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					                                      CENTRAL INDIANA CHAPTER
                                 CANINE COMPANIONS FOR INDEPENDENCE

PO Box 55095, Indianapolis, IN 46205          Winter 2005            

                                   CCI. Most recently
    Newsletter on the              representing CCI at the Delta    Congratulations to the
    Chapter website                Theta Tau Craft Show were:       following 2005 Indiana CCI
                                   Pam (Dallas) Chelf (newly        graduate teams: Sam Farmer
In order to reduce costs, the      married) with Aero, Julie        and Harlo (Spencer); Liane
chapter quarterly newsletter       Robinson, Pat and Amy            Jokl and Kaysen (Carmel),
will no longer be mailed to        Rieger, Julie Williams with      Katrina Gossett and Duke
chapter members. It will be        Colt, Carol Lehman with          (Indianapolis); Marjorie
posted on the chapter website      Fergus, Nancy Acree with E-      Eaton and Encore (Highland);
at               ore and Thecla and Katrina       Brooke Kinser and Phoenix
Chapter members will be            Gossett with Duke. Thanks        III (Sulpher); Devin Kirtley
notified via e-mail when a         to each of you for giving your   and Ares (Centerville); Dennis
newsletter is posted. Please       time to help increase            Lawson and McClain
send your e-mail address to        awareness and raise $1,200       (Carmel); Mick Coons and to       for CCI.                         Raymer (Economy); and
be added to the chapter list.                                       Jennifer Paris and Neilson
If you do not have e-mail,         Puppy raising continues to be    (Tell City).
please contact Linda Saunders      very successful for our
at 317-576-0426 for a mailed       chapter with ten CCI pups        Graduating Canine
copy.                              being returned to the North      Companions raised by Indiana
                                   Central Regional Training        puppy raisers were: Omega
  Another Great Year               Center for Advanced Training.    IV, raised by Caren Geppert;
    By Dan O’Brien                 They are: Ares (Puppy Raiser     Athena IV raised by Pam
    Indiana Chapter President      Teresa Buhheit), Maine II        (Dallas) Chelf; Raquel, raised
How quickly the year goes          (PR Nannette Kinney),            by Carla Kittle; Bry, raised
by, especially when you’re         Repton (PR Kathy Gouker),        by John Simkiss; Homby, co-
having fun! 2005 was another       Ashton (PR Amy and Bob           raised by Claudia Fagan and
great year for the Indiana CCI     Kernan), Chasen (PR Scott        Jack Okon; Ares, raised by
Chapter. Our objectives are to     and Jennifer Fogo), Marina       Teresa Buchheit; Chasen,
provide awareness, puppy           (PR Barb Kindred), Radd (PR      raised by Scott and Jennifer
raising and funding to CCI.        Becky and Peter Qualy),          Fogo; Ashton, raised by Amy
How’d we do? Through               Border, (PR Maria Valosky),      and Bob Kernan.
November, we provided more         Harlen (PR Linda and Jeff
than 40 presentations to a         Saunders), Koufax (PR Deb        Over $26,000 has been raised
variety of groups and              Saks). Ten more CCI pups are     this year for CCI in the
individuals. Thank you to          currently learning their basic   central Indiana area. The
everyone who participated in       training with their puppy        chapter has supported many
educating the public about         raisers (listed elsewhere in     events, including the Ermco
                                   this newsletter).                golf tournament which raised
Central Indiana Chapter                                                             Winter 2005
$6,000 for CCI, the poker run    become the 2006 Chapter             at local Sam’s Club stores this
organized by Dave McCreary,      officers:                           year. Sam’s matching grant
and the Delta Theta Tau          President: Scott Fogo               program matches any money
chapter annual craft fair.                                           donated at their store up to
Many thanks to the               Secretary: Cindy Calley             $1,000.00 per store per year.
wonderful supporters for                                             In 2004, we raised $2,000 at
                                 Treasurer: Pam (Dallas) Chelf
their continued generosity and                                       just one store, so this year,
to all chapter members who       Puppy                               we decided to go for three!
helped make these fundraising    Coordinator/Communications
events so successful             Manager: Linda Saunders             At the Greenwood store event
                                 Newsletter Editor: Nancy Jo         in May, $500 was raised and
Thank you to all the             Acree                               Sam’s matched that for a total
wonderful CCI volunteers                                             of $1,000. At the northeast
                                 Official election will be held at
who helped make 2005 a very                                          store in June, we took in
                                 the next chapter meeting, 2:00
successful year! Thanks          – 5:00 on December 18 at the        $1001 in donations.
especially to the great          home of Scott and Jennifer          Unfortunately, that store had
leadership team who fully        Fogo, 3435 Eden Way Place,          nearly run out of matching
                                 Carmel. All members present
committed themselves to                                              funds (this is a popular
                                 are eligible to vote or add
CCI in 2005. They are: Linda     another nominee so long as          program!) and gave us over
Saunders, communications         that individual is present and      $600. We then went to the
manager and puppy                accepts the nomination.             northwest Indianapolis store
coordinator; Cindy Calley,                                           in September and with the
secretary; Pam Dallas,                   Graduation                  matching funds raised $1431.
treasurer; Nancy Jo Acree,
                                 Hello to our CCI friends in
newsletter editor; and our       Indiana! It was great to have       I want to give a HUGE thank
fundraising/special              the opportunity to visit with       you to all the volunteers who
events/publicity committee:      some of you at graduation last      made this program a success.
Mary Klee, Carol Lehman,         month. We were fortunate to         Early next year, I will contact
                                 make the trip from Utah, and
Scott Fogo, Michelle Hykes.      have the chance to turn over        several of the Sam’s stores
We are grateful as each of       the leash of Ashton II. She         again to establish dates. I
them has committed to            graduated as a Skilled              hope YOU will consider
continuing to promote CCI in     Companion, and left for her         helping CCI when the call for
                                 new life in Michigan.
2006. Look for even better                                           volunteers goes out!
results next year under the      Thanks to all who made our
leadership of a dynamic new      CCI experience in Indiana so        Mary Klee
president nominee, Scott         great. Please stay in touch, and
                                 be sure to stop by if you’re
Fogo.                            ever passing through Utah !!!!        A BIG THANK YOU
                                 Amy and Bob Kernan
                                                                     A big thank you to Yolanda
                                                                     Gonzales and her boys for
2006 OFFICER                     Sam’s Club Success!                 representing CCI at the Alpha
NOMINEES                                                             Sigma Phi auto show September
                                                                     11th in Evansville, IN at the
                                 The Champions Chapter of
                                                                     University of Southern Indiana to
The following have been          Canine Companions for               benefit CCI.
nominated and accepted to        Independence had three
                                 successful fund raising events
Central Indiana Chapter                                                              Winter 2005
Canine Companions for
Independence is the national       Congratulations and best         Ruis, a yellow male LGX
                                   wishes to Pam Dallas and
philanthropy for the Alpha         Mike Chelf who were recently     being raised by Elizabeth
Sigma Phi fraternity. This         married                          Hague.
was the Alpha Sigs first           October 29th. Pam and Mike
annual car show for CCI.           took a few days off and          Colt II, a yellow male LGX
                                   traveled to Mackinaw Island
They raised $150.                  for their wedding and a brief    being raised by Chris and Julie
                                   honeymoon.                       Williams
We are grateful to the Alpha
Sigs for their work organizing     Pam continues to give many       Aero, a yellow male LGX
                                   hours to CCI both as a puppy
the car show to benefit CCI        raiser and as treasurer of our   being raised by Pam Chelf
and to the Gonzales family         chapter. Pam and Mike are        (aka Pam Dallas)
for driving from Owensboro,        currently raising their eighth
KY to represent CCI at the         puppy, Aero.                     Bingo, a black male Labrador
event.                             We wish them all the best as     Retriever being co-raised by
                                   they begin a new life together   Teresa Buchheit and her
Thanks to all and we look          as husband and wife.             sister, Christi.
forward to next year!!
                                                                    Tyra, a black female LGX
                                                                    being raised by Becky and
                                     Puppies in Training            Peter Qualy.

                                   The Central Indiana              Duran, a yellow male LGX
                                   Champions Chapter is             being raised by Nannette
Thank You Thank You                currently raising 10 puppies     Kinney.
                                   with the hopes that these
A big thank you is in order for    puppies will someday become      Plymouth, a yellow male
Marcia and Steve Pearson,          Assistance Dogs.                 LGX being raised by Claudia
nine time CCI puppy raisers                                         Fagan and Jack Okon.
and owners of Backyard                                               
                                   The newest puppy to join our
Birds. Backyard Birds
                                   chapter is Cash, a black male
celebrated its first anniversary
                                   LGX being raised by Linda
by hosting a Service Dog night
                                   and Jeff Saunders.
November 11th. A portion of
the sales that evening were
                                   Other puppies being raised in
donated to CCI.
                                   the chapter are:

                                   Makala, a female LGX being          Have You Seen This
                                   raised by Lisa and Adam
                                                                    by Elizabeth Hague
                                   Dora, a yellow female LGX
 Congratulations to                being raised by Karen Steele
   Pam and Mike                    and her daughter.
Central Indiana Chapter                                                            Winter 2005
                                   her life and become more          November 11. A portion of
                                   independent. We are the ones      their sales that night will go to
                                   who introduce him to the          CCI. Ruiz will be there.
                                   sights, sounds, and activities    The Gazette’s own CCI
                                   of his world as a working dog.    puppy-in-training, Ruiz.
                                   When Ruiz is in training he       This article appeared
                                   wears a yellow cape with the      In the Broad Ripple Gazette,
                                   Canine Companions for             Vol.2 No.21 Oct.14 – Oct.27,
                                   Independence logo on it and a     2005 pg.7. Permission for
                                   Gentle Leader training            reprint was given on Oct. 27,
                                   collar. He is learning that       2005.
                                   when he is “dressed” he is
                                   working and should not
                                   approach people or other
His name is Ruiz and he has        animals. The public will know
been to the Farmers’ Market        if he’s working
several times this summer.         when he’s dressed and if he is
Perhaps you haven’t met him        in a place where dogs are not
yet, but now that he is six        usually allowed, such as the
months old, Ruiz will be out       grocery store, a restaurant,
in public more often.              church, or library. When
Ruiz is training to be a service   a service dog is working, his
dog for Canine                     attention must be focused on
Companions for                     his master; therefore, one
Independence, a nation-wide,       shouldn’t touch or call to a
non-profit organization that       service dog without                      Oral Hygiene
provides assistance dogs           permission from the handler.
to people with disabilities at     Ruiz has been out in public       Dental Hygiene is one of the
no cost to them. He was bred       for about three weeks and has     most neglected aspects of a
in California for the job and is   received various responses.       dog’s health. The public is
a Golden Retriever and             This has been a learning          becoming more aware of the
Labrador Retriever mix. He         experience as much for me as      benefits of keeping up on
came to us at eight weeks of       it has for him. I trust he will   canine dental health. Daily
age in June and will be with us    be a wonderful bridge between     brushing is ideal, but weekly
until next August. We have         people with                       brushing is acceptable.
volunteered to teach Ruiz          disabilities and those without.   Regular brushing gets the CCI
basic obedience including          If you would like to know         dog used to having its mouth
about 25 commands. While           more about Canine                 manipulated. This interaction
living with us he must learn       Companions, visit their           with the CCI dog will help to
good house manners and will        web site at If
be socialized in a variety of      you would like to meet            train the dog to be handled
environments. Ruiz is being        service dogs or puppies           and for you to observe any
raised as an assistance dog        in training, visit Backyard       dental problems that may
,not a guard dog. His purpose      Birds, 2374 East 54th Street,     arise.
is to help a person with a         on Friday evening,
disability take charge of his or
Central Indiana Chapter                                                            Winter 2005
Signs of Dental problems are:      Brushing the CCI dog’s teeth      Stretch before rising.
       1. Loss of appetite         regularly benefits the dogs’
       2. Red swollen,             health and emotional well         Run, romp, and play daily.
           bleeding gums           being. It teaches the dog to be
       3. blood in saliva          handled in different and          Thrive on attention and let
       4. Yellow-brown             awkward positions.                people touch you.
           tarter at the gum
           line                    There are many different tools    Avoid biting when a simple
       5. Broken teeth             and toothpaste that can be        growl will do.
       6. Foul breath              purchased from your local pet
                                   stores or Veterinarian to make    On warm days, stop to lie on
These problems can arise           brushing the CCI dog’s teeth      your back on the grass.
from injury (broken teeth),        enjoyable for both you and
foreign bodies, (foxtails),        the CCI dog.                      On hot days, drink lots of
malnutrition or systemic           The above information was         water and lie under a shady
diseases. Most common              given out at Graduate Seminar     tree.
causes of these dental             at the North Central Regional
problems are plaque and            Center last May.                  When you're happy, dance
calculus forming on the teeth.                                       around and wag your entire
Food, bacteria, and saliva         Lessons from a dog                body.
accumulate on the teeth,
which form plaque. Frequent                                          No matter how often you're
brushings can reduce the                                             scolded, don't buy into the
amount of plaque that forms.       If a dog was the teacher you      guilt thing and pout.
If left untreated the plaque       would learn stuff like:           Simply run right back and
can harden and form calculi                                          make friends.
which requires a “dental” to       When loved ones come home,
be performed by a                  always run to greet them.         Delight in the simple joy of a
veterinarian.                                                        long walk.
                                   Never pass up the
This build up of this plaque       opportunity to go for a           Eat with gusto and
and calculi can lead to            joyride.                          enthusiasm. Stop when you
gingivitis and or periodicities.                                     have had enough.
Neglect of the CCI dog’s teeth     Allow the experience of fresh
can cause the teeth to become      air and the wind in your face     Be loyal. Never pretend to be
infected and fall out. This        to be pure ecstasy.               something you're not.
type of infection can lead to
damage to the kidneys or           When it's in your best            If what you want lies buried,
valves of the heart.               interest, practice obedience.     dig until you find it.
                                                                     When someone is having a bad
Your annual check up is a          Let others know when they've      day, be silent, sit close by and
good time for a veterinarian to    invaded your territory.           nuzzle them gently.
assess whether the CCI dog
will need a dental.                Take naps.

Central Indiana Chapter                                                       Winter 2005
                                                                  Central Indiana Chapter:
                                                                  PO 55095
                                                                  Indianapolis, IN 46205
                                                                  (317) 251-8813


What is CCI?
                                   Central Indiana Chapter
Canine Companions for              2005 Officers:
Independence (CCI) is a non-                                      Regional CCI Office:
profit organization that           President:
enhances the lives of people       Dan O’Brien                    North Central Regional Center
with disabilities by providing     (317) 251-8813                 4989 State Route 37 East
highly trained assistance dogs          Delaware, OH. 43015-9682
and by providing ongoing                                          (740) 548-4447 V/TTD
support to ensure the quality      Secretary:                     Toll Free: 1-800-572-2275
partnership.                       Cindy Calley
                                   (317) 706-0650
                                       CCI National
Who are Chapter                    Pam (Dallas) Chelf             P.O 446
Volunteers?                        (317) 568-0018                 Santa Rosa, CA 95402-0446
Chapter volunteers support                              
CCI with their time, talent,       Communication Manager/         (707) 577-1700V
energy, and dedication.            Puppy Coordinator:             (707) 577- 1756TDD
Volunteer chapters exist           Linda Saunders                 Toll Free: 1-866- 224-3647
across the U.S and work            (317) 576-0426
together to develop ideas and      lindafoxsaunders@sbcglobal.n   Materials for the next
projects that support their        et                             newsletter may be submitted
CCI regional training center.                                     to:
Chapter members include            Special Events/Fundraising:
puppy raisers, CCI graduates,      Mary Klee                      Nancy Jo Acree, Editor
breeders/caretakers and               630 E. 82nd St
volunteers willing to give their   Carol Lehman                   Indianapolis, IN 46240
time, talent and energy to this                 (317) 251-9677
great mission.                     Scott Fogo           
                                   Michelle Hykes                 We regret any errors or
                                 misprints. Every effort has
                                                                  been made to ensure that the

Central Indiana Chapter                Winter 2005
information is complete and
accurate at the time of
printing. Any corrections are
welcome and will be
acknowledge in subsequent
newsletters.         D u e to
copyright infringement laws,
only attributed articles will be
published. We reserve the
right to withhold printing
materials that lack attribution.

CCI Central Indiana Chapter
P.O Box 55095
Indianapolis, IN 46205


Dates for 2006 are still not yet set, but will include chapter meetings, social events and dog
training events. For more information and exact dates and times, please see the chapter website
at and look under Upcoming Events or you may call any of the chapter officers
listed in this newsletter on page 7.

If you have any suggestions for meeting topics, contact Scott Fogo at

If you have any suggestions for social events and/or dog training events, please contact Linda
Saunders at

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