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					                                          Oak Hammock at the University of Florida


                                                                                                                                             2 Life at Oak Hammock? Delicious!

                                                                                                                                             3 An Exercise in Healthy Living

                                                                                                                                             4 The Villas and Club Homes at
                                                                                                                                                Oak Hammock
      Winter 2005

      Oak Hammock at the
                                          Safe and
                                          Sound. . .
      University of Florida
      5100 SW 25th Blvd.
      Gainesville, Florida 32608
      Tel: 352-548-1000
      (Toll Free) 888-311-6483
                                           With Communication,
      A Not-For-Profit Community
                                           Cooperation and Lots
      affiliated with the
      University of Florida
                                           of Camaraderie, Oak
                                           Hammock Was Well-
                                           Prepared to Weather
                                           Last Year’s Storms

                       At the beginning of the 2004 hurricane             did! My home
                    season, Dave Stauffer, Oak Hammock CEO,               sustained even                                              Despite two hurricanes, Oak Hammock’s
                                                                                                                                      beautiful, tree-lined neighborhoods are still
                    got his preparedness plan in place. So when           more damage
                                                                                                                                      as beautiful as ever. And, even though the
                    “Charley” threatened in mid-August, the Oak           during the                                                  tennis complex sustained some damage, it
                    Hammock team was poised to respond.                   second                                                      was restored as quickly as possible — and
                    Community members were convened for                   hurricane.”                                                 members like Betty and Bud Kramer are
                    briefings on emergency procedures and told                                                                        back on the courts.
                    what to expect, who to contact, and how to            No Worries about Clean-Up                              neighbors’ sentiments. “This is the safest
                    react. “We were ready,” says Stauffer.                   Community members Sonny and Jewell                  facility around,” Betty says. “We felt
                       “Charley” spared Gainesville. But the              Lawson also had damage to their former                 completely secure. Even when we were
                    preparation, says Stauffer in hindsight, was          home and yard. “The house had superficial              without power for a little while, everything
                    invaluable — because Hurricanes Frances and           damage, but the yard was destroyed,” Sonny             went smoothly. We are so glad we’re here.”
                    Jeanne were waiting in the wings, with their          says. “We have about 40 acres in Kissimmee.               For the Kramers, who are avid tennis
                    sites set squarely on Central Florida.                About 12 to 14 of our oak trees fell down,             players, the only direct impact they felt
                                                                          and 70 to 80 were torn up. I’m so thankful             from the hurricanes was that the Oak
                    “We All Came Together”                                we don’t have to worry about any of that               Hammock courts were out of commission
                       “With two hurricanes blowing through               here at Oak Hammock. Our place in                      temporarily. “Several trees fell and knocked
                    just two weeks apart, we were certainly               Kissimmee still isn’t cleaned up.”                     down the fencing,” Bud says. “But, the staff
                    glad we had gone through all the drills —                                                                    bent over backwards to make the repairs as
                    because it turned out that we needed                     “The Safest Possible Place”                         quickly as possible — and here we are,
                    them,” Stauffer adds. “Gainesville was hit                  Margo Powers, who had lived in                   back in the game.”
                    with power outages, lots of felled trees                 Gainesville for 50 years, was the first person
                    and flooding. Here at Oak Hammock, we                    to sign up at Oak Hammock. She never                “Lots of Heroes”
                    weren’t without power for very long, but                 doubted that it was the right thing to do, but         On that note, Dave Stauffer acknowledges
                    the wind and rain certainly                                              last year’s hurricane season        the extraordinary contributions of the entire
                    left their mark. Through it                                              really reinforced her decision.     Oak Hammock team. “We had lots of
                    all, everyone responded                                                     “Without question, Oak           heroes,” he notes. “Many of our employees,
                    extremely well. We all came                                              Hammock was the safest              along with their families, stayed here for the
                    together and really maximized                                            possible place,” she says.          duration — helping in any way they could.
                    our resources. In addition to                                            “I didn’t have a moment’s           Other staff members literally worked around
                    taking care of our members,                                              problem during either storm.        the clock to clear debris from the roads.
                    we also provided shelter to                                              I felt completely secure.”             “Sometimes,” he adds, “the worst situations
                    some of their immediate                                                     Like other community             bring out the best in people. I think we saw
                    families, as well as to                                                  members, Margo’s former             that here at Oak Hammock. Everyone was
                    employees and their families.”                                           home sustained a lot of             patient and cooperative. It was very gratifying.”
                       “The staff was excellent,”                                            damage. “Had I been living
                    says new member Mary                                                     there, it would have been
                              Shanor. “They                 Margo Powers says                terrible,” she acknowledges.
                              gathered us together          Oak Hammock was the             “Not just before and during the
                              to tell us what was           “safest possible place to be” storm — but also cleaning up
                              going on, continued           during the hurricanes.          after it. I can’t even imagine how
                              to communicate regularly and                   stressful that would have been. There was
                              checked on us frequently to make               such destruction.
                              sure everything was alright.”                     “I have a friend who kept saying she
                                 Mary, who lived in northwest                ‘wasn’t ready yet’ to come to Oak
                              Gainesville, moved to Oak Hammock Hammock,” Margo adds. “But, then the
                              between Hurricanes Frances and                 hurricanes hit and she said, ‘Let’s get going.’
Mary Shanor’s Gainesville
home sustained damage         Jeanne. “During Frances, a tree fell           Well, she’s here now!”
during Hurricane Frances, through my garage and put a huge
so she accelerated her        hole in the roof. I lost 7 trees. That         “We Are So Glad We’re Here”                         New community members Sonny and Jewell Lawson
move to Oak Hammock. was enough for me. I knew it was                           Betty and Bud Kramer, who moved to Oak           were glad they didn’t have to worry about cleaning
When “Jeanne” hit, she                                                                                                           up after the storm. Their yard back in Kissimmee
                              time to move — and am I ever glad I            Hammock from Treasure Island share their
was safe and secure.                                                                                                             was destroyed.
Life at Oak Hammock? Delicious!
    Resort-Style Philosophy Elevates the Dining Experience to a Whole New Level
   rom haute cuisine to gourmet pizza,
F  Gainesville, Florida, is home to all sorts of
great food. But, one of the city’s finest dining
establishments is located where people initially
might not think to look for it . . . right here at
Oak Hammock.
   “This isn’t just good food . . . this is great
food,” says community member Manny Lucoff.
“It rivals some of the best restaurants I’ve ever
been in.”
   That comment makes Executive Chef Kris
Krug very happy.

Taking Dining to New Heights
   Krug has taken extraordinary measures to
take the community’s dining experience to
new heights.
   A certified executive chef, as well as a
certified dietary manager, Kris graduated from
the Culinary Institute of America and
previously served as corporate chef for the
                                 Compass Group,
                                 the world’s
                                 largest contract
                                 service in the
                                 industry. He         Executive Chef Kris Krug brings an experienced, country club-style approach to Oak Hammock.
                                 was also the
                                 executive chef at       “We are also committed                                                heart-healthy creations, less
                                 the 2002 Winter      to excellent service,” he                                                than 600 calories and 24
                                 Olympics in Salt     adds. “And we have taken                                                 grams of fat.
                                 Lake City.           extraordinary measures to
                                    With that         train our staff to reflect our            Chef’s Selections              Multiple Dining Venues
Oak Hammock offers multiple background,               resort-style philosophy.”            Roast Sirloin — Sliced                 Dining at Oak Hammock is
dining options, including        Krug brings a           Members appreciate that.                                    roasted   all about choices. In addition
                                                                                            sirloin of beef topped wi
two tastefully appointed,        resort-style         “The wait staff in the                                            th a   to two tastefully appointed
                                                                                              Kentucky Bourbon sauce
restaurant-style dining rooms.   philosophy plus      dining room is incredible,”                                              dining rooms, members can
                                                                                          Potato Gnocchi — Egg
an upscale, country-club atmosphere to Oak            says Betty Kramer. “They             dumplings filled with Yu           enjoy the sports bar & grill,
Hammock. “I don’t think of Oak Hammock as             are always pleasant and             Gold Potatoes, gently po            cocktail lounge and ice cream
a ‘retirement community.’ I think of it as a fine     smiling. It adds so much to           and tossed in a light lob         parlor. Takeout service is also
restaurant — and our staff has elevated dining        the overall experience.”                      cream sauce               available.
to that level.”                                                                           BBQ Spare Ribs — Pork                  Dining accounts are flexible
                                                      Made from Scratch                  slowly cooked until ten             and included in Oak Hammock
                                                                                                                   der and
                                                                                       smothered in a hickory
Paying Attention to the                                  At Oak Hammock,                                        BBQ sauce    membership — which means
“Little Things”                                       95% of all dishes are             Crab Cakes — Two Mary                that members can tailor their
                                                      made from scratch right           style crab cakes with lum            menu selections to their
   From preparation to presentation, everything                                                                     p crab
                                                                                         meat served with tartar
related to Oak Hammock dining is strictly first       there in the kitchen and                                      sauce   appetites, eating “lite” at one
class. Careful attention is paid to the smallest      range from classical                   Accompaniments                 meal . . . and enjoying
detail: chilled forks for your salad, a fresh         French to traditional                                                 everything from appetizer to
                                                                                         Redskin Mashed Potatoe
flower garnish to add a splash of color to the        American “comfort                                           s         dessert at the next.
                                                                                              Mushroom Risotta
plate, the perfect wine selection to complement       food.” The secret, says                                                  But, whatever options members
                                                                                               Broccoli Spears
     the entrée.                                      Chef Kris, is fresh                       Baby Carrots               choose, they can expect meals
             “Little things make a big difference,”   ingredients, with                         Green Beans                that are wonderfully fresh and
              Chef Kris acknowledges. “So, we         produce from local                                                   flavorful, meticulously prepared
                    pay attention to them.            growers and lots of                   Dessert Du Jour                and creatively presented. “Our
                                                      fresh herbs.                                                         members are used to fine, resort-
                                                         Kris especially likes                                            style dining and country-club
                                                      the intricacy of French cuisine and enjoys            service,” Kris says. “Those are our standards,
                                                      preparing it. “There’s a science to it, with all      and we don’t settle for anything less.”
                                                      the reductions and marrying of flavors. The
                                                      complexity is intriguing,” he says.
                                                         Speaking of “intriguing,” try these dishes on
                                                      for size:
                                                         Citrus & Juniper Elk Loin with Parsnip
                                                      Puree and Baby Squash with Glace de Viand
                                                      and Port Wine reduction, garnished with
                                                      Hippen Moss.
                                                         And for dessert:
                                                         Banana and Caramel Xango — a cream
                                                      cheesecake with caramel, wrapped in a tortilla
                                                      and deep fried, served with crème anglais.
                                                         Of course, not all menu options are that
                                                      exotic. For those who prefer more traditional
                                                      fare, there’s a New York Strip, Crab Cakes or
                                                      BBQ Spare Ribs — and always a variety of              The Ice Cream Parlor is an Oak Hammock favorite.
           An Exercise in Healthy Living
With State-of-the-                                                                                                                                Classes include
                                                                                                                                                  strength and
Art Equipment                                                                                                                                     conditioning,
                                                                                                                                                  tai chi,
and Individualized                                                                                                                                yoga, “gentle
Workout Programs,                                                                                                                                 (warm up for
                                                                                                                                                  tai chi), pilates,
Oak Hammock’s                                                                                                                                     total body
Fitness Center                                                                                                                                    workout, water
                                                                                                                                                  aerobics, water
Embodies a                                                                                                                                        movements and
                                                                                                                                                  “Gators on
Total Commitment                                                                                                                                  the Go,” an
to Wellness                                                                                                                                       walking
    all it the “Center” of attention.                                                                                                                Community
C   With state-of-the-art exercise
equipment, an aerobics studio, two
                                                                                                                                                  member Lou
                                                                                                                                                  Simpson, whose
heated pools and much more, the                                                                                                                   mother lived to
impressive 22,000-sq.-ft. Fitness                                                                                                                 be 101, hopes
Center has become one of the most                                                                                                                 to follow in her
popular spots at Oak Hammock.                                                                                                                     footsteps — so
   “People are really taking advantage                                                                                                            walking is an
of what we have to offer,” says Fitness                                                                                                           integral part
Center Director Timm Lovins, who                                                                                                                  of her regimen.
                                            Timm Lovins, Fitness Center Director, designs customized workout programs for Oak Hammock
has a background in clinical exercise       members. Here, he works with member Jim Piety.                                                        “I’ve been
physiology. “More than 75% of                                                                                                                     walking
community members are currently signed                and stress. We also take into consideration input       forever,” she says. “But, I especially enjoy it
up and use the facility on a regular basis.”          from physicians and physical therapists.”               here at Oak Hammock. I walk around the
   No wonder.                                            Most communities, Timm acknowledges,                 campus two or three times a day — it’s so
                                                      simply don’t do this — but he emphasizes that to beautiful. But, I also use the treadmill and
Designed in Concert with UF’s                         design a customized program, you need to know           rowing machine nearly every day.”
College of Health and Human                           the person’s medical history and

                                                                                                                                                                       Photo courtesy of Mark Richards, June 16, 2004
                                                      understand their needs in order to
   The Fitness Center at Oak Hammock rivals the define success.
trendiest health spas — featuring a heated lap           For additional one-on-one attention,
pool and an aerobics pool, the finest Nautilus®       UF students serve as personal trainers.
strength machines, free weights, treadmills,          “Our trainers have undergraduate
recumbent bikes, elliptical trainers, wellness        degrees in exercise and sports sciences
classes, massage and physical therapy. . .            with concentrations in clinical exercise
everything members need to maintain a healthy         physiology,” Timm notes, “so they
fitness regimen.                                      can help members use the machines
   In addition, staff members — who are               properly and get the most out of
experienced trainers with advanced degrees in         their workouts.”
exercise physiology — tailor programs for
individual members, taking into account each          A Continuum of Fitness Care
person’s specific health needs.                          The Fitness Center also provides a
                                                      Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and a
A Comprehensive Package for                           Lower Back Program, among others.
Preventive Health                                        “We encourage regular workouts,
   “Our programs go well beyond exercise to a         but also design specific rehabilitation
comprehensive package for preventive health,”         programs. For example, after someone
Timm explains. “Community members take part           has a hip replacement, physical therapy       Water aerobics classes are conducted in one of the Fitness
in extensive health appraisals that analyze factors can take their rehab only to a point;           Center’s heated pools.
such as diet, exercise, smoking, cholesterol levels   then the individual has to pick it up
                                                                             from there,” says Timm.             John and Kaye Lowe are also Fitness Center
                                                                             “The same is true after any      “regulars.” She works out on the elliptical trainer,
                                                                             major surgery — or after a       leg curl and Nautilus — and also does water
                                                                             major health event like a        aerobics. Her “iron man” husband works out
                                                                             stroke. Research has shown       with free weights three days a week, does aerobics
                                                                             that if people do not            for three days, swims and takes pilates. John
                                                                             maintain a fitness regimen       currently holds the Oak Hammock “record” for
                                                                             after being discharged from      time spent on the elliptical trainer — 32 minutes.
                                                                             physical therapy, they can          “The commitment to wellness is part of what
                                                                             become less and less             attracted us to Oak Hammock,” say the Lowes.
                                                                             functional. At Oak               “Not only do they have the best equipment
                                                                             Hammock, we have a               available, we also get one-on-one training from
                                                                             continuum of fitness care to     exercise specialists. We really like working
                                                                             optimize recovery.”              out here.”
                                                                                                                 “It’s true,” adds Timm Lovins. “The members
                                                                             Exercising Their                 really do enjoy the Fitness Center. But, when they
                                                                             Options                          come here, they get more than a workout. This is
                                                                                At the Oak Hammock            also a place to gather and discuss the affairs of the
                                                                             Fitness Center, members can day. It has become a social destination, too.”
From left, John Lowe, Kay Lowe and Lou Simpson enjoy working out on          “exercise” a lot of options.
the treadmills.
                The Villas and Club Homes at Oak Hammock . . .
          Life Care . . . and Your Own Backyard
     s a family practitioner, Dr. Robert Perraud
 A   understands the importance and value of life
 care. At the same time, he and his wife Ruth still
 wanted the privacy of their own home and yard
 in a “neighborhood” setting.
    After visiting life care communities all over
 Florida, as well as in Georgia and North Carolina
 — and even signing up at one of them — the Ft.
 Lauderdale couple visited Oak Hammock before
 making a final decision.
    “The minute we saw it, we said ‘forget the
 rest . . . this is the place,’” says Ruth. “It’s
 beautiful here. We love the woods, and when
 we look out over our back patio, all we see
 are trees.”
    “We’re independent people, and we didn’t
 want our children to have to make a decision
 about our healthcare, so we made the decision
                                         adds Dr.
                                         who is
                                         in Nova            Dr. Robert and Ruth Perraud (right) host a backyard barbecue at their new Villa for neighbors Margo
                                         University’s       Powers (seated, left), and Jerry and Gaye Kirkpatrick.
                                         medicine      “We are very happy here, and we haven’t missed                     “But, the good news is: Here, you can have it
                                         program.      anything about our former home.”                                   all: the advantages of life care, the assets of a
                                                                                     Like the                             Life Fulfilling Community® — and your own
                                                                                  Perrauds, many                          private home.”
                                                                                  people appreciate                          That’s exactly what attracted Phyllis and
                                                                                  the benefits and                        Arthur Saarinen. “Having been through
                                                                                  security of life care,                  healthcare issues with my parents, I didn’t want
                                                                                  but aren’t ready to                     my children to bear that burden,” says Phyllis.
                                                                                  leave their homes.                      “We love Gainesville and the cultural amenities
                                                                                     “Perhaps some                        of living near a major university. So Oak
                                                                                  just aren’t ready to                    Hammock — with the benefits of life care —
                                                                                  give up the back-                       was the ideal solution.”
                                                                                  yard barbecue,                             “Actually,” adds Phyllis, “we had just built
                                                                                  or the two-car                          the ‘perfect home’ — or at least we thought —
                                                                                  garage — or they                        but our new place here at Oak Hammock is
                                                                                  don’t prefer                            beautiful and spacious. And, with all the
                                                                                  apartment living,”                      advantages that this community has to offer, it
 Phyllis and Arthur Saarinen say their Club Home “couldn’t be more perfect.”      says Star Bradbury,                     makes everything even more perfect. We are
                                                                                  Director of                             happy campers. Honestly, this is too good to
                                                                                  Marketing at                            be true.”
                                                                                  Oak Hammock.
 The Best
 of All Worlds
   Nestled in charming neighborhoods
 with tree-lined streets, The Villas                                                                                                                      NON-PROFIT ORG.
 and Club Homes at Oak Hammock                                                                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE PAID
 provide the best of all worlds —                                                                                                                             PERMIT 610
 and the freedom to choose the lifestyle that works for you. Here, you can:                                                                               JACKSONVILLE, FL
 • Grill outside . . . cook a meal in your spacious kitchen . . . or, “eat out”
   at one of Oak Hammock’s delicious restaurants or sports bar & grill.                      Oak Hammock at the
                                                                                             University of Florida
 • Use the state-of-the-art Fitness Center, take a pilates class . . . or enjoy
   one of the community’s many walking or biking trails.                                     5100 SW 25th Blvd.
                                                                                             Gainesville, Florida 32608
 • Express yourself in our creative arts studio. Or participate in our lifelong
   learning programs through the Institute for Learning in Retirement.
   All while enjoying the security and peace of mind that is available only
 at a full-service life care community.

The Villas and Club Homes at Oak Hammock Will
 Give You a Whole New Way of Looking at Life.
 Visit Our Brand New Model and See for Yourself!
  You may have seen our brochures — or our Web site — but nothing
    beats seeing Oak Hammock “in person.” Call today to make an
appointment and schedule a tour of our spectacular 136-acre community.
    It will give you a whole new perspective on the rest of your life.
To schedule your visit, call an Oak Hammock representative
     today: 352-548-1024. Or toll-free: 888-311-6483.
                                                        88171 PRAD DM 1/2005

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