina State University
                                                                     statement misrepresentation and tax evasion; bank-
Todd DeZoort
                                                                     ruptcy and valuation studies; GAAP, GAAS and SEC                   ❏         Volume VI*             (2005)     ………. $ 239
University of Alabama                                                violations; non-standard entries, structured transac-              ❏         Volume VII             (2006)     ………. $ 259
Tim Louwers                                                          tions, and earnings management (non-neutral finan-
                                                                     cial reporting); discovery, custody, analysis, and                 ❏         Volume VIII            (2007)     ………. $ 259
University of Richmond
                                                                     admissibility of economic evidence; fair presentation,             ❏         Vols. VII & VIII       Save!      ………. $ 359
EDITORIAL BOARD                                                      disclosure transparency, and representational faith-
                                                                                                                                              *Volume VI includes both Special Supplements.
M. Abdolmohammadi                 William M. Michaelson              fulness; transaction tracing, reconstruction, and                         These books are also available separately:
Bentley College                   Michaelson & Co.                   accountability; economic damage calculation; and
C. Richard Baker                  Bonnie W. Morris                                                                                      ❏         Forensic Accounting in            ………. $ 59
                                                                     extended procedures within the statutory audit. All                          Matrimonial Divorce
Adelphi University                West Virginia University
                                                                     submitted articles are double-blind reviewed.
Paul Barnes                       David Nolte                                                                                           ❏         Expert Witnessing in              ………. $ 59
Nottingham Trent University       Fulcrum Financial Inquiry LLP      SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS                                   (ABRIDGED)             Forensic Accounting
Richard A. Bernardi               Joyce A. Ostrosky
Roger Williams University         lllinois State University
                                                                     Fair Presentation: An Assessment Framework                                              Total                            _____
                                                                     F.T. DeZoort and J.D. Stanley
Cindy Durtschi                    Carl Pacini
Utah State University             Florida Gulf Coast University      A Cognitive Approach to Fraud Detection                            Attn. Name _______________________________
Edmund D. Fenton                  Bonita K. Peterson                 S. Grazioli. K. Jamal and P.E. Johnson
                                                                                                                                        Firm Name _______________________________
Eastern Kentucky University       Montana State University           The Probative Value of Audit Evidence
James C. Flagg                    Zabihollah Rezaee                  U. Gronewold                                                           Address _______________________________
Texas A&M University              University of Memphis
                                                                     Unusual Patterns in Reported Earnings                                             _______________________________
Ross Fuerman                      Dennis J. Rohan                    L. Guan, C.J. Skousen and T. Wetzel
Suffolk University                Rohan & Associates                                                                                             City _______________________________
Brian Patrick Green               Marshall B. Romney                 Continuous Monitoring of Transactions                                     State _______________________________
Univ. of Michigan - Dearborn      Brigham Young University           D.R. Hermanson, B. Moran, C.S. Rossie and D.T. Wolf
                                                                                                                                        Postal Code _______________________________
Dana R. Hermanson                 John T. Sennetti                   Earnings Management and Vendor Allowances
Kennesaw State University         Nova Southeastern University       M.F. Massoud                                                           Country _______________________________
Lester E. Heitger                 J.T. Sweeney                       Discretionary Accounting Accruals
Indiana University                Washington State University        S. Mitra and J. Rodrique
Laurie S. Holtz                   Mark H. Taylor                                                                                        United States Dollar rates apply to all countries. All sub-
Rachlin Cohen & Holtz             Creighton University
                                                                     Monitoring Techniques for the Forensic Accountant                  scriptions are payable in advance and all rates include
                                                                     M.J. Nigrini                                                       postage. Subscriptions are entered on an annual basis
Robert E. Holtfreter              John M. Thornton
Central Washington University     Washington State University        Accountants and Bankruptcy Fraud                                   only. Institutional librarians may order through their pre-
J. Edward Ketz                    Douglas E. Ziegenfuss              C. Pacini                                                          ferred subscription agent or directly from the publisher.
Pennsylvania State University     Old Dominion University            Accountants as Expert Witnesses                                    Pennsylvania residents please add 6% sales tax on
Réal Labelle                      Alan Zysman                        B.K. Peterson and D.R. Barnhill                                    backissue and book portion of order. Checks should be
HEC Montréal                      Zysman Forensic Accounting, Inc.                                                                      made payable to R.T. Edwards, Inc. and mailed to:
                                                                     Quality Financial Reporting and its Relationship to
                                                                     Audit Quality via an Expanded Risk Model                                             R.T. Edwards, Inc.
                                                                     W. Smieliauskas and K.C.K. Lam                                                         P.O. Box 27388
Forensic accounting is the application of a                                                                                                             Philadelphia, PA 19118
specialized body of knowledge to the evidence of                     Collection and Control of Electronic Evidence
economic transactions and reporting events,                          G.S. Smith
                                                                                                                                        For faster service, use your credit card (Visa or
suitable to the purpose(s) of establishing
                                                                                                                                        Mastercard) and call: 215.233.5046.
                                                                     An Examination of Audit Responses to Fraud Risk
accountability and/or valuation, often in a court
                                                                     M.H. Taylor, L.P. Fuller and B.M. Tuttle
of law or administrative proceeding.

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