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									  Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester

Volume I Issue II
                      v                      Tevet/Shevat 5764            v    January 2004

• Beginning Years………………7
                                               Scholar in Residence
• Beth El Youth………………….7                             Rabbi David Saperstein
                                                     Please join us for a special weekend of
• B’nei Mitzvah………………...16
                                                     learning and social action with our
• Brotherhood ………………...13                            Scholar in Residence, Rabbi David
• Bulletin Board……………..…..9                          Saperstein, the Director of the Religious Ac-
• Cantor Anesi’s Message.........4   tion Center of Reform Judaism .
• Gifts…………………...……...18
                                                  Friday, January 9, 8:00 pm
                                                       “Judaism and Social Justice”
• Israel Action…………….……. 8

• January at a Glance……....….2       Saturday, January 10, 9:00 am Torah Study
• Joys and Sorrows.…….........17
                                        4:00 pm Program followed by Havdallah
                                              “ Israel: Is Peace Possible?”
• MTNesters….……..….…..….13

• President Ruzow’s Message..6           Sunday, January 11, 10:30 am Breakfast
• Rabbi Davidson’s Message….3
                                        “The Jewish Stake in the 2004 Election”
• Rabbi Miller’s Message…..….5

• Sisterhood………………… . 14
                                             MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.
• Social Action………………...11
                                                SHABBAT SERVICE
• Temple Info………… ……….27
                                                        Friday, January 16, 8 pm
• Upcoming Event Log……..…..9                                     Pastor Rufus A. Strother
• Worship & Study…… ………20                                                and members of the
                                                        Antioch Baptist Church in Bedford
• Yahrzeits…………..…………21
                                                      Hills will join us in celebrating the life
                                                         and vision of the
Israel Day                                            Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  February 8
   (see back cover
      for details)                                               (see page 9 for more info)
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                     JANUARY 2004                         www.bethelnw.org

    Institute For Jewish Studies: Sign Up For Spring!
 *Introduction to Judaism, Part II, with Sandy Kellogg. Tuesday, 7:00 - 8:15 pm.
 February 24 – March 30, April 13 An overview of Jewish life, belief and practice. Open to
 those who are new to Judaism as well as those who simply wish to learn more. The course cur-
 riculum will focus on Jewish holidays and life cycle events, how to create a Jewish home as
 well as the Jewish concept of God, religious practice and our identity as a people. This is meant
 to be an informal hands-on learning experience where you are encouraged to be curious. No
 question or concern is unimportant!
 *Beginning Hebrew, Part II, with Carmel Sauerhaft. Tuesday, 8:30 - 9:30 pm.
 February 24 – March 30, April 13 Focus on the alphabet, basic grammar and key vocabulary.
 Learn to read from the prayer book and become more comfortable participating in services.
 *Modern Jewish Thought, with Rabbi Joshua Davidson, Thursday 7:15 – 8:15 pm. Feb 26 –
 April 1, April 15 Explore the philosophies of modern Jewish theologians Rosenzweig, Buber,
 Heschel, Rubenstein, Fackenheim, Soloveitchik and Borowitz. As these thinkers challenge us,
 we will challenge them and one another while delving more deeply into our own beliefs. Our pa-
 perback textbook for this class, Choices in Modern Jewish Thought, by Eugene Borowitz, will
 be available for purchase at the first session.
 *The Wisdom of the Bible: Ecclesiastes and Job, with Rabbi Alan Fuchs, Thursday 8:30 –
 9:30 pm, Feb 26 – April 1, April 15 The Wisdom literature of the Bible consists of two of the
 most interesting books in all of Biblical Literature—Job and Ecclesiastes. We will attempt to
 study both, but may only find our way through the former. Job struggles with one of the most
 profound questions of life—why people suffer. He believes that suffering often is unjust. Eccle-
 siastes also recognizes the pain of the human condition, but only observes. The questions
 asked in this book are very different from Job. Both books are an attempt to understand. They
 conclude very differently, but that may be because they also began in very different places.
 Through reading and discussion we, too, will struggle, as did they.

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  *Checks Payable to: Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester
  *Fees apply only to those courses offered in the Institute for Jewish Studies and not other Lifelong
  Learning programs at Temple Beth El.
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                             JANUARY 2004                              www.bethelnw.org

                           Message from Rabbi Davidson

                       I     srael was born out of
                             struggle. True of the man,
                        it was also true of the nation.
                                                            distraught that he might kill Esau in self-defense.
                                                                 Israel is trying to fight the just fight. But despite the
                                                            army’s efforts to protect innocent Palestinians and their
                                                            human rights while hunting down those who use them as
                        The patriarch Jacob, attacked       human shields, Israel will continue to be portrayed as the
                        in dark of night by an              goliath, striving to protect its citizens in a war against a
                        unknown assailant, strove till      desperate people fighting for political sovereignty. And
                        dawn before limping away            without a reliable negotiating partner, Israel must
 with a victory and the name “Israel.” The modern           continue to lead for both sides, straddling battle lines of
 state, invaded in dark of night by its neighbors at the    the utmost moral complexity.
 hour of its independence, still yearns painfully for           Israelis know the matzav, the situation, is not black and white
 security, recognition and peace.                           and consider how best to respond. Out of this internal debate, a
     In the naming of characters and places the Bible       number of alternative, unofficial peace plans have emerged.
 often provides its own etymologies: “Your name             Former Israeli security chief Ami Ayalon and Palestinian uni-
 shall no longer be Jacob, but Israel, for you have         versity president Sari Nusseibeh have published a petition
 striven with beings divine and human, and have pre-        signed by 100,000 Israelis and 70,000 Palestinians. Another
 vailed” (Genesis 32: 29). In the patriarch’s instance,     effort, the Geneva Accord calls for a non-militarized Palestinian
 the “human beings” may refer to his father-in-law          state in virtually all of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Most
 Laban and his brother Esau. The former would have          Jewish settlements would be evacuated; those on the border
 deprived him of his livelihood and his love, the latter    would belong to Israel in exchange for other lands. The Pales-
 of his life. The “divine being” Jacob believes to          tinians would control sections of East Jerusalem and the Islamic
 have been his mysterious assailant, but perhaps it         holy sites on the Temple Mount, to which Israelis would have
 was his own conscience. (According to the                  access guaranteed by an international force. Israel would deter-
                                                            mine the number of Palestinians to settle inside its borders, thus
   The modern state of Israel, which                        assuring it remains a Jewish state.
                                                                 The architects of the Geneva plan are former Israeli
    was invaded in dark of night by                         justice minister Yossi Beilin and former Palestinian
       its neighbors, still yearns                          Authority information minister Yasir Abed Rabbo. Both
                                                            had been involved in official negotiations prior to January
   painfully for security, recognition                      2001 when formal talks collapsed. Since then, they have
               and peace                                    continued their discussions as private citizens, reaching
                                                            this “virtual” final status agreement.
 commentator Rashi, the blessing of the new name,               Groups on both sides have labeled Beilin and Rabbo
 Israel, exonerates the patriarch of his former treat-      traitors. But M.J. Rosenberg, currently of the Israel
 ment of his brother – the swindling of birthright and      Policy Forum and formerly of AIPAC, disagrees:
 blessing, which weigh heavily upon him.)                   “There are those, especially in Israel, who say that ne-
     Israel, today, struggles with forces human and         gotiating unofficially with the other side is treasonous.
 divine. As it strives for peaceful coexistence with its    But Israelis (on the right as well as on the left) have
 Arab neighbors and as its leaders attempt to defend its    been doing it for years. There were unofficial negotia-
 citizens against murderous terror, they simultaneously     tions with Jordanians, Egyptians, Palestinians and Syri-
 wrestle with the divine notions of compassion and fair-    ans long before such negotiations became official. That
 ness -- the needs to minimize civilian casualties on the   is how peace gets made, and not only in the Middle
 Palestinian side and for Palestinian self-rule.            East.” According to a recent survey, majorities of
     According to the Torah, when Jacob at last en-         Israelis and Palestinians support the solutions proposed
 countered his brother Esau after decades of estrange-      in the accord. (Even Likud Party leaders publicly
 ment, Jacob was both fearful and distraught. Why           acknowledge that the vision of a Greater Israel is
 does the text say both fearful and distraught?             untenable, and that a Palestinian State must be formed
 According to Rabbi Yehuda bar Ilai, though Jacob
                                                            soon to preserve Israel’s identity as Jewish and
 feared he would be killed by Esau, he was also
                                                            democratic.)                     [continued on next page]
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                            JANUARY 2004                           www.bethelnw.org

                              Message from Rabbi Miller

                    I     can recall the day in middle
                         school when my teacher chal-
                    lenged us with a riddle. She wrote on
                                                                fillah, on those Shabbat mornings without a Bar or
                                                                Bat Mitzvah. This remarkable prayer book will serve
                                                                as the official one of Reform Judaism when it is
                                                                printed in 2005. By using new prayer books last
                    the board, “The pen is mightier than        year, we broadened our horizons. These prayer
                    the sword.” Turning to face the class,      books enabled Temple Beth El members to engage
she asked how this could be true. My classmates offered         in prayer through different language and worship
many creative solutions from 10-foot pens, to James             experiences.
Bond lasers, all of which amused our teacher.
                                                                   While Mishkan Tefillah will be the official prayer
    Today, those words carry a power greater than that of       book of the Reform Movement, there are other
any sword. The written word can cut deeper into a per-          books used in Reform congregations. As our values
son’s soul than any blade–and it can inspire people to act      and perceptions of Judaism change, authors write
in ways which brute force cannot. Words have the power          new books which express these ideas in ways that
to determine our perception of events around us. The            our old liturgy could not.
written word has played a particularly strong role in the
existence of the Jewish people. Scrolls and texts have
allowed us to carry the story of our people from genera-          As our values and perceptions of
tion to generation.                                                Judaism change, authors write
    Beyond recording the history of our people, books              new books which express these
have also influenced the way in which we perform rituals,         ideas in ways that our old liturgy
worship, and celebrate holidays. Since the invention of
the printing press, no book has impacted the life of a Jew-                  could not
ish community like that of the prayer book. A prayer
book serves as a map, a guide for understanding how a
community identifies and defines itself, its beliefs, and its       This year we are using Paths of Faith (written
religious practices. Open up any prayer book and you can        by our late Rabbi Chaim Stern) during those Shab-
learn volumes about the people who use it. Does it have         bat morning services when we are not also cele-
English translation or prayers in the local vernacular?         brating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. This final addition
Does the prayer book open from right to left or left to         to Rabbi Stern’s liturgical collection combines
right? What prayers are omitted, edited, or added? Is it        many of his previous efforts under a single cover.
gender sensitive?                                               Similar in style and format to the familiar Gates of
                                                                Prayer series, Paths of Faith adds new pieces in-
    In recent decades, thanks to the efforts of Rabbi           cluding meditations in the margins, the return of
Chaim Stern, Temple Beth El has been blessed to experi-         more traditional Hebrew language, and new trans-
ence different prayer books and see the direction of the        lations from Rabbi Stern.
Reform Movement as it took shape. From the develop-
ment of a prayer book with modern English poetry and               In November, several of you came to Shabbat
translation with the original Gates of Prayer, through the      services to experience Paths of Faith. I hope that
evolution the gender sensitive version that we use today,       you will join us on those future dates when we
to the development of additional prayer books including         pray with Paths of Faith as we continue to
On the Doorposts of Our House and Gates of Joy. Each            broaden our prayer horizons. All of these
of these prayer books offered members of the congrega-          programs are made possible by the Prayer Book
tion a chance to experience new liturgy while giving            Fund, which helps to maintain our collection of
them a window view of Reform Judaism’s constant                 prayer books—replacing those that are lost or
growth.                                                         damaged—and also enables us to purchase new
                                                                ones. Without your support, our Prayer Book Fund
  Last year Temple Beth El served as a test site for the        would not be able to fulfill this function. Thank
new prayer book of the Reform Movement, Mishkan Te-             you for all of your help.
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                          JANUARY 2004                       www.bethelnw.org

                       Message from President Ruzow
 E     very two years, Jews from North Amer-
       ica come to a Biennial Convention,
 which is held in various locations in the
                                                        of the Union for Reform Judaism. The URJ was
                                                        formerly known as the Union of American
                                                        Hebrew Congregations (UAHC). The URJ’s
 United States. The 67th Biennial was held this         primary mission is to create and sustain vibrant
 past November in Minneapolis. Members of               Jewish congregations wherever Reform Jews live.
 our congregation, board of trustees, and clergy        It provides leadership and vision to Reform Jews
 attended this year’s Biennial as they have in          of spiritual, ethical, and political issues as well as
 the past.                                              materials and consultation for programs in the
     To say the least, it’s quite a spiritual expe-     congregation. The URJ supports the training of
 rience. The five days of the convention are            our Rabbis and Cantors, and other Jewish
 filled with opportunities to study, pray, sing,        professionals. It runs summer camps throughout
 learn, teach, and schmooze. Our Cantor, Dana           the country and youth programming for our
 Anesi, and our educational director, Rick              congregations.
 Abrams, were presenters and performers.                   There were people of all ages who attended the
     Why do we go? In my case, it was an op-            Biennial this year and most impressive was 150
 portunity to talk with Temple presidents               college students and 250 teenagers who came to
 throughout the country, finding out how dif-           learn and participate. In fact Danny Ruzow and
 ferent congregations handle different situa-           Marisa Kane represented our Temple Youth dele-
 tions. It was also an opportunity to learn about       gation. This was an opportunity for the students to
                                                        strengthen their commitment to Reform Judaism.
                                                        They attended their own workshops and interacted
 The ideas and experiences from                         with their peers, scholars, and were able to share
    these Biennial sessions help                        their vision for the future.
 bring about many of the changes                            One of the initiatives delivered by Rabbi Eric
                                                        Yoffie, president of the URJ, was the study or “10
  that have taken place at Temple                       Minutes of Torah,” which emphasized that “Torah
       Beth El over the years                           study is the motor that drives Jewish Life.” The
                                                        URJ will offer a daily online study program that
                                                        will be available at no cost to every synagogue
 what is going on in Israel, issues concerning          member. Online registration will entitle you to
 church (synagogue) and state, trends in the            receive study materials five mornings a week:
 reform movement in both liturgy and song.              Monday-Torah; Tuesday-Social Action; Wednes-
 There were more than 150 workshops that                day-Israel Connections; Thursday-Jewish Ethics,
 covered every aspect of synagogue life. There          and Friday-Jewish World. You can register at
 were sessions on social justice issues, syna-          www.urj.org/torah/ten.
 gogue finances, worship, and membership.
 While some may question the importance of
 the Biennial, the ideas and experiences from
 these sessions help bring about many of the               There is a regional Biennial Convention, which
 changes that have taken place at Temple Beth           will be held in Greenwich, Connecticut, next
 El over the years. The changes are often sub-          year. It’s shorter than the National Biennial, but it
 tle, but they reflect the national trends that are     will be packed with similar opportunities to learn
 occurring within the reform movement.                  and grow as Reform Jews. Given its proximity to
     One of the biggest changes that occurred at        Beth El, please consider attending.
 the Biennial concerns our name. Temple Beth
 El of Northern Westchester is now a member
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                                    JANUARY 2004                           www.bethelnw.org

   Rabbi Davidson’s Message                                              Message From Cantor Anesi
(continued from previous page) Early in December I at-
tended a briefing with Mr. Beilin, Mr. Rabbo and their negotiat-
ing teams. Speaking with surprising candor of the wrongs each
side believed the other has perpetrated, they nonetheless asserted
that in reaching their agreement, neither made any sacrifices –
                                                                                          I     t’s Friday night and there are
                                                                                                drums, electric guitars, and
                                                                                          rock music… what is going on
                                                                                          here at Temple Beth El?
compromises, yes; but not sacrifices. Sacrifice – the ongoing                                 If it’s Friday night, February 6,
bloodshed – was what their initiative aimed to prevent.                  2004, it’s “The Rock Service” which will be what
    The accord is not perfect; even the leadership of Israel’s left is
                                                                         you (likely) imagine. A colleague, Cantor Bruce
divided over its solutions for Jerusalem and the Palestinian
                                                                         Benson, has composed wonderful music for the
“right of return.” And Beilin and Rabbo suffer no delusions –
they realize their agreement is unofficial. “The decision-makers         service that will take place here that evening. In
– in the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority, in
Washington and elsewhere – can use it, modify it or ignore it,”
they said. But their work should kindle hope in a dark time that          On February 6, we will experience
a solution and partners to negotiate it do exist. “As private citi-       “The Rock Service.” That’s rock,
zens,” they concluded, “we have done about as much as
anybody can do in a situation that has become totally unbear-
                                                                                 as in rock music
able. Now it is up to our leaders.”                                      addition to the many instruments, it will also
    Just as in Israel there exists a diversity of opinion about how      involve members of our Adult and Junior Choirs,
best to proceed, so too within the American Jewish community             as well as myself and Cantor Benson. And while
there is debate. But tragically, an emerging outgrowth of many           we would always ensure that the Shabbat evening
American Jews’ opposition to the current Israeli government’s            service is treated with respect, and includes vari-
policies is a feeling of disconnect with the land and state of           ous elements you would expect, we will also hear
Israel altogether. As a result, Israel has been relegated to the
                                                                         many new melodies accompanied in a manner that
                                                                         will be different than our usual worship.
       Join us on February 8 for a day                                      So join us at 7:15. It is a Family service—we will
         of study and conversation                                       have a wonderful and memorable evening! And be-
                                                                         ginning on Tuesday, January 27, we will begin re-
       about Israel’s place in our lives                                 hearsals for this year’s Purim shpeil (play). Purim
                                                                         will be celebrated on Saturday night, March 6, at
periphery of many American Jews’ religious identity. This                7:15, and would not be complete without a comic
unfortunate phenomenon must be addressed. We have a right to             send-up of some kind on the Megillah, which will
disagree with Israel’s leadership, as Israelis do, but we cannot
                                                                         include dialogue and music. Our rehearsals will be
divorce Israel from our Jewish identity. We are Am Yisrael.
                                                                         from 7:00 to 8:00; all ages are welcome, and talent is
Israel is central to who we are as a people. For Abraham it
signaled a newfound faith, for Moses the hope of freedom, for            not a prerequisite! Please call me with questions.
Ezra and Nehemiah a return home. For Yehuda Halevy, Israel                  Wishing you a happy “secular” New Year!
was the song of his heart. So it is ours.
    I hope you will join us on Sunday, February 8 for Temple
Beth El’s Yom Iyun L’Yisrael, a day of study and conversation
                                                                               Cantor Anesi in Concert!
about Israel’s place in our texts and in our lives. We will discuss      On Thursday, April 1, at 7:30 pm Cantor Anesi
the peace process, religious pluralism and so much more.                 will be performing in a cantorial concert at
    While we have a right to disagree, we do not have a                  Congregation Rodeph Sholom , 7 West 83rd
right to turn away. Being Israel means wrestling through                 Street in Manhattan. All proceeds will benefit the
the darkness, striving to lift the rays of hope above the                Student Scholarship Find of the School of Sacred
horizon. Being Israel means not letting go of the vision                 Music. For more information contact Matthew
of swords beaten into plowshares, the dream of peace. So                 Crosby at Rodeph Sholom at 212 362-8800, ext.
may we always be. Amen.                                                  8108.
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                            JANUARY 2004                              www.bethelnw.org

                                 Israel Action Committee
    **The mission of the committee is to provide support for the State of Israel, the people of Israel
        and to Jerusalem, its capital, and to foster a deep connection with Israel and its people.**
     This committee has been busy with many new and exciting projects. We have successfully had out
 first “Roses for Israel” sale. We sold 65 dozen, with a profit of $538. The roses were grown, picked and
                      packed at the greenhouse of Moshav Sde Nitzan (74 families), in the Negev at the
                      southwest corner of Israel near the Gaza Strip at the Egyptian border. We will be
                      selling roses in February for Tu B’shvat. Please look for a flyer with details and or-
                      dering instructions.
                          Thanks to all the festival volunteers at the Israeli Festival and
                      Marketplace: Rabbi Davidson, Rabbi Miller, Cantor Anesi, Jr.
 Choir, Rita Benzer, Sharon Chernick, Randi Childs, Barbara Golden, Rhonda Hurwitz,
 Phyllis Kirshner, Joan Lees, Gail Leitman, Tobi and Gene Nadel, Ilene and Howard
 Phillips, Leslie Resnick, Stacy Akselrod, Shelley Schwartz, Jill Wainer and Ann Wray.
 Thanks also to the Opportunity Shop for donations of three wedding gowns and some baby cloths that
 will be sent to needy children and brides in Israel. Please continue to support the Opportunity Shop. If
 you would like to volunteer to help, please contact Shelley Schwartz at 238-0721.
         **Don’t Forget Yom Iyun L’Yisrael-Israel Day on February 8**

  *What is ARZA? The Association of Reform Zionists of America. Together with
 The World Union for Progressive Judaism, ARZA/World Union, North America
 serves Progressive Jewish communities throughout the world. It is an affiliate of the
 Union for Reform Jusaism.
 *What is the organization’s mission? It furthers the development of Progressive Judaism in Israel and throughout
 the world. It strives to strengthen Jewish solidarity, promoting religious pluralism and furthering Zionism .
  *Why does ARZA/WORLD UNION need our help in Israel? We support the Israel Religious Action Center that
 fights for religious rights for Reform Jews, new immigrants and all Israelis in the courts! Our fight for equal rights in
 Israel is a struggle. Even as we call for unity among Jews in Israel’s time of need, the Ultra-Orthodox fight to prevent
 our movement from establishing congregations and centers and legitimizing Reform conversions and marriages. We
 have more than 40 congregations, kibbutzim and chavurot in Israel and our membership is growing rapidly. Hebrew
 Union College in Jerusalem is not only where our first year American rabbinic students study, but is also preparing an
 increasing number of Israelis to become Reform rabbis.
 *Why does ARZA/World Union need our help in Jewish communities in the rest of the world? There are about
 two million Jews in the former Soviet Union. We now have more than 100 Reform congregations and centers there
 but only three Reform rabbis. In Germany, there are 13 liberal congregations and the country has the fastest growing
 Jewish community in the world – more than 100,000 Jews!! A new congregation is forming in Warsaw, Poland.
     Anti-Semitism is all over. Fellow Jews need our help and support. Our congregation is proud that we are a
 dues check-off member of ARZA/WORLD UNION since 1990, and that Rabbi Joshua Davidson is taking our
 congregants on an ARZA Solidarity Mission to Israel on May 30. Join us in this great enterprise! Let this be
 your year to share this unforgettable, wonderful experience! Join with us in preparing our Israel Day and work
 with the Israel Action Committee. Most important – if you haven’t sent your $36 ARZA dues before, send
 your check now, payable to Temple Beth El, and write ARZA in the corner. For further information, call
 Aileen Gluck, 666-7195 or Carmel Sauerhaft 238-6871 (ARZA co-chairs) or Shelley Schwartz, 238-0721
 (Israel Action Committee Chair).
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                           JANUARY 2004                            www.bethelnw.org

                                            Beth El Youth
            BESTY                                    BEMSY                                 CLUB 5/6
  Beth El Synagogue Teen                    Beth El Middle School                     Beth El Youth Group
  Youth (9th-12th Grades)                  Youth (7th & 8th Grades)                   (5th and 6th Grades)
BESTY offers an opportunity for Beth      Beth El Middle School Youth               Club 5/6 has a busy calendar
El teens to build friendships, develop
                                          (BEMSY) provides programming              for this Spring . Open to all
lifelong Reform Jewish identities, and
                                          for 7th and 8th grade students at         5th and 6th grade students,
leadership skills through community
building, worship, social action, and     Beth El. BEMSY seeks to create            Club 5/6 provides programs
experiential youth-led Jewish educa-      an atmosphere for middle school           that help develop friendships,
tional programming.                       students to socialize, develop            experience Jewish education
   BESTY takes to the slopes –            friendships, and experience               and create a positive associa-
Come along to Killington, VT.,            Judaism outside of Religion               tion with the synagogue.
from January 19-21 for some               School. BEMSY also provides               Save these dates for some fun
snowy fun. $300/person includes:          leadership opportunities for those        activities:
Bus, lodging, lift tickets, breakfasts    members interested in planning            February 1: Polaroid Scaven-
& dinners. Reserve your spot today!       events.                                   ger Hunt
                                                                                    February 29: Mystery Bus Ride
Iron Chefs comes to Beth El as                               Check your             March 28: Program TBA
BESTYites compete in a no-flour                              mailbox for fly-        Rabbi Adam Miller is the
barred competition. Cookies and treats                       ers on upcom-          advisor for Club 5/6. Any
will be donated to local shelters.                           ing events. If         parents wishing to volunteer are
                                          you have any questions or would           encouraged to contact Rabbi
If you have any questions or would like   like further information about            Miller. If you have any questions
further information on events, please     BEMSY programs, contact Billy             contact Rabbi Miller at 238-
contact Rabbi Miller at 238-3928 x 212.   Tiep at 238-3928.                         3928 x 212

                                          Beginning Years
 We are getting used to the cold weather and the children are bundled up in their snowsuits
 going out to the playground. They are having a terrific time in the snow, making snowballs
 and snow people and using little shovels. Inside, some of the classes are making vegetable
 soup to have at snack time to help to keep warm. Even though this is the cold season, you can
 feel so much warmth and coziness at Beginning Years.

 I think that is the element that people appreciate about our school. The staff is caring, loving
 and extremely nurturing. Those are the key ingredients to help children adjust and feel safe at
 school. Families come here and find a very supportive environment. Children come here and learn and grow in a
 very warm environment. Children learn to socialize and develop their intellectual and motor skills under the guid-
 ance of a skilled, professional staff.

 The children also learn to appreciate their Jewish heritage. They learn about the holidays and Shabbat by listening
 to stories and singing songs. On Shabbat they meet with the clergy on the bimah. This helps them to identify and
 learn about the people in the Temple. I think the most wonderful thing is when a parent tells me that their child is
 helping them to say the blessings at home. They are also singing the Shabbat songs that they learn at school in
 their homes. Many of the nursery school parents are learning Jewish culture along with their child. We are all part
 of one community, feeling good about being part of Temple Beth El. Janet Goldstein, Early Childhood Director
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                          JANUARY 2004                          www.bethelnw.org

                                 January Bulletin Board
  Leap Into Reading: The Book Club Meets!                               Temple Beth El Will Offer
The date: February 29, 11:00 am, in the Temple Library                 Two Bereavement Groups
The Book: Chaim Potok’s Men At Midnight, which is
three novellas linked by a single character, Ilana                        *FOR THOSE WHO HAVE
Davita Dinn. Her experiences carry us from the Holo-                    RECENTLY LOST SPOUSES:
caust to the Kremlin's doctor's plot to the quieter ter-               Wednesdays, January 7, 14, 21, 28,
rors of old age. Her life touches those of three very                    February 4, 11, 25, March 3 at
different men—stories that encompass some of the                                   11:45-1:15pm
profoundest themes of the twentieth century. This is a                  *FOR THOSE WHO HAVE RE-
book you won’t be able to put down, with lots of food                 CENTLY LOST PARENTS: Wednes-
for thought and discussion. Please join us. All are welcome.          days, April 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19, June
Any questions call Ann Glazer: 762-6695.                                        2, 9 at 7:30-9:00pm
                                                                        Anyone interested or who has ques-
                                                                        tions please call Rabbi Davidson's
        Help Those In Need!                                                 Study at 238-3928, ext. 223
The Mitzvah Committee, which helps congregants in need
throughout the year, has been very busy. During the past year,
we purchased a grove of trees in Israel to serve as a garden of
                                                                             Save The Date
remembrance for members of the congregation who have                      SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 2004
passed away, provided many meals of consolation for be-                             MITZVAH DAY!
                  reaved congregants, help families who were            We invite all congregants and families,
                  sitting shiva, and delivered gifts to new par-     including the Nursery School families, to be
                  ents in the congregation. In the year ahead,       part of this spiritually rewarding experience.
                  we hope to develop a corps of people to visit        We are soliciting ideas for projects as well
                  the elderly and provide rides to services and        as personnel to help organize the day. To
                  doctor’s appointments for home-bound                make this the most fulfilling and enriching
Temple members. Anyone interested in helping with this new            Temple experience possible we need help.
program should contact Phyllis Biren, 238-3909, or                    Please join in our efforts. The Mitzvah Day
LBLearn@aol.com.                                                     Committee Chairpersons are Barbara Mohl,
    Volunteering requires only a minimal amount of time—but          Rhonda Mishkind, Amy Grossman and Ray
the rewards are immeasurable. We also welcome new volun-              Topkis. You can contact the Mitzvah Day
teers in any of the following areas: Meals of Consolation,              Committee by contacting the Temple at
please contact Ellen Gellert, 666-0672; Leading a minyan for          238-3928 or email us at bethelnw@yahoo.com
a family sitting shiva, please contact Gloria Meisel 273-1695;              utilizing the password Mitzvah.
Delivering baby gifts to new parents, please contact Ellen
Wlody, 238-4152.
     Members of the congregation can also purchase a tree in
the Temple’s grove to commemorate a special occasion or
mark the passing of a loved one. If you are interested, please
call Charlene Berman at 238-4814.                                    Dear Congregants: I would like to thank you for
    Many Temple members helped us in a variety of ways during        all the kind notes, phone calls, prayers and ex-
this year and we offer heartfelt thanks to all of them, including:   pressions of kindness during my illness. I cannot
Karen Brown, Dr. Ron Maitland, Jill Stewart, Marsha Veit, Sheri      tell you how much this means to me, the support
Rifkin, Kathy Bergstein, Janine Bronen, Sandra Flank, Leslie         you show and continue to show on a daily basis
                                                                     helps this process move along with a smile. I
Hinderstein, Helaine Gulergan, Dana Wiston, Rona Feuer, Robin        thank each and every one of you and hopefully
Thea, Amy Grossman, Mae Rolle, and Dianne Spitalny.                  soon I will be back as before.
                                                                         With great appreciation, Marian Trustman
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                      JANUARY 2004                         www.bethelnw.org

                               January Bulletin Board
                           Martin Luther King, Jr. Shabbat Service
                                   January 16 at 8:00 pm
                     With special guest Pastor Rufus A. Strother, Jr., of Bedford
                     Hills’ Antioch Baptist Church. Join us and participate in
                     celebrating the life and vision of the great civil rights leader.
                     Guests from other Northern Westchester congregations, as
well as members of the Antioch Baptist Church, will be joining us.
    Pastor Strother has been serving Antioch Baptist Church for the last 38 years
and is a member of numerous Westchester Boards and committees. In recognition of
his extensive community involvement, the town of Bedford honored him by naming
the street adjacent to the Antioch Baptist Church, Strother Crossing.

              Don’t Miss This!                            Or This! Join us on
    The Tu B’shvat Family Seder will be held on           Friday, February 27, for
          February 7, 9:00 am to 10:15 am.                Author, Poet and Mitzvah
                                                          Hero Danny Siegel, who will
                                                          be speaking at our service at
                                                          8:00 pm. He will also be with
      Upcoming Event Log                                  us for a Congregational Havdallah on
Date      Event                 Sponsoring Committee      Saturday, February 28 at 5:00 pm.
1/10-12    Scholar in Residence       Lifelong Learning
1/16      King Shabbat Service        Social Action
1/18      Kittle House brunch         MTNesters               It Was Snow Problem
1/19-21    Ski Trip                   Besty
2/1       Polaroid Scavenger Hunt Club5/6                 On December 14, despite rain, sleet and
2/6       The Rock Shabbat Service                        snow, the Pleasantville Cottage School
2/7       Tu B’Shvat Family Seder Worship                 Holiday party went on as planned. More
2/8       Yom Iyun L’Yisrael           Israel Action      than 70 children from both the Cottage
2/27      Tzedakah/Danny Siegel       Social Action       School and The Edenwald Center partici-
2/28      Congregational Havdallah Lifelong Learning      pated and fun was had by all! There was a
2/29      Mystery Bus Ride            Club 5/6            fabulous DJ, a magician, pizza, prizes and,
2/29      Book Club Meeting           Lifelong Learning   of course, plenty if gifts. We would like to
3/28      Ecumenical Seder            Social Action       thank all those members of Temple Shaaray
3/28      Conscience Consultation Social Action           Tefila and Temple Beth El who contributed
4/1       Cantorial Concert                               so generously to this event.
4/24      Starlight Ball             Social Action
4/23-25   Mitzvah Weekend            Social Action
5/9       Million Mom March          Social Action             Welcome, New Members
                                                            Leslie and Stephen Kuhn with children Alyssa, 8,
                                                                    Peter, 6, Willa, 3 and Nicholas, 1.
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                       JANUARY 2004                         www.bethelnw.org

                             Social Action Committee
                    Starlight Ball Dinner-Dance                                April 24, 2004

          This event has two purposes. First, it honors our Presidents for their dedication and commitment.
        Second, it will help raise money to make Temple Beth El handicap accessible. The evening will fea-
         ture dinner, dancing and a silent auction. All proceeds from the auction will be used for modifying
        the Temple so it can be more accessible for the physically challenged. To be successful, we need do-
        nations of auction items—if you or someone you know can donate an item or services please fill out
        the form below and send it to the Temple. If you have any questions please call any of the following:
 Wendy Wolf (238-8262), Susan Pecker (941-5374), Patricia Nissim (666-0920) or Sheila Crespi (238-8994).

  The Starlight Ball Dinner-Dance Silent Auction Contribution Form




  Email __________________________________________________

  Please circle appropriate category:

  Tickets            Professional Services              Dinner Artwork

  Sports Memorabilia           Jewelry                  Wine       Cooking

  Parties for Children                 Vacation Home Getaway

  Clothing               Electronics            Other

  Description of Contribution (include any applicable blackout dates): _______________________


  Contribution Value $____________________
  (Include a picture or other material that can be used for display)

  Business/Person Name to be Published in Brochure____________________________
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                    JANUARY 2004                        www.bethelnw.org

                             SISTERHOOD CENTERFOLD

     TRI-TEMPLE LUNCHEON 1/14/04                                        Neither Snow Nor Sleet….
                                                                        6th Annual Chanukah Book
On Wednesday, January 14 at 11:30am , Sisterhood                            & Gift Fair Recap
of Temple Beth El warmly welcomes our friends from                                   Gail Schreier
Temples Shaaray Tefila and Bet Torah as we host the
                                                           For the second week in a row, my husband
           Annual Tri Temple Luncheon.                     started quoting the advance weekend weather
                                                           reports on Monday; by Friday my looks said,
     We are pleased to have as our guest speaker           “This is not a good topic!” The first “Nor’easter
      Janine Rose, News Director/Anchor of                 of 2003” convinced us all to cancel. By
         Westchester's Channel 12 News.                    comparison, the second one seemed relatively
                                                           harmless, and wasn’t supposed to start until 12
     Lunch will be catered by Mount Kisco Seafood.         noon. Instead of noon, it started at 7:30, and
                Cost: $18 or Seniors $12                   not only was it snow, it was ice and sleet too!
              Please send checks ASAP to:
                     Myra Borchard                         Not as many vendors or volunteers came as
        21 James Road, Mount Kisco, NY 10549               expected, but enough hearty souls braved the
                                                           elements and for the 6th year in a row, the
                                                           Chanukah Book & Gift Fair was a success.
                           SAVE THE DATE
                          5th ANNUAL WWW                   Many thanks to the people who helped:

                           MARCH 14, 2004
                                                           Planning, Ordering, Shopping: Gail Schreier,
                              4:00 — 7:00                  Charlene Berman, Myra Borchard, Sheila
                                                           Crespi, Dick Goldsmith, Lucille Goldsmith, Amy
                                                           Pappas, Lisa Schneider, Nancy Tilles, Elise
                                                           Wagner, Sheri Rifkin.
 ·     Back by popular demand………………………………...
                                                           Latkes/Hot dogs: Eleanor Altman, Myra
             ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS!                          Borchard, Dick & Lucille Goldsmith.
     The 2003 books are now available and ready for        Hot Dog/Candy stand: Alan, Lauren, and Lisa
     immediate use. Get discounts on air travel, hotels,   Schreier.
     restaurants, retail stores and much more!             Judaica Shop: Charlene Berman, Sheila Crespi,
                                                           Sharon Fishman, Jane Goldman, Shari Harris,
     COST: $35 (a portion of this goes to Sisterhood).
                                                           Phyllis Reff, Karla Rubinger, Bonnie Weill.
 ·   STEW LEONARD’S CERTIFICATES!                          Breakfast: Mel Ehrlich.
     Help Sisterhood every time you shop at
     Stew’s! Certificates are always available and         A very special mention to:
     can be used in the wine shop, garden store,           -Jane and John Goldman for loaning us their
     flower and catering departments, as well as           authentic Sabrett’s hotdog cart.
                                                            -Alice Lutwak, Marion Trustman and Eileen
     throughout the store. Send checks payable to
                                                           Gehebe in the Temple office for help with
                                                           flyers, phone calls, planning
     Slansky, 6 Marian Place, Millwood, NY 10546. or       - Sam Adaken, Lester and staff for setting
     call Suzanne at 941-8138 to arrange pick up.          up not once, but twice, and for shoveling,
                                                           cleaning etc.
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                                  JANUARY 2004                          www.bethelnw.org

                   MTNesters                                               Brotherhood News
  Here’s Some Food For Thought                                      At our brunch on January 11,
                                                                    we will join the Scholar- in-
  In January, to push                                               Residence Weekend and hear
                                                                    David Saperstein. See the
  away the cold and
                                                                    Scholar- in-Residence info else-
  the grumps, we've                                                 where in the Bulletin. If you’ve
  arranged for                                                      never had the opportunity to
  brunch at the Kit-                                                hear him speak, don’t miss it. He’s terrific!
  tle House on Sunday, January 18, at
  1:00 pm. The cost, including gratuity and                         On November 8, the brotherhood went to NYC for
                                                                    dinner and theater. 27 folks participated in a real
  tax, is $35.63. Your check should be
                                                                    fun evening. Dinner was great and the show, No
  made out to Temple Beth El and sent                               Exodus, produced by Amy Singer, daughter of
  att'n: Margaret. Be sure to indicate what                         Harriet & Andy Singer was a laugh riot. It was,
  group and event it is for. Your check will                        as the show warns, not for the “humorless devout”.
  be your reservation. If you have any
  questions regarding this                                          Pictures from the evening which included a
                                                                    talkback with the producer director, writer and the
  event, be sure to call Cliff
                                                                    actors after the show were in last month’s Bulletin.
  Ray at 241 - 0192.                                                A great behind the scenes look at theater and a
                                                                    wonderful time was had by all.

 Opportunity shop pix
                                                                           Temple Snapshots
                                                                     Rabbi Forman pix

 (From left) Aileen Gluck, Beatrice Roseman, Rabbi Adam Miller
 and Phyllis Kirshner at the Opportunity Shop.

 Beth el bowling trip

  Gathering for the Besty Bowling Event, Nov. 2. (From left) Adam    Rabbi David Forman, the director of youth programs for
  Fabrikant, Marissa Kane, Michaelan Hill, Matthew Rubin, Rabbi      URJ Israel, spoke at Temple Beth El during a breakfast
  Miller and Danny Ruzow.                                            on November 9.
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                 JANUARY 2004                        www.bethelnw.org

                       Worship& Study
 January 2/9 Tevet        7:15 pm – Shabbat Worship Service
 Friday                   Torah Portion: Genesis 44:18 – 47:27; Haftarah: Ezckiel: 37:15 - 28

 January 3/9 Tevet        9:15 am – Torah Study
 Saturday                 9:30 am – Junior Congregation
                          10:30 am – Worship Service; Bat Mitzvah: Emily Hyman

 January 9/16 Tevet       8:00 pm – Worship Service – Scholar- in-Residence:
 Friday                   Rabbi David Saperstein
                          Torah Portion: Genesis 47:28 – 50:26; Haftarah: I Kings 2:1 - 12

 January 10/16 Tevet      9:15 am – Torah Study with Rabbi David Saperstein
 Saturday                 9:30 am – Junior Congregation
                          10:30 am – Worship Service; Bat Mitzvah: Brooke Schiowitz

 January 16/23 Tevet      8:00 pm – Worship Service: Martin Luther King, Jr. Shabbat
 Friday                   Torah Portion: Exodus 1:1 – 6:1;
                          Haftarah: Isaiah 27:6 – 28:13; 29:22 - 23

 January 17/23 Tevet      9:15 am – Torah Study
 Saturday                 9:30 am – Junior Congregation
                          10:30 am – Worship Service; Bar Mitzvah: Alexander Bernstein
                          5:00 pm – Worship Service; B’nei Mitzvah: Matthew Jayson &
                          Rebecca Kaplan

 January 23/1 Shevat      8:00 pm – Worship Service
 Friday                   Torah Portion: Exodus 6:2 – 9:35
                          Haftarah: Isaiah 66:1 – 13, 23

 January 24/1 Shevat      9:15 am – Torah Study
 Saturday                 9:30 am – Junior Congregation
                          10:30 am - Worship Service; B’nei Mitzvah: Michael Cherman &
                          Matthew Rubin

 January 30/8 Shevat      8:00 pm – Worship Service
 Friday                   Torah Portion: Exodus 10:1 – 13:16; Haftarah: Jeremiah 46:13 - 28

 January 31/8 Shevat      9:15 am – Torah Study
 Saturday                 9:30 am – Junior Congregation
                          10:30 am – Worship Service; Bat Mitzvah: Julie Gursha
TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                         JANUARY 2004                           www.bethelnw.org

                Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester
            220 South Bedford Road                            Senior Rabbi - Joshua M. Davidson
             Chappaqua, NY 10514                                 Assistant Rabbi - Adam Miller
            Telephone: 914-238-3928                                   Cantor - Dana Anesi
               Fax: 914-238-4030                            Director of Education - Richard Abrams
         Religion School: 914-238-5641                     Beginning Years Nursery School Director -
         Nursery School: 914-238-5735                                    Janet Goldstein
      E-Mail Address: temple@bethelnw.org                      Executive Director - Alice Lutwak

  USING THE PHONE MAIL SYSTEM                                                OFFICERS

          CALL 238-3928, THEN . . .
                                                    David Ruzow               President                  238-5295
211 Life Cycle Emergency
223 Rabbi Joshua M. Davidson (238-8242- home)       Eric Waller               Executive VP               941-8541
212 Rabbi Adam Miller                               Charles Chernick          Vice President             238-0999
213 Cantor Dana Anesi ( 238-7819 - home)            Henry Garrett             Vice President             845-279-6213
221 Alice Lutwak, Executive Director                Steven Kane               Vice President             238-8216
222 Marian Trustman, Office Manager                 Carmel Sauerhaft          Vice President             238-6871
223 Linda Klein, Secretary to Rabbi Davidson        Sheila Spicehandler       Treasurer                  238-4303
224 Eileen Gehebe, Office Assistant                 Cindy Quitt               Asst. Treasurer            762-3154
231 Richard Abrams, Director of Education           Rhonda Mishkind           Recording Secretary        238-5687
232 Maria Sapio, Secretary Religion School          Clifford Ray              Corresponding Secretary    241-0192
241 Janet Goldstein, Beginning Years Nursery        Phyllis Reff              Financial Secretary        238-3549
        School Director
203 Nancy Silver, Secretary Nursery School                                    TRUSTEES
225 Margaret Bartolini, Bookkeeper                  Term Expires 2004      Term Expires 2005    Term Expires 2006
251 Sam Adaken, Building Supervisor                 Neil Aisenson         Ted Altman            Amy Grossman
                                                    Ann Landowne          Cathy Dreilinger      Richard Laster
          E-MAIL ADDRESSES                          Libbie Poppick        Judy Miller           Stephen Mantell
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Temple:             temple@bethelnw.org             Raymond Topkis        Barry Slotnick        Richard Zenker
Rabbi Davidson:     rabbistudy@bethelnw.org                          IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT
Rabbi Miller: :     amiller@bethelnw.org                                    Stephen Adler
Cantor Anesi:       danesi@bethelnw.org                             AFFILIATED ORGANIZAT IONS
Alice Lutwak:       alutwak@bethelnw.org                       Sisterhood President - Karla Shepard Rubinger
(Administration)                                       Brotherhood Co-Presidents - Richard Goldsmith & Richard Miller
Janet Goldstein:    jgoldstein@bethelnw.org                       Youth Group President - Danny Ruzow
(Nursery School)                                      PAST PRESIDENTS-HONORARY MEMBERS OF THE BOARD
Richard Abrams :    rabrams @bethelnw.org            Stanley Amberg - Charlene Berman - Ernest M. Grunebaum - May Rolle
(Religion School)                                                Barry Meisel - Melvin Ehrlich - Gloria Meisel

  For cemetery information:                                  TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN
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TEMPLE BETH EL BULLETIN                   JANUARY 2004   www.bethelnw.org

       Yom Iyun L’Yisrael: Cultivating A
       Spiritual Connection with Israel
   Join Us For A Day Of Exploration, Discovery, Study
  And Learning On Sunday, February 8, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  Workshops Include:
  *Historical Connection to Israel
  *Textual Connection to Israel
  *The Mideast Peace Process
  *Religious Pluralism
  *Preparation for congregational mission to Israel

   **Breakfast (9:00 am to 9:45 am) and Lunch will be served**


 Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester
 220 South Bedford Road
 Chappaqua, NY 10514

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