Workout by pengxiuhui


        Use the elliptical machine (20 minutes) or Bike (30 minutes) 3 days a week. If you
cannot go for the recommended length of time, work your way up from an amount you can
handle. The entire point of cardio is to burn fat calories, which will not start in your workout
until about two-thirds of the way through.

Every Day
        Before you go to bed every night, do 3 simple lifts. Crunches, Laying Leg Lifts, and Side
Crunches. These 3 things will get rid of any fat on your obliques and abs. When you do these
workouts, do 3 sets of each lift, and always do one more repetition than the previous day. This
workout should take no more than 30 minutes every night. You should record your workouts so
you see the progress you are making from your first day. Your record should look like this:
        Sets     X     Reps         Lift name          Muscle worked
        3        X     y+1          Crunches           abs
        3        X     y+1          Leg Lifts          abs
        3        X     y+1          Side Crunches      obliques
        y = the previous day’s total reps.
If you should find that you’re struggling with the last 5 reps of a singular exercise, do not raise
the number of reps you complete until you feel comfortable completing the previous night’s

       Every day that you do your cardio, you should follow it up with three simple lifts.
The set number and rep number is designed to burn the maximum amount of fat possible,
while toning your legs, hips and butt. The set number and rep number are also designed
to NOT increase the size of your muscles, only to tone and shape your existing muscles.
Weight should be increased only when you can successfully complete your final set of
reps without struggling.
       Sets X        Reps       Lift name        Muscle Worked
       3       X     18         Laying Squat Gluts, Thighs, Hamstrings
       3       X     20         Leg Extensions Thighs
       3       X     20         Leg Curls        Hamstrings
       3       X     18         Adductor         Adductor, Hips

Random Tips
          -   Do not hold your breath as you work out, exhale during the effort portion, and inhale
              during the recovery phase
          -   Abdominals can take tremendous strain; regular work with high reps is the best way
              to get them into shape.
          -   Rest 1 minutes between each set of crunches, leg lifts, ect.
          -   Overtraining and eating too few calories can both, individually, cause insomnia
              because of the metabolic processes involved with each. Even though your diet is
              limited, you must eat an adequate amount of calories.
          -   Every time you work out, picture how you want to look. It will motivate you to do
              your best every rep of every set of every workout. The more vividly you can
              visualize your ideal physique, the closer you’ll become to achieving it.

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