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     AXA’s Smart Medical Insurance Provides Comprehensive Medical Protection

                         Extensive Coverage Including Reimbursement of
                          Long-term Major Illness Treatments’ Expenses

[Hong Kong, 23 June 2008] – Smart Medical Insurance of AXA China Region Insurance
Company Limited (“AXA”) provides customers with all-rounded protection to meet their increasing
medical needs with the increased life expectancy and the steadily rising local medical expenses.

AXA’s Smart Medical Insurance offers 4 benefits levels, namely Economy, Regular, Superior and
Premier to best suit different personal needs. These plans provide comprehensive reimbursement
protection of actual medical expenses to age 100, including hospitalization and surgery fees. They
also offer coverage for intensive care, in-patient specialist, major illness treatment and medical

Ms. Andrea Wong, Chief Marketing Officer of AXA Hong Kong, said, “The disease occurrence
in Hong Kong has been increasing, including certain lifestyle related diseases and cancers. In view
of the early occurrence of long-term illness and the increasing treatment costs, Smart Medical
Insurance provides major illness treatment coverage up to HK$400,000 for customers to help them
relieve the enormous potential financial burden arising from the kidney dialysis, and radiotherapy
and chemotherapy treatments for cancers.”

Smart Medical Insurance also offers a 15% No Claim Discount* as rewards to customers who have
not made any medical claim in the past 3 consecutive policy years. Optional supplementary major
medical coverage is also available for customers who need additional protection from their basic

* Applicable to customers of 1) any benefit class of Smart Medicare, and / or 2) Regular Class or above of Smart

Medimoney, and have lodged no claims for the 3 consecutive years immediately prior to the policy renewal. The discount

is equal to 15% of the annual premium (before No Claim Discount, if any) in the previous policy year.

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About AXA
AXA China Region is a part of AXA Asia Pacific Holdings, a member of the global AXA Group, a
worldwide leader in financial protection and wealth management. AXA has a history dating back to
the early 19th century and commenced business in Hong Kong in 1986. For the year of 2007, AXA’s
revenues were EUR 94 billion and, as of 31 December 2007, its assets under management were
EUR 1,281 billion.

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