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									                                                        “For The Young
                                                           At Heart”                                      NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                          Issue 21 • Spring 2006

                                                                I M P O R TA N T           PHONE            NUMBERS
 Southwest Missouri Bank                                  Customer Service .......................... 1-800-943-8488
                                                          24-Hour Access Line ..................... 1-800-300-5580

                                                          Investment Services ............ 781-6019 or 358-9331
                                                          Trust Services .......................................... 623-3424
                                                          Mortgage Loan ......................................... 624-9970
                                                          Consumer Loan ......................... Info. in all branches
                                                          Judy Marcum ........................................... 624-1995
     “Who Gets Grandma’s                                 YOUR LIFESTYLES ADVISORS:
      Yellow Pie Plate?”                                 CARTHAGE:
                                                         3rd & Maple .............................. Connie Allen – 358-9331
 Plus, Q & A’s regarding the Medicare                    3rd & Maple ............................. Marge Housh – 358-9331
 Prescription card - deadline is May 15.                 2417 S. Grand ...................... Bonita Harrison – 358-1770
                                                         JASPER ......................................Della Selvey – 394-2546
          After that date you are                        ALBA ..........................................Lisa Passley – 525-4218
     penalized if you decide to join.                    NEOSHO: ................................ Linda Martin – 451-7800
                                                         S. Hwy. 59 ...................................................... – 451-7700
                                                         DUQUESNE ......................... Lynne Wagner – 623-5959
    Tuesday, April 18 - 6:00 PM                          JOPLIN:
      Duquesne Community Center                          32nd & Indiana .......................... Becca Roush – 624-1995
      7th & Duquesne / Joplin, MO                        Range Line & Zora ..................... Aimee Rote – 206-6800
                                                         Stones Corner ............................. Jan Blinzler – 623-0400
               (sandwiches served)                       32nd & McClelland ................... Misty Phillips – 623-5255
 Wednesday, April 19 - 1:00 PM
      Fairview Christian Church
                                                          Birthday Parties
  2320 Grand Avenue / Carthage, MO
                (cookies served)

             Bev Scroggins
   Director of Area Agency on Aging
                                                                Jack & Betty Vavra                          Ed Ciskowski

          YOUR HOSTS:
Judy Marcum       Doug Crandall      David Renken
  Lifestyles       Trust Dept.        Grady Huke
                                  Investment Services
 To make your reservations: Call Marge Housh,
  358-9331 or Judy, 624-1995 OR contact any
 Lifestyles Advisor in the Branch where you do
                                                                    June Hosp               Angelina Lapadula & daughter Charlene Lantz
  business. Please let us know which location
    you will attend. The same information will
   be presented at both sessions. Guests are
       always welcome. Hope to see you!

                                                                                                                   Flo Renfro
                                                                Dorothy Ruestman                   Harriette Erwin & Kay McNew
SOMEONE TO TRUST…. Doug Crandall
                                                                           at the time of your death. You will likely pay a personal
                          LOOK WHAT’S                                      representative’s fee and an attorney’s fee to get through
                        HAPPENING IN THE                                   the probate process. These costs plus federal estate taxes
                                                                           may be avoided with the proper planning.
                       TRUST DEPARTMENT!
                                                                           Your Trust Department is a full service trust department
                         Tax season is the perfect time to work on         staffed by an attorney, two trust administrators, an
                         your estate plan. Many of the documents           investment portfolio analyst (who is a CPA and stock
                         you give your tax preparer are the same ones      broker) and a certified public accountant. We also have
                         you need in evaluating a plan for your estate.    access to Southwest Missouri Bank’s own financial
      Doug Crandall      They will show how the asset is titled, how       consultants. We stand ready to assist you in all of your
   Senior Vice President much income is produced and, of course,
     & Trust Officer                                                       estate planning, trust and estate needs. Just give us a call.
                         the addresses for making a change if              We would love to hear from you.
necessary. The Trust Department at Southwest Missouri Bank
has available an Estate Inventory Worksheet that will assist you
in the evaluation of your assets. Feel free to contact our office for                MINIMUM LIFESTYLES
one or visit our website at and click on
“Trusts” at the top of the page. You do not need to register or get                    REQUIREMENTS:
a password for this document.                                                   • Age 50 years or over
A representative from the Trust Department will be at the Medicare              • Need a Lifestyles checking account
seminars (April 18th and April 19th) as already mentioned in                      ($1,000 minimum)
this newsletter. We will also hand out the estate planning forms                  If you have a total deposit relationship of
for those of you in attendance. While we will not go into the                     $5,000 or more with SMB, there is no
estate planning details at that time, it will give you a head start
on beginning your estate plan.
                                                                                  minimum balance requirement for the
                                                                                  checking account and the account is free
Please remember the costs of probate if no estate plan is in place

                      DAMM…BRANCH        QUARTER
                            As most of you already know, Sue Dean retired at the end of 2005. Becca Roush has
                            stepped up to fill this void. Becca brings several years of experience with her but
                            most of all, a bright smiling face that is very happy to assist you with all of your
                            banking needs. Please stop by the 32nd Street location to visit with Becca or any
                            one of our qualified staff members that are all very eager to be of assistance. I will
                            keep the coffee pot on and be looking forward to seeing, meeting and greeting
                            you myself.
       Jim Damm
 Executive Vice President
   & Branch Manager

                                                                                         L to R: David Renken, Rob Duke, Brad Ward,
                                                                                        Connie Davis, Donna Johnson, Ann Pace, Candy
                                                                                        Pokojski and Jim Damm (absent: Vicki Daniels)

 L to R: Doug Crandall, Sherri Fichtner,        L to R: Tammy Ligon, Lynn Otey,
      Richard Patterson & Alice Taft           Donna Wilson, Deanna Simon, Becca
          (absent Don Clarkson)                Roush, Vickie Barnes & Karena Wells
                                                     (absent Brenda Runyon)

                                             L to R: Laura Dean,
                                               Alicia McKarus,                             L to R: Joanna Turner, Kristin Davenport,
                                           Gina Coyle, Andy Falls,                       Jason Pena, Jenny Wininger, Lindsay Sargent,
                                           Teri Beeler, & Janet Box                            Tiffany Tuggle & Carrie Bermudez
                             HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
                                         To celebrate your birthday, Southwest Missouri Bank
                       CARTHAGE * JOPLIN * DUQUESNE * NEOSHO * JASPER * ALBA
                 cordially invites you to YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY! For ALL Lifestyles Members with birthdays in APRIL

    MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2006 AT 6:00 PM                                              FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2006 AT 12:00 NOON
    Club 1201, 1201 E. 32nd St. – Joplin                                          at Granny Shaffer’s Trolley Room – Joplin
   When making your reservation for this location, please select               When making your reservation for this location, please select either
        either the 6 oz. Filet Mignon OR the Chicken Piccata                            the Stuffed Chicken Breast OR the Sirloin Steak
 Lifestyles members whose birthdays are in April will be guests of the Bank. Guests of birthday members are welcome at a charge of $11 per
 person for lunch and $13 per person for the dinner. Payment for guests may be made at the door. To make your reservation, please call:
 Judy Marcum, 624-1995 or contact the Lifestyles Advisor at any SMB location most convenient for you.
                                   ADDITIONAL BIRTHDAY PARTY DATES
                       DINNER                                                                   LUNCHEON
            MAY 18 — JUNE 22 — JULY 20 — AUG. 24                                       MAY 19 — JUNE 23 — JULY 21 — AUG. 25
            SEPT. 21 — OCT. 19 —NOV. 16 — DEC. 11                                      SEPT. 22 — OCT. 20 — NOV. 17 — DEC. 13

Lifestyles Events…
          TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 2006                                                     WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 2006
                                                                                       “Proposals” with Marla Gibbs
           TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2006                                                             The New Theatre
                                                                             TV’s favorite maid stars as Clemma, the housekeeper and caretaker
BRANCH OF THE QUARTER - daughter Josie. fromLaborsecond heart attack.
       SMB Investment Club
Duquesne Community Center - 2:00 PM
                                    to Burt Hines and his Stones Corner the
                                    Poconos in 1953. Burt is recovering
                                                                                 Day weekend in

                                                                             Josie has just broken her engagement to a Harvard law student and
                                                                             yearns to re-ignite a flame with her ex-fiance’s best friend Ray.
                                                                             PROPOSALS is about love, love lost, love found, new love, old love
                                                                             and unrequited love. Sounds like fun plus the wonderful buffet prior
           MONDAY, MAY 8, 2006                                               to the show. Details: Depart Joplin at 8:30 a.m; pick up passengers in
                Cherokee Casino Trip                                         Carthage 8:50 a.m.Return time is approximately 6:30 p.m.

                     Tulsa, OK                                                                  Cost: $58.00 per person
We’re not going to Tunica this year but we ARE going for the day down to
the Cherokee Casino in Tulsa. Linda at Prestige Tours has arranged for                    FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2006
us to use one of her group packages. For $20.00, you will receive back                 “7 Brides for 7 Brothers”
$10.00 and a 1/2 price buffet coupon ($3.99 value) and since Mondays
are Senior Day, you get $5.00 more back. IF it’s your birthday month, you          Discoveryland in Sand Springs, OK
get an additional $5.00 back. Bottom line, if you don’t gamble, some of      Back by popular demand is another trip to the outdoor theatre in Sand
you will be ahead by just showing up!! I wasn’t sure of the response for     Springs. But this time instead of “Oklahoma”, like we saw 2 years ago,
this trip so I am only taking one bus and we already have a list started.    it will be their featured musical “7 Brides for 7 Brothers”. We will eat an
Details: Depart Joplin at 8:00 AM for Tulsa; and we will arrive back         early supper (included in price of ticket) at the Lonestar Steakhouse in
home at 5:00 PM. Sorry, but the $20.00 is for a Joplin only departure.       Tulsa before making our way to Sand Springs. You will be able to pre-
                                                                             choose your meal from their delicious menu (to be sent with the
                                                                             confirmation letter). They are: 9 oz. San Antonio Sirloin, 6 oz. sirloin with
                  Cost: $20.00 per person                                    5 fried shrimp, 1/2 rack of baby back ribs or grilled chicken breast. All
                                                                             entrees come with a dinner salad and baked potato. Details: Depart
                                                                             Joplin at 3:00 PM; pick up passengers in Carthage at 3:20 PM. Return
                                                                             time is approximately 1:00 a.m. (8:00 p.m. show only).
                                                                                                Cost: $68.00 per person
  August 16                             “Fiddler on the Roof” at TNT
  September 20 “Over the River” starring Marion Ross at TNT                               MONDAY, JULY 17, 2006
  October 12                             The “Titanic” experience &
                                                                                  Carl Hurley & Jeanne Robertson - LIVE
                                  the John Tweed Show in Branson                              Columbia, MO
                                                                             This is certainly a winning combination if you want comedy - very
  November 13            Lowe Family Christmas Show in Branson               evident since our 55 passenger bus is already full BUT we don’t have
                                                                             a waiting list. Please call ASAP if you’re interested in going with us.
  November 28                         Joplin Christmas Open House            We will stop in Lebanon for a short break both to and from Columbia.
  November 30                       Neosho Christmas Open House              To avoid the Columbia crowd we will eat an early lunch at Ryan’s
                                                                             Steakhouse in Jefferson City. The lunch is included in the price of your
  December 1                        Gatlin Brothers Christmas Show           ticket. What ISN’T included is whatever you might want to purchase
                                             with the Lennon Sisters         when we make a pit-stop on our way home. Details: Depart Joplin at
                                                                             6:30 a.m.; pick up passengers in Carthage at 6:50 a.m. Return time
  December 7                      Carthage Christmas Open House              is approximately 10:00 p.m.
                                                                                                Cost: $79.00 per person
                            Southwest Missouri Bank
                                              invites you to a

                                  Ladies Tea
                       Please reserve for the location of your choice:
                                     Tuesday, April 18, 2006
                                     Tuesda         18,
                                       at 1:00 PM in Alba
                                               OLD MINERS INN
                                  Advisors: Della Selvey & Lisa Passley
                                    Thursday, April 20, 2006
                                     at 1:00 PM in Neosho
                                 MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (WEST ROOM)
                                            Advisor: Linda Martin
                                    Tuesday, April 25, 2006
                                    at 1:00 PM in Carthage
                                       FAIRVIEW CHRISTIAN CHURCH
                      Advisors: Connie Allen, Bonita Harrison and Marge Housh
                                    Thursday, April 27, 2006
                                    Thursda          27
                                      at 1:00 PM in Joplin
                            Advisors: Becca Roush, Aimee Rote, Jan Blinzler
                             Misty Phillips, Lynne Wagner and Judy Marcum
                       DESSERT - DOOR PRIZES - ENTERTAINMENT
                                Valet parking available at the
                    Joplin and Carthage parties. Lifestyles Members ONLY
To make your Ladies Tea reservation, please return the completed form. Deadline: 24 hours prior to your chosen date!

      Name _____________________________________________________________________________
      April   18 - alba / Take or mail to: Della Selvey or lisa passley, SMB, P.O. Box 158, Jasper, MO 64755
      April   20 - Neosho / Take or mail to: Linda Martin, SMB, 110 N. Neosho Blvd., Neosho, MO 64850
      April   25 - Carthage / Take or mail to: Marge Housh, SMB, P.O. Box 814, Carthage, MO 64836
      April   27 - Joplin / Take or mail to: Judy Marcum, SMB, 1000 E. 32nd St., Joplin, MO 64804
                                                                Investment Services Update…
Judy’s Journal…                                                                                         BASIS BASICS
HAPPY SPRINGTIME! What a wonderful time of year to              Sometimes computing the gain or loss on the sale of stock & other securities can be confusing. For
enjoy watching the trees bud out and the flowers bloom.         purposes of this article, we will look at the basis rules involving stock purchases, stock splits, stock
We thank you for doing business with SMB…please read            dividends, stock received as a gift & stock that has been inherited.
on for exciting Lifestyles news!
                                                                The basis of a stock sold by its original purchaser equals the amount paid for the stock plus any
Plans are finalized for all 4 of our Ladies Teas scheduled      commissions, transfer fees or other costs. If the stock has been purchased in multiple lots at
later this month. We hope to have good crowds and you           different prices, basis is assigned to the shares sold by either the first in first out (FIFO) method or
will enjoy the entertainment too. Gene Ferguson, a              by specifically identifying the shares sold.
Lifestyles member (and resident 4-State magician) will          A “stock dividend” or stock split involves a shareholder receiving additional shares in a company for each
be the Grand Finale after we partake of our usual delicious     share they own. Generally, stock dividends and splits are not taxable events & basis is simply reallocated
desserts and play bingo for cold, hard cash! Please see         among all the current shares. If cash is received in lieu of a fractional share in a stock dividend, the
the insert to make your reservation.                            shareholder is taxed as if he received a fractional share & then redeemed it from the corporation.
We invite you to attend one of the seminars in April. Bev       Shares are also frequently acquired through reinvestment programs. With mutual funds the shareholder
Scroggins always has wonderful information. Details for         acquires additional basis for each reinvested dividend. In addition, the shareholder is permitted to
this seminar are on the front page. Make your reservation       use an average cost basis as well as the other two methods. Dividend reinvestment programs
today with Judy, Marge or any of the Lifestyles Advisors.       involving other than mutual fund companies depend on the reinvestment plan in place. Some plans
And don’t forget guests are welcome - no charge for them        provide that cash dividends are paid to an independent agent who purchases the corporation’s stock
either! David, Grady, Doug and I look forward to visiting       on the open market. With this type of plan, the amount of the cash dividend is included into the
with you.                                                       shareholder’s income and the shareholder acquires an equal amount of basis.
                                                                The other typical reinvestment plan involves corporations who manage the plan themselves and issue
Thanks to all who attended the Andy Thomas Art Exhibit          new shares (typically at a discount) to reinvesting shareholders. In this case, the shareholders basis
private viewing held in February at the Spiva Art Center        in the reinvested shares is equal to the fair market value of the shares at the time the dividend is paid.
for our Lifestyles folks. We had a wonderful time and
what a pleasure it was to have Andy and his wife, Dina          To calculate the basis of stock acquired as a gift, you must know the fair market value at the time
there for the afternoon. Dan McWilliams, a Jasper               of the gift, the donor’s basis in the stock & the amount of any gift tax paid. If there is a gain, the
customer whose artwork was displayed on the 2nd floor           donee’s basis is generally the same as the donor’s basis. If there is a loss, the basis is equal to the
was there as well. And I would be remiss if I didn’t send       lower of the fair market value at the time of the gift or the donor’s basis.
KUDOS to my Sister, Jimmye Dean. She was the lucky              In general property acquired by inheritance in 2001 has a basis equal to the fair market value of the
winner of a drawing held at Spiva. Andy painted her             property at the date of death. If the alternate valuation election is made then the stock has a basis equal
portrait in 2 hours one Sunday afternoon while holding a        to the fair market value six months after the date of death. If the surviving joint tenant is the spouse, the
workshop. She canceled plans the day of the Lifestyles          basis is equal to one-half of the property at fair market value plus one-half of the cost basis.
event so she could be there with us and show everyone
the final product.                                              Of course, this is just a general discussion. For specific advice regarding your particular situation, contact
                                                                David Renken or Grady Huke, who can help you determine & track the cost basis for your investments.
We have a core group of customers who want to attend
ALL New Theatre shows. These folks automatically have a
reservation with me and receive a confirmation letter without                      DAVID RENKEN                                            GRADY HUKE
calling. If you would like to be part of this group, please                       32nd & Indiana, Joplin                               300 West Third, Carthage
let me know. You won’t find a better bargain than this trip.
                                                                                        781-6019                                              237-3766
                                                                                     1-866-374-1233                                        1-800-943-8488
The show is always great and the food is outstanding!

We are still having customers come in who have been                 NOT FDIC INSURED – NO BANK GUARANTEE
solicited over the phone for their account information -
even saying they are from a bank - using all sorts of story
                                                                                MAY LOSE VALUE
lines. Just know we, SMB, will never call you asking for
account information. NEVER disclose any of your
personal information over the phone to a caller unless                        LIFESTYLES “ADVISOR OF
you know them. I understand it is frustrating, but the best                        THE QUARTER”
defense is to just HANG UP ON THEM!
                                                                       MEET BECCA ROUSH…Becca started her
                                                                       banking career in 1971 then left to be a stay-at-
  Have you seen our website lately???                                  home Mom and raise her family. While raising her
                                                                       sons, they lived in Georgia, Texas and Arkansas
  If you go to, click                                before finally returning to Missouri. Becca returned
  on “Lifestyles”, you can see events                                  to banking full time in 1997. She has always liked
                                                                       the banking industry even though it is always
  for the entire year PLUS there is an                                 changing. Becca just really enjoys helping people
                                                                       (and it shows).
  RSVP link. Let us hear from you!
                                                                       Becca has two wonderful sons, Doug and Matt.         Becca Roush
                                                                       But she really grins ear-to-ear when talking Lifestyles Advisor
                                                                       about her two darling grandchildren, Asher, 6      32ND & Indiana

The SMB Investment Club meets monthly on the 2nd                       and Victoria, 5. “Grammy”, as they both call her, loves spending
                                                                       time with them but if they aren’t around (and some times when they
Tuesday in the Duquesne Community Center at 2:00 PM.                   are) Becca enjoys working in her yard and remodeling her home.
This club is open to ALL SMB customers. Any age                        Becca is new to the Lifestyles part of the Bank but she sure fits right
customer is welcome to join, but you do need a checking                in and loves going on the trips. She would love for you to stop in
account. If you would like to visit one of their meetings              and say hello…and Congratulations are in order…Becca was given
                                                                       the title of Assistant Cashier at our most recent Board of Directors
to see what it’s all about, give Judy a call!                          meeting. Way to go Becca!
                                                                                                                          PRSRT STD.
                                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
                                          Member FDIC                                                                       PAID
1000 E. 32nd Street • Joplin, MO 64804                                                                                    JOPLIN, MO
                                                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 210

                 This is your


 Advance reservations are encouraged and will be accepted for all trips. The sooner your reservation is received the better.
 However, payment for the trip is not due until 1 MONTH PRIOR TO DEPARTURE DATE or if your name is on the reservation list,
 a payment reminder will be in your confirmation letter. If you need to cancel, it is every intent of the Bank to refund your money
 unless you don’t show the day of the trip without notification. Confirmation letters, with a full itinerary, will be mailed 2-3 weeks
 prior to departure date. If there are any questions, please contact Judy, 624-1995 or your local Lifestyles Advisor.

                          Please print clearly and send this reservation form with payment to:
                Judy Marcum • Southwest Missouri Bank • 1000 East 32nd St. • Joplin, MO 64804

                                     NAME(S) ________________________________________________________________________________
    PLAN TO ATTEND:                      ________________________________________________________________________________________
    Tues. Apr. 18 Joplin seminar     ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________________________
    6:00 PM           No Charge
                                     CITY _____________________________________________ STATE __________ ZIP _________________
    Wed. Apr. 19 Carthage seminar
    1:00 PM           No Charge      PHONE _________________________________________________________________________________
    Mon. May 8
    Cherokee Casino        $20.00
                                     Departure Location:            Joplin       Carthage          Jasper (Destinations North)
    Wed. May 24            $58.00
    Fri. June 16           $68.00
    Mon. July 17           $79.00

EMERGENCY CONTACT:                        NAME _________________________________________ PHONE: _____________________________


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