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The Worlds Oldest Corvette Club


									 The Worlds Oldest Corvette Club
The President’s Corner - Don Haller                                                       October 2009

 Ask not what your Club can do for you; but what you can do for your Club!
 Yup, that’s right. It’s time again when we ask our members to come forward and nominate themselves or
 another person in the club to a position on our board for the upcoming 2010 Calendar year. The nomina-
 tion period is now open and nominations can be sent into Jean Wade. The best way to get to know people
 in the club and stay active with the Corvette community is to get involved. Clubs and other organizations
 are only as good as you make them and getting involved will make your experience even better. When I
 first moved to Gaithersburg in 2004 and joined CCA, I didn’t know a soul in the club and felt a little awk-
 ward at first with all the new faces. I decided then and there that if I was going to meet these people and
 make the most of my membership I should volunteer to help out. I did, and you see where it got me!! So
 please consider my request and if you’d like to get involved send Jean a note and nominate yourself or
 someone else for a position on the CCA Board. We will definitely need someone to come forward to nomi-
 nate for the position of club Treasurer, as Bob Witten will not be able to do this next year. The rest of the
 board positions are up for nomination and will run against the incumbent unless someone drops between
 now and the vote.

 Next on my agenda is to highlight some great new changes that will be taking place at Sport Chevrolet in
 the very near future. Recently, while talking with General Manager Gerry Ryan he explained some new
 plans for the dealership and I’d like to pass them along to you. Sport Chevrolet got its start and name be-
 cause they were a performance oriented dealership back during the muscle car era of the sixties. Keeping
 with that history Sport Chevrolet is making some new commitments to performance car enthusiast and first
 on their list is to begin offering special RPO performance options when available. The first special order
 car will be an SLP Performance modified and supercharged 2010 Camaro RS/SS. I plan on bringing this
 car out to our Autocross event on November 1 st to display it to the people there. I will also be bringing a
 new Grand Sport Corvette for everyone to see. In addition to adding more performance options at Sport
 they are creating a performance car showroom on the back half of the main showroom which will display
 only Corvettes and Camaros. Additionally, they will also provide cubicle space for CCA to set up a dis-
 play or kiosk illustrating our club’s history and what we do for the community. This will be a space that
 can display a club banner, some memorabilia in a display case and any other things we would like to share
 with the general public about our club.

 Still related to Sport Chevrolet, but moving forward on the calendar are plans to do another holiday charity
 at the dealership for needy children. Last year Sport gave winter coats to the kids for Christmas. Some of
The Corvette Courier                                                             October 2009    Page 2

 our members were present to help hand out coats and to witness the gesture of caring during the holi-
 day season. This year Sport Chevrolet will be buying 100 new bicycles for 100 of the neediest kids
 ages ten and under from the Maryland/DC area. Lee Shirley and I came up with the name of “Bikes
 for Tikes” for the event and we will need volunteers to help assemble bicycles before the event and
 then to be there when Santa presents each child with their very own new bike!! I will keep you all
 posted of specific dates and times.

 I know this seems to go on forever this month, but I want to also remind all of you that CCA will be at
 Bull on the Beach in Ocean City, Maryland on October 16 th at noon for lunch. This is our annual
 kickoff to the Ocean City Corvette weekend and it’s always a lot of fun. We start there and make
 plans for the rest of the weekend. So be sure to check our website for more information on the
 planned activities.
The Corvette Courier                                                                        October 2009   Page 3

Membership Director—Jean Wade

CCA Membership Update
   Welcome New Members                                                              Sponsor
   Jack & Donna Pumphrey           Millersville Md          2010 ZR1 blue           races
   Frank & Marilyn Valdez          Alex. Va.                08 Vic red coupe        web

   CCA renewals are due to me by Nov. 13th. I will be mailing invoices. Please make any
   corrections on addresses, phone, car or what ever needs changing. Your prompt pay-
   ment would be appreciated.
   Questions about CCA or club clothing, membership and events you can direct to me, 301-253-6074

   NCCC Questions should be directed to our Governor Rich Taylor, 301-865-6491,

   CCA License Plates contact Jim Snyder for complete information 301-948-5766 or

   Shop Night for Sept. 50/50 was $25. As part of the 50/50 Sport gave away 6 BBQ sets. Pat Roney
   did a demo on replacing clutch fluid. Looks like all that attended had a great time.

   Coming up Events
   ##Oct. 16-17     Corvettes in Ocean City
   *Nov. 1st        Autocross Columbia, Md. flyer in newsletter
    Nov. 14th       Toys For Tots Hooters in Rockville, Md. chair Dan Girardi

   ##Ocean City, meeting at the Bull on the Beach on Ocean Highway near 90 th st. around
   noon or so. Happy hour and Club get together 4:30 at Seacrets at 49 th on the Bay. We
   should be around the small tables as you come in the entrance. Just look for the CCA
   shirts and remember to wear yours.
   * Contact Charlie Geis for info. or 301-854-2014

   If you haven’t registered to drive down the boardwalk and want to go you can register in
   O.C. at the Holiday Inn or check Freestate’s web site for instructions.

   Members that want to sponsor an event for Nov. or Dec. Give me a call. Please attend
   your club meetings and events and bring your ideas.
   Keep that smile on your face, your foot down on the pedal, and give me a curve
   Blast the radio. Wow, what a life.
   Jean Wade - 2000 Red coupe Membership, director 301-253-6074
The Corvette Courier                                                                    October 2009     Page 4

The Editor’s Corner– Jon Thorn

Corvette                                                    rAMBLINGS

 Let me begin with a bit of an apology. I’m sorry to be getting this edition of the Courier out so late in the
 month. I usually can have it ready well before the business meeting but a couple of times a year it will be
 a little late and this was one of them. I was out of the country on a three week vacation tour of Solvenia,
 Croatia, and the Republic of Montenegro and I didn’t get back until early October.

 The former Yugoslavia might not be high on your list of places to visit but let me put out a suggestion that
 if you get a chance it is well worth the trip. The Dalmatian Coast is an absolutely beautiful area. I won’t
 bore you with the stories now but I’d be happy to talk about it over a beer at the Bull on the Beach if you
 join us later this month at the OC Corvette Weekend. I’ll warn you though that I took more than 3000
 photos so you might be sorry if you get me started!

 They certainly know how to make sports car roads over there. Here’s one example:

 We went over one stretch of road going up a rise outside of Kotor that had 25 switch backs on one side of
 a mountain - and no guard rails. It was enough to make me hope that the bus driver knew what he was
The Corvette Courier                                                                October 2009    Page 5

And just to keep this Corvette related, let me say that I did not see a single vette during the whole trip.
They do like their cars over there but the enthusiasts seem to be driving BMW’s, Benz’s, and Por-
sches. Of course I also got to see some really old Yugos still on the road. One thing that puts a bit of
a damper on sport driving is the cost of fuel and oil. A quart of Mobil 1 in Montenegro was 14.90
Euro or about $21.90 U.S. at the current exchange rates.

Switching subjects, I very much want to thank Don Haller for the article on the September fun show
and Ron Hamrah for the article on his trip to the NCM 15 th Anniversary Celebration. I’d sure like to
get more contributed articles from our members to liven up the newsletter. Don’t hesitate to contact
me if you have an article that you’d like to include in the Courier.

You’ll see on page 15 in Pat’s Competition Section that he suggests keeping an eye out for plans on a
club karting event in February. Later this month I’ll be going to one of the potential locations
(Allsports Grand Pix) with my Impala car club and I plan to include an article on it in next month’s
issue. Karting is great fun and it is a whole lot less expensive than running your vette on a road
course. Being a spectator will be almost as much fun as being a driver so I hope we have a large
group in February whether you want to drive a kart or not. You wouldn’t want to let an Impala club
beat you in attendance! Watch for the news on the event as it develops and plan on being there!

I hope to see you all at the O.C. Corvette Weekend later this week!

Best regards,

Jon Thorn
Corvette Courier Editor
The Corvette Courier                                                               October 2009    Page 6

Competition Chair— Pat Roney

Corvette                                                   Competition


 September was a busy month with our All Corvette Drag Race and Car Show and our trip to New Jer-
 sey Motorsport Park for our High Performance Driving Event. Both events were a lot of fun and gave
 us a chance to exercise our Corvettes. This month we will be getting ready for our Autocross on No-
 vember 1st and enjoying a weekend in Ocean City with hundreds of other Corvette enthusiast.


 Charlie Geis will be chairing a double autocross at Lincoln Tech in Columbia, MD on November 1 st.
 Please put this on your calendar for a fun day with your Corvette & Camaro buddies. This event will
 be open to all makes of cars that would like to join in. We need more workers for this event so if you
 can help, please email Charlie at
 See flyer at end of the newsletter.


 This was the first NCCC drag race on the east coast in a long time, if not the first ever. Even though
 the turnout was not what we had hoped for, we managed to follow all of the NCCC rules and guide-
 lines. This will make it a lot easier to put on additional NCCC drags and focus more on marketing the

 This was also, I believe, the first time that we put on an NCCC Car Show at our All Corvette drags.
 Thanks to Don Haller and his assistant Bill Bachman for doing a great job with the car show.

 This year’s drag events allowed non Corvettes, including trucks and foreign cars, to participate in the
 practice session only which helped us cover more of our cost for the event. Eliminations only in-
 cluded Corvettes.

 We introduced a couple of new programs to try to even up the number of cars in each bracket. Other
 than a small glitch in not classifying all of the cars, the program worked well and we had fairly even
 brackets. Thanks to Bob Witten and his son Cameron for making this new program a success.

 The Corvette Club of America invited the active military to attend and participate in our events for
 free. We had several military members take us up on this including Sgt Jennifer Coe and another Sgt
 that brought his family to the event. We met both Jennifer and her fellow Sgt. at the Porsche Club of
 America’s Autocross at Summit Point. There was another couple there, both active military, that
 raced their Corvette.
The Corvette Courier                                                                October 2009    Page 7

 Thanks to Ron Hamrah for his efforts to get the word out to Walter Reed Army Hospital and to Be-
 thesda Naval Hospital.

 Of course the gate is the key to making this all pay for itself and we had our premier group handling
 that difficult task. Thanks to Beverly and Don App, Ann Kitsoulis, Tom Finzel, Al Hegarty, Charlie
 Robinson and Ron Hamrah for making the gate run so smoothly.

 Thanks to Jean Wade and Cal Milans for running the Membership table. Terry Popkins did a great
 job with the photography. I thank Terry for all of his efforts and for staying late to get the photos of
 the drag race winners. Thanks to Frank Merendino for keeping up with the gate money and paying
 off Capitol Raceway.

 Also, thanks to my niece Mary Kaitlin Roney, MK, for all of her help and coordination at the races.
 Many saw MK as she ran the lottery for “by runs” at the drags.

 The winners of the NCCC drag race are shown below:
The Corvette Courier                                                           October 2009   Page 8

  Rob S. receiving his King of the Hill trophy from Tony Avedisian of Tony’s Corvette Shop, co spon-
 sor of this event. Rob was in class 2.

 NCCC Class 1 winner James J.
The Corvette Courier                                                            October 2009   Page 9

 NCCC Class 3 winner Charlie G.
 Below is a picture of the All Corvette Drags winners receiving their trophies from Tony:

 King of the Hill Ken B.
The Corvette Courier                                        October 2009   Page 10

 King of the Hill Runner Up Doug B.

 Jim S. receiving his 1 st place trophy in Class 1 manual
The Corvette Courier                                                          October 2009    Page 11

 Dennis Dunlap being congratulated by Tony Avedisian in Class 2 automatic.

 There are a lot more events coming up, including our Autocross on November 1st that we are trying
 to get as many club members as possible to attend, so plan on making as many events as possible.

 High Performance Driving Event at New Jersey Motorsport Park September 29 th was a
 great opportunity to learn your car.

 We had 5 members make the trip to New Jersey Motorsport Park on September 29 th and we all had a

 Rich T., Bill B., Tom B., Bob C. and myself enjoyed the chance to learn more about our cars. As al-
The Corvette Courier                                                              October 2009     Page 12

 ways, the crew at NJMP made us feel welcome and offered us a great day. We started out with coffee
 and a nice omelet for breakfast and then had a drivers meeting and instruction. We were initially dis-
 appointed in the fact that we would have a pace car in front of us on the track, but that turned out to be
 a good idea, especially for the new drivers. We had 4 track times. The Novice group, which we were
 all in for the first 2 sessions, followed the pace car and had an instructor for every other car. We
 stopped half way through and the instructor changed to the other car.

 Check out that smile on Bob C. That tells it all.
The Corvette Courier                             October 2009   Page 13

 Tom B. heading out onto the track.

 Bill B. leading the group out onto the track.
The Corvette Courier                                                             October 2009    Page 14

 The first track session we were limited to about 65 mph, with no passing allowed, so that we could get
 the feel of the track. That allowed everyone to stay in their comfort zone. The second session on the
 track we increased the speed to about 80 mph with no passing allowed. After the second session,
 Rich and I were put into the Intermediate group and could go all out with passing allowed only in 2
 straight aways. The next session Bill B. was moved up to the Intermediate group. Bill is on a level
 with Rich and I, but one of my disappointments was that NJMP didn’t have enough instructors to go
 around to judge who should be in the intermediate group. The 3 rd session on the track was limited to
 about 95 mph and on the fourth session the pace car disappeared after the first couple of laps and the
 drivers could go faster. To keep us safe, NJMP provided instructors, pace car, well set up track, and
 paid course workers watching everything and alerting us of any danger.

 After we finished our time on the Thunderbolt course at NJMP, four of us decided to give the F1 go
 carts a try. These are not your everyday go carts as you might guess from the attire that you have to
 wear. We happen to get on the track with the NJMP racing league which gave us an idea of how fast
 it is possible to go. I tried to follow the experts but could not keep up for very long. However, I did
 manage to learn a lot from following them. This should help when we have our CCA karting day in

 Both Tom B. and Bob C., the latest to join our HPDE group, said they would definitely go back for
 another Members day. At dinner that night, I noticed that all of us were looking for perfection and
The Corvette Courier                                                              October 2009    Page 15

 riding ourselves hard about our deficiencies that day on the track. The key is that you don’t get all of
 this down in a few sessions, but continue to learn year after year. The important thing is that all of us
 came back with better driving skills that will help us in our daily driving, and we did it in a safe envi-

 One word of caution, if you are doing a HPDE be sure to have your car tech’d by a reliable place be-
 fore you go to the track. Sport Chevrolet does a good job at this as Frank, the chief Corvette me-
 chanic, has done a lot of racing in the past and knows what to look for. Tony’s Corvette also does a
 good job of checking the car out before races. The tech in at NJMP fell way short of what it should
 have been.

   Everybody on the track is going the same direction and no one is entering the track from a side
   All participants and cars are checked out before being allowed on the track.
   Track officials are watching the track ahead to make sure it is clear and use defined flags to alert
       you and notify you of a problem.
   Drivers and instructors full attention is given to driving. Nobody is on the cell phone or texting.
   No one passes or is next to you unless you give them the signal to pass.
   Plenty of room to stop if you run off of the track.
   Drowsiness is not an issue.
   No one is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
   Large clearance from tree line to allow warning of wildlife running across track. The area around
       the track is cleared of deer periodically.

 I am a strong believer that these High Performance Driving Events are much safer than driving the
 speed limit on a public street or highway.


 DATE           SPONSOR                                        TYPE

 11/01/09       Corvette Club of America                       double


 DATE        LOCATION                                  SPONSOR
 No more scheduled for this year.

 The following dates for Summit Point Friday at the Track are on the main circuit:
 10/16, 11/6 & 11/20.
 Please let me know if you are interested in participating or attending Friday at the Track at Summit
The Corvette Courier                                                             October 2009    Page 16

Point. Keep in mind that the novice class fills up months in advance.


The Porsche Club of America Potomac Region has invited the Corvette Club of America to participate
in their local autocrosses. Most of their 8 total events will be held in the parking lots at Bowie Baysox
Stadium, in Bowie MD. They charge $40 for their events The last Porsche Club autocross is sched-
uled for October 18.
Details are on their website,

GO KART EVENT WILL BE IN FEBRUARY 2010, keep posted for exact date.

Jon Thorn mentioned to me about the possibility of having a kart day for the club. One candidate lo-
cation is the one out by Dulles called Allsports Grand Prix. Here's their link:

Well, there is a brand new karting opportunity that Jon just heard about from a buddy in his Impala
club. The company is called SPK and they just opened up in June at Summit Point. Here's a
link. Check out their site for the details.

This will be a lot cheaper than running your vette around the track and it might have almost as much
grin factor. The one thing to consider is that Allsport is indoors and SPK is outdoors. July and Au-
gust at Summit Point can be pretty hot and in December and January you might have to plow the
track. The course at Summit Point will be much larger than the one at AllSport so there are trade-offs.


I stopped by the Cumberland Valley Corvette Club (CVCC) area at Carlisle and talked to a few of
their members. I handed out flyers for our All Corvette Drags and Car Show and talked with them for
a while. We are going to keep in touch and try to support each other’s events. They sponsor the
HPDE at the Poconos that we have talked about for a while. I am planning on taking a few of our
competitors up for the CVCC Poconos event.

Have a great fall and I hope to see you at our events.

Pat Roney
Competition Chair
Corvette Club of America
The Corvette Courier                                                             October 2009    Page 17

                                 NCCC Governor’s Report

 News From NCCC

 There are several proposed changes to the 2010 NCCC Competition Manual, many of which affect the
 classification of cars with upgrades. You can review them at the following link::

 It is time for the annual membership renewals. You will be receiving a reminder from Jean Wade to
 turn in your applications and dues payment. Please be prompt as there is a lot of work that Jean and I
 have to do once we receive your payment.

 East Region Club Sponsored Events

 There are several upcoming events sponsored by other clubs in the East Region. Please let me know if
 you are interested in coordinating a group of CCA members to participate in any of these events as a
 club. There are a lot of events to choose from no matter what your interests, so get out there and enjoy
 your Corvettes.

 Our next Club sponsored NCCC sanctioned event is an autocross to be held at Lincoln Tech in Co-
 lumbia, MD on November 1 st. Come out and participate and support our club. This is a fun event that
 is very easy on your car.

 Cumberland Valley Corvette Club
 Date: 10 October 2009
 From: 7:00am To:
 Category: Concours - Peoples Choice
 Location: Lawrence Chevrolet, 6445 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, Pa.
 Sanction #: ER-098-085
 More info:
The Corvette Courier                                                                 October 2009    Page 18

 Classic Corvette Club of Maryland
 Date: 11 October 2009
 From: 8:00am To:
 Category: Triple Concours – Peoples’ Choice
 Sanction #: ER-546-086, ER-546-087, ER-546-088
 More info:

 Free State Corvette club
 Date: 17 October 2009
 From: 7:00am To:
 Category: Triple Concours – People’s Choice
 Location: Hugh T. Cropper Inlet Parking Lot Ocean City, MD
 Event Title: Concours (3) FSCC
 Sanction #: ER-038-089, ER-038-090, ER-038-091
 More info:

 Beachcombers Corvette Club
 Date: 23 October 2009
 From:     To:
 Category: Non Sanctioned
 Event Title: Concours (1) Fun Show
 Non-Sanction #: N-029
 More info:

 G’Burg Corvette Club
 Date: 24 October 2009
 From: 8:30am To:
 Category: Double Rallye
 Location: Boscov’s Parking Lot Frederick Towne Mall, 1301 W. Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21703
 Sanction #: ER-190-055, ER-190-068, ER-190-069
 More info:

 Lancaster County Corvette Club
 Date: 25 October 2009
 From: 9:30am To: 2:30 pm
 Category: Concours (1) Fun Show
 Location: Long's Park, Route 30 and Harrisburg Pike (across from Park City Mall) Lancaster, PA Sanction #:
 More info:

 Corvette Club of America
 Date: 1 November 2009
 From: 9:00am To:
 Category: Double AutoX
 Location: Lincoln Tech Parking Lot, Columbia, MD
 Sanction #: ER-001-137, ER-001-138
 More Info:
The Corvette Courier                                                          October 2009   Page 19

 Pocono Mountain Corvette Club
 Date: 1 November 2009
 From: 9:00am To:
 Category: Triple Rallye
 Location: 300 Ann St., Milford, Pa
 Sanction #: ER-390-022, ER-390-023, ER-390-024
 More info:

 Central Pennsylvania Corvette Club
 Date: 8 November 2009
 From: 11:30am To:
 Category: Triple Rallye - Gimmick
 Event Title: Rallye (3) CPCC
 Sanction #: ER-196-139, ER-196-140, ER-196-141
 More info:

 Other Events

 Here is a human interest story about CPCC member Andy Despot that all began with a ride in a Cor-
 vette at the Spina Bifada Fly-in in conjunction with CVCC and LCCC about 15 years ago. Andy is
 handicapped and wasn’t even sure that he would be able to drive. Andy ran his very first AutoX re-
 cently at Oregon Dairy in Pennsylvania. This young man has come a long way. This is when you
 know the hobby means something. <>

 As always, please contact me with any questions or suggestions that you may have regarding NCCC
 or any of our clubs’ NCCC sanctioned events.

 Your NCCC Governor,
 Rich Taylor
The Corvette Courier                                                                 October 2009        Page 20

 CAR Show Report
 By Don Haller

 On September 20th CCA hosted an NCCC Sanctioned Fun Show as part of the Fall All Corvette
 Drags. The weather cooperated nicely for a car show and we had a fair turnout for the event consider-
 ing it was indeed the first home game for the Washington Redskins this season. We had a total of
 twenty-seven cars entered in the show and all were excellent examples of their generations. I’d like to
 thank Bill Bachman for stepping up and being my right hand for this event. I also had a newer mem-
 bers Bill Vanderharr and Robert Natereli helping with parking and other odds and ends jobs too.
 Terry Popkin was at hand to take photos of the cars and the winners at the end of the day. We had
 lots of door prizes for the show entrants which were quickly claimed by the end of the afternoon. I’d
 like to thank everyone that helped out and those that entered their cars in the show. Winners are as
 listed below.

  Generation     1st Place                  2nd Place                         3rd Place
  C1             Elaine Philips – Red 61    Charlie Robinson – Black 60
  C2             Dan Love – Red 63          Frank Merendino – Red 65
  C3             Cliff Parker – Red 74      Steve Clipper - 1977              Heidi Ascosi – Yellow 72
  C4             Don Haller – White 94      Skeeter Walkins – Copper 88
  C5             O.J. Joseph – Red 98       Cal Milans – Machine Silver 04    George Dounias – Black 97
  C6             Jack Pumphrey – Blue 10    Don Ellenbarser – yellow 06       Willian Locke – Yellow 08

                     C1 First Place                                          C2 First Place
                     Elaine Philips                                           Dan Love

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