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									           Western Electricity Coordinating Council
                                                                       STEVEN C. COBB

                                                                      OPERATING COMMITTEE
                                                                       SALT RIVER PROJECT
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                                                                    SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85251-6008
                                                                        TEL: (602) 236-3965
                                                                       EM: sccobb@srpnet.com

               WECC Operating Committee Chair Report
                   Operating Committee Meeting
                           June 15, 2005
                      Spokane, Washington

Operating Committee 2005 Goals

The 2005 Operating Committee Goals were approved at the March 2005 OC
meeting. The following is a status of the goals.

1. Develop an Operating Committee 5-year strategic plan.
   The 5-year plan will identify future projects and initiatives, their associated
   justifications, timelines, and cost estimates.

   Status: The OC Subcommittees have been charged with developing their
   individual strategic plans. Once the Subcommittee plans are drafted and
   submitted, they will be compiled into a comprehensive OC Strategic Plan.
   The OC Strategic Plan will then be coordinated with the WECC budget
   process beginning in budget year 2007.

2. Resolve the recommendations identified in the “Final Report on the August
   14, 2003 Blackout in the United States and Canada” ("NE Blackout Report")
   that were assigned to the OC and its Subcommittees, Work Groups, and Task

   Status: There are approximately 93 tasks included in the NE Blackout Report
   and the initial NERC Recommendations. The OC was assigned 42 of these
   tasks. Below is the current status of the OC’s efforts to complete its
   assignments. This status will be updated prior to the June 2005 OC meeting.
                                                                 OC Chair Report
                                                                    OC Meeting
                                                                      June 2005
                                                                         Page 2
      Complete
       6 tasks are completed based on WECC OC procedures that were already
       in effect prior to the NE Blackout or were completed in the time period

      Monitor
       13 tasks have been identified as actions the OC cannot take unilaterally
       without decisions or actions from other entities such as NERC. The OC
       will continue to monitor these tasks.

      Complete In 2005
       16 tasks have been tentatively scheduled for completion by the OC prior
       to the end of 2005.

      Complete In 2006
       5 tasks have been tentatively scheduled for completion by the OC prior to
       the end of 2006.

      Evaluation
       2 tasks are still being evaluated by the OC.

3. Develop a West-wide System Model (“WSM”) Business Plan and pursue
   implementation of the WSM based on WECC Board approval.

   Status: The WSM Task Force issued a “Request for Information” ("RFI") on
   February 9, 2005. Over a dozen responses to the RFI were received. The
   RFI response information is being utilized to develop the WSM Business
   Plan. The Business Plan is currently in the draft stage and should be
   completed by July 1, 2005. It will then be posted for comment on the WECC
   website. Details of the plan will be presented at the WECC Standing
   Committees’ Joint Meeting on June 16, 2005. In summary, the WSM Task
   Force has identified four different alternatives relative to the WSM. The most
   extensive alternative is a five-phase approach that will be implemented in a
   four-year period ending in 2009. There will be project assessments at the
   end of each phase to ensure the project is meeting its technical and
   budgetary requirements.

   The WSM RFI was also utilized to develop WSM cost estimates for submittal
   to the WECC budget process. The WSM cost estimates were considered by
   the Board’s Finance and Audit Committee at their meeting on May 24, 2005.

4. Develop a Western Interchange Tool (“WIT”) Business Plan.

   Status: The Interchange Scheduling and Accounting Subcommittee (ISAS)
   has issued an RFI to potential vendors. Responses to the RFI are due in July
                                                                OC Chair Report
                                                                     OC Meeting
                                                                       June 2005
                                                                          Page 3
   2005. ISAS is currently drafting a Business Plan that includes preliminary
   cost estimates. The cost estimates have been submitted to the Finance and
   Audit Committee along with other OC budget requests.

   ISAS is continuing to develop additional WIT implementation options. These
   options will be included in the WIT Business Plan. The Plan should be
   completed and posted on the WECC Website by the end of August 2005.
   The ISAS is currently recommending a three-phase multi-year approach with
   a project evaluation regiment similar to the WSM. WIT implementation is
   recommended to start in 2006.

5. Develop a modernization plan for all Operating Committee documentation.

   Status: The OC Steering Committee is in the process of developing the
   document modernization plan. A 2006 budgetary request for a technical
   writer to convert documentation to a new format has been made to the
   Finance and Audit Committee. The ISAS and the Compliance Monitoring and
   Operating Procedures Subcommittee (CMOPS) are currently working
   together to develop a format for WECC Standards, Policies, Guidelines,
   Business Practices, etc. The proposed format will be vetted with the other
   Standing Committees and should be approved prior to the end of 2005.
   CMOPS will then begin the conversion of the WECC Minimum Operating
   Reliability Criteria to the new format.

6. Work with the Market Interface Committee to review, clarify, and update
   WECC Operating Reserve Requirements.

   Status: The WECC Operating Reserve Criteria is being reviewed and updated
   by three separate Task Forces. These Task Forces and their current
   statuses are described below:

      Reserve Issues Task Force (RITF)
       RITF reports to the OC via CMOPS. It is focusing on completing its
       whitepaper on Frequency Responsive Reserves. This document should
       be ready for posting on the WECC website prior to August 2005.

      Contingency Reserve Identification Task Force (CRITF)
       CRITF reports to the OC via ISAS. It has produced a proposal for utilizing
       Electronic Tagging to identify the Control Area responsible for providing
       the Contingency Reserves associated with an Interchange Schedule. This
       proposal is currently posted on the WECC website.

      Operating Reserve Standards Task Force (ORSTF)
       The ORSTF reports to the Joint Guidance Committee. It has developed a
       proposal that represents a significant change in the way Contingency
                                                               OC Chair Report
                                                                   OC Meeting
                                                                     June 2005
                                                                        Page 4
      Reserves are currently provided within the Western Interconnection. The
      posting of the ORSTF document expires on June 2, 2005. It is
      recommended that the WECC membership carefully review the document
      and provide comments.

Joint Guidance Committee – Update
The following action items resulted from the April 2005 Joint Guidance
Committee meeting:

1.            A Standards Process Review Task Force will be created to review
              and revise the WECC Standards making process. The Task Force
              will be comprised of two members from each Standing Committee
              and a Chair.

2.            WECC Staff will provide a proposal for e-mail balloting. The
              proposal has been reviewed by the Standing Committee Chairs
              and Vice-Chairs. The proposal will be submitted to the Standing
              Committees for consideration.

WECC Board of Directors Update – OC Issues
The following is a list of OC related issues from the April 2005 Board of Directors

1.            OC Items for Board Approval
              The following OC recommendations were approved by the Board
              without modification unless otherwise noted:
                   OC Vice-Chair – Jerry Rust (NWPP)

                 WECC Standing Committees’ Resolution for Delegation of
                  WECC Board of Directors’ Approval Authority.
                  Modification: The Board modified the Resolution such that
                  only the Board can approve new Control Areas. The original
                  resolution stated that the OC could approve Control Areas
                  based on criteria approved by the Board.

                 June 14, 2004 Westwing Detailed Disturbance Report

                 Changing the name “WECC Compliance Monitoring Review” to
                  “WECC Readiness Audit” and changing the name Compliance
                  Monitoring Work Group (CMWG) to Readiness Audit Work
                  Group (RAWG)
                 Existing Control Area Certification
      o California Mexico Control Areas – California Independent System
        Operator (CISO)
                                                                    OC Chair Report
                                                                        OC Meeting
                                                                         June 2005
                                                                            Page 5
           o Northwest Control Areas – Portland General Electric Company (PGE)
             and Public Utility District No. 1 of Douglas County (DOPD)
                              Change in language of MORC 2.A.1 to explicitly state that
                               some loss of load or controlled separation of individual systems
                               may be required to minimize the overall severity of
                              WECC Guideline for Time Synchronization of Protection,
                               Control and Monitoring
                              UFAS Administrative Practice 009 (AP009) – Changes to
                               Interchange Transactions During Active USF Events
                               (Restricted Transactions)
                              Refinements to RMS Criteria Agreement to Implement AP009
                               and make non-substantive corrections.
                          Remedial Action Scheme Reliability Subcommittee (RASRS)
                           Scope Statement
                              Revision to the document “Remedial Action Scheme Reliability
                               Subcommittee (RASRS) – Information Required to Assess the
                               Reliability of an RAS / Procedure to Submit an RAS for
                              Business Practice #13 – Real-Time Interchange Schedule
                               Manual Emergency Curtailment
                              Business Practice #17 – Real-Time Processing of Late
                               Electronic Tags
                              WECC Procedure for Reconciling Inadvertent Interchange
                               Reporting Discrepancies
                              Operations Training Subcommittee (OTS) Scope Statement -
                               Exam Review Work Group (ERWG) Scope deleted.
2.                       Other Issues
                         The Board gave approval for the WECC to join NAESB. The
                         Market Interface Committee will act as the primary liaison for
                         NAESB issues that involve the WECC.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steven C. Cobb, Operating Committee Chair

OC Chair Report
   OC Meeting
     June 2005
        Page 6

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