clubhouse. The Bndgehampton Motoring                High-end garages typically serve cli-

The Coddled Car
                                                     Club charges $3,950 a year for garage          ents who may lack the facilities to store
                                                     services. And the Classic Car Club Man-        their collector vehicles properly. Among
                                                     hattan, a luxury car-share service, levies     recent offerings are the DreamCar Car-
                                                     a $1,500 one-time signing fee, and annu-       riage House and the Collectors Car Ga-
                                                     al dues that start at $7,000, for a choice     rage, in Redford Hills, N.Y. Some of the
Clubs With Luxe Garages,                             of more than 20 cars that members can          cars kept at the Bridgehampton Motoring
                                                     drive throughout the year.                     Club on New Yorkʼs Long Island include
Race Tracks Cater to Collectors;                         Most of the clubs require drivers to       a 1937 Lincoln convertible and a 1937 re-
                                                     provide their own auto insurance, in case      stored Ford pickup truck. These garages
A Spycam for the Bentley                             anything happens to a car or driver on the     are humidity and temperature-controlled
                                                     road or in a garage facility. So make sure     to prevent leather interiors from crack-
                                                     to check with your car insurer to see if       ing and exteriors from rusting. The Car-
                                                     you are covered if you join a club. Also,      cierge, a recently launched Boca Raton
        By RACHEL EMMA SII.VERMAN                    car-share clubs such as Classic Car Club       garage will “exercise vehicles on local,
                                                     ,and Exotic Car Share, perform back·           secluded roadways,” according to its Web
                                                     ground or credit checks on prospective         site. Most of the garages also offer club

                                                     members to help ensure they arc suitable       lounges so you can get together with fel-
               ALPH II, DOERING III just             to drive their fleets of cars.                 low car lovers and watch car races.
               bought a new condo in Oakland
               Park. Fla. Like many upscale de-
               velopments, the property boasts
               such amenities as a lounge for
 entertaining, with a catering kitchen and wine
 storage, a guest office with Internet access, and
 even an art gallery and photography studio.
    Mr. Doering, a real-estate company executive,
 has no plans to live in the condo development,
 however. But his car will.
    The new development, called the Dream-Car
 Carriage House, is an “auto-minium” for luxu-
 ry cars. Spaces start at about $50,000. About 20
 have been sold since sales started in October. A
 rising number of membership clubs and high-
 end garages are catering to collector cars and
 the enthusiasts who drive them. Some clubs
 own their own fleets so members can tryout dif-           Enthusiasts say the clubsʼ amenities           For those who simply want to drive fun
 ferent cars. The business models vary, but they     are worth the price. The driving-course         cars but donʼt want to own them, there are a
 generally feature posh amenities, ranging from      country clubs and car-share clubs include       rising number of car-share clubs, such as the
 private driving courses and climate-controlled      orientations, so that drivers learn how to      Classic Car Club Manhattan, which opened
                                                     handle unfamiliar vehicles or road cours-       in July, the new Van Horssen Group, in
 garages (some with Web-cams so yon can view
                                                     es. Some of the clubs feature trackside         Scottsdale, Ariz., Exotic Car Share in Pala-
 your car in storage at your desktop computer)
                                                     housing. At the Virginia Inter· national        tine, Ill., and Club Sportiva in San Fran-
 to luxury meeting- spaces for parties and on-       Raceway Motorsport Country Club, in
 site car portrait studios. Among the latest op-                                                     cisco. After paying membership fees, which
                                                     Alton, Va., a restored antebellum mansion       could include an initiation fee and annual
 tions are clubs that are centered on private-road   serves as the clubhouse.
 courses with lots of hair-raising turns such as                                                     dues, members can drive a choice of collec-
                                                         Membership growth has been brisk.           tor cars. The Classic Car Club Manhattan
 the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Ill., which    Both the Alpine Motorsports Club and the
 opened in April; the Alpine Motorsports Club,                                                       has in its fleet a 1977 Aston Martin V8, and
                                                     Valley Motorsports Park, which havenʼt          a 1989 Rolls Royce Corniche II.
 which is being developed in Pennsylvaniaʼs          even been built yet, have already signed
 Poconos region; and Valley Motorsports Park,                                                            Oliver Hildenbrand, a 39-year-old New
                                                     up some 200 members each. The Auto-
 being built in Tamworth, N.H. The clubs are                                                         York banker, recently became a member of
                                                     bahn Country Club has nearly reached its
 designed so that members can see what their         cap of 300 members. “We sell member-            the Classic Car Club. So far, he has taken
 sports cars arc capable of doing-without traffic     ships like a regular golf club, but instead     out several cars, including a 1957 Porsche
 or fear of a speeding ticket.                       of golf, you come out and play with your        Speedster, which he drove to the upscale
     David Gaber, a 41-year-old retired com-         toys-Porsches and Mustangs.” says Auto-         Hamptons on New Yorkʼs Long Island, and
 modities trader, tries to get to the course at      bahnʼs president, Mark Basso.                   a 1965 Mustang Convertible, which he used
 the Autobahn Country Club at least once a                                                           to visit the New Jersey shore. “I have a real
 week. He recently bought a trackside lot                                                            weakness for cars,” he says. “A Ford Taurus
 to build a garage to house his cars-a Fer-          Car Country Clubs                               doesnʼt really do it for me.”
 rari 360 challenge race car and titanium
 Ferrari 550 for street use. He says he has          There are a growing number of membership clubs and high-end garages that cater to
 driven his race car at top speeds of about          collector cars and the enthusiasts who drive them. Here are some options:
 l5O miles an hour at the club. “What I find         n   Driving Clubs
 exciting is going into a turn at 120, than
 tapping the breaks and taking the turn at
 90,” says Mr. Gaber.
       The clubs are opening at a time when
 interest in collector cars is booming. In
 addition to favorable demographics-a big
 cohort of wealthy baby boomers who grew
 up during the height of American car cul-
 ture-televised car races and reality televi-
 sion shows featuring car makeovers have
 also driven interest, club officials say. Bar-
 rett-Jackson Auction Co. generated $61.7
 million in sales at its .January collector car      n   Car-Share Clubs
 auction in Scottsdale, Ariz., a 60% jump
 from The $38.5 million it earned last year
 and way up from $28.5 million in 2003.
 The company plans on breaking ground on
 its own “automotive country club” in Scott-
 sdale in the next year, says Chief Executive        Club Sportiva                  Starts at $3,195 per   A 10,000 square-toot clubhouse includes
 Craig Jackson.                                      San Francisco                  year, plus a $250      bar and meeting facilities.
                                                     www.clubsportiva.com           initiation fee         Car-racer Mario Andretti is a member .
      Prices for the clubs vary greatly, depend-
 ing on whether you are joining a private road-
 course club or a high-end storage garage. The
 Autobahn Country Club charges a $25,000
 initiation fee and annual dues of $3,000 for
 use of the country clubʼs driving track and

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