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                                                             Newsletter                                     February 2004

THANK YOU…                                    PRESIDENT’S REPORT February 2004

We have received assistance and                          ur Labrador/Golden Retriever crosses, Cassie and
donations from the following
                                                         Bindi, have been relocated from their Foster Puppy
people & organisations. Thank
you all for your generosity.                             Raisers, Michele & Taidg and Andrea & Graham, to
Mr & Mrs. Almgren, Beecroft                              full-time Assistance Dog training with Dianna Cooper.
Nancy Lockie, Carlingford                     These folk have done a wonderful job raising the puppies, teaching
Darren Thomas, North Fitzroy                  basic obedience and providing many opportunities for
Jan Wiseman, Newport Beach.                   socialisation of the pups in order to equip them with the pre-
Meryl Butler, Dee Why                         requisites of Assistance Dogs.
Maria Dowse, Avalon                           As you can imagine, the dogs have shared the household with
Roy Pangallo, Dee Why                         these families and a very close bond develops, making it difficult
Frank Pangallo, Collaroy Plateau              to hand the dogs back. However, doing so in the knowledge that
Elie Dakkache, Old Guildford                  these fine animals will go on to serve and provide a life-changing
Len Gower, United Kingdom                     experience for a person with a disability makes it worth the
Paul & Sue Smith, Terrey Hills                heartache of the separation. Obviously these families will be able
Lorraine Sloss, Killarney Heights             to observe the transformation that occurs with the dogs over the
Alex & Heather Jamieson,                      next six months.
Women's Committee, Gordon Golf                ASDOG was recently targeted by the Western Australian
Club                                          Government , along with ASDOGS NQ, to assist in the drafting of
Nancy Somerville, West Ryde                   new legislation to provide for Assistance dogs in their Dog Act.
Joan Donaldson, West Pymble                   I consider it a compliment that we were selected to advise on
Mrs. R. Cartwright, Huntleys Point            Public Access considerations as well as other issues relative to
Joan Winney, Carlingford                      selection of recipients of Assistance Dogs.
Helen Grant, Bilgola PlateauΟ                 The fine work we are doing is being recognised by government
                                              departments as well as related organisations such as Delta Pet
    WELCOME TO NEW MEMBER                     Partners who are responsible for the Canine Good Citizen Instruc-
  Rebecca Glasheen, RandwickΟ                 tor's Course, as well as hospital and school visitation programs.
                                              Recently I had the pleasure of attending Centrelink Head Office for
                                              the presentation of an Australia Day Award to Dianna (see page 4).
 ASDOG would like to thank Mr. Curry,
                                              The year ahead will be full of challenges, not the least of which
   principal of Kambora Public School,
 Davidson, as well as the Coordinator of
                                              will be the need to keep pursuing initiatives to raise funds to keep
Kambora's Out Of School Hours Centre,         our wonderful dogs in training. If you, as a member, can help in
   Chelsea Hair, the Manager, Janelle         this regard, we would really like to hear from you.
 Mitchell, and the Kamboosh Committee                                                                  /continued on page 2…
for their generosity in allowing us to hold
 our Executive and General Meetings in
                                                    ASDOG Newsletter                is published quarterly by
            Kamboosh Cottage.
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ASDOG Newsletter                                                                                               NO. 14. 2004 / 2

                                                            Profile on… REBECCA GLASHEEN
In closing I must thank all our Board
members for their valued contribution, in                   Rebecca became a quadriplegic when she was 15 years old
particular Pam Livingstone, Sue Elstub,                     after a surfing accident. That was nearly twenty years ago.
Ian Kelf, Ann Barnacoat, our Training                       I became acquainted with Rebecca some years ago through
Director Dianna Cooper, and Monique
                                                            my fitness equipment supply company. Rebecca became
De Vries.
                                                            aware of ASDOG and expressed an interest in obtaining a
Special thanks to all those generous                        Trained Assistance Dog.
Members and Supporters who have
made our organisation possible.                             Being fiercely determined and very independent, Rebecca
                                                            decided she would source and train her own assistance dog.
New Regular Feature: From time to time in
the Newsletter we will feature a profile on                 Consequently, she has been working tirelessly with Jessie, a
one of the people providing assistance to                   female white German Shepherd, since Jessie was 7 weeks old.
ASDOG, and acknowledge the invaluable                       For over a year now, Rebecca and Jessie have been guided by
work they do for the organisation.                          Lorna Clark, a dedicated CGC Instructor.
We are delighted that our first feature                     Recently Tom Wilson, Senior Assessor for Delta Society in
profile (next column) is of Rebecca Glasheen.               Australia, carried out with Lorna the ADI Public Access
PETER BENNETT, President, ASDOG                             Accreditation Test on Rebecca and Jessie. They passed with
                                                            flying colours.

FROM THE TREASURER                                          Rebecca has been a tireless supporter of Australian Support
                                                            Dogs and has been making the gift baskets raffled by our
I would like to extend a big thank you to                   Fundraising Committee. The baskets contain a variety of
the members of our Fundraising Committee,                   luxurious items, and Rebecca donates these wonderful items
and in particular Alma Dudgeon, Dawn                        to ASDOG for fundraising.
Gerry, Gill Walker, Val Odden, Carol Kelly
and Val Riley, who have given so much of                    Rebecca is a valuable team member who regularly attends
their time and expertise raising the funds to               fundraising events with Jessie. ASDOG thanks you Rebecca.
maintain and train our dogs.                                PETER BENNETT, President, ASDOG
ASDOG could not carry out its mission without
the financial support of so many individual
donations during the past year. It now costs
approximately $14,500 to maintain and train
one of our wonderful dogs before handover
to the disabled recipient, free of charge.
Once again, many, many thanks to all those
organisations and individuals who make this

 Peter Bennett, tetraplegic and founder of
 ASDOG. He and his assistance dog Catja take
 on many speaking engagements. President of
 ASDOG, and tireless advocate of assistance
 dogs for the physically disabled. Ο
 Ian Kelf, veterinary surgeon, has multiple sclerosis
 and is in a wheelchair. A founding member, he
 assesses our dogs and helps on all committees. Ο
 Pam Livingstone is our dog-loving Treasurer,
 with many years’ experience in business admin. Ο
 Sue Elstub edits and produces the Newsletter
 and convenes the PR committee. Ο
 Alma Dudgeon co-ordinates our Fundraising
 Committee, with help of Dawn Gerry, Val
 Odden and the ladies of The Ionian Club. Ο
 Ann Barnacoat is one of our invaluable puppy-
 walkers. Ο

 AUSTRALIAN SUPPORT DOGS, INC. (ASDOG) Ο P.O.           Box 644, Mona Vale, NSW 2103 Ο Tel: (02) 9979 6986 Ο Fax: (02) 9979 6827
ASDOG Newsletter                                                                                       NO. 14. 2004 / 3

Cassie and Bindi came in for their intensive training at the end of
last year, at the age of twelve months. (See separate report.)
I would like to thank Michele, Taidg and their children for their
conscientious, consistent, calm and loving raising of Cassie (see
Michele's Puppy-Raising report on page 4).
Andrea and Graham got Bindi as a 7 month old energetic,
inquisitive pup. They too have been consistent with the daily
exercising, socialisation and training of Bindi and she is a
relaxed and happy dog. Andrea and Graham will now be able to
take the wire netting cover off their fishpond on a pedestal and
Afghan Rodney will be able to get some rest!
Luckily ASDOG has not lost Michele and family or Graham and
Andrea. They have offered to look after our other puppies while
their raisers are on holidays and are available for short term dog
Rev. Bob McLeod and Julianne are continuing with their
fortnightly lessons with Labrador puppies, Bonnie and Lara.
Both pups are coming along very well.

Bindi and Cassie left their puppy raisers and came in for their            But Bindi and some children in North
Assistance Dog training in early December last year. They are              Queensland will be lucky. Bindi will now
Labrador/Golden Retriever crosses. Bindi is black and Cassie is            be going to live with North Queensland
yellow. They both have a love of people and working with them.             Special Education teacher Wendy Bryde.
At first they learned to understand what the clicker means and             She will be going to school with Wendy
what the "keep going, you are doing just fine" sound means. This           and working under her supervision as a
is in place now: they are calm when out and at home, and they              facility dog in classes for children with
enjoy their training. They have now both reached that exciting             special needs. Wendy has seen the
stage when all the groundwork falls into place and they just "get          incredible difference facility dogs have
it". This is when they start to really love their training, learn very     made to some of the children at other
quickly and to problem solve.                                              schools and she cannot wait to get Bindi.
When Bindi first arrived for training, she backed away quickly             In addition to her other training, Bindi has
to the end of her lead a couple of times when she saw things in            been taught several tricks that she will be
places they hadn't been before. She has not done this since the            able to do with some of the more interactive
first month she arrived and it is tempting to think that she might         children in her classes. These are to give
never do it again as she is now fully confident when out and               "paw" (her right front foot) and "foot" (her
about. But it is not known if she would revert to this behaviour           left front foot), to touch fingers with her
under stress at some time in the future. For the sake of safety it         nose, turn in circles to the left and to the
was decided not to continue her training as an Assistance dog.             right, to back up and to rollover.
                                                                           Her main job however will be to offer
                                                                           support and encouragement to the children.
                                                                           Many are the stories of children who only
                                                                           started to interact, move and talk so they
                                                                           could talk to, touch or work with the dog.
                                                                           Bindi is a very calm, affectionate and caring
                                                                           dog. We at ASDOG feel this job is just made
                                                                           for her and that she will make a positive
                                                                           difference to the children she meets.
                                                                           Cassie is continuing her Assistance Dog
                                                                           training. She is a happy lady and loves her
                                                                           training. She is now closing doors,
                                                                           retrieving to hand, bench, lap and side of
                                                                           wheelchair and learning to drop an article
                                                                           when requested.

 AUSTRALIAN SUPPORT DOGS, INC. (ASDOG) Ο P.O.   Box 644, Mona Vale, NSW 2103 Ο Tel: (02) 9979 6986 Ο Fax: (02) 9979 6827
ASDOG Newsletter                                                                                       NO. 14. 2004 / 4

SABRINA                                                                   MICHELE HANNON, Asdog Puppy Raiser
While holidaying in Australia, Sabrina, a trainer at one of Italy's       CENTRELINK PRESS RELEASE
premier dog training schools, spent some of her Sydney time with the
ASDOG people. Her training school in Rome is about to set up an           Dianna’s award for Support of Dogs
Assistance Dog training school and she was interested in meeting
                                                                          Most people struggle to cope with one full-
people from other organisations while she was here.
                                                                          time job, but Dianna Cooper works days as a
Many hours were spent learning about the training methods used in         customer service officer at Hornsby
each country, discussing the short and long term effects of each          Centrelink and acts as Director of Training at
method, working out which ways each of us liked and explaining our        Australian Support Dogs Inc at nights, on
reasons. Sabrina also met puppy raisers, other trainers and went to an    weekends and during holidays.
Agility competition while she was here.                                   Dianna’s solid efforts for a good cause have
She was also lucky (good) enough to spend a month doing volunteer         been recognised with the awarding of a
work at Sea World in Queensland. While she was there she was able to      Centrelink Australia Day Award at a
work and train with the Polar Bears and Sea Lions.                        ceremony this week.
Her visit gave us all a wonderful opportunity to talk about dog           "I’ve been involved in training support dogs
training in general. Cassie and Bindi were on hand for theory testing     to assist people with a disability for around
                                                                          six years now," said Dianna. "I help train the
(short sessions with Positive reinforcement methods only) and seemed
                                                                          dogs to help people with menial and more
to enjoy the attention.Ο
                                                                          complex tasks. These dogs are extremely well
DIANNA COOPER, Director of Training                                       trained and can assist their owners with
                                                                          washing clothes, collecting specific items
                                                                          from supermarket shelves and fetching
PUPPY RAISING                                                             phones, keys and wallets."
                                                                          Dianna was nominated for her Australia Day
November, 2003. There were several reasons we applied to puppy            award by her Hornsby Centrelink Team
raise: Ο My young children were quite afraid of dogs, as they had         Leader, who noticed the hard work she was
never had much exposure to them. Ο We wanted to get a dog, but            putting into the community. Dianna also
weren't quite sure about buying a dog of our own and committing           received a Centrelink Chief Executive Officer
ourselves to up to fifteen years' dog ownership. Ο And finally, it        Award at the ceremony, for 20 years' service
                                                                          in the Australian Public Service.
was something we could do as a family that, hopefully, would
                                                                          "Centrelink at Hornsby has a great work
benefit someone else. Now, 11 months on, I find the experience has
                                                                          environment and all the staff are really
given me more than I expected.
                                                                          supportive of commitments that I have with
Cassie was only eight weeks old when she arrived - a little yellow        Support Dogs Australia," she said.
puppy with a lifetime of growing up in front of her. Like any baby,       Peter Bennett, President of Support Dogs
we had to teach her what to do, and where to do it! Cassie however        Australia, said he was pleased the community
is a special puppy. She is an ASDOG puppy and she came to us              was starting to recognise Dianna’s fantastic
with the expectation that we would raise her correctly. This of           commitment. "She’s done a wonderful job for
course meant a lot of training, training for me that is, on how to        Australian Support Dogs over the years."
teach positively with rewards.                                            "The dogs that Dianna trains gives people
                                                                          with a physical disability help and ultimately
Along with the training and support from Dianna Cooper, came              gives them greater independence." Ο
the food, supplies and paid vet bills, all funded by ASDOG. From
                                                                          RYAN LIDDELL, Centrelink Media Officer
the start, Cassie had all her needs catered for. We provided a
family home, care and a lot of love. We went for training every
couple of weeks, and learnt how to do some basic things. I learnt a
lot from Dianna, and her ability with these dogs always amazes me.
We only have several weeks left with Cassie now, before she leaves
us. Everybody wonders how I could let her go. It is going to be a
sad time, but I know she is going on to be loved and cherished by
someone that truly needs her and her special skills. I am pleased
that we could give her a good start and, in our own way, give
something to this great charity which provides such a great service.
My children now love dogs and know a lot more about them. We
have all gained a great deal from having Cassie. I know that Cassie
will be in her element when she starts training with Dianna. I can
really see that she now needs a lot more mentally interesting things
to do than I can give her.
Puppy raising has been a great experience for us.

                             AU S T R AL I AN S UPP O R T DO G S , I NC . ( AS DO G )
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