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					Vastu Shastra for north facing Shops, to be frank North is representing money,

"Kuberasthana" , Lord Kubera is ruling this direction, so north facing shops will

generally gets more advantage than all the other directions (This is the statement of so

many unknowledged vastu consultant) , where ever i go so many now asking that

'North direction is the only one good direction for shops', this is totally not acceptable, if

you take some shops which they get slashed business, they may be towards east,

south,west facing shops. No direction is particularly prescribed for shops and business.

In cities there you can find several shops which they have very attractive business,

please find their directions, all shops are not towards north direction.

Observe the above image, here the owner seat is at North west corner and the stocks are

at south side, this is the correct position of stocks. If your shop is having only less stocks

then place them at south side as it clearly shown with light gray colour at this image,

you have heavy stocks, see the thick black mark is occupied at south side. If you have

heavy stocks then place the sticky items at south side and movable stocks should be

placed at after to this sticky stocks that is nearby to the owner seat.

At north direction shops owner should not be sit at northeast corner, this is wrong

direction to occupy the owner, but this position right in one time, what is that ...please

look at the below image. Entrance should be at northeast corner as shown at the above

and below picture,
Here stocks are heavy, then how to place the stocks, this is the right position. Actually

the owner should not sit at northeast corner, but here he can occupy the northeast corner

as the stocks are occupied fully at south, middle of the shop and west side.

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