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					   An inherent risk of injury is assumed with the decision             Any costs not covered by insurance become the                        Upon completion of eligibility in their final sport/season,       the students responsibility to provide his/her own
to participate in intercollegiate athletics/cheer unit               responsibility of the student-athlete/cheer unit member             student-athletes/cheer unit members are requested to                 transportation.
(cheerleaders, precision dance, mascots). The University of          and/or his/her parent(s)/guardian(s).                               schedule an appointment with the Sports Medicine Clinic,
Delaware seeks to provide the finest training, physical                                                                                  prior to the conclusion of the academic term, for the                                      Prescriptions
rehabilitation and medical care possible for its’ student-                        Covered vs. NOT Covered                                purpose of an exit physical. This will include a review of the
athletes and cheer unit. The training complex consists of the                                                                            injuries received during participation and follow-up if                  Prescriptions, for intercollegiate athletically related
Bob Carpenter Center Training Room and the Delaware                      The University’s medical insurance covers only injuries         needed. IF THE STUDENT ELECTS NOT TO RECEIVE                         injuries only, authorized by the Sports Medicine Clinic
Field House Training Room. These facilities feature modern           resulting from participation in the intercollegiate program         THE EXIT PHYSICAL, THE UNIVERSITY WILL BE                            during approved and coach-supervised practices and
equipment and combine to form one of the finest training             during the dates of the primary competitive and designated          RELIEVED OF ANY LIABILITY AND/OR FINANCIAL                           competitions for both the championship season and the
centers of its kind. Additionally, the University has a well-        off-seasons as approved by the Director of Athletics and            RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES OR INJURIES                           non-championship seasons as designated by the Director
equipped Sports Medicine Clinic located in the Bob                   Recreation Services. It does not cover injuries or illness          SUSTAINED AS A RESULT OF ATHLETIC/CHEER                              of Athletics and Recreation Services are filled at the Student
Carpenter Center as part of its’ overall Student Health              that are the result of non-intercollegiate-athletic activities or   UNIT PARTICIPATION.                                                  Health Dispensary. To receive an authorized prescription,
Services. These services are guided by thoroughly trained            are recurrences of old injuries which were sustained before                                                                              the student will be given a “pink” Sports Medicine
professionals who are recognized experts in their field.             participating in the intercollegiate sports program; nor does                                                                            prescription slip which he/she should present to the Student
                                                                     it routinely cover orthotics, allergies, braces or eyewear.            Athletic/Cheer Unit Injury Medical Care                           Health Dispensary for filling.
  Insurance Coverage of Student Athletes/                                Intramural, club sports and recreational activities (non-                                                                                If the student receives a prescription from a specialist (a
               Cheer Unit                                            intercollegiate activities), as well as individual                     Any certified intercollegiate athletics/cheer unit                physician other than one associated with the Sports
                                                                     training/conditioning activities that occur outside the             participant who receives an injury or becomes ill during             Medicine Clinic or Student Health Services staff) to whom
    The University of Delaware provides a medical and                primary competitive and designated off-season periods are           approved participation periods/activities must report the            they have been referred by the Sports Medicine Clinic, it
catastrophic insurance program for its’ intercollegiate              NOT affiliated with Athletics/Recreation Services insurance         injury immediately to the Training Room or Sports                    will be necessary for the student to bring that prescription
athletes/cheer unit injured in practices or contests. THIS           coverage. However, to assist in clarification, please be            Medicine Clinic to activate insurance coverage. Please note          to the Sports Medicine Clinic for it to be recorded on the
POLICY, HOWEVER, IS SECONDARY TO, OR IN                              aware that your family medical insurance is primary                 that the injury/illness must have been incurred in a practice        “pink” prescription slip for filling. No prescriptions will be
EXCESS OF, PERSONAL FAMILY MEDICAL                                   insurance for those activities. If your policy does not cover       or contest that was supervised by approved University                paid for unless this procedure is followed.
INSURANCE COVERAGE. The “Parent Information                          your son/daughter, you may wish to consider optional                coaching staff during a practice/contest period/activity that            If, after a prescription slip has been issued by an outside
Form”, which was mailed to each parent with the Director’s           Student Health and Accident Insurance which is available at         was approved by the Director of Athletics and Recreation             physician, the student finds the Sports Medicine Clinic
letter, must be fully completed and returned before any              a nominal cost to students at the time of registration. This        Services according to NCAA regulations, to be eligible for           closed, the student should take the prescription to the nurse
further processing can occur. Bills should not be sent to            optional policy will not cover intercollegiate athletic             insurance coverage. The primary insurance carrier must               on duty at the Laurel Hall Student Health Service. The
Athletics/Recreation Services until family coverage is               injuries.                                                           be notified within 24 hours of injury by the student or              student will receive a temporary supply of medication. The
applied. Therefore, all medical bills must first go to the               The importance of having some form of personal                  his/her parent/guardian.                                             Division of Athletics and Recreation Services will not
family. Then ALL bills (both paid and unpaid) must be                insurance coverage cannot be overemphasized. Expenses                  If the student needs to see a physician outside the               pay for a non-pink prescription filled at any pharmacy.
submitted to Athletics/Recreation Services.                          for medical and psychological services beyond those                 University staff, i.e. a specialist, that referral will be made by
   Personal family medical insurance will respond first to           covered by our insurance and/or provided at the                     the Sports Medicine Physician. When consultation is
the cost of injuries incurred by the student-athlete/cheer           Student Health Service on campus are the personal                   requested or recommended, any recommendations for                                 Parent Information Form
unit member during participation in our intercollegiate              responsibility of the student and his or her family.                testing/surgery/repeat visits made by the consultant
program. (If personal family medical insurance does not                                                                                  must be communicated to the University Sports                        Please note the importance of returning the “Parent
cover the student-athlete/cheer unit member, the                                           To be Eligible                                Medicine Physician BEFORE any arrangements are                       Information Form” to the University. It is mailed to the
Explanation of Benefits or Denial from the primary                                                                                       made. If that referral results in a recommendation for               parent(s) or guardian(s) each summer with the Director’s
insurance company MUST be sent to the Athletics                         The University of Delaware requires the student-                 non-emergency surgery, the student MUST inform the                   letter, the “Sports Medicine Clinic & Training Room
insurance secretary before the University medical                    athlete/cheer unit member to complete a physical                    Sports Medicine Clinic PRIOR TO finalization of any                  Procedures for the Student-Athlete & Cheer Unit”
insurance will be applied as primary coverage for                    examination at the Bob Carpenter Center Sports Medicine             arrangements.                                                        brochure, and the “Medical Insurance Coverage &
eligible items within the limits of the policy.)                     Clinic before that student is permitted to attend practice             If the student decides to see a physician/specialist              Procedures for the Student-Athlete & Cheer Unit”
   TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR UNIVERSITY MEDICAL                             sessions or compete in any athletic event at the University.        WITHOUT being referred by the Sports Medicine Clinic,                brochure, which you are now reading. The University needs
COVERAGE, STUDENT-ATHLETES/CHEER UNIT                                                                                                    the student will be responsible for all bills incurred. In           your primary insurance information FOR EVERY
                                                                     ANY TESTS OR CONSULTATIONS NEEDED TO
MEMBERS MUST ARRANGE ALL SURGERY,                                                                                                        addition, if the student elects a surgeon who is not                 STUDENT-ATHLETE OR CHEER UNIT MEMBER.
                                                                     GAIN APPROVAL FOR PARTICIPATION ARE THE
TREATMENT, THERAPY AND CARE IN                                                                                                           approved by his/her medical insurance carrier, he/she is also        Without primary insurance information medical bills cannot
                                                                     RESPONSIBILITY OF THE
ACCORDANCE WITH REQUIREMENTS OF THEIR                                                                                                    financially responsible. Any student seen by an outside (off
                                                                     STUDENT/PARENT/GUARDIAN. A “certification of                                                                                             be paid. Medical bills left unpaid for this reason will
PRIMARY INSURANCE COVERAGE.                                                                                                              campus) physician, must return to the Sports Medicine
                                                                     participation” will be awarded to the student-athlete/cheer                                                                              become the financial liability of the parent(s) or guardian(s)
                                                                                                                                         Clinic for follow-up and final clearance prior to active             / student-athlete or cheer unit member. If left unpaid, it
  When family primary coverage is HMO, PPO, or a provider            unit member upon successful completion of the exam. The
                                                                                                                                         participation status.                                                could result in a negative impact on your family credit
  outside of the United States, all medical care must be arranged    medical certification must be performed every year. The
  so that full coverage applies. This may include returning to the
                                                                                                                                            In emergency situations, transportation is provided by            rating. If you have not received a “Parent Information
                                                                     University will NOT provide insurance coverage to any
  home state or country for care.                                                                                                        the University’s Public Safety Department, otherwise it is
                                                                     athlete/cheer unit member not following this procedure.
Form” please contact Linda Kelly at 302-831-2256 to               Note: This list is not deemed to be all-inclusive but, rather, it                  concerning these statutes and information regarding campus accessibility
receive a copy with instructions.                                 represents the most common exclusions to University of                             should be referred to the Affirmative Action Officer, 305 Hullihen Hall, (302)
                                                                                                                                                     831-2835 (voice) (302) 831-4552 (TDD).
                                                                  Delaware Athletics/Recreation Services Medical Coverage.

     Medical Expenses NOT Covered by UD
                                                                                     “Must Do” Procedures
University of Delaware Athletics/Recreation Services
medical insurance coverage will not apply to the situations       1.   Notify primary insurance carrier within 24 hours of
indicated below. Therefore, STUDENT-ATHLETES/                          injury.
CHEER UNIT MEMBERS AND/OR THEIR PARENTS                           2. If you wish to see a physician other than the Sports
OR LEGAL GUARDIANS WILL BE FULLY                                       Medicine Physician.
RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL MEDICAL EXPENSES                                          a. You must have a referral by the Sports
RELATING TO THEM.                                                                  Medicine Clinic prior to appointment.
                                                                              b. If the referral results in a recommendation
1.  Any tests or consultations needed to gain approval for                         for tests, diagnostic procedures or non-
    participation.                                                                 emergency surgery, you must inform the
2. Any athletic injuries incurred outside the dates of the                         Sports Medicine Clinic before finalizing any
    primary competitive or designated off-season                                   arrangements.
    periods/activities for the given program, as approved                     c. If subsequent appointments are
    by the Director of Athletics and Recreation Services.                          recommended by the referral physician, you
3. Any prescriptions (a) that are not related to athletic                          must receive approval for each visit by the
    injuries and/or; (b) for athletically related injuries that                    Sports Medicine Clinic.
    occur outside the scheduled and coach-supervised                          d. After referral appointments, return to the
    practices and competitions as approved by the                                  Sports Medicine Clinic for follow-up.
    Director of Athletics and Recreation Services and/or;         Note: In the unlikely event the Sports Medicine Physician
    (c) that have been filled at a pharmacy without               cannot be reached, contact the Student Health Center.
    following appropriate “pink slip” procedures.                    Do not schedule an appointment with a non-University
4. All injuries or illnesses that are recurrences of old          physician without contacting the Sports Medicine Clinic, as
                                                                  the expenses will not be covered by Athletics/Recreation
    injuries which were sustained before participation in
    the intercollegiate sports program/cheer unit activities.     Services medical insurance.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE
5. Costs of orthotics, allergies, braces or eyeware.                 In a life-threatening situation, seek emergency help
6. All non-intercollegiate activities (including, but not         immediately.
    limited to intramural/club sports, recreational activities    3. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete/cheer unit
    and individual training/conditioning activities outside            member to fulfill the requirements of the primary
                                                                       insurance. This includes, but is not limited to the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Medical Insurance
    the approved primary competitive and designated off-
    season periods.)                                                   requirement for surgery to be performed in the home                                                                                                               Coverage & Procedures
7. Expenses incurred after completion of eligibility, for              state.
    athletic injuries received during participation, IF the                                                                                                                                                                             for the Student-Athlete &
    student-athlete/cheer unit member elects not to                     Sports Medicine Telephone Directory                                                                                                                                     Cheer Unit
    participate in an exit physical.
8. Costs of Sports Medicine Clinic items such as                  Sports Medicine Clinic                                          831-2482
    crutches, etc. that are not returned within a reasonable      Bob Carpenter Center Training Room                              831-2255
                                                                  Delaware Field House Training Room                              831-8857
    time.                                                         Student Health Services                                         831-2226
9. Medical costs related to seeing a physician WITHOUT            Insurance Information                                           831-2256
    referral by the Sports Medicine Clinic.
10. Medical expenses beyond the limitations of, or not            The University of Delaware is committed to assuring equal opportunity to
    covered by the Athletics/Recreation Services insurance        all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender,                                                                                                    2004 - 2005
                                                                  religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, age, or
    policy.                                                       disability in its educational programs, activities, admissions, or employment
11. Expenses for athletic injuries incurred after completion      practices as required by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.
    of eligibility.                                               Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the
                                                                  Americans with Disabilities Act, and other appropriate statutes. Inquires