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                      The Unlimited World of DSM
                        The general brochure about DSM has been revised and is now completely up to
                        date. A new feature in this brochure is the addition of DSM Nutritional Products.
                        Plenty of copies of the brochure are available, sporting a brighter cover than

                      The unlimited spectrum of DSM
                        This “portfolio brochure” gives an overview of what the various business
                        groups have to offer. It is a practical instrument showing the unlimited world of
                        DSM in a fun way!

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DSMMagazine Q3 2004
 Q3 2004
04 |        To your health! / Sites assess themselves

06 |        Evita / Aurora rollout at DSM Nutritional Products

08 |        Vietnam / A story by Tom Bruynel

10 |        News in brief / Stamicarbon symposium; whistleblower policy

11 |        Dream action in Iran

12 |        Sustainability issue tracker / The hows and whys

14 |        ‘Edible’ cosmetics / Beauty from within

17 |        Soapbox / Diversity makes you stronger, says Thomas Adler

18 |        Athens / Olympic review

22 |        Diversity & flexibility / Mantijn van Leeuwen
24 |        News in brief / ZOR-f plant; Food Innovation Center
                                                                                                      An error crept into the Q2
25 |        New / DSM Today                                                                           issue of DSM Magazine.
                                                                                                      In the article on 30 years of
26 |        30 years of DSM Magazine / 30 years of products                                           DSM Magazine – Safety at
                                                                                                      Rotterdam, it is incorrectly
28 |        Atlac resins / DSM Composite Resins                                                       stated that the accident
                                                                                                      occurred in 1992. It should
30 |        News in brief / New Dyneema production line / DSM Award                                   read December 1991. The
                                                                                                      editorial team would like to
32 |        Akulon / Not ‘nylon’ but polyamide produced by DSM                                        apologize for this error.

34 |        CITS / Center for IT Solutions working for R&D departments

36 |        The Torch

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  02 / 03
Monique Caubo                                                       It is clear to see from the photos submitted to the editorial team that DSM Desotech
                                                                    in the United States and DAI in ZhangJiaKou in China look back proudly on what they
                                                                    have achieved on the SHE front. The Americans sent in a photo taken when the
                                                                    company was awarded the DSM Safety Award; the photo of the Chinese was taken
                                                                    on the occasion marking their 1000th accident free day.

Systematically identifying, mitigating
occupational health
One look in the library of DSM’s occupational health and safety service in Geleen and you will see at a glance the entire

gamut of occupational illnesses to which people in our industry can fall prey – RSI, skin disorders, back complaints, stress

and radiation, to name but a few. Preventing occupational illnesses – which is what DSM wants – calls for a systematic

approach and a critical look at how things are organized. Last year, nearly 80% of DSM’s production plants took part in a


Various business groups, such as DSM Agro, DSM Elastomers and       Not quite right
DSM Pharmaceutical Products, carried out this self-assessment       As with many improvement programs, the process of
for all their production plants. Other BGs only assessed some of    systematically improving aspects relating to occupational health
their plants. However, a complete overview has to be obtained in    goes round in a loop: identifying the current situation (for instance
the course of 2004. The production plants will then have exactly    exposure to substances or noise), taking measures to improve the
one year to achieve the desired situation. An audit will also be    situation and evaluating the effectiveness of these measures, after
carried out by Corporate Operational Audit to check this is done.   which the cycle is then repeated. “A number of sites – in various
“In 2005 we must be where we want to be. By then all DSM units      countries and BGs – have not yet closed the loop,” observes
must have systems in place for measuring and continually            Monique Caubo. As she leafs through the piles of reports in which
improving their performance in the field of occupational health,”   manufacturing organizations assess how things stand at their
says Monique Caubo. She is the DSM occupational health expert       individual sites, she stops when she comes to certain forms. One
and manages DSM’s occupational health and safety service in         plant stated that it did not have a complete overview of all health-

DSMMagazine Q3 2004
  “All remaining issues resolved before the end of the year”
  Debbie Clay, SHEQ manager at DSM Desotech in Stanley, North Carolina, acted as facilitator for the
  occupational health sessions held at DSM Resins US in Augusta (35 employees) and DSM Desotech in Elgin,
  Illinois (85 employees). “By exchanging experience and views back and forth, all three sites benefited:
  Augusta, Elgin as well as the site where I work, Stanley. It would be a good idea to hold these sessions every     Debbie Clay, facilitator at DSM Desotech
  three years or so,” believes Debbie, “and then other people would also be trained as facilitators.”                Elgin and DSM Resins US

  It was clear from the sessions that Augusta and Elgin pay satisfactory attention to occupational health
  issues. “The thing of most importance in Augusta is to prevent exposure to chemical substances, whereas
  the focus in Elgin is mainly on ergonomics – on people working at computers and office furniture. Yet the
  sessions still highlighted areas for improvement. Three-quarters of these have already been resolved. By the
  end of 2004 this will be the case for them all.”

  “Nothing gets overlooked”
  “We used DSM’s Health Care Self Assessment Tool for the sessions. The wording in the checklist could
  perhaps have been a bit clearer and more logical at times, but apart from that it was a really useful tool. It
  makes sure nothing gets overlooked,” say site manager Ruud Derks and SHE manager Ma Wen Ying from
  DSM Anti-Infectives/ ZGb in ZhangJiaKou and Ron Thiecke (SHE manager for the business group) who
  acted as facilitator.

  Various follow-up campaigns have since been initiated, for instance concerning exposure to substances and
  the recruitment of new employees who are ‘fit for the job’.

and preventing
                                                                                                                     Ruud Derks and Ma Wen Ying, DSM Anti-
                                                                                                                     Infectives in ZhangJiaKou, China

  related risks. Another declared that it did not measure the                Particular attention
  effectiveness of improvement measures. “Yet both sites give                In 2003, 27 occupational health disorders were reported within DSM
  themselves a good general score. This sets you thinking. There’s           compared to 52 the year before. The chief causes were allergic
  something not quite right here.”                                           reactions and hypersensitivity. “It obviously greatly depends on the
                                                                             activities of each business group, but there are a few main categories
                                                                             of occupational health problems requiring our particular attention,”
  Lessons learned                                                            states Monique Caubo. “These are skin disorders, stress complaints
  Over half the sites who drew up reports last year used DSM’s               as a result of factors in one’s business and private life (although this
  Health Care Self Assessment Tool’. This is a standard checklist            differs per region – stress complaints are more prevalent in Europe and
  that can be used to find out how well sites have mastered the              the United States than in India and China) and computer-related health
  entire ‘loop’ in the field of occupational health. The checklist is        problems.”
  completed in a separate session lasting a few hours. These
  sessions are most effective if they are also attended by a
  representative from management (this was so in 70% of the                  SHE across the board
  sessions), plus a specially trained facilitator from their own BG (in      On balance, it can be concluded that care for occupational health has
  75% of the sessions). “If this figure had been 100%, the overview          been raised to the same level as care for safety and the environment,
  obtained would have been even clearer,” says Monique. “So that             with greater focus on exchanging knowledge and experience and
  was one thing we learned.”                                                 more support for sites that are not yet scoring well. “Safety, health and
                                                                             environmental management are all governed by essentially the same
  Another thing is the scope of the checklist. “The current checklist        laws,” says Monique. “DSM is heading toward an integrated approach,
  is only aimed at production sites. This year there will also be a          focusing equally on all three elements: in other words, SHE
  checklist for offices, laboratories and logistics activities.”             compliance across the board.”

  04 / 05
Aurora rollout well under way for
6,000 DNP employees at 79 sites

The evita° program at DSM Nutritional Products, which includes the Aurora rollout,

conjures up images of the world domino championships. After starting at five sites

in five regions across the globe, rollout is now racing through all other sites within

these regions one after the other. The DNP site in Village-Neuf was the first to set the

ball rolling in June. “Perhaps the thing of most interest,” says Pierre Martin from the

Finance & Control department of this French site, “is that we now have direct access
                                                                                           Pierre Martin, DNP Village-Neuf: “Perhaps the
to the world of DSM: the complete digital address list and the intranet.”                  thing of most interest is that we now have
                                                                                           direct access to the intranet – to the world of

All 6,000 employees of DSM Nutritional Products at 79 sites in five different regions are connected








DSMMagazine Q3 2004
                                 evita° stands for… experience vitamins information technology anywhere

          “Closer together”                                    Conference held by DSM in Antwerp this           From international to local level
          When asked what he first searched for                Spring. I went to this conference and found      The program involves cycles of 23 weeks
          once connected to the intranet, Pierre               it really interesting. These sorts of meetings   per site and is due to be completed in
          replied: “Things to do with my specialist            bring the world of DSM closer together. And      spring 2005. It is managed and planned at a
          area, like the new international accounting          the same goes for the Aurora rollout.”           global level, while implementation takes
          standards (International Financial                                                                    place at local level. The local project
          Reporting Standards), the Purchasing                 evita°                                           manager at Village-Neuf was Raoul
          Plaza, DSM’s Internal Control Manual and             The rollout of Aurora at DNP forms part of       Stévenin, IT manager at the site. ‘End user’
          a review of the first worldwide Controllers          the evita° program, which gets its name          Pierre Martin was very pleased with the go-
                                                               from Experience Vitamins Information             live. “They did it well. Our day-to-day
                                                               Technology Anywhere. It means that all           operations were not affected at all.” Pierre-
                                                               6,000 PC users at DNP at 79 sites will get       Yves Sonnery, who works at the multi-
                                                               an Aurora PC (loaded with the latest version     purpose plant at Village-Neuf agreed. “I was
                                                               of Windows XP and MS Office), will be            asked beforehand to try out some special
                                                               disconnected from the Roche environment          software in the XP environment. The go-live
                                                               and will then be linked up to the entire ICT     itself took place at the weekend. When I
                                                               infrastructure and systems of DSM. They will     came back to work on the Monday, all I had
                                                               therefore have access to the internet,           to do was enter my new log-in name and
                                                               intranet, e-business and a wealth of             password and then everything worked. And
                                                               applications, like the system for recording      more importantly, I didn’t lose anything, no
                                                               environmental data. “It goes a lot further       files, no directories, no e-mails, nothing at
            Meeting of some of the members of the project      than just installing new computers,” explains    all.”
            team responsible for launching evita°/Aurora at    program director Ruud Neeskens. The
            Village-Neuf. From left to right: Nel Houtenbos,   program also anticipates a number of
            Chris van der Veur, Nicolas Girardot, Raoul        specific developments, for instance with
            Stévenin and Jan-Peter Czajor.                     respect to the Vital project.

 as part of the evita° program, which includes Aurora. At a glance:








          06 / 07
Vietnam is a country of some 80 million people stretching along the coast of the South China Sea over a

length of 2000 km, from the hill country adjoining China in the north down to the highly productive

agricultural area of the Mekong Delta in the south. The country is emerging from its turbulent recent

history. Still a socialist nation, it is now one of Asia’s fastest growing economies.

DNP in an interesting and emerging country

Food and pharma
While it numbers among the region’s less wealthy nations with an
average per capita income of just USD 500, this has not stopped
Vietnam from becoming a success story for DSM Nutritional
                                                                       The person behind much of DNP’s success is Dr Nguyen Van Huu
                                                                       M.D., supported by country manager Brian Scutt and his team
                                                                       based in Ho Chi Minh City. Dr Nguyen has been with DNP for six
                                                                       years and is widely known for his monthly regional TV appearances
Products (DNP), in particular for the business units that target the   and his regular magazine articles in which he discusses aspects of
food and pharma industries. The last two years have seen growth        health and nutrition relevant for the Vietnamese population.
rates in excess of 40% per annum covering the whole spectrum of
DNP’s food and pharma ingredients, from citric acid to micronutrient   Collaboration
premixes for staple food fortification through to carotenoids and      While growth in staple food fortification is easy to understand in a
omega-3 PUFA.                                                          developing country, it is perhaps less obvious why Vietnam is
                                                                       already one of DNP Asia Pacific’s leading markets for added value
                                                                       nutraceutical products. This is largely due to an extraordinary
                                                                       collaboration with the domestic pharma and dietary supplement
                                                                       company, Imexpharm.

                                                                                                                                              Foto: Mia Bosch

DSMMagazine Q3 2004
Dr Nguyen explains how the relationship has grown over the past ten
years. “Imexpharm has always been a loyal customer and has bought          Street scene: children on the way to school.
its bulk materials exclusively from DNP (formerly Roche Vitamins) for      Corazon Garalde, Dr Nguyen and Tom Bruynel from DNP.
the past 10 years. However, at the beginning they faced some               Bus shelter in Ho Chi Minh City with Imexpharm adverts and Dr Nguyen.
difficulties in selling their end-products since price competition was
very fierce in the Vietnam market. Imexpharm and DNP were both
strongly committed to quality and looked for a new way of
cooperating to promote new concepts and new products. Now,                 Response and grand finale
Imexpharm has successfully left competitors behind. Imexpharm is           As in 2003, the response to the seminars was nothing short of
regarded as a leading pharmaceutical producer in Vietnam and its           incredible. The first five seminars were held in the Mekong Delta
high quality products are even able to compete with imported               towns of Cantho and Dong Thap (Imexpharm’s home town), Buon Ma
products. The bulk materials from DNP and its marketing support            Thuot in the central highlands, and the coastal cities of Danang and
have been key to the development of Imexpharm products.”                   Nha Trang. On each occasion 300-500 people attended and the
                                                                           events were well covered by local TV and print media. Some guests
Daily on TV                                                                traveled for up to 10 hours from neighboring provinces in order to
In 2003 Imexpharm launched two new supplements containing DNP’s            attend the seminar.
new ingredients. Teamex is a capsule containing 25 mg of EGCG from         For the grand finale, on a Sunday morning in Ho Chi Minh City more
DNP’s highly purified green tea extract TEAVIGO™. Imexpharm also           than 1,300 people crowded into the Sheraton Hotel ballroom to attend
launched Arlycé, which contains DNP’s Lycopene. DNP supported the          the seminar. Not surprisingly for an event of this magnitude, it
launch by providing speakers for an extensive seminar series               garnered national TV news coverage.
throughout the country. Today, advertisements for Teamex and Arlycé
can be seen daily on TV, on bus shelters in Ho Chi Minh City, and on       Eagerly awaiting
advertising hoardings in many major centers.                               The support for the seminars and the product sales on the days of the
                                                                           seminars and in the following months vastly exceeded all
Spurred by the success of these products, in February 2004                 expectations. Buoyed by the popularity of its new products,
Imexpharm launched two new supplements. Omega Double contains              Imexpharm has already released a second generation PUFA product,
DNP’s innovative omega-3 oil ROPUFA® n-3 75 EE. This material has          Oseamex, aimed more specifically at children. No doubt the company
more than twice the concentration of DHA and EPA compared to fish          is already eagerly awaiting new ingredients from DNP’s new product
oils normally used in dietary capsules, thus enabling the same effect      pipeline.
to be achieved with smaller capsules that are much easier to swallow.
’75 EE’ also offers greatly enhanced sensory characteristics, which are    Benefits for the Vietnamese people
greatly appreciated by consumers. Imexpharm also launched Max-Go           DNP’s activities with this company are not limited to supplying
Lutein, an eye health capsule containing DNP’s lutein and Zeaxanthin,      ingredients and providing seminar speakers. Combining his medical
as well as natural vitamin E and vitamin A, all important micronutrients   background and his DNP know-how Dr Nguyen has formulated the
for ensuring optimum eye health as we age.                                 Imexpharm products to bring optimal benefits for the Vietnamese
                                                                           people. Additionally he has been responsible for conceiving and
Seminar series                                                             creating much of Imexpharm’s print, point of sale and billboard
Once again Imexpharm organized a seminar series for the medical            advertising. And in a recent development, the versatile Dr Nguyen has
fraternity, the media and the trade community – the latter including       found the time to direct all four of Imexpharm’s latest TV commercials.
distributors, wholesales and large and small retailers alike. DNP
provided seminar speakers. Tom Bruynel (Asia Pacific Area Manager          Madame Dao, Chairman of Imexpharm: “We regard DNP Vietnam not
for Food & Pharma) presented a review entitled “Lutein and                 only as a high quality bulk supplier but also as a good partner. Thanks
Zeaxanthin: The Sunglasses We Wear Inside Our Eyes’. Mrs. Corazon          to their technical and marketing support we have developed a lot of
Garalde, South East Asia Food & Pharma Manager (and Asia Pacific           valued products and strengthened our leading position in the market.”
PUFA Coordinator) spoke on the health benefits of DHA and EPA,
which include areas such as heart health, brain function and alleviation   More information?
of arthritis symptoms. Besides the scientific presentations, there were    Contact Tom Bruynel
well supported question & answer sessions headed by Dr Nguyen, as          Area manager Food/Pharma Industries
well as food and drink and a mix of entertainment, giveaways and           DSM Nutritional Products, Asia Pacific, Singapore
prizes provided by Imexpharm.                                              tom.bruynel@dsm.com

08 / 09
    News in brief

Tenth Stamicarbon Urea Symposium

 This spring, the tenth Stamicarbon Urea Symposium was held at the      In the course of the symposium, Alex Giovannelli from Agrium
 Kurhaus hotel in Scheveningen (Netherlands). The jubilee symposium     (Fort Saskatchewan, Canada) was officially congratulated, as his
 was a huge success. Over 200 people from 87 (fertilizer) companies     company had taken part in all ten urea symposia organized by
 in 37 countries around the world attended the event. The program       Stamicarbon. He was awarded a sculpture, handed over by
 covered subjects such as the new Stamicarbon urea granulation          Jan Zuidam, Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board of Directors
 technology and innovative revamp technologies.                         of DSM.

 DSM introduces whistleblower policy
 DSM is introducing a whistleblower policy.    Under the new policy, employees can              impression that it is better to report the
 The policy offers protection to employees     report any situation that involves a violation   issue somewhere else rather than within
 who report any abuses within the              by DSM or one of its employees of:               his or her business group, they can report
 company. DSM will use the coming                                                               it to a whistleblower contact who reports
 months to introduce the policy worldwide,     •   an existing law or regulation                directly to the chairman of the Managing
 so that it can be fully implemented as from   •   any of the DSM Values                        Board of Directors. Every report is treated
 January 1, 2005.                              •   any of the DSM Corporate                     with the utmost confidentiality.
 Report                                                                                         DSM will not allow employees who report a
 The whistleblower policy meets the                                                             suspicion of abuse in good faith to be
 requirements of the Tabaksblat Code in the    Whistleblower contact                            punished or to be treated unfairly as a
 Netherlands and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in     Employees can report a suspicion of abuse        result of their action. Should this
 the United States.                            to their own manager or to any other             nonetheless happen, then DSM will take
                                               manager within their own business unit or        appropriate measures to protect the
                                               business group. If an employee has the           employee.

 DSMMagazine Q3 2004
Far more fun than a business trip

Dream Action in Iran
“My trip to Iran was far more fun than a business trip. If

you’re meeting a customer, you can’t talk about anything

you want, because you have to maintain a certain

distance. But with the people working at the N’Aida

plastics processing plant in Tabriz (North Iran) I could

openly talk about my work. After a week we formed a kind
                                                                                                  Harry Fortuin
of team and I found it difficult to say goodbye.”

Not surprising                                   De Munck would like to be sent on other
Hans de Munck, R&T Manager for Xantar at         such assignments in the future. “I don’t
DSM Engineering Plastics, went to Iran for a     have time for it at the moment, but I would
week in April as part of the Dream Action        in five or six years’ time once I’ve retired.”
program. The aim of the trip was to help
N’Aida, a producer of polycarbonate sheets,      A few weeks
to resolve problems in production. “The          De Munck’s trip to Iran is one of the
company had experience in producing              projects dreamed up by Harry Fortuin of
opaque ABS sheet material and wanted to          DSM Elastomers as part of the Dream
turn its hand to high-quality transparent        Action program. According to his dream,
polycarbonate sheets. Two brand new              DSM specialists temporarily team up with
machines were bought for the purpose.            retired Dutch managers who are sent to
However, the company did not realize that        developing countries via the Dutch
processing polycarbonate is far more             Management Cooperation Program.
difficult than processing ABS. Quality           Once there they give advice to small and
management is a very delicate process.           medium-sized enterprises. DSM specialists
There mustn’t be any spots or marks in the       can impart their specific expertise, for
sheets and you have to be able to see right      instance in the field of plastics processing,
through it, just like an ordinary panel of       engineering, plant maintenance, human
glass. After all, that’s what these sheets are   resources, preparing contracts or even
bought for. I know it takes European             baking bread. As Fortuin explains: “Various
producers of PC sheets at least a year to get    people from DSM have contacted me
their production going properly. So it's not     without any prompting. I think it’s a great
that surprising that N’Aida was having           thing to be able to leave your workplace at
problems,” says Hans de Munck.                   DSM for one, two or three weeks, to go
                                                 and work in a completely different country
Advice                                           and learn that you can do things there that
“Once I was there, it was clear what was         will directly benefit people in the local
wrong. The operators did not have sufficient     companies.”
expertise or insight into the process and
there were no process engineers to support
them. My advice was this: use good quality
polycarbonate, make sure you’ve got good
technical staff and see if there’s any money
to be made from the by-product by reusing
it for other applications.” The Iranians took
this advice seriously.

10 / 11
“Interesting and above a
Is the Business Group where you work embarking on a new Business Strategy Dialogue (BSD)? If so,

great! Because that means the sustainability issue tracker introduced by DSM this year will also be

used. What should we make of this tool? Will it really leave its mark on the findings of an established

process like the BSD? “In our case, very definitely,” is the quick answer of Dimitri de Vreeze, Business

Director of Structural Resins Europe in Schaffhausen (Switzerland). “You see far more clearly – from

the public’s point of view as well – where you should be heading now and also where you don’t want

to be in the future.”

                                                                         What’s it all about?
One and a half days                                                      Fons explains: “Our business is one link in an entire chain. At the
The sustainability issue tracker is basically very simple. It involves   beginning of the chain, you’ve got suppliers of raw materials for
answering a few questions contained in a single graph. This              instance. After us come the companies that process our products
exercise forms part of the BSD macroanalysis phase (identifying          and finally there’s the consumer. And surrounding the chain, there
present and future opportunities and threats). This means that the       are a number of direct and indirect stakeholders. The Business
findings have a direct bearing on the outcome of the BSD. The            Strategy Dialogue initially focuses on how the market and
team responsible for carrying out this exercise reckons it takes         profitability may develop along the chain. By integrating the
about one and a half days in all. Fons van Yperen from CSHE&M            sustainability issue tracker into the BSD, you can also look at the
(Corporate Safety, Health, Environment & Manufacturing) explains         aspects of people and planet across the entire chain – from the
what is involved and how it works.                                       point of view of DSM as well as stakeholders. Chemicals being
                                                                         used irresponsibly? Permits being violated? We don’t want that to
                                                                         happen in our own business, nor anywhere before or after us in
                                                                         the chain (and obviously society doesn’t want it either). Clearly, if
                                                                         activities involve things that we and society do not want, they
                                                                         cannot be profitable in the long term. So this tool is basically
                                                                         about projecting the DSM Values and the company’s Triple P
                                                                         policy on the strategic choices we make at DSM.”

DSMMagazine Q3 2004
                                                                               Dimitri de Vreeze, one of the first to
                                                                               use the DSM sustainability issue
                                                                               tracker, talks about his hands-on

                                                                               Fons van Yperen, surrounded by
                                                                               sustainability issue tracker graphs…

ll strategically relevant”
 At a glance                                                                Through other people’s eyes
 Applying the sustainability issue tracker provides a clearer total         Running the sustainability issue tracker also involves looking at
 overview across the whole chain on the basis of the 3 Ps: People /         aspects through the public’s eyes. How? “By inviting the outside
 Planet / Profit. The horizontal axis of the sustainability issue tracker   world to attend open discussions and asking for their opinion. This
 graph contains all the links in the chain. The vertical axis has to be     forms an essential component of the tool and also takes the most
 filled in to reflect the planet and people aspects in the chain to be      time,” says the Business Director who invited external experts and
 ‘weighed up’ – from the viewpoint of DSM itself, but also and              representatives from the Dutch government and Greenpeace
 especially from the public’s viewpoint. It is then possible to see at a    among others for open discussions. “The best thing is to ensure
 glance where the main areas for improvement lie.                           you are always on the same wavelength with all those around you,
                                                                            via a natural process. This calls for constant contact and for the
 From 25% to 90%                                                            development of a ‘sensor’ that is even more sensitive and covers
 The Structural Resins Europe business unit (a supplier of resins for       further ground.” In other words, each of the fourteen business
 yachts and wind turbines among others, and part of the DSM                 groups of DSM should approach consumer organizations,
 Composite Resins business group) helped develop DSM’s                      government authorities and environment associations? “For
 sustainability issue tracker and was also the first to use the tool in a   specific aspects relating to your own business or site, it’s a good
 BSD. It led to a few concrete strategy decisions. For instance, the        idea. But as business groups or units, we obviously shouldn’t do
 business unit wants to help customers change their processing              everything all on our own. Coordination is essential, especially
 techniques and stop using open systems. Open processing systems            when it comes to determining the sustainability of your business
 entail an increased risk of emissions into the air. “The environment       and DSM as a whole. Remember, a single incident can determine
 and workplace conditions benefit from the processing of resins in          the public’s perception of our company.”
 closed or injection-molding systems,” states Dimitri. “In 1990, we
 sold 25% of our resins to processors who used these clean                  And now? “Plans for actively enhancing DSM’s ‘sensor’ to the
 technologies. The figure is now 40% and in 2010 it will be 90%.“           outside world are being discussed, with CSHE&M acting as
                                                                            coordinator,” say Dimitri de Vreeze and Fons van Yperen. “We
 Setting an example as market leader                                        know where we want to go. But we're not there yet”.
 The focus on sustainability in the market and at DSM
 Composite Resins will positively affect the change toward
 closed systems, believes Dimitri de Vreeze. “We expect the
 process of change to speed up as a result. As the market
 leader in Europe, DSM Composite Resins will set an example
 and continue to initiate and support this change.”

 12 / 13

“True beauty is on the inside”. At least, it is if we’re to believe the well-meaning comments of our

parents, relations and friends. “It’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts”.

Everybody who’s ever doubted anything about their appearance will no doubt have heard this.

But now research shows that it may well be true.

DSMMagazine Q3 2004
New applications for existing products

from inside
Cosmeceuticals are the new kids on the              Keep on applying                                 Internal sun tan lotion
block. These new products, which                    Applying sun tan lotion is the most              Carotenoidsare natural pigments commonly
combine cosmetics with pharmaceuticals,             common way of protecting the skin against        found in brightly coloured vegetables and
work from the inside out to make you more           the harmful effects of UV radiation. Peter       fruit. Carrots, apricots and green leafy
beautiful. So, are they just day cream in           Weber: “The disadvantage of using                vegetables such as spinach contain a lot of
tablet form? Or are they something more?            external skin protection, i.e. UV filters in     beta-carotene and other carotenoids.
Peter Weber, Corporate Scientist at DSM             the sun tan lotion, is that you have to keep     Carotenoids have various functions, one of
Nutritional Products: “Our Beauty from              on applying the lotion. But in practice we       which is to protect the skin against harmful
inside concept aims to market our vitamins          are very often exposed to UV radiation           radiation. Beta-carotene is a major product
in a completely new way and at the same             while we’re not using tan lotions. So we at      at DSM Nutritional Products, which has
time to take a whole new approach to                DSM Nutritional Products are looking for         carried out a lot of research into this
beauty care products. What they are, in             new ways of protecting the skin.” Regularly      substance. “This research has thrown up
fact, are nutritional ingredients that have an      used dietary supplements could confer            very interesting findings, which are pointing
effect on skin.”                                    continous skin protection. The skin              us towards possible new applications for
                                                    consists of various layers. The external         beta-carotene”, says Peter Weber. “Taking
Important barrier                                   layer, the epidermis, forms the first layer of   beta-carotene orally can actively protect
Most skin-care products promise to make             protection against UV radiation and              the skin against sunburn. The protection
your skin look younger by countering the            bacteria. The outer part of the epidermis        provided by beta-carotene, as well as by
effects of wrinkles and other signs of              consists of dead skin cells and contains         mixtures of other carotenoids, is
ageing. The structure and thus the                  various substances that neutralize the           comparable to that provided by a sun tan
appearance of the skin depends on a lot of          harmful UV radiation before it can               lotion with an SPF of 2-4.” Furthermore,
different factors. First of all, there is natural   penetrate to the deeper, living layers of        scientists at DSM Nutritional Products have
ageing, something we are all subject to.            skin. One of these substances is beta-           found that beta-carotene prevents the
Then there are the effects of diet, stress,         carotene, also known as provitamin A.            stimulation of certain enzymes by UVA
genetics and hormones. In addition, the                                                              light.
skin is affected by external damage, such
as injury, corrosive substances, air
pollution and micro-organisms that
penetrate the body through a cut for
example. Another major source of skin                                                                  Peter Weber
damage is UV radiation from sunlight.                                                                  “The skin has a great deal to cope
Strong sunlight can cause sunburn, and                                                                 with, so it makes sense to protect it
long-term exposure can even cause skin                                                                 properly.”
cancer. UV radiation also causes
premature aging of the skin (photoaging),
which is characterized by sagging and
wrinkling of the skin and higher numbers of
pigmented spots.The skin has a great deal
to cope with, so it makes sense to protect
it properly, says Peter Weber. “The skin is
the body’s outside layer, its barrier against
the outside world. So taking care of your
skin is important, not just to look good but
also to stay healthy.”

14 / 15
These enzymes destroy collagen, the main         involved in skin hydration. Dehydration of     Eat yourself beautiful
component of the skin, thereby                   the skin is another important factor,          To keep our skin healthy, we need to
contributing to premature aging. They also       besides UV radiation and the loss of           consume oily fish, lots of brightly coloured
found that beta-carotene is important in         firmness, in skin ageing. So PUFAs fit in      vegetables and litres of green tea every
maintaining general skin health, because it      well with the Beauty from inside concept.      day. But is this feasible for modern, busy
helps skin cells to develop their normal         Peter Weber: “PUFAs are an important           people? We all want to live a healthy life
function.                                        product group at DSM. They are often           and eat healthily, but it has to be easy.
                                                 marketed in the form of fish oil capsules,     Which explains why there are more and
Scavengers                                       but the unattractive taste and smell of this   more products on the market that combine
In addition to carotenoids, well-known           kind of capsule are great disadvantages.       convenience and health: functional foods.
vitamins such as vitamins C and E,               We have succeeded in formulating these         The time seems to be ripe to add ‘looking
produced by DSM Nutritional Products,            fats in such a way as to make them             good’ to this list. Becoming beautiful by
also help to protect the skin and keep it        suitable for oral consumption.”                eating the right products sounds ideal.
healthy. Vitamins C and E acts as                                                               Beauty from inside is our response to this
antioxidants, i.e. they are able to neutralize   Green tea                                      new trend. Peter Weber: “Beauty from
very aggressive oxygen molecules. The            Natural pigments, vitamins and fats. A         inside is a marketing concept that was
formation of these ‘free radicals’ is            wide range of substances with beneficial       created by various people within DSM
triggered by UV radiation, and vitamins C        properties for the skin. Surprisingly Peter    Nutritional Products. Roland Jermann of
and E are also called ‘scavengers’ because                                                      the European Marketing organisation was
                                                 Weber adds green tea to the list. “Green
of their capacity to neutralize free radicals.                                                  instrumental in the customer-side of this
                                                 tea contains high concentrations of EGCG,
Vitamin C also plays an essential role in                                                       approach, together with Birgit Nielsen from
                                                 a catechin that we have been marketing
skin firmness as it is involved in the                                                          Global Marketing who worked out the
                                                 since last year as TEAVIGO™. TEAVIGO™
synthesis of collagen, the main component                                                       global concept. The research at the Human
                                                 has a great many health-promoting
of the skin, as well as of blood vessels and                                                    Nutrition & Health department was initiated
tendons. A serious lack of vitamin C results     properties, including for the skin. It is a    by Regina Goralczyk and expanded by
in scurvy, condition that causes the tissue      radical catcher, just like vitamins C and E;   Karin Wertz. Customers have shown a high
to literally fall apart as the required          it is an anti-inflammatory and contributes     degree of interest in this idea and we
collagen does not have the right structure.      to skin recovery. Moreover, EGCG inhibits      expect it to grow quickly over the next
                                                 collagen-destroying enzymes in skin. Other     years.”
Smell and taste                                  important properties of TEAVIGO™ are
The health properties of polyunsaturated         that it may even protect the body against
fatty acids, known as PUFAs, are mainly
                                                 certain carcinogenic substances
associated with cholesterol levels and the
                                                 (compounds that cause cancer) and could
prevention of cardiovascular diseases. But
                                                 reduce the risk of developing skin
PUFAs, which occur widely in vegetable
oils and oily types of fish, are also closely

Birgit Nielsen          Roland Jerman

DSMMagazine Q3 2004
“Benefiting from cultural variety has long been a topic within DSM Nutritional Products, the former Roche V&FC. Take, for

instance, the one week workshop we held six months before DSM announced the take-over. The workshop was about strategy

and culture and was attended by Roche V&FC’s staff from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. These people represented many

different cultures and five different religions. It was a very fruitful meeting, and really about diversity.

DSM and DNP, benefiting
from cultural variety.
Are we?
When we heard about the take-over by            One year after, it is interesting to
DSM, a Dutch company, we were amazed            experience that we are learning from each
at first. Dutch? In Switzerland, we mostly      other on an ongoing basis. DSM, for
know them from the ski runs. In May 2003,       instance, is strong in analyzing problems
DSM organized several workshops in              and structuring action plans in a very clear
Maastricht about ‘Benefiting from cultural      way. Besides the plain way of speaking
variety’, for DSM and DNP staff. At DNP         that is so characteristic of the Dutch, this
we were (and still are) used to a very multi-   provides a lot of clarity. However, it is very
cultural and multi-language organization        important of course to act accordingly, and
and the DNP participants at the Maastricht      that is not always the case. Take the re-
workshops represented a number of               orientation on DNP’s global marketing
countries throughout the world. DNP is          organization. There have been several              Thomas Adler
Swiss based and I’m Swiss (my wife is           meetings on this subject and quite some            “Diversity makes us stronger”
French/Swiss and my children have even 3        expectations were raised that
different passports), but within DNP the        announcements would follow soon. Until
Swiss are not dominant in number. This          now, almost July, our staff haven’t heard
was also reflected in our heterogeneous         anything yet and they are getting
representation at the workshop in               somewhat impatient. DSM should                   DSM on the other hand might improve on
Maastricht. It was interesting to see,          communicate better on this: what part of         practical accuracy a little bit. I’m sure we
however, that DSM was represented by            the decision-making process will be known        will continue to learn from each other: we
Dutch people only.                              when, and when will the people be                are on a very interesting journey towards
                                                informed?                                        the future. Diversity makes us stronger. No
There certainly are cultural differences in                                                      doubt about that.”
general between the Dutch and the Swiss.        All in all the ‘old’ DSM and DNP are
Dutch people are more direct, while the         benefiting from our cultural variety indeed.     Thomas Adler
Swiss are more reserved. I liked the            We at DNP are working in a more                  Manager Strategic Marketing Unit Human
Maastricht workshop very much: it was           structured way and have adopted a                Nutrition & Health
well organized and straight to the point,       somewhat more formal approach than we            DSM Nutritional Products
reflecting some of DSM’s typical qualities.     used to do. In general I would call this an      Kaiseraugst, June 23, 2004
                                                improvement for sure.

16 / 17
    DSM & The      The four-yearly Summer Olympics are the world’s largest sports event. At the 2004

                   edition in Athens, DSM was highly visible as the sponsor of the Dutch Olympic Team and

                   two individual Dutch athletes. More importantly, we introduced several remarkable

    innovations. For example, we equipped the Dutch rowing and archery teams with special clothing

    that reflects the sun’s rays and disperses body heat very efficiently. Thanks to PeptoPro® Sports,

    the new sports recovery drink from DSM Food Specialties, the members of the Dutch Olympic team

    were quickly ready for a new top performance after each event, and the revolutionary helmet we

    designed for Dirk Lippits made the news worldwide. Olympic swimmer Inge de Bruijn has agreed to

    act as ambassador for PeptoPro® during the product’s commercial launch via our first partner,

    the German firm Haleko.

    Inge de Bruijn and PeptoPro® Sports: a golden combination                Haleko will market the Multipower PeptoPro® products in around
    During the Athens Olympics DSM Food Specialties revealed that            30 countries.
    Inge de Bruijn is to be the new ambassador for PeptoPro®. The
    news was announced at a press conference in the Holland                  A lot of PeptoPro®Sports was consumed in Athens. There were
    Heineken House in Athens. Inge attended the press conference,            10,000 packs supplied for the Olympic village and the refrigerator
    with her four new medals, to tell the media about how much               in the athletes’ area of the Holland Heineken House was also kept
    PeptoPro® had already helped her: “I was already using PeptoPro®         constantly filled. Since December 2003 DSM has distributed more
    for several months before the Games. DSM took a lot of trouble to        than 200,000 packs of PeptoPro®Sports to Dutch athletes.
    get it to my training camp in the US, but I benefited a lot from it
    and really felt the effects. I was training in the pool twice a day as   Rowing helmet for Dirk Lippits
    well as doing various other fitness and weight-training exercises,       Dirk Lippits caused quite a stir on and around the Schinias rowing
    so PeptoPro®Sports was an important supplement to my diet.”              course when he became the first ever rower to take to the water
    Inge de Bruijn is the Netherlands’ most successful ever Olympian,        wearing a helmet. The helmet, which was developed by DSM and
    having won 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals in Sydney and            TNO (the Dutch Institute of Applied Research), is designed to keep
    Athens.                                                                  down the rower’s head temperature for as long as possible. This
                                                                             gives the rower a mental advantage since they feel fitter. It also
    Rick Calk, the new Business Unit Director of PeptoPro®, also             provides a physical advantage since the flow of blood to the skin
    announced that the first contract had been signed to market              to cool it down will slow and hence there will be more blood
    PeptoPro® as an ingredient in consumer products. The largest             available to supply oxygen to the muscles. The helmet reflects the
    European producer of sports nutritional supplements, Haleko in           sun’s rays and its open structure allows the wind to penetrate. As
    Germany, will sell the energy recovery drink under its existing          a result sweat forming on the head evaporates efficiently, which
    brand name Multipower. Multipower containing PeptoPro® will be           has a cooling effect on the skin.
    sold in sports centers and gyms as from January 2005. In addition
    to the recovery drink PeptoPro® will also be used in other               Dirk trained with the helmet while preparing in Munich for the
    Multipower products, including nutrition bars and protein powders.       Olympic Games and was surprised at the effect it had. “I certainly

    DSMMagazine Q3 2004
Olympics 2004
benefit mentally from it. I feel as though I am rowing in the shade,      Rens Blom
so I don’t feel the effects of the heat of the sun so much. That          The pole-vaulter Rens Blom comes from Sittard in Limburg                2
makes me fitter”. The helmet is made from polyamide and weighs            (Netherlands), DSM’s home province. We haven’t selected him
less than 200 grams. Dirk’s sunglasses were integrated in the             because we wanted a Limburger in the team so badly, but
helmet. The media also noticed the helmet and news of DSM’s               because he is one of the top vaulters in the world. Prior to the
latest innovation has quickly travelled around the world.                 Olympic Games he twice improved the Dutch record, moving it to
                                                                          5.81 meters (in Sydney the winner cleared 5.90 meters). Rens’s
Better rowing performance through more efficient evaporation              performance has been on an upward path, and he too had high
Rowers generate three times as much body heat as top football             expectations for Athens.
players. However, excessive sweating can block the system for
evaporating perspiration moisture. And this translates into a rapid       Rens finished fourth in the qualifying round in the Olympic
drop in rowing performance – especially in the immense summer             Stadium. He reached the final with a jump of 5.70 meters. The final
heat of the Greek capital. DSM knew it could do something about           itself started well for Rens as he easily cleared the first two
this. DSM Solutech produces microporous membranes (films with             heights. But three times he failed to clear the bar at 5.75 meters.
a fiber structure) that could play a role in sports clothing. The lead-   Rens finally finished in 9th place out of the 35 pole vaulters who
time to produce such clothing for this year’s Olympics was                took part in the Games. Rens: “I knew that I would have to clear at
unfortunately too short – but we definitely expect to be ready for        least 5.85 meters to win the bronze medal. There were some very
the 2008 Olympic Games in Peking. With this development too,              strong performances and the winner vaulted a new Olympic record
potential applications go far beyond use in sports clothing alone.        of 5.95 meters. I wasn’t quite able to put it all together. I had the
                                                                          height, but the depth wasn’t there to clear the bar. It was a
Interim solution for 2004                                                 wonderful feeling being cheered by 75,000 spectators in that
We found an interim solution for the Athens Games. In cooperation         enormous stadium. I will be at my peak in the next few years. I am
with TNO and sports clothing giant Asics, we developed suits that         improving all the time and plan to let everyone see that for
were designed to keep body temperatures low for a longer time in          themselves in Peking!”
the Athens heat. The polyester shoulder and arm sections of this
suit are fitted with an aluminum strip to reflect the sun’s rays, while   Dirk Lippits                                                            1
closely fitting chest, back and armpit sections absorb sweat and          Dirk Lippits is a sculler and since last year has also been working
allow it to be evaporated close to the skin via the clothing. The         for DSM. Dirk graduated as a chemical technologist from
main advantage of this suit is that the pores in the body remain          Eindhoven University (Netherlands) and is currently doing PhD
open to let the sweat out and that it has a cooling effect. The suit      work at DSM in the field of Dyneema. Dirk’s chances of
was first tested by Dirk Lippits in special climate chambers set to       participating in the Olympics were in jeopardy for some time. He is
Athens conditions. For the technology to work properly, the               right at the top as a rower, but has for several months been
clothing has to be an exact fit. So the Dutch rowers started out at       suffering from a physical discomfort caused by the mass of
the Games in made-to-measure suits. And it was not just the               muscles in his neck. As it turned out, this prevented him from
rowers who benefited, as the suit also worked well for the archers.       performing at his peak in Athens. Although he rowed a solid race
We will not go so far as to claim that our suits guarantee medal-         in the qualifying rounds, he failed to make it through the semi-
winning performance, but it is significant that out of the 24 Dutch       finals. He came in fourth in his C final at the Schinias Olympic
rowers in Athens, 22 reached the finals and as many as 20 won a           rowing course and thus finished in sixteenth place in the sculling
medal. That is something to be proud of!                                  event, in which 30 scullers took part.

Rowing and pole-vaulting!                                                 Sharon Walraven
DSM sponsored two candidates for the Olympic Games and also               Our wheelchair tennis-player, Sharon Walraven, will not be in
one for the Paralympic Games, which will be taking place as you           action until the Paralympics, which take place after the Olympic
read this Magazine. These are all athletes who not only rank              Games. Sharon is a crack player and fourth in the world rankings.
among the best in their fields but with whom we have a special            How she got on at the Paralympics you can read in the next issue
relationship.                                                             of DSM Magazine.

18 / 19
                                                      Harry Henssen en Bruce Ballance,
                                                      trotse winnaars van de DSM Brand New
                                                      Day Award, hadden de eer om in
                                                      Amsterdam de Olympische Fakkel - op
                                                      weg naar Athene - te dragen. Regen en
                                                      wind trotserend konden zij de
                                                      Olympische fakkel brandend

    1                                                                                 2

       Dutch sculler Dirk Lippits in the new rowing                                       Rens Blom vaults 5.70 meters and
1      suit and wearing an aerodynamic helmet,
                                                            2                             advances to the finals.
       complete with sunglasses, developed by
       DSM and the Netherlands Organization for
       Applied Scientific (TNO).

    DSMMagazine Q3 2004

              Inge de Bruijn makes a toast to her new role as ambassador for PeptoPro®, which
          3   will be available to sportspeople worldwide from 2005 onwards. From left to right:
              Rick Calk (PeptoPro Business Unit Director), Inge de Bruijn, Katja Schmelzing
              (Marketing Manager for Multipower) and Médard Schoenmaeckers, corporate
              sponsoring coordinator, Corporate Communications.

20 / 21
    Let’s hear from the men
                          DSM offers a variety of options for flexible or part-time working. More and more employees

                          are taking advantage of these options, although most of them appear to be women.

                          Most male employees still adopt traditional working time patterns.

                          Mantijn van Leeuwen used to be a Corporate Recruitment
                          officer, adopting the model of 4 x 9-hour days. He is now
                          sales manager at DSM Venturing. Mantijn soon wants to
Diversity & flexibility

                          start working part-time, so that he can focus more on his
                          family and also give more time to preparing his Dream
                          project ‘membrane.water4life’, which aims to make DSM
                          technology available for water purification systems for
                          individual use.

                          Typical Dutch invention
                          “I certainly don’t get the idea that working shorter or flexible
                          hours could be damaging to one’s career at DSM,” he says.
                          So why are so few people taking advantage of such
                          schemes? So few men that is, as women frequently take
                          advantage of them, although flexible working in the more
                          senior functions is not particularly popular even among            Reinier Grimbergen
                          women. Mantijn does not see ‘obstructive’ managers and
                          bosses as being a factor. “People are nearly always
                          favorably disposed to it, but you obviously have to come up        More creative
                          with a proposal yourself.” Having said that, he has noticed at     Stefan Schaafsma, father of two aged 5 and 3, joined DSM
                          international DSM meetings that young up-and-coming                Research a few years ago as project manager and expert at
                          executives tend to regard these options as a ‘typical Dutch        the Center for Particle Technology. At his request, his
                          invention’. Mantijn concludes: “The same options are not yet       contract is based on 80% working time.
                          available in most countries.”
                                                                                             “Being with children stimulates creativity. I’m aware my
                          Daddy’s day                                                        creativity is challenged the most on the day I look after them.
                          Reinier Grimbergen works part-time (80%) as Competence             And this can be put to good use, especially in research. But I
                          Center Manager for DSM Composite Resins in Zwolle                  know outside the Netherlands, people still have mixed
                          (Netherlands) in a Resource Management function. He opted          feelings about flexible working hours.”
                          for a part-time job so that he could spend one day a week
                          with his two children aged 4 and 2. Before that he had been
                          taking 1 day a week as paternity leave for 14 months.

                          “When I transferred to my new job, I set my terms at 80%.
                          HR was positive, which was a pleasant surprise as people
                          had told me working part-time in such a job was not
                          generally done. What does this mean for my career? No
                          idea, but I met no opposition otherwise I wouldn’t have got
                          the job.”

           DSMMagazine Q3 2004
Mantijn van Leeuwen

                      Name: Christian Zürcher Position: Laboratory assistant,

                      DSM Nutritional Products, Sisseln, Switzerland Age: 26

                      Civil status: Cohabiting Hobbies: Sailing, snowboarding,

                      partying Unlimited.Drive: An open mind, no taboos

Stefan Schaafsma      Unlimited.Dream: To sail around the world Diversity &

                      flexibility: Good jobs for part-time employees as well

22 /23
   News in brief

DSM Food Innovation Center opened
By opening its Food Innovation Center in Delft (Netherlands), DSM         The DSM Food Innovation Center will house fully equipped pilot
has taken a further step toward the accelerated development of            plant applications to prepare bread, cheese, yoghurt¸ savory snacks,
food ingredients. The new laboratory is a joint initiative of DSM Food    soups and sauces, beverages, and nutritional ingredients. These are
Specialties and DSM Bakery Ingredients. The facilities boast state-       foodstuffs with an added nutritional value for specific sections of the
of-the-art equipment to develop and test new products for the food        population, such as infants.
industry in close cooperation with customers.
                                                                          Customer and DSM together
100 employees                                                             The plan is for DSM and its customers to work together in the
The DSM Food Innovation Center is the result of a €12 million             laboratory toward developing products and applications geared
investment. The new laboratory will bring together more than 100          more effectively to consumer demands throughout the world, in turn
R&D employees, working in fields ranging from biochemical analysis        ensuring that the rapidly changing foodstuffs market is properly
to sensory analysis, with the main emphasis being on researching          served.
new products and applications.

ZOR-f plant to be expanded
DSM Anti-Infectives (the world’s largest        Sustainable                                     Green route
producer of antibiotics) will expand its        The new investment will also further reduce     The ZOR-f plant was opened in 2001,
existing ZOR-f plant in Delft                   the production costs per ton at the Delft       using a new fermentative production
(Netherlands) for the production of 7-          site. “This is essential in the current         process based on modern biotechnology
ADCA. 7-ADCA is an advanced                     antibiotics market,” says Jan Zuidam,           developed in-house. Since no organic
intermediate for the production of              Deputy Chairman of DSM’s Managing               solvents are needed, this is a typical ‘green
cephalosporins, an important group of           Board of Directors. “Increased competition      route’ production process. It is an excellent
antibiotics. The current production             and lower penicillin prices today ask for       example of ‘white biotechnology’, the
capacity will be expanded by more than          even greater economies of scale. The            application of biotechnology in the
50%. This will make the ZOR-f plant by          innovative, proprietary technology used in      chemical industry, which leads to both
far the largest production facility of 7-       the ZOR-f plant is one of the building          substantial environmental benefits and
ADCA in the world. The additional               blocks that will provide DSM with a             lower production costs.
capacity is expected to be operational          sustainable business position in the field of
early in 2005.                                  antibiotics. The investment also
                                                demonstrates our commitment to the Triple
                                                P philosophy, a balanced approach to
                                                People, Planet and Profit issues.”

DSMMagazine Q3 2004
                                 Fictitious screenshots of the various
                                 news channels available in "DSM
                                 Today", with examples of a corporate
                                 news item, an organization news item
                                 referring to a new Dyneema
                                 development and a site news item for
                                 DSM Nutritional Products (Dalry,

Worldwide news service via the PC

DSM Today!
                        Within a year, everyone at DSM will be familiar with a new medium for receiving news:

                        DSM Today. All DSM employees around the globe will be kept informed of all relevant

                        and current developments in the company via their PCs. Employees will receive the news

                        via three news channels: DSM Corporate, their own Business Group and their own site.

Jos van Haastrecht

Automatically displayed on the screen                                      news pages whenever you want. A fourth and important option is
Jos van Haastrecht, manager of digital communications at DSM               known as the ‘alert function’, which the company can use to alert
Corporate Communications, outlines the advantages: “As an                  people. If for example there has been an incident at a site, everyone
employee, you don't actually have to do anything to receive the            at that site can be alerted and notified of what has happened with a
news. Everything is automatically displayed via the screensaver on         single click of a button.”
your PC. You then simply click to get background information on the
intranet if you so wish. This involves a high degree of integration        “The software of DSM’s new internal news service tool is supplied
between the two media. We expect DSM Today to significantly                by the Dutch company Netpresenter. Initial technical and functional
stimulate traffic on the DSM intranet.”                                    tests were carried out together with CICT and were completed
                                                                           successfully. The head office will be the first to adopt this news
“Another key advantage of DSM Today’s webnews is that corporate            service in May. It will then be rolled out to the Business Groups and
and centrally controlled news is integrated with locally controlled        sites one by one.”
and managed BG and site news”, explains Van Haastrecht. “The
three communication layers ‘DSM Corporate’, ‘My Organization’ and          Rapid
‘My Location’ complement each other perfectly. The channels ‘My            “DSM Today is an important new means of communication for us. It
Organization’ and ’My Location’ will be updated by the internal            has the benefit of being simple to set up and also easy for those
communication people specifically assigned to the task.”                   responsible for internal communication at Business Groups or sites
                                                                           to feed in the news items. News can be distributed really easily and
Latest news                                                                rapidly. The importance of the intranet as a means of communication
‘’There are various settings to display DSM Today. The news can be         is also growing, in turn helping us take a step further toward
displayed on the screen as soon as you turn your PC on in the              integrated internal communication within DSM.”
morning or if your PC is left idle for a while. You can also consult the

24 / 25
DSM Magazine over the last 30 years

A random selection of products
Over the last thirty years, we have published a wealth of photos in DSM Magazine. These photos speak

volumes about the history of DSM. Here is a selection of old and new product photos.

 01                                                       02                                           04                     06


01 Polyacrylic clothing                                                  06 Fertilizer
DSM has been producing acrylonitrile since 1952 based on                 In the nineteen-twenties, DSM started to produce artificial fertilizer
propylene and ammonia. Polyacrylic fibers – pure or mixed with           based on ammonia, in turn made from coke oven gas. DSM Agro
wool – can often be found in jumpers.                                    is a leading fertilizer producer.

02 Mosa crockery                                                         07 Arnitel plugs
In the early seventies, DSM saw the construction industry as a           Arnitel is an engineering plastic combining excellent mechanical
new sales market, so it set up its building division. This is also why   strength with rubbery properties. Arnitel is used to manufacture
it took over Royal Mosa in Maastricht (Netherlands), a producer of       components in car interiors and under the hood. Arnitel is also
porcelain and wall and floor tiles.                                      used for cell phone antennas, low-noise gears and soft-grip
03 Eau-de-toilette
Since 1977, DSM has been producing basic ingredients for scents          08 Dyneema bullet-resistant vest
used in prestigious international brands of perfumes and eaux-de-        Dyneema is the world’s strongest fiber. A well-known application is
toilette.                                                                the bullet-resistant vest. It offers a high level of protection, yet is
                                                                         light and comfortable to wear. Other applications include helmets,
04 Curver laundry basket                                                 vehicle armor panels, ropes for the shipping industry, fishing nets
For many years, Curver was a jewel in the DSM crown. The                 and sports gear. Just recently, Dyneema also started to be used
company produced household products using the plastics                   for medical applications.
polyethylene and polypropylene, including this plastic laundry
basket.                                                                  09 Stanyl air inlet manifold
                                                                         Stanyl (polyamide 4.6) is a successful product of DSM, dating
05 Lego car                                                              back to the nineteen eighties. In about 1998, Citroën and Peugeot
DSM used to supply the plastic ABS to Danish toy manufacturer            started to fit their diesel engines with air inlet manifolds made of
Lego – a great example to quote if ever your family or friends ask       Stanyl rather than metal.
you to name something containing a DSM product

DSMMagazine Q3 2004
over the last 30 years
08                        15                                                                 13                     14




     10 Packaging with PE coating                                           13 International cheese show
     People use them nearly every day – dairy or soft-drink cartons         British cheese maker, Glanbia Taw Valley, a customer of DSM,
     coated on the inside with a thin layer of polyethylene to keep the     scooped top honors with its Red Leicester cheese at an
     carton watertight and robust. DSM used to supply this coating. In      international cheese show in the UK in 2003. The cheese was
     2002 its polyethylene business was transferred to SABIC.               made using cultures produced by DSM Dairy Ingredients. Apart
                                                                            from cheese ingredients, DSM produces ingredients also for use in
     11 Melamine kitchens                                                   flavorings and flavor enhancers, beverages and baby food.
     Since 1967, DSM has been active in the field of melamine, a
     material used to produce furniture and flooring as well as crockery    14 Vitamins and sun creams
     for use at home or while camping. It forms the scratch and heat        The human body needs vitamins, but is unable to create them
     resistant top layer of many tabletops and worktops and laminate        itself. They are supplied via our diet. Since back in 1935, DSM
     flooring. Melamine is also a sought-after product in view of its       Nutritional Products has been synthesizing vitamins as an extra
     flame-retardant properties.                                            source of these essential compounds for human and animal
                                                                            nutrition and health. The company also produces carotenoids
     12 Antibiotics                                                         (natural colorants) and UV filters for sun creams.
     Amoxicillin is a familiar antibiotic, often prescribed by doctors to
     combat infections. Penicillin G is the basic raw material for          15 Yachts
     amoxicillin, as well as for two other familiar antibiotics of DSM:     Many yachts are made of polyester because this makes them
     ampicillin and cephalexin. These antibiotics form part of the          easier to build and requires less maintenance than wood. DSM
     business of DSM Anti-Infectives.                                       supplies boat builders with Atlac™ E-Nova resin, a product based
                                                                            on 40 years of experience with unsaturated polyesters and epoxy
                                                                            vinyl ester (urethane) technology.

     26 / 27
Atlac™ vinyl ester resins from DSM Composite Resins

“We use it in our own plants –
               what better way to
Nearly twenty years ago, DSM supplied the first vinyl ester resin for the construction of a

desulfurization facility in Germany. Our customer’s chief requirement was to ensure long-term

resistance to gaseous hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid at temperatures of 120°C. Since then,

DSM has built up extensive expertise in resolving corrosion problems for the (petro)chemical industry.

The group is now number one in Europe in the field of polyester resins. “We demonstrate the reliability

of our product by actually applying it in our own plants. That’s got to be the best advert.”

“There’s really only one way of convincing    DSM produces a wide variety of special            War, emergency-water systems made of
the (petro)chemical industry that you’re      polyesters for the construction market            steel tubes were installed at nearly all
offering a superior material with anti-       (with products including chemical anchors         chemical production sites in the
corrosion properties for the production of    for fastening in concrete), the automotive        Netherlands. These systems have now
pipes and tanks, and that is to use it in     industry (complete components for vehicle         reached the end of their lifetime. The
your own facilities and plants and show it    bodywork), and the yacht-building industry.       engineering companies that installed these
off to the outside world. Prove you’ve got    As Jan Lodewijk explains: “Our technical          systems at the time used (stainless) steel.
the courage of your convictions in your       research experts and our Chemical                 They didn’t know any better – and besides
own product. Only then will they believe      Resistance Center are continually                 there was no other choice at the time. But
you. And it stands to reason, after all       developing new materials, production              this now presents a great opportunity for
investments in this sector are huge,”         methods and test methods. For example,            vinyl ester and our Atlac™ resins. The
believes Jan Lodewijk Lindemulder,            the latest Atlac™ resin (Atlac™ E-Nova)           breakthrough came when we used Atlac™
Business Manager at DSM Composite             has the same anti-corrosion properties as         to replace a large section of the
Resins with responsibility for the Tanks,     other Atlac™ resins, but is easier to             underground piping for emergency water at
Pipes & Relining segment.                     process. This may seem like a minor               the site. The first section was over 3
                                              improvement, but the market is clearly            kilometers long – the second will probably
Construction materials                        eager for such innovations.”                      be laid at the end of this year.”
Because the petrochemical industry sets
such high requirements, the solutions         Emergency water at Geleen                         And results have exceeded expectations.
Lodewijk devises for his customers are        Replacing drains and emergency-water              “The word’s already getting around in the
mainly based on the top end of DSM’s          pipes is one of the major applications (or        petrochemical industry. Our customers are
range of thermosetting polyesters, in other   as Jan Lodewijk calls it, a killer application)   very interested, which isn’t surprising, as
words its range of Atlac™ resins. These       for DSM’s Atlac™ resins. So how was the           many of them have systems due for
are no ordinary polyesters, but epoxy vinyl   product’s reliability in this application         renewal.”
esters – a superior construction material     proven? “Our big chance came when
that can be tailored to the needs of          substantial sections of the emergency-            Iodine mine
customers, with adjustable setting times      water system and pressure lines at the            Lodewijk goes on to give other interesting
and varying degrees of glass fiber (and       Chemelot site in Geleen (Netherlands) had         examples. “Our iodine mine in the desert in
soon carbon fiber) reinforcement.             to be replaced. After the Second World            Chile produces iodine for DSM’s own

DSMMagazine Q3 2004
convince customers?”                                                                                           Expansion
                                                                                                               DSM has been producing polyester for
                                                                                                               many years now and has also long been
                                                                                                               active in the field of composite resins.
                                                                                                               Over the last fifteen years, DSM has
                                                                                                               adopted an active takeover policy in this
                                                                                                               sector and it is now the largest producer
                                                                                                               of unsaturated polyesters in Europe (and
                                                                                                               one of the largest in the world). It has
                                                                                                               successively taken over the composite
                                                                                                               activities of Urachem, Desotech, Akzo,
                                                                                                               Hüls and BASF.

                                                                                                               “Europe is no longer the place for
                                                                                                               significant growth in new petrochemical
                                                                                                               facilities. So together with our customers,
                                                                                                               we should focus on future oil, gas and
                                                                                                               petrochemical projects in areas such as
                                                                                                               Kazakhstan and of course China. That’s
                                                                                                               where we want to be and that’s where we
                                                                                                               want to build using vinyl ester. Obviously
                                                                                                               we won’t do the building ourselves, but we
                                                                                                               want to supply the resins for such projects.
                                                                                                               In China, our joint venture JDR (75% DSM-
                                                                                                               owned) produces Atlac™ for the Asiatic
                                                                                                               market, so we can quickly zero in on the
                                                                                                               market there.”

                                                                                                               Jan Lodewijk concludes: “DSM actively
                                                                                                               encourages all of its units worldwide to use
                                                                                                               each other’s materials, processes and
  Above: Jan-Lodewijk Lindemulder                                                                              products, especially in view of the benefits
  Below: A processor in Guangdong (China) about to fit floating roofs onto seven huge oil storage tanks, to    to be gained from demonstrating their
  prevent emissions. He first builds a mold in the tank and then makes the floating roof from Atlac™ resins.   worth to our customers. This also holds for
                                                                                                               the materials produced in our Performance
  consumption as well as for the market, and                durability of the systems. Corrosive               Materials cluster. We’ve already taken the
  the materials used there are highly                       substances are also used in some sections          first steps in this regard with our polyester
  corrosive. For the planned system                         of our aspartame plant that produces               composite resins for structures in the
  extension, our corrosion experts will work                artificial sweeteners. Atlac™ proved the           petrochemical industry. And the impact
  together with local specialists to see where              ideal solution here too.”                          can be seen straight away.”
  Atlac™ can be used to increase the

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   News in brief

New product lines at DSM Dyneema
Before the summer DSM Dyneema officially opened its first
yarn production line at its U.S. facility in Greenville, North
Carolina. The production line has a capacity of 600 to 750 tons
per annum, depending on product mix.

U.S. military
Although the Greenville site will serve clients globally, DSM
Dyneema plans to serve U.S. military requests first, due to the
current situation of increased demand for personal security and
protection against terrorism in the U.S.
As Colonel John Norwood, U.S. Army project manager for
Clothing and Individual Equipment, explains: “Initial tests show
that Dyneema has excellent performance characteristics and
works well with a variety of ceramic tile materials. Opening this
plant will expand the U.S. production base for materials critical to
protection against small arms, and enables the U.S. Army to meet
the established weight requirements for protective plates based on
these materials."
                                                                         The official opening of the yarn production line in Greenville. From left to
Growing demand                                                           right: Peter Elverding (Chairman of the Managing Board of Directors),
With global demand for high-performance polyethylene fiber still         Christoph Dardel (Director of DSM Dyneema), Colonel John Norwood and
growing strongly, DSM Dyneema has shown its commitment to the            Luc Lanclus, Manager of Manufacturing.
market, with a specific focus on North America. “We have taken
our responsibility as a global market leader to invest in new
capacity,” says Peter Elverding, Chairman of the DSM Managing
Board of Directors. “And in view of this growth pattern that we see
in all markets and regions, we are currently exploring further         two new Dyneema UD lines (producing unidirectional bullet-
investment plans to meet this growing demand.” Besides the new         resistant materials), one of which is located at the Greenville site,
Dyneema yarn line, DSM Dyneema also recently commissioned              the other in Heerlen (Netherlands).

DSM Award for Chemistry & Technology
                                                In June, Belgian researcher Filip Frederix          Zuidam, Deputy Chairman of the Managing
                                                won first prize in the International DSM            Board of Directors. Second prize went to
                                                Awards for Chemistry and Technology                 Jürgen Groll (Aachen University of
                                                2004. An international jury selected Filip          Technology, Germany) and third prize to
                                                Frederix, a doctoral student at the                 Nathalie Charlier (Catholic University of
                                                Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium),           Louvain, Belgium).
                                                for his research in the field of
                                                biosensors.                                         Since 2003, the DSM Awards have been
                                                                                                    open to candidates from three regions (the
                                                Founded in 1986                                     Netherlands, Belgium and the German
                                                His work involved the development of                state of North Rhine-Westphalia). The
                                                sensors for biomedical applications. He             Awards were founded in 1986 and are
                                                was presented with a cash prize by Jan              presented each year.

DSMMagazine Q3 2004
Morphotek paves way for DSM to
expand its biotech toolbox
DSM has extensive capabilities in biotechnology. Recently it made a small strategic investment in a technology that will make it

possible to significantly increase the output of processes using living organisms. Marc Schüler from DSM Venturing tells us
about Morphotek and the significance of this small American company for DSM’s biotech toolbox.

“DSM was Morphotek's preferred and sole strategic investor,          Morphotek then selects the mutant cells it wants to use and
although the company could have gone to nearly anyone for            cultivates them in larger quantities. This is the stage in the process
venture capital to further develop its ‘Morphodoma’ technology,”     where DSM can add value. As Marc Schüler explains: “In principle
says Marc Schüler. “Morphotek provides the technology platform;      any company can come along with its (genetically modified)
we offer them the means of scaling up their technology and further   ‘workhorses’ to significantly increase the yield of any complex
developing the process involved. What’s more, and this is very       molecule in this way. The same applies to our own life science
important for a small technological company like Morphotek, the      business groups. We’ve paved the way; it’s now up to them to
opportunity to link its name with DSM holds considerable value.      take it further.”
Small research companies often find it difficult to convince the
world of the potential offered by their new technology. But with
DSM’s support and cooperation it will be easier to impress the
biotech community.”

Higher output
So what’s special about this new technology from Morphotek?
Marc Schüler explains: “This technology is able to increase output
of nearly all genetically modified model mode organisms by a
factor of ten or twenty, and sometimes even thirty. Morphotek has
already demonstrated this with bacteria, fungi and mammalian
cells (from rodents) and we assume that the same will apply to
yeasts and human cells. DSM works with all five of these
productionmodel organisms, so you can imagine what that could
mean for our toolbox of technologies. Employees at DSM
Biologics, who looked into the company and its technology before
we decided to invest, identified Morphodoma as a ‘potential
breakthrough technology’. There are several similar technology
platforms on the market, but Morphotek has the fastest and best.”

Accelerated evolution
How does it work? Morphotek has identified a method to impact
on the DNA repair mechanism in the cell. The double DNA helix is
constantly subjected to damage that is then fixed by the repair
mechanisms of the cell. Morphotek succeeded in switching off this
repair mechanism, causing mutated DNA to form in the cell. The
mutations may give rise to many variant expression products, and
may potentially be used to produce specific quantities of certain

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Market leader within ten years

Rapid growth in Akulon polyamide
When you get in the car, you are surrounded by nylon components. When you buy packaged food from

the supermarket, the barrier film is made partly of nylon. Within a short period of time, DSM

Engineering Plastics has raced to the top of this sector – not in the fiber segment, but in new and

high-performance engineering applications of one of the oldest plastics in the world. Next year, a third

production line will start up in Emmen (Netherlands): the next chapter in a success story.

“Akulon, our polyamide 6, is a highly           were increasingly taking the place of          was one of the spearheads of the
versatile product for engineering               natural materials in a variety of areas. DSM   company’s policy. In its own laboratories,
purposes,” say Bruce Ballance, Cor              was active in this field at an early stage,    DSM developed Stanyl (polyamide 4.6),
Guldemond and Peter van Paridon, all            not (yet) as a producer of polyamide, but      which has grown into a very successful
three from DSM Engineering Plastics. “We        as a producer of caprolactam, the raw          engineering plastic for high-added-value
never talk about ‘nylon’. That’s the            material for producing polyamide 6.            applications. DSM acquired a starting
trademark of DuPont, the American                                                              position in polyamide 6 and polyamide 6.6
company that was the first to develop this      Caprolactam was a major technological          when it took over the production activities
plastic before the Second World War. Many       tour de force of DSM. Product quality          of AKZO in Emmen in 1992. At that time
people use the trademark ‘Nylon’ when           continuously improved and process              the plant was primarily producing
they mean polyamide (in the same way as         technology within DSM continued to             polyamide for processing in fibers, which
‘aspirin’ is used to mean painkillers). But     develop. This resulted in major successes      was a lower grade application compared
we consistently refer to polyamide.”            on the global market, where DSM not only       to the current end products. Within a
                                                supplied caprolactam, but also sold a large    period of ten years, DSM managed to build
Polyamide & caprolactam                         number of licenses.                            two new production lines for Akulon (a
The invention of this plastic led to a period                                                  third is under way), technically refine its
of tremendous growth in the fiber and           Production lines                               processes and also convert and upgrade
clothing sector, followed by the                Toward the end of the nineteen-eighties,       production to polyamide 6 for high-end
development of other polyamides that            the development of performance materials       purposes, for example in the packaging

DSMMagazine Q3 2004
                                              Products from DSM Engineering Plastics
  Akulon can replace many metal
  components in the engine                    DSM Engineering Plastics is a Business Group forming part of DSM’s Performance
  compartment.                                Materials cluster. The Business Group manufactures thermoplastics that can be
                                              used for a whole host of high-grade purposes, such as Akulon (polyamide 6 and
  Akulon: superior new material for           polyamide 6.6). Its portfolio of products is headed by Stanyl (polyamide 4.6). Stanyl is
  packaging food.                             a proprietary development of DSM and (unusually for a polyamide) is heat-resistant.
                                              Arnitel is a copolymer plastic with elastomer properties. DEP has two thermoplastic
                                              polyesters (PET and PBT) under the name of Arnite, for products suited to precision
                                              molding for example. Other products include Xantar (available as a ‘pure’
                                              polycarbonate and polycarbonate/ABS blend) and Stamylan UH, an ultra high
                                              molecular weight polyethylene.

                                              For more information, go to: www.DSMEP.com and www.Akulon.com

                                               India. Another reason for this rapid growth is   polyethylene and polyamide 6 are
                                               DSM’s integrated management of the entire        combined, with a tie layer in between
                                               process chain, from producing the raw            developed by DSM (Yparex). In this way,
                                               material (caprolactam) to processing Akulon      films can be produced comprising up to
                                               at customers’ sites, with the various stages     nine layers of plastics. Only large-scale
                                               in between. It is all based on DSM’s own         suppliers with extensive and in-depth
                                               know-how.                                        knowledge of processes and products who
                                                                                                are able to deliver constant quality can
                                               Nearly anything                                  operate in this highly specialized and rapidly
                                               “You can make nearly anything with               growing market. And there aren’t many of
                                               Akulon,” believe the interviewees. “It should    them around. DSM is one of the most
                                               be possible to use Akulon for half of all        successful.
                                               engineering applications in which plastics
                                               are used.” For instance, gas and clutch
                                               pedals in cars are made of polyamide 6
                                               (although this is not yet possible for brake
                                               pedals, which are still made of metal).
                                               Moreover, most technical applications
                                               comprise a mixture of Akulon with other
                                               substances – compounds that are usually
                                               developed by DSM in cooperation with its
industry and the automotive sector and for     customers. At the beginning of this year, a
high-performance sports gear and electrical    very large compounding facility was
switchgear. Thanks to the quality and          commissioned at the Emmen site, to
versatility of Akulon, DSM Engineering         support the further growth of these
Plastics is currently number three in the      compound materials.
European market.
                                               Oxygen barrier
Know-how                                       A major and relatively new application of                                      Bruce Ballance,
What made this business grow so quickly?       Akulon is as a packaging film for food. The                                    Peter van Paridon,
The three representatives from DSM             new, third production line at Emmen will be                                    Cor Guldemond
Engineering Plastics answer in one voice:      devoted entirely to this market. Polyethylene
know-how. DSM has developed its own            is by far the most important material in the
process and application know-how. That’s       packaging industry. Polyamide 6 in
why Akulon was able to develop more            comparison has a very small share of the
quickly than the polyamides of other           market. But Akulon has a major added
producers, in a market that was already        value: it keeps oxygen out. Oxygen, which
growing. Products of DSM Engineering           can migrate through polyethylene, causes
Plastics are manufactured in the               packaged food to go off. Much better
Netherlands, the United States, China and      protection is ensured by a film in which

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Center for IT Solutions
– the spider at the
heart of the research web
                                                                WWW .
In a room in one of the main buildings at Research Campus Geleen there is a row of black cabinets

filled with hypermodern equipment. These cabinets hold dozens of computer servers, in which the data

from thousands of experiments and analyses are processed and stored and data on hundreds of

substances for WorldWise are managed and saved. The only sound in the room is the soft hum of the

ventilators which keep the electronics at the correct temperature. The heavy data traffic moves

invisibly and silently.

Then and now
Cor Smits of the Center for IT Solutions
(CITS): “In the old days, research was a
very insular activity. You might have an
instrument for analysis, let’s say a gas
chromatograph, with an interface linking it
to a PC. The instrument could be operated
with the PC. And the measurements were
saved, processed and stored in the PC. If
necessary, a local server would be installed
and several PCs would be connected to it
in order to save more data. Each
department managed and maintained its
own systems and local network. Slowly but
surely the realization dawned that
connecting all those local networks into a
single large network would have significant

DSMMagazine Q3 2004
    Within a day                                    data will be lost. Everyone who has              Worldwide management
    That single network is now up and running       authorization can access the stored data         The system managers of CITS can see on
    and it’s called Technical Network Research      and the analysis instruments and                 their screens whether the servers they are
    (TNR). Many research groups use it, but         laboratory set-ups with an Aurora PC via         monitoring are working properly. For
    not yet all. That is why Smits (TNR product     the Aurora network. In other words,              example, they can see immediately if a
    manager in CITS), the other members of          departments no longer have to keep a             ventilator crashes or a hard disk starts
    his team and Werner Vliex (manager of           server tucked away under a desk. We take         running more slowly and arrange for the
    CITS) visit the research departments in the     care of the IT side of things, so the            parts to be replaced. This preventive
    Netherlands and abroad to sell their            laboratory staff can devote all their time       maintenance by CITS means that the
    services and to convince the departments        and attention to research and quality            customers don’t even realize that there
    to link up to TNR. “If we are asked, we can     control – their core capabilities.”              was nearly a breakdown. With its system
    carry out a quick scan and within a day we                                                       CITS is able to manage servers anywhere
    can give an estimate of what is possible        Savings                                          in the world, although local employees are
    and roughly what it will cost.”                 As far as the savings are concerned, Smits       responsible for ensuring the power supply
                                                    says: “In Delft it was a full-time job for one   and for maintaining the connection with
    IT in laboratories                              person to manage two servers and the             the servers on the network.
    Smits: “We provide the IT services for a        relevant applications. At CITS, a four-man
    research department, as well as everything      team manages 84 servers as well as 400           A great job
    connected with them. A huge advantage           dedicated PCs which are not part of the          Watching over everything that CITS does is
    we have is that our staff have years of         Aurora network.”The CITS teams consists          Jo van den Hanenberg, director of
    experience in the application of IT in          of project managers, product managers            Corporate ICT. Corporate ICT is
    laboratories since they all used to work in     and application managers. There are now          responsible for all ‘ordinary’ IT issues. CITS
    the former ‘islands’ of research.               19 people working for CITS, six of whom          handles all IT services relating to a
    Consequently, we can advise the research        have been hired externally. “We cover for        research or laboratory environment. “Any
    groups on the best applications (software       each other when anyone is sick. In               request for something specific or for a new
    programs) to use in combination with a          addition, we have bundled our expertise in       service comes to CITS”. Smits mentions
    particular measuring instrument or              the field of applications and systems,           the example of DSM Intellectual Property’s
    instrument for analysis or for process          which means that we can raise the quality        database of Patents & Trademarks, which
    control in a miniplant. We also provide         of a department’s IT infrastructure to a         is used by DSM employees around the
    advice about storage of data in a database      higher level. You could describe CITS as a       world. “We can invent things that are not
    in one of our servers.” This data might, for    competence center for IT in a research and       yet standard and cannot be bought. That’s
    example, be the results of analyses to          laboratory environment.”                         the great thing about this job.”
    check the quality of the products coming
    from the plants.                                If all goes according to plan CITS will soon
                                                    also be operating outside the Netherlands.
                                                    “DSM Nutritional Products in Switzerland
    “The data can of course be processed in         has expressed a lot of interest in our
    our servers. We will repair faults, carry out   expertise. DNP is going to outsource the
    maintenance and arrange licences. We            application management for its research
    also have comprehensive back-up                 departments to CITS.”
    procedures so we can guarantee that no

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“The Torch Continuation”

Torch relay is
carrying on!
Because of the tremendous success of the Torch Action relay based on the Dream Action
program, it is carrying on! As with the first Torch Action, a selection of “smaller” dreams will be
presented for implementation.

The Torch Delegates obviously did their work well, because as you read this DSM Magazine, the
selected Torch dreams from DSM sites all over the world start coming in to the jury. An independent
jury will pick the twenty-four best Torch dreams and the winners will be contacted in October 2004. In
other words, the Torch Action that started back in 2002 in Filago (Italy) is being continued!

This page gives an overview of the Torch dreams from 2002 to 2004. We obviously hope that the
“Torch Continuation” will be just as successful as its predecessor!!

Restoration of paintings at Hoensbroek Castle - October 2003 in Hoensbroek   Support for association of the deaf - March 2003 in Sittard (Netherlands)

Support for primary school - October 2003 in Geleen (Netherlands)            Greenville Playground - March 2003 in Martin County (USA)

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