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2005 On Halloween Day_ my mother buys many candies and cupcakes


        Creative Writing Competition for Primary School Students 2005

Name :       Tang Ka Ching, Rachel                                  Grade : P. 2

School :     Central & Western District St. Anthony's Primary School

Prize :      Outstanding Achievement (Lower Primary)

Title   :    My favourite festival

On Halloween Day, my mother buys many candies and cupcakes for
the costume party. We put the Jack-o’-lanterns outside of the house. I
dress up like a monster and my brother dresses up like a zombie. My
mother helps us to paint the faces.

My brother takes the flashlight and I take the bag for the candies. We
walk down the street with a crowd of children and ring every doorbell
and say “Trick or treat!” We have a lot of candies. So I am very happy.
I love Halloween Day!

G-Set Teacher’s Comment:

It sounds like you have a wonderful Halloween summed up concisely in the description
of the event. Well done!

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