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         Camp Minsi
        Summer Camp
    June 29th – July 5th 2003

         Trip Leader: Dale Wilson

         The discount cost is $182.00

     if payment are made by the schedule

               Payment Schedule
    Make all checks payable to Troop #29.

 $25.00 deposit with sign-up November 26, 2002

         $40.00 due January 7, 2003
         $40.00 due February 4, 2003
          $40.00 due March 4, 2003
           $37.00 due April 1, 2003
                          Camp Minsi
                         June 29th – July 5th

           Join Troop #29 for a week long summer camp
                         in the Poconos

Camp Minsi is located on the shores of Stillwater Lake atop the
beautiful Pocono Mountains in Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania. Donated by
Samuel Rubel of New York City to the Boy Scouts in 1949, Camp Minsi
encompasses 1200 acres of relatively flat woodlands.

A central feature of the camp is the 315-acre Stillwater Lake, which
was used in the early part of the 20th century for ice harvesting.
Remnants of those facilities can still be seen. Today Stillwater Lake's
most important product is to provide sailing, fishing and other aquatic
activities to the hundreds of Scouts and Scouters who attend weekly
throughout the summer season. The lake abounds with a variety of fish.
We ask that "barb?less" hooks are used and all fish not intended for
consumption are released. Scouts are invited to take the fish back to
your sites for an evening treat or give them away for someone else to

There are about 20 miles of hiking trails throughout the camp that will
give Scouts an opportunity to experience a variety flora and fauna, as
well as the intriguing geology of a glacial moraine. The varied wildlife
that makes the reservation its home grants both youth and adults the
opportunity of experiencing and interacting with nature first hand.
                               Programs Offered in 2002
 The 2002 Camp Minsi program has been designed to focus our energies on all four
 populations which we serve during the summer program: new scouts, younger boys,
 older boys, and leaders. New Scouts will have the opportunity to participate in the
Trail to Adventure program. Scouts returning for a second or third year of summer
camp will have the opportunity to work on many of the advanced "skill level" badges.
    Scouts 13 years and older and already First Class will have the opportunity to
participate in Merit badges, and all of our special older scout programs. All Leaders
         will be able to participate in programs designed especially for them.

                              Trail To Adventure:
The program is designed to help Scouts under First Class master the skills needed
   to help themselves achieve rank and progress in Scouting. A staff member is
 assigned to this program who will be responsible for the instruction necessary to
  prepare the Scout for advancement. He or she will also make it fun for the new
                              Scout to participate.

Our philosophy, the program should fit the boy, the boy should not have to fit the
  program. The Scout, with his Scoutmaster and/or leaders, designs his Trail to
Adventure program so that he is receiving the maximum benefit from the program.

                                Indiana Jones Award:
  This is an exciting program for those Scouts that like additional challenges at
     camp. The Ecology Department offers this award. These hikes will be fun,
challenging and, they will introduce the Scout to the variety of ecological features
                            that Camp Minsi has to offer.

"All I need is a tall ship and a star to guide her by." Written by John Mansfield so
 many years ago. The love of the sea and sailing will always be a part of our inner
  selves. As a Scout or leader at Minsi, you now have the opportunity to fulfill at
least part of the dream. One of the beauties of Stillwater Lake is its size. Not so
   large to overwhelm the novice sailor and not so small that all you do is sail in

                                    Movie Night:
A long held tradition at Camp Minsi is Movie Night. Once a week scouts and leaders
 can enjoy this relaxing evening activity. It also provides camp with a rainy night
                          activity that everyone can enjoy.
                               Merit Badge Program:
Counselors provide full skill development for boys in all of our program areas. The
 merit badge list has been designed to provide quality skill development with the
                  resources available at camp.

     Merit badges offered in camp are:
      SCOUTCRAFT            ECOLOGY               AQUATICS           HANDICRAFT

      Backpacking           Astronomy             Canoeing           Art
      Camping               Bird Study            Lifesaving         Basketry
      Cooking               Environmental         RowingSmall-Boat   Fingerprinting
      Emergency             Science               Sailing            Indian Lore
      Preparedness          Fish & Wildlife       Swimming           Leatherwork
      First Aid             Management.                              Pottery
      Hiking                Fishing               ATHLETICS          Space Exploration
      Orienteering          Forestry                                 Woodcarving
      Pioneering            Geology               Athletics
      Wilderness Survival   Insect Study          Personal Fitness   OTHER
                            Mammal Study          Sports
      SHOOTING              Nature                                   Communications
      SPORTS                Oceanography                             Public Speaking
                            Reptile & Amphibian
      Archery               Study
      Rifle Shooting        Soil & Water
      Shotgun Shooting      Conservation

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