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                                                    with AMTA-SC

AMTA-SC Chapter Newsletter/Issue 1                                (January, February, March, April)

                         AMTA-SC SPRING CONVENTION 2010

Dates:                       March 25-27, 2010
Location:                    Spartanburg, South Carolina

South Carolina AMTA Chapter’s Spring convention and Annual meeting will be an event that you will be
excited to attend! There will be education and entertainment galore. Two international health professionals
include James Waslaski and Dr. Steven Blair as well as Robert Wootten, Ann Blair Kennedy, and Gay
Barefield. This will be a great opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and associate with other
professionals in your field. Please see inside for more information and registration form.

                AMTA-SC Chapter Business Meeting, March 27, 2010, Spartanburg, SC

WELCOME TO AMTA-SC CHAPTER!!! We are pleased to welcome our new members who have just
joined or transferred in from other states. From all of us on your AMTA-SC Board, “WELCOME” and feel
free to contact any one of us for help or questions.

Karsha Brown                         Debra Wilkinson                      Jennifer Hasik
Jeremy Lee Hooper                    Nancy Smith                          Gabrielle Lawrence
Jeffrey Goldstein                    Cindy Scheidt                        Lakita Toatley
Frances Boykin                       Alisa Collier                        Joanna Gardner
Jessica Brown Stiles                 Paul Fox                             Monica Davis
Robbin Lea Wells                     Nicole McPherson                     Tammy Erwin
Elizabeth Kelsey-Maynard             Amy Hayes                            Elysia Dowds
Joy Tharp                            Kara McFadden                        Jacqueline Rathe
Emily Semerau                        Melissa Neel                         Latonya Lee Dow
Adair Stanley                        Alexandra del Rossi                  Kay Beeman
Rebecca Stocker                      Rebecca Moss                         Katrina Brendel
Susanne Demmerle                     Jacklyn Leonard                      Melvin McCullough
Mary Elizabeth Sword                 Toral Patel                          Diana Brunson
Lynda Delk                           Tracey Murray                        Heather Ballard
Michael Bowers                       Kathryne Jane McCracken
                                                                                    Newsletter Deadline!
President                      Ann Blair Kennedy
                                         Please send articles and advertising for May 2010
                                                                  newsletter by April 1, 2010
1st Vice President             Ronda Villa                         Required: Send disk, cd, and/or e-mail that
Education Chair                        is copy ready with your check made payable
                                                                  to AMTA-SC Chapter to:
2nd Vice President             Linda Pearson                                        MJ Ervin,
Government Rel. Chair
                                                                                108 Riggs Drive,
3rd Vice President             Darlene Harmon                                 Clemson, SC 29631
Meetings Coordinator                          e-mail:
                                                                       Deadline for Ads             Issue Date
Treasurer                      Rena McLendon
                                             December 1, 20092010 January 2010

Secretary, Acting              Martha Ervin                            April 1, 2010                May 2010
Newsletter Editor    
                                                                       August 1, 2010               September 2010
Awards Chair                   Vicki Rose
                                                                If you are advertising with newspapers, flyers, business cards,
                                     etc., you must include your SC license number.
                                                                Students may not advertise (including business cards) nor accept
Membership Chair               Gay Barefield                    any money (including tips) for performing massage.
Social/Entertainment Chair     Amanda Rose
                                                                  Please make sure you contact:
                                                                  SC LLR, or 803-896-4488;

Webmaster                      Tony Ruggiero                      National: or use their new toll free
                                        number 877-905-2700;

Policy Chair                   Vacant                                             EDITORIAL POLICY
PR Chair                       Vacant                             Staying in Touch is published four times per year and
Community Service Chair        Vacant                           welcomes contributions from readers. Articles for publication
                                                                must be typewritten and include a legible signature, address, and
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                     DELEGATES                                  permission from the owner/author.
Debra Gallup                           The AMTA South Carolina Chapter and Staying in Touch
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Business Card:   $25        AMTA members receive free           legality of the use of any product advertised herein in
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Full Page:       $100       availability. Non-members           those of the AMTA-SC Chapter or the Editor of Staying in
                            may advertise for $3.00 per         Touch. For full newsletter advertising policy, please see our full
                            line.                               statement on the American Massage Therapy Association

                                    PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS
        I have been in training for nine months for a big event in December 2009 and the last 12 weeks have
been especially tiring and hard. No, I am not talking about another baby, on December 12, 2009 I ran the
Kiawah Island ½ marathon – 13.1 miles. I ran the entire race with my 69 year old mother in 2 hours 55
minutes and 19 seconds. My mother came in 3rd in her age group – she would have been 1st in her age group
had she been one year older. I was way far down for my age group – but I completed the race and I ran the
whole way. I bring this up not to get praise but to tell you my journey to fitness and hopefully encourage you
to wellness in 2010.
        I started my journey in June of 2008 when I decided to change my way of life. I was obese, more than
140 lbs overweight, and sick and tired. I was bound and determined to change. I started eating better and
exercising. In the beginning I could barely walk 3 miles in 1 hour; and that was exhausting. I did this almost
every day. I also incorporated in weights and yoga as well. The pounds started coming off and my light
started to shine just a little brighter.
        My fitness started to improve and I stated walking more and more; I used an elliptical machine as well.
In March of 2009 I had a crazy idea that I might try to accomplish what seemed impossible at the time. Run a
½ marathon by the end of the year. With the encouragement of others that they thought I could do this I
started to train for my goal. I had set backs a sprained ankle that took me out of running for 4 weeks and other
responsibilities that required my attention and time, children, job, and AMTA but I had a goal in mind.
        With 75 pounds shed from my body I awoke at 4:30 am on race day. I was excited and fearful at the
same time. I had breakfast with my children and parents and then Dad dropped Mom and me off at the race
venue. The place was packed – I believe there were about 4,000 runners and walkers that day. When we
started out the pace was slow and we were blocked by many people; The first 2 miles were horrible – I had the
thought “What was I thinking, I can’t do this – this is crazy.” Then around mile 4 were the African drummers
and dancers and they urged me on and then came the thoughts “I can do this, I can DO this, I CAN DO this.”
Seeing my Dad at mile 10 was wonderful, encouraging and emotional and having my children and husband at
the finish line was most heartening. I also had the encouragement of many friends and family who’ve
followed my journey on Facebook.
        I bring you this story at the start of the year to show you that even what might seem impossible can be
accomplished. Even with roadblocks and setbacks you can accomplish your dreams and make them your real-
ity. I hope you will consider your fitness this year and look to improve yourself in body, mind and spirit. I
will also link this in with a class we are offering in March (for free if you are taking other classes the same
weekend) – Physical Fitness and Health for Massage Therapists, Physicians and the Public. The lecturer is one
of the best public speakers I have ever seen – even though I am a bit biased (it’s my Dad). He has waved his
lecture fee for AMTA so I hope you’ll come out take this class and others at our Spring Convention. I’ll leave
you with this thought by Carol Welch “Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical,
emotional, and mental states.”
       May your physical, emotional and mental states be healthy, wealthy and wise in 2010.

Ann Blair Kennedy
President, AMTA-SC

                AMTA-SC Spring Mini Convention
                      March 25-27, 2010

                       James Waslaski, Robert Wootten,
      Colorful Teachings (Ann Blair Kennedy and Gay Barefield) and
                                         Steve Blair
                                      Business Meeting

                 Marriott Spartanburg at Renaissance Park
                       299 N. Church St., Spartanburg, SC 29306

                       AMTA room rates good until March 3, 2010
                                 $89 Single or Double Occupancy
                      Please call the hotel for room details and reservations.

                         299 Sports Bar and Dupre’s are located onsite.
             Several restaurants are nearby, please visit the hotel website for details.

                         FRIDAY NIGHT SOCIAL
                        IT’S FREE PLEASE JOIN US!

            LOTS of Door Prizes! LOTS of Fun!!

                             Business Meeting
                              Saturday 3:30-5:30
                          Non-members are welcome!

Registration for all classes will begin 30 minutes prior to class start

                                                      James Waslaski, LMT
                           Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Shoulder Conditions Scars
                               Pelvic Stabilization “The Key to Structural Integration”
                       Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Elbow, Wrist and Hand Conditions

              Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Shoulder Conditions, 8 CE hours, Thursday, 9:00 - 6:00
                                           $135 Members, $160 Non-Members
                 Pelvic Stabilization “The Key to Structural Integration”, 8 CE hours, Friday, 8:00 - 5:00
                                           $135 Members, $160 Non-Members
                         Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Elbow, Wrist and Hand Conditions,
                         6 CE hours, Saturday, 8:00 - 3:00, $100 Members, $125 Non-Members
                                                      22 CE Hours
                            Classes can be taken separately or all three at a discounted rate of
                                        $365 for Members, $440 for Non-Members

Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Shoulder Conditions. This powerful presentation is requested throughout the world. Based on
structural integrations and our revolutionary joint capsule work, you will combine multiple disciplines and learn a systematic approach to
getting immediate results in patients with severe thoracic outlet and frozen shoulder problems. We will also address rotator cuff injuries,
bicipital tendonitis, and shoulder impingements problems. We will focus on modalities such as functional assessment, myofascial release,
neuromuscular therapy, scar tissue mobilization techniques, P.N.F. stretching, strengthening and unique patient home care protocols. The
unique joint capsule work has helped release thousands of frozen shoulder conditions and will revolutionize your results with complicated
shoulder conditions.
Pelvic Stabilization “The Key to Structural Integration”. This unique presentation will address the clinical approach to assessment,
treatment and rehabilitation of the spine and pelvis. Specific conditions addressed will be low back pain, SI joint dysfunction, and lumbar
compression and disc pathologies of the lower back. In addition, we will address hip pain, hip capsule problems and sciatica. Primary
modalities utilized will be functional assessment, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, multidirectional fractioning, eccentric scar
tissue alignment, P.N.F. stretching and patient home care protocols. This unique multidisciplinary approach to deep tissue release for
structural alignment will be completely pain free and will allow for immediate and permanent results; even in the most complicated pain
Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Elbow, Wrist and Hand Conditions. This seminar will teach you to eliminate conditions like
carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, nerve entrapments and progressive joint arthritis in as little as one session. Utilizing modalities such as
functional assessment, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, scar tissue mobilization, myoskeletal alignment, P.N.F. stretching and
strengthening in a precise order you will eliminate even the most complicated pain conditions immediately and permanently. You will
empower the client to control underlying factors such as repetitive motions and poor postures and teach the client precise home care
protocols for life long, pain free living. Our revolutionary approach for pain free scar tissue mobilization and tendon pain release will bring
your work to a level you have never imagined. Through the use of human dissections, computerized pathologies, and animated structural
movements, you will match the exact modality to the underlying condition, restoring structural balance and maximizing performance
potential in all clients.

                                                 Robert Wootten, LMT
                                   Thai Massage, Level 1 (Nuat Boran / Thai bodywork)

                                               21 CE Hours, Thursday 8:30 - 6:00
                                             Friday 8:30 - 4:30, Saturday 8:30 - 3:00
                                            $355.00 Members, $420.00 Non-Members

Level 1 presents the Thai attitude and approach to bodywork, including the cultural and spiritual foundations which are essential to under-
standing this modality. Participants learn the techniques for stretching, range of motion, cross-fiber, and meridian work and a basic
sequence for treating the whole person in supine, side-lying, prone, and sitting positions. In addition, meditations and breathing techniques
are shown that can enhance any bodywork. The style taught is similar to that practiced in Chiang Mai (“Northern style”) enhanced with
elements from other styles and Robert's 20 years of experience. The workshop is very experiential with lots of guided practice and help
with body mechanics, first on the floor and then on the table. An instructional booklet prepared by Robert with pictures of all the moves is

                                                 Colorful Teachings
                                        Ann Blair Kennedy and Gay Barefield

                    Professional Ethics-Dual Relationships and Boundaries & The Gray Areas
                                        Dual Relationships and Boundaries
                                                Class Information
                                                    3 CE hours
                               Friday 9:00 – 12:00 $50 Members, $55 Non-Members

This class helps the therapists deal with the inevitable dual relationships within their practices and how they need to work on their bounda-
ries in these areas. We will define ethics and boundaries, discuss treatment of our peers, and will address the dilemma of dual relationships.
This class meets the required NCBTMB Standard V in ethics.

                                                       The Gray Areas
                                                      Class Information
                                                         3 CE hours
                                     Friday 1:30 – 4:30 $50 Members, $55 Non-Members

Ethics are part of the foundation of the massage practice. This class helps therapists deal with the "gray areas" of ethics, instead of
the obvious issues. We will define ethics and standards of practice, we will discuss ethical danger areas and defining sacred space.

Participants should be prepared for group discussion, sharing of experiences, laughter, bonding, and unique ethical dilemmas.

                                                              Steve Blair

                                    Health and Fitness for Massage Therapists,
                                       Physical Therapists, and the Public
                                                       2 CE hours
                                                   Friday 5:00 - 7:00
          This class will be offered free to all participants attending another class during this conference.
                           Non participants cost will be $20 Members, $40 Non-Members

This class will focus on the associations between lifestyle and health with a specific emphasis on exercise,
physical fitness, body composition and chronic disease.

Dr. Blair has published more than 425 papers and chapters in the scientific literature and was the senior
scientific editor for the U.S. Surgeon General report on physical activity and health. He is the Professor in the
Departments of Exercise Science and Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the Arnold School of Public Health,
University of South Carolina. Dr. Blair has received awards from many professional associations, including a
MERIT Award from the National Institutes of Health, ACSM Honor Award, Robert Levy Lecture and
Population Science Research Awards from the American Heart Association, and is one of the few individuals
outside the U.S. Public Health Service to be awarded the Surgeon General's Medallion. He has delivered
lectures to medical, scientific, and lay groups in 48 states and 30 countries.

                                                    Register and pay on-line at
                                           Send registration form with full payment to
                        Rena McLendon, AMTA Treasurer, Life Balance, 1703 Richland St., Columbia, SC 29201
                                Confirmation notice with directions will be e-mailed or mailed to you.

                           AMTA members will not get discounted price if AMTA number is not included

 Name:_________________________________________ SC License #: _____________AMTA #:____________

 Address:_______________________________________ City:__________________ State:_____ Zip:__________

 Phone:(______) _______________________ E-mail Address __________________________________________

 I am paying by: □ Check (made payable to AMTA-SC Chapter)
                 □ Credit Card (circle one)    Master Card            /   Visa   /   American Express

 Name (as it reads on card):_______________________________________________________________________

 Number:____________________________________ Exp:_________________ PIN (3 digit code):____________

 I am registering for (Please circle appropriate class and amount):

Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Shoulder Conditions (8 CE Hours), Thursday
              AMTA Members $135 Non-AMTA Members $160

Pelvic Stabilization “The Key to Structural Integration”, (8 CE hours), Friday
                 AMTA Members $135 Non-AMTA Members $160

Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Elbow, Wrist and Hand Conditions (6 CE hours), Saturday
              AMTA Members $100             Non-AMTA Members $125

                                                      22 CE Hours
                       The above classes can be taken separately or all three at a discounted rate of
                                        $365 for Members, $440 for Non-Members

Thai Massage, Level 1 (21 CE Hours), Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
               AMTA Members $355 Non-AMTA Members $420

Ethics, Dual Relationships and Boundaries (3 CE Hours), Friday 9:00-12:00
                AMTA Members $50 Non-AMTA Members $55

Ethics, The Gray Areas (3 CE Hours), Friday 1:30-4:30
               AMTA Members $50 Non-AMTA Members $55

Health and Fitness for MT’s, PT’s, and the Public (2 CE Hours), Friday
                AMTA Members $20 Non-AMTA Members $40                  Free with class

    Rooms For Rent to Seasoned                                  AMTA-SC CHAPTER is
             LMT’s.                                             looking for a few more
Our therapists can make 3k(+) a month,                          volunteers! We have vacant
part-time!                                                      positions that need several
                                                                hours of your time. We are
                                                                looking for a Public Relations
                                                                chair and a Community
                                                                Services chair to help us help
                                                                South Carolina. Also, the
                                                                AMTA-SC Staying in Touch
                                                                newsletter is now published
                                                                three times a year and is a fun
                                                                position to handle. You can do
                                                                it and we need you!!!
                 In business since 2001.
             Keep your profits. Share the fun.                  Please contact our President,
        1531 Augusta Road • West Columbia, SC                   Ann Blair Kennedy at
        29169, Call: (803) 796-4807, Ask for Jan.      for further

      ADVERTISING                                               Thank you very much!

For most of you, this is the last
printed edition of the AMTA-SC
newsletter. In May, you will be
receiving an e-mail with your
newsletter. The newsletter will          Beautiful Chakra Stars are kiln-fired glass artwork pieces and
be also posted on-line.                  make great gifts or meditation focus pieces for you or your clients.
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Tony is March 1, 2010.                   286-6700 or email “chakra stars” at
**************************      .

                                         Advanced Seminars for Enhanced Practice
                                               Greenville, South Carolina
For Winter and Spring 2010 we are offering a comprehensive selection of one and two-day
NCBTMB approved Continuing Education Seminars!

Aromatherapy with the author of “Aromatic Message” in Massage Today magazine (Sundays)
February 21st Introduction to Aromatherapy 6 CE, Shellie Enteen, NCBTMB#158498-00 $125
March 21st Advanced Blending Techniques 6 CE, Shellie Enteen, NCBTMB#158498-00 $125
April 11th Aromatherapy Full Body Technique 6 CE, Shellie Enteen, NCBTMB#158498-00 $125

And check out these wonderful topics!
February 6th Introduction to Jin Shin Jyutsu, 6 CE with Shellie Enteen NCBTMB#158498-00 $125
March 6 Massage for Head and Face Pain, June Lordi, NCBTMB#150327-00 6CE $125
April 24th Introduction to Lomi Lomi, 6 CE, Lynn Harris, NCBTMB#450097-06 $150
May 15th Introduction to Reiki (Reiki I) 6 CE, Barbara Moore, NCBTMB#450902-08 $150
May 22-23 Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy, 12 CE, Michael McConnell, NCBTMB#149591-00
            $325. (tuition includes mandatory student manual, available at the class)
June 12th Introduction to Taut Band Therapy, 8 CE Stewart Walker, NCBTMB#450165-06 $150
June 25-26 Introduction to Massage Cuppingtm, 12 CE Annie Garic, NCBTMB#312464-00 $300
July 18th Event Sports Massage, 4 CE, Sunday afternoon, June Lordi, NCBTMB#150327-00 $100
REGISTER NOW!! For more information and secure online registration: or
contact: Shellie at 864 877 8594 or send your payment to Carolina Continuing Massage Education PO Box
25666, Greenville, SC 29616. Email or call for info about our cancellation policy.

       Approved Provider of Continuing Education under the NCBTMB# 328461-00

                          431 S. Main St., Ste. 2 Rutherfordton NC 28139
                                            2010 Class Schedule

                         All classes meet 9am-6pm except where otherwise noted.

Jan 23 How to Pass the Exam w/Laura Allen 9am-5pm. No credit hours. $125 including book.

Feb 27 Double Whammy w/Laura Allen 6 CE Contact Hrs
Standard V Ethics 9am-12 noon. $50. Marketing for MTs, 1:30-4:30. $50 or attend both classes for $80.

March 12 Techniques for Shoulder Pain w/Vicki Bates.
8 CE Contact Hours. $150 or attend March 12-13 both for $275.

March 13 Techniques for Low Back Pain w/Vicki Bates.
8 CE Contact Hours. $150 or attend March 12-13 both for $275.

March 27 The Ensoma Method of Health through Movement and Self Care of Musculoskeletal Pain and
Dysfunction w/ Marty Kestin. 8 CE Contact Hours. $140.

April 9-11 Healing Touch Level 1 w/Judy Ray. 17 CE Contact Hours. $295, optional supplies add on $20.
Class meets Fri p.m., all day Sat/Sun.

April 17 Another Double Whammy w/Laura Allen. Insurance Billing for MTs meets 9am-12 noon and Intake
Protocols and SOAP Charting for Medical Massage meets 1:30-4:30. $50 for each class or take both for $80.
Note that NC only allows you to count 3 hours of business, but if you want to successfully bill insurance, you
need to take both classes.

April 18 How to Pass the Exam w/Laura Allen 9am-5pm. No credit hours. $125 incl book.

April 23-24 Thai on the Table w/Gloria Coppola.
16 CE Contact Hours. $250.

May 1 Techniques for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome w/Gloria Coppola. 8 CE Contact Hours. $125.

May 7-8 Spa Techniques without a Wetroom w/Laura Allen. 16 CE Contact Hours. $225.

May 15 Techniques for TMJ Dysfunction w/Vicki Bates
8 CE Contact Hours. $140
May 21-23 Laura Allen teaching Advanced Massage Techniques in Dublin Ireland. Take a tax-deductible trip
to the best place on earth! Call for info.

May 28-29 Labor Doula Training w/CAPPA certified teacher Susan Smart. (Non-MTs may also attend). 16.5
CE Contact Hours. $395.

June 4-6 The Rossiter Method w/Kathy Howard. Details to be announced. Check the website at

June 11-13 (incl Fri evening) Healing Touch Level 2 w/Judy Ray. Level 1 is a pre-requisite. 17 CE Contact
Hours, $295. Optional supplies additional $20.

June 26-27 Intro to Polarity Therapy w/Moksha Sharon Kolman. 14 CE Contact Hours. $280.

July 10 How to Pass the Exam w/Laura Allen 9am-5pm. No credit hours. $125 incl book.

July 16 Introduction to Taut Band Therapy w/Stewart Walker. 8 CE Contact Hours. $115. This class can stand
alone, but it is required if you want to take Stewart’s class in Pain Reduction for Osteoarthritis on July 17-18.

July 17-18 Pain Reduction for Osteoarthritis w/Stewart Walker. 16 CE Contact Hours, $210.

July 24 Body Re-Set by Bowen Technique w/Dr. Mitchell Mosher. 8 CE Contact Hours. $125.

July 31-Aug 1 Tuning up the Core. Details to be announced. Check the website at

Aug 5-9 Lomi-Lomi Intensive w/Gloria Coppola.
42 CE Contact Hours includes a delicious catered lunch every day. $695.

Aug 13 Techniques for Shoulder Pain w/Vicki Bates.
8 CE Contact Hours. $150 or attend March 12-13 both for $275.

Aug 14 Techniques for Low Back Pain w/Vicki Bates.
8 CE Contact Hours. $150 or attend March 12-13 both for $275.

Aug 20-22 Oncology Massage : Working w/Cancer Patients w/Vicki Torrey. 21 CE Contact Hours. $395.

Aug 38 Pharmacology and Herbology for the Massage Practitioner. 8 CE Contact Hours.

Sept 11-12 Working w/Fibromyalgia w/Sheila Berger.
16 CE Contact Hours. $275.

Sept 17-19 Orthopedic Massage w/Howard Weingarten.
21 CE Contact Hours. $350.

Sept 24-26 Traditional Chinese Medicine w/Christine Courtney, 22 CE Contact Hours, plus 3 CE Contact
Hours of Standard V Ethics 2/Laura Allen. All 25 hours for $375.

Oct 8-10 Indian Head Massage w/Christine Courtney, 22 CE Contact Hours, plus 3 CE Contact Hours of
Standard V Ethics 2/Laura Allen. All 25 hours for $375.

Oct 16 Intro to Lymph Drainage w/Vicki Bates. 8 CE Contact Hours. $140.

Oct 17 Butterfly Touch Massage w/Natalie Veres. 8 CE Contact Hours. $125.

Nov 13 How to Pass the Exam w/Laura Allen 9am-5pm. No credit hours. $125 including book.

M Ervin
AMTA-SC Chapter
108 Riggs Drive
Clemson, SC 29631

                       Calendar of Events
25-27               AMTA-SC Spring Convention            Spartanburg
27                  AMTA-SC Chapter Spring Meeting
                         and Awards Ceremony             Spartanburg

22-25               AMTA National Convention             Minneapolis

22-24               AMTA-SC Fall Education Class            TBA
24-30               National Massage Therapy Awareness Week (NMTAW)


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