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					                       How To Sign Up
                   No-Call     for the                                    Understanding the Kansas                   No Call Act
                        List                           You can greatly reduce the number of unwanted        Telemarketers are prohibited from using no-
 Signing up your home or cell phone number for         calls to your home or cell phone by signing up for   call list information for any purpose other than
       the no-call list is quick, easy and free        the no-call list.                                    removing names from their call list.
                                                       According to Kansas Law, the no-call list must       Placing your phone number on the no-call list
       1. Call toll-free 1-888-382-1222
                                                       be used any person or business that intends to       will help eliminate unwanted calls, but there are a
         (or 1-866-290-4236 for TTY
                                                       call Kansas residents for any of the following       few exceptions to the law:
              2. Sign up online at                     purposes:
                                                                                                            ♦ Telemarketing laws are aimed at companies trying
                                                       	      Soliciting the sale of property or           to sell you something and do not apply to calls for

Opting Out of Pre-Approved                                     services                                     charitable organizations, political candidates or non-
                                                                                                            profit issues.
                                                       	      Soliciting the extension of credit for
  Credit Card Solicitations                                                                                 ♦ A company may still call you if you have given
                                                               property or services
                                                                                                            them authorization or done business with the
If you are not in the market for a new credit card     	      Obtaining information that may be            company within the past 36 months.
or insurance policy, you may sign up to opt out of             used for the first three purposes.
these pre-screened mail offers for either five years                                                        ♦ Business numbers are exempt from the Kansas
                                                       After you register, your phone number will show      No-Call Act.
or on a permanent basis.
                                                       up on the list the next day. Telemarketers have up   ♦ Every time a phone number changes ownership,
To stop prescreened solicitations based on lists       to 31 days to remove your number from their call     it is removed from the no-call list. If you receive a new
from the major consumer reporting companies,           list.                                                phone number, you will need to register that number.
call toll-free 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-
8688, TTD 1-877-730-4105) or visit www.                                                         Direct Mail and Email Opt-Out Registry
This service requires you to provide certain           To receive less national advertising mail, you can register for the Direct Marketing Association’s
personal information, including your telephone         (DMA’s) Mail Preference Service for both postal and electronic mail. The DMA is a national,
number, name, Social Security number and date          private marketing association that requires its members to use their name-removal service and
of birth. This information is kept confidential and
                                                       encourages all direct mail companies to use the list.
used only to process your opt-out request.                                                                    To sign up instantly online, visit
                                                       You may also send a letter requesting your name
Removing your name from prescreened lists has                                                       
                                                       and email removal
no effect on your ability to apply for or obtain                                                              consumerassistance.html
                                                       (along with a check or money order for $1) to:
credit or insurance.                                   MAIL PREFERENCE SERVICE (MPS)
The same telephone number and web site can be          P.O. Box 282
used to opt back in for these offers.                  Carmel, NY 10512
                    Dear Kansans,                    ConsumerTips:                                       & JUNK MAIL
                    Many of you have           Follow these tips to greatly reduce the amount of
                    expressed frustration      junk mail and telemarketing calls you receive:
                    with the excess            ♦ Avoid giving out your phone number unless
                    junk mail and              absolutely necessary.
                    telemarketing phone
                    calls you receive to       ♦ Register with the National Do Not Call
                    your home.                 Registry.
                                               ♦ Ask telemarketers who call you to put your
This brochure contains information for         number on their “do not call” list.
taking your name off marketing lists
used by telemarketers and direct mail          ♦ Get an unlisted number.
companies. While you won’t be able to          ♦ Screen calls with your answering machine,
stop all commercial mail and unknown           many telemarketers hang up if they reach a
callers, following these steps will            machine.
greatly reduce the amount of unwanted
solicitations you receive.                     ♦ Register with the Direct Marketing
                                               Association’s Mail Preference Service.
Remember to always be careful providing        ♦ Opt out of pre-approved credit offers by calling    Kansas No-Call Act
personal information over the phone            1-888-5-OPT-OUT
and by mail to people you don’t know.
Removing your name from marketing              ♦ Tell banks, magazines and charities that you       Removing Your Name
lists is one step you can take today to help   don’t want them to share your name and address       From Marketing Lists
protect yourself from potential scams.         with other businesses or charities.
                                               ♦ Ask your local phone company to not publish
       Sincerely,                              your address.                                           Opting Out of
                                                                                                    Pre-Approved Credit
                                                   Consumer Protection/Antitrust Division               Solicitations
      Steve Six                                        120 SW 10th Avenue, 2nd Floor
                                                                                                            Provided by
                                                          Topeka, KS 66612-1597                       Kansas Attorney General
                                                     (785) 296-3751 or 1-800-432-2310

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