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					        SPRING 2010
April 23 - Earth Day at ESU           BWA Annual Native Plant Sale and Festival is growing like a weed!
April 25 - Earth Day at Barrett
High Acres Park                       By: Rob Sedwin
May 14 - Native Plant Sale - Mem-           This popular event, re-
bers only 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM at        named The BWA Native Plant
MCCD                                  Sale and Festival adds a new
May 15 - Native Plant Sale and
                                      benefit to BWA members this
Festival 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at
                                      year, with a pre-sale on Fri-
                                      day evening, May 14, for
June 20-26 - Delaware River So-
                                      members only. Plan to check
                                      in at our membership table to
June 26-27 - NEPA Energy Solu-
                                      take advantage of this oppor-
tions Expo, Luzerne County Fair-
                                      tunity from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
grounds                               If your membership has
                                      lapsed, you can bring your        Native plant use protects the     growth and habitat informa-
August 8 - BWA sponsored
"McMichael Creek Ramble" - Save       membership up-to-date then.       species that belong here, and     tion to aid the customer in
the Date!                             Not a member yet? BWA             will help contain stormwater      their planting transition into
                                      memberships will be available     runoff and protect groundwa-      the garden.
                                      Friday night as well.             ter supplies.                           Prices range from $4.50
                                            The Festival is now a day        More than a 1,000 plants     to $18.00. For a tentative list
ISSUE:                                                                  will be available for sale from   of plants or for more informa-
                                      -long event on May 15 with an
                                      expanded list of plants and       9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Some new         tion about the events of the
BWA Board                     2                                         plants will be on hand, as well   day, visit:
                                      info on the plants available as
Member Bob LaBar                                                        as some of the old favorites.
                                      well as an invasive plants id
Honored by MCCD                       and info table, food vendors      The sale will again offer an            Directions: From
You can help                          and educational programming       array of plants native to the     Stroudsburg (or Exit 302B
                                      for all ages at the Monroe        Pocono region. It will include    from I-80) go north on Rt. 611
Protect Your
                                      County Conservation Dis-          dozens of shade and sun per-      to the traffic light in Bartons-
Drinking Water
                                      trict’s Environmental Educa-      ennials including ferns,          ville, and turn left onto Rim-
BWA and the                   3       tion Center in Bartonsville.      grasses and an assortment of      rock Drive. Follow Rimrock
PMVB Win-Win on                             Gardeners and home-         shrubs available for a variety    Drive for 0.4 mile, bear right
Audubon Golf                          owners can come and learn         of habitats in the Poconos,       onto N. Easton-Belmont Pike,
Collaboration                         about a variety of native         from sun to shade, alkaline to    go 0.2 mile, then bear right
                                      plants and buy what is suit-      acidic soils, wetlands to dry.    onto Running Valley Road.
Water Facts:                          able for their landscaping en-    All plants will come with         MCCD is 0.7 mile on left.
“H2Ology”                             vironment.
                                            This unique event with a
Take Control of               4       large selection of native         Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences –School
Invasive Plants
before they control
                                      plants is an invaluable local
                                      resource. Gardeners of all         of Forest Resources –Natural Resource Extension
 you!                                 levels will have an opportunity              Webinars 12:00 PM ET and 7:00 PM ET
                                      to learn about how to partici-
WELCOME NEW BWA                       pate in gardening methods         4/13 Lyme disease in PA
MEMBERS!                              that support and promote sus-     5/3 Native Plants
    Bert and Jane Walck               tainable use of residential       5/11 Migration Madness: Identification of PA Migrant Songbirds
        Susan Lange                   land. By growing native           6/7 Rabbit Resistant Plants
     Thomas Anderson                  plants, people are directly       6/8 Spreading Forest Stewardship to Youth
     Kathleen McCarthy                participating in the environ-
                                      mental health of the planet.
  Above, Native plants: Butterfly weed, Swamp Azalea, Black eyed Susan

 BWA Board Member Bob LaBar                     You can help Protect Your Drinking Water
  Honored by Monroe County                      By: Carol Hillestad                     making. With a grant from Grow-
    Conservation District                           One of the joys of living in or
                                                visiting the Brodhead Watershed
                                                                                        ing Greener and funding from the
                                                                                        BCRA itself, the authority set
  Friday night March 26, 2010 at                is that everywhere you turn you         about identifying potential threats
Stroudsmoor Country Inn overlooking             see a creek or stream, rivulet or       to the water supply – and de-
Cherry Valley, several BWA board members        wetland. When you’re here,              scribed what they would do to
and their spouses joined Bob LaBar and his      you’re never far from water.            contain, eliminate or mitigate
wife Darlene at the MCCD Environmental                                                  those threats
                                                    That nearness to flowing wa-
Education Center annual dinner. The eve-        ter makes it just a trifle unsettling       The Plan as been approved
ning of fine food, entertainment and presen-    to learn that contaminants that go      by the Department of Environ-
tations included Bob receiving the Teacher      into a creek can travel down-           mental Protection. Here are
of the Year award, presented by MCCD Dis-       stream at the rate of a foot or         some of the actions BCRA will
trict Manager, Craig Todd.                      more per second – covering a            take in implementing the plan:
  Bob receive the award as result of the pro-   mile in less than 90 minutes.               • meet with PennDOT, rail-
gram he developed to involve his 7th grade                                              road officials, hazardous materi-
                                                    This finding comes from the
students in a number of community activities                                            als transportation companies,
                                                Source Water Protection Plan, a
including testing water in the creek behind                                             and others to review emergency
                                                comprehensive study undertaken
the East Stroudsburg High School. The stu-                                              response plans for spills and re-
                                                by the Brodhead Creek Regional
dents’ results from several months of testing                                           duce the use of herbicides to
                                                Authority (BCRA). BCRA is the
will be added to BWA’s water quality data-                                              clear brush along roads and train
                                                water authority that provides
base. “This has been a really great oppor-                                              tracks
                                                drinking water for more 25,000
tunity to get students involved with protect-
                                                people who live in the lower                • meet with local municipal
ing their environment while gaining an ap-
                                                reaches of the Brodhead – their         leaders to review existing ordi-
preciation of
                                                “raw water” comes from the              nances and suggest new ones –
how their
                                                Brodhead Creek and wells that           such as encouraging homeown-
actions di-
                                                are linked to the creek.                ers to have their septic systems
rectly affect
                                                    So everything that happens to       properly cleaned and maintained.
their com-
munity. The                                     the Brodhead and its tributaries            • review applications to the
ultimate                                        upstream happens to the water           Delaware River Basin Commis-
goal is to                                      that 25,000 people depend on for        sion for new commercial uses of
inspire stu-                                    drinking water. Based on this           water – providing a heads-up
dents to                                        study, an oil spill on Route 191 in     about competing water uptake or
become                                          Analomink could reach the water         activities that could affect water
future stew-                                    authority’s surface water intake in     quality
ards of the                                     just 90 minutes and their produc-           You can help, too. Anything
environ-                                        tion wells in 10-24 hours.              you put in or on the ground even-
ment!”, said                                        Is it any wonder that the           tually finds its way into our water
Bob. Con-                                       BCRA wants to protect the Brod-         supply – sometimes sooner
gratulations                                    head Creek?                             rather than later. If you don’t
Bob!                                                BCRA’s Source Water Protec-         want to drink it, don’t dump it!
                                                tion Plan was five years in the

 STREAM       LINES                                                                                                              PAGE         3

                        BWA and the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau
                           Win-Win on Audubon Golf Collaboration
     On Wednesday, March 3rd the            industries, it costs money to "go             Township and Shawnee Golf and
 Brodhead Watershed Association in          green" - lots of money. The golfing           Country Club in Shawnee-on-
 conjunction with the Pocono Moun-          industry is different. Golf courses           Delaware have been working to-
 tain Visitors Bureau presented             are in a unique position where mak-           ward certification in the Audubon
 “Golf's Green Bottom Line: Uncover-        ing some simple changes can result            Cooperative Sanctuary Program for
 ing the Hidden Business Value of           in almost immediate savings of                Golf Courses already, and as a re-
 Environmental Stewardship on Golf          thousands of dollars annually.                sult of the event, Terra Greens Golf
 Courses.” at the Pocono Community          Courses resisting the change, Sluit-          course in East Stroudsburg signed
 Theater in East Stroudsburg.               ter said, could be in trouble when            up for the $200-a-year program.
 Stroud Township’s Glen Brook Golf          the next generation of golfers starts         Glenn Feick of Glen Brook said "I
 Club and a donation from the Po-           gaining more power.” A part-time              think golf courses want to be part of
 cono Heritage Land Trust also sup-         lecturer at Rutgers University, he            the solution now instead of being
 ported this event.                         said the students he sees "have the           part of the problem, that wasn't al-
     Jim Sluitter of Audubon Interna-       green thing down pat," and they're            ways the case."
 tional, the New York-based environ-        going to be expecting their busi-                 The Audubon Cooperative Sanc-
 mental education organization that         nesses, including golf courses, to be         tuary Program for Golf Courses
 has devoted millions of dollars to         green.” In his presentation Sluitter          (ACSP-Golf) is an award winning
 bringing golf into the environmental       pointed out; “Changes could be as             education and certification program
 movement provided information to a         simple as letting some out-of-the-            that helps golf courses protect our
 group of about 50 attendees which          way spots on the course grow natu-            environment and preserve the natu-
 included representatives from over         rally without any mowing, or building         ral heritage of the game of golf. For
 a dozen local golf courses, suppliers      birdhouses on the course to natu-             more information about the pro-
 and local conservationists.                rally control insects and create a            gram, go to
                                            sanctuary for native species.”                www.acspgolf.auduboninternational.
     According to Sluitter, “In most
                                               Glen Brook Golf Club in Stroud             org.

                Water Facts: “H2Ology”                                    Encourage a Friend to Join Today!!!
                • Somewhere between 70 and 75 percent of the
                 earth’s surface is covered with water.
                 • Much more fresh water is stored under the           Name:________________________________________
                 ground in aquifers than on the earth’s surface.       Street:________________________________________
                 • The earth is a closed system, similar to a ter-
                 rarium, meaning that it rarely loses or gains extra   City:______________________ Zip:________________
matter. The same water that existed on the earth millions of           Phone:__________________________________
years ago is still present today.
                                                                       E-mail: __________________________________
• The total amount of water on the earth is about 326 million
cubic miles of water.                                                  Preferred method of BWA receiving news & info:
• Of all the water on the earth, humans can used only about                 Regular Mail                      Email                  Both
three tenths of a percent of this water. Such usable water is in
groundwater aquifers, rivers, and freshwater lakes.                    Circle One:
• The United States uses about 346,000 million gallons of fresh        Family $30               Individual $15              Senior $10
water every day.
                                                                                 Student $5                    Contributor $100
• The United States uses nearly 80 percent of its water for irri-
gation and thermoelectric power.                                                          Adopt-A-Stream Site $250
• The average person in the United States uses anywhere from
                                                                       Return, with your check to:
80-100 gallons of water per day. Flushing the toilet actually
takes up the largest amount of this water.                             Brodhead Watershed Association
• Approximately 85 percent of U.S. residents receive their water       Box 339, Henryville, PA 18332
from public water facilities. The remaining 15 percent supply
                                                                        The official registration and financial information of Brodhead Watershed
their own water from private wells or other sources.                   Association may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by
                                                                                            calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania
             Reprinted from:
Take Control of Invasive Plants before they control you!
By: Edie Stevens
 Are invasive plants taking over your property? Help is on the way from Lori Colgan, BWA’s
new Invasive Species Management Plan (ISMP) staff member.
  A few lucky BWA members can get Lori to look over their property this spring and summer
(streamside properties are the first priority) to point out where invasives are taking over, offer
suggestions for how to control them and recommend what native species to plant in their
place. In addition to personal consultations, Lori will also present workshops on controlling
invasive plants and replacement native plants to interested homeowner groups. Call the
BWA office (570) 839 1120 to make an appointment with Lori or to set up a seminar with
your neighbors and friends.
  Lori is a graduate of ESU's Environmental Studies Program and Vermont Law School.
While at ESU, Lori worked for the Nature Conservancy, training volunteers in their Weed
Watchers and Weed Warriors programs. She will start work with BWA on April 15 and will finish the ISMP project, help
landowners manage their invasives, and survey demonstration projects and document results. She will also develop an
Action Plan for future projects in the watershed.
  The ISMP project started 4 years ago under the guidance of Dr. Jeri Jewett-Smith with a grant to BWA from Dept of
Conservation and Natural Resources. Interns from ESU have walked all the major stream corridors and mapped loca-
tions and density of invasive plants. Working with Dr. Shixiong Hu, Jeri and interns have created maps showing their
work. Visit to view the maps and learn more.

                                               Want to contact us?
Phone: 570-839-1120           Email: Web:

                       Brodhead Watershed Association
                       Box 339
                       Henryville, PA 18332

 The Brodhead Watershed Association is a non-profit organization formed in 1989 to promote and preserve the
 environment of the Brodhead watershed and the water quality of the Brodhead, Cherry, Marshalls, McMichael,
 Paradise, and Pocono creeks and their tributaries.

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