Banking Project I

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                                Bank Comparison Project
     Select 3 financial institutions (at least one credit union) and research the services offered by each
     Present your findings in a simple chart in Microsoft Word or Excel
     Use size 12 font in Times New Roman
     Create a title for your chart; key in bold, all caps and center above table
     Place the names of your institutions across the tops of the rows in boldface letters; initial caps
     Identify each required element (or service) at the beginning of the rows; initial caps, italics
     Shorten the name of each service to a below (shorten the names to 10 characters or less)
     Give a brief answer/description for each topic (some answers may be a simple yes or no or two or
        three words)
Required elements:

1 --Requirement/s to open a student checking account

2 --Monthly fee/s or costs to maintain a checking account

3 --Requirement/s to open a savings account

4 --Monthly fee/s or costs to maintain a savings account

5 --Direct Deposit service (fees, requirements)

6 --Money orders, certified checks (fees, requirements)

7 --Internet banking (process to set up; issues, concerns, problems

8 --Telephone banking (process to set up; issues, concerns, problems

9 --Banking Identity theft program (cost)

10 --Branch offices available near you (List location/s)

11 --Debit/credit card service (requirements, costs)

12 --Mortgage/refinancing/equity lines of credit services (application process, requirements)

13 --Vehicle loans/refinancing services (application process, requirements)

14 --FDIC deposit insurance

15 --Safe deposit boxes (requirements and costs to attain)

16 --Current "Certificate of Deposit" rates

--other important information that you wish to include

    Below is a sample of how to get started with your chart.

                                    Financial Institution Comparison Chart

                           Bank of Georgia             Atlanta National Bank      AAA Federal Credit Union
Opening a Student          $25.00                      $100.00                    $50.00
Checking Account:          Valid Photo ID              Official Photo ID          Driver’s License
                           Social Security No.         SSN and Birth Cert.        Birth Certificate
                           18+ years old               16+ years old              21+ years old