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                      PENNSYLVANIA SOCIETY FOR THE                                                 Volume 85 • Issue 3
                      ADVANCEMENT OF THE DEAF, INC                                                      Autumn 2009

 New President’s Words                                       behavior that one didn’t like; it Explained how the be-
                                                             havior affected others; and it Specified what behavior
                             First I want to thank many      you’d like to see. If you think about the first 3 letters of
                             of the PSAD membership          the word DEScribe, it will help you to remember to De-
                             who congratulated me on         scribe the unacceptable behavior; Explain how it affects
                             my recent election to the       you or others; and it Specifies acceptable behavior to
                             office of President of PSAD     replace it. So if you have a criticism or complaint, do
                             and how pleased they were       share them with any of the PSAD Board members using
                             to have me at the helm. I       the DEScribe approach.
                             will do my best to live up to
                             your expectations. Do feel      Praise: Praise is very important. If you wish to see an
                             free to share suggestions,      activity or behavior to happen again, let the person
                             criticisms, and praise. Let’s   know. If you see something you like, say so. By saying
                             talk about these three          so, it is very likely to happen again. So if you like some-
words: suggestions, criticisms, and praise as all are very   thing that PSAD is doing, please let any of the PSAD
important for improving oneself, a group, or an organi-      Board members know so we can make sure that we
zation.                                                      don’t drop it and keep it alive.

Suggestions: No idea is ever good or bad. They are           In the previous newsletter, as 1st Vice President, I recog-
ideas and suggestions that help one to think about a dif-    nized what a great group of members are on the board,
ferent approach to doing business or providing service.      their skills and what each of them offered. I feel so for-
Often if I have an idea, I will start my sentence with, “I   tunate now that I’m president to continuing working
suggest” or “May I suggest”. The suggestion can be ac-       with the same group of talented people, blessed to have
cepted or rejected, but to me it shows that a person cares   Sandy Duncan back on board, and fortunate to have our
and wants to help make things better.                        hard working, dedicated Acting Executive Director in
                                                             Gary Bootay to carry out the wishes of the board mem-
Criticism: A criticism about the way things are done         bers in effectively representing PSAD to the members
should be followed with an idea of how to do it differ-      and the public. Years ago Sandy provided wonderful
ently. Saying “I don’t like the PSAD Newsletter” is not      leadership as President of PSAD and 1st Director of the
helpful. It doesn’t say why you don’t like the newsletter.   Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH). I look
But saying, “I don’t like the newsletter because the arti-   forward to his guidance and benefiting from his wisdom
cles are too long and it’s hard for me to understand. I      and experience. Sandy replaced Martin Caha, who had
wish it was shorter and easier to read” is helpful. Focus    agreed to replace Gary Bootay’s final year as a board
on the activity that you’re not happy about, never the       member when he was appointed Acting Executive Di-
person. It’s okay to say, “I don’t think wearing a t-shirt   rector. We haven’t lost Martin. He will continue to be
and jeans to the banquet looks good”. I think it’s better    our tech expert with the PSAD web page and we look
to wear a shirt with collar and nice slacks plus jacket or   forward to taking advantage of his skills and knowledge
tie.” It’s not okay to say, ”you look like a bum!” As a      in improving communications among our 2400 plus
school administrator I once told a teacher that I didn’t     members of PSAD.
think it was a good idea to wear mini skirts when teach-
ing young teen-age boys. It makes it hard for them to        One of my goals for PSAD is to improve communica-
pay attention to what you want to teach. It would be bet-    tions among the various members of PSAD and be able
ter if you wore a regular skirt at or below the knees or     to do it quickly. We need to get caught up with the 21st
pants.” The criticism said 3 things: It Described the        century electronic age. Many organizations such as
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                      PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009

PENNSYLVANIA SOCIETY FOR THE                                   PSAD Newsletter Advertising
ADVANCEMENT OF THE DEAF, INC                                    2009 Advertisement Rates
        Organized 1881 Incorporated 1891

               What Is PSAD?
Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the
Deaf is a charitable and non-profit organization,
continuing since 1881, of deaf and other interested
persons. Individual dues are $25.00 Annually, or
$125.00 Life (payable $25.00 per year for 5 years).
The PSAD Newsletter is mailed to all subscription
paid PSAD members at least five times a year. The
Annual Report which includes conference minutes,
resolutions, bylaws, and financial reports is sent to
all PSAD members upon written request once a year.

For further PSAD information, contact:
       Gary M Bootay, Acting Executive Director
       2175 Deer Run Drive
       Hummelstown, PA 17036
       VP (866) 779-0688
       Email -

         PSAD Mission Statement
The mission of the Pennsylvania Society for the
Advancement of the Deaf is to maximize the
participation and productivity of its Deaf and Hard
of Hearing Citizens within the larger society of
Pennsylvania through education, advocacy, and

             PSAD Publications                               2009/2010 Newsletter Deadlines
           Nelson C Boyer, Editor
           3028 W. Liberty Street
           Allentown, PA 18104                                          December 1, 2009
           FAX (610) 432-7107                                           March 1, 2010
           Telephone (866) 948-1637                                     June 1, 2010
           Video Phone (484) 866-8370                                   September 1, 2010
           Email -
                                                            All news items going to the Editor must be sent
           Printed By: LionWorks Printing &
           Graphics                                         via EMAIL or DISKETTE only. The Editor's
           300 East Swissvale Avenue                        email address is "”
           Pittsburgh, PA 15218
           ph: 412-244-4254                                           Change of Address
           fax: 412-371-7432
           alt: VP: 412-244-9254                            Please let PSAD Membership Secretary Lynn
                           Stroud know via

                              PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009
(Continued from Front Page)                                         Position Requirements:
NAD*, COAT*, AAPD*, etc. are sending emails regu-                   • Must be an active member of PSAD.
larly to all their members to keep them informed of the             • Graduated from an accredited college/university pre-
latest news and to get their support or quick action on im-         ferred.
portant legislative issues by sending emails, letters, or           • Fluent in American Sign Language, including good
making telephone calls to their representatives in support          communication skills.
or opposition to bills that affect us. PSAD must also make          • Excellent organization and interpersonal skills.
ourselves heard in the halls of government if we are to
                                                                    • Excellent typing and business skills with the ability to
improve our quality of life and equal access in telecom-
                                                                    compose letters.
munications, employment, entertainment, media, health
care, etc. We want to work together as a team in provid-            • Ability to work independently.
ing support on behalf of your friends and peers, your               • Detail oriented.
families, and yourselves.                                           • Excellent computer skills with word processing,
                                                                    spreadsheets, Internet, and e-mail.
A second goal is to provide training for the board and my-          • Access to a car and valid driver’s license.
self on how to work with and make the best use of our               • Appointed by the PSAD Board of Managers at the
Acting Executive Director(AED). It’s been a long time               annual Reorganization Luncheon for a one-year term with
dream of PSAD to be able to hire a full time Executive              no term limit.
Director, similar to NAD’s Nancy Bloch. This year was               Ex Officio member of Board of Managers.
the 1st year we had an Acting Executive Director. We’ve
been trying to learn the best way to use a Director via trial       Job Responsibilities:
and error. Dr. Harvey Corson, with his wealth of experi-
                                                                    •    Prepares all correspondence which is to be to be ap-
ence as a top school administrator at state schools for the
                                                                    proved by the president prior to mailing.
deaf and at Gallaudet University has agreed to provide
training on how best to work together. With this training,          • Maintains a folder for every Board meeting to include
the board and our AED can work more effectively and                 agenda, meeting minutes, handouts, Quarterly Reports,
efficiently together to pursue with success the never-              hotel information, etc.
ending goal of improving the quality of life of the Deaf            • Maintains a special folder for each PSAD Conference
and Hard of Hearing Citizens of the PA Commonwealth.                including Annual Meeting minutes, Program Book and
We look forward to all of you being a part of making                • Present an annual budget and all expenses of this po-
PSAD effective and heard in every corner of the state.              sition shall be deducted from the Executive Director/
                     Lawrence J Brick                               Home Office fund. Approved by the board.
                      PSAD President                                • Submit report two weeks before the board meetings to
                                                                    Board of Managers.
*National Association of the Deaf; Coalition Of Accessi-
ble Technology; American Association of People with
                                                                    • Assists Board of Managers and staff as needed.
Disabilities                                                        • Assists newsletter editor with articles and proof-
                                                                    • May attend Standing Functionary Committees as ob-
OFFICIAL DUTIES OF PSAD’S ACTING                                    server/advisor.
      EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                            • Contacts chapters for local news for PSAD newsletter
                       By Gary Bootay                               and date(s) of upcoming chapter meetings.
In one of the previous newsletters and at the recent PSAD           • Writes a letter to each employed Board member’s
Conference I promised to inform                                     supervisor, upon request, for a Friday excusal for travel
the PSAD members of the official                                    time and attendance at the PSAD Board meeting – with
duties or current job description of                                no charge to leave as it is for “community service”.
the Acting Executive Director.                                      • Grant writing – all year.
The word “Acting” is appropriate                                    • Updates the Board and Chapter Directories when nec-
at this time as it is a part-time job                               essary.
with a small stipend. It is PSAD’s
                                                                    • Responsible for all photography, including annual
dream to have a full-time director
                                                                    individual photos of the board, conference happenings,
under the Home Office but it will
                                                                    board meetings & special events.
require funding from grants, foun-
                                                                    Send board minutes to the chapter presidents and
dations and donations which are
difficult to acquire.

                           PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009
•    Annually, during the month of January, write and                 •   Maintains originals of all PSAD Camp and Training
mail a “Candidates for PSAD Board of Managers” letter                 Center documents and deeds; and copies of all camp cor-
to all chapter secretaries with cc to PSAD Board via e-               respondence.
mail. Enclose two of each: Nomination Form, Criminal                  • Obtains all Host Conference Committee meeting min-
record Check Form and Nomination Policy Form. *                       utes and financial reports at time of distribution.
• Prior to, during and after the annual PSAD Confer-                  • Obtains a copy of the final detailed financial report
ences;                                                                within sixty (60) days after the conference or when the
Writes to the PA governor, mayor, local house representa-             books are closed from PSAD Treasurer.
tive and senator, and local legislatures for their                    • Maintains copies of all AED, PSAD Board and PSAD
“welcome” letter to be inserted in the PSAD Conference                Camp correspondence and documents.
Program Book.
                                                                      • Develops orientation materials.
                                                                      • Provides all Board of Managers the notebook on pro-
ο Writes the PSAD Board meeting summaries for the
                                                                      cedures of the Board of Managers.
fiscal year, to be published in the PSAD Conference Pro-
gram Book.                                                            • Must attend all of Board of Managers meetings and
                                                                      PSAD conferences.
ο Assists the PSAD Program Book chairperson.
                                                                      Must keep the files updated.
ο With assistance from PSAD president and outgoing
officers, develop orientation and handbook for new offi-              All expenses in the performance of the AED duties are
cers, Members at Large, and Board of Managers.                        reimbursable or paid in advance by the PSAD Treasurer
ο Writes a welcome letter to new Board members (with                  with the approval of the PSAD President.
cc to entire Board) and include the following documents:
Board Dress Policy, Board Expense regulations, Board                  The Acting Executive Director shall be subject to per-
Expense Statement, PSAD Directory of Chapter Officers,                formance review conducted by the Board of Managers.
Board E-mail Motion Policy and new Directory of PSAD
Executive Committee, Board and Camp Staff. It is as-                         First Annual PPDB Helen Keller
sumed that all Board members have a copy of the current
PSAD Bylaws and list of functionary and non-functionary                               Award Given
committees along with PSAD sections and representa-                   The Pennsylvania Partner-
tives.                                                                ship for the Deafblind
ο Obtains all Board candidate nomination forms.                       (PPDB), an organized net-
ο Reviews and approves/disapproves Board candidate                    work of parents, family
qualifications in accordance with Article II, Section 2, of           members, and individuals
PSAD Bylaws.                                                          with deafblindness, has
                                                                      awarded its first “Annual
ο Assists with the Board candidate biographical profiles
                                                                      PPDB Helen Keller Award”
and print two (2) copies for posting at annual PSAD Con-
                                                                      to Paul Richard “Rich”
ferences. Also prepares profiles in PowerPoint format for
                                                                      McGann Jr., at the PA Deaf-
displaying during the candidate’s speech.
                                                                      blind Project’s Annual Fam-
ο Prepares printed ballots for PSAD Board election.                   ily Learning Conference on
ο At the conclusion of the annual PSAD Conference                     June 27, 2009.
write a letter of thanks to hotel staff, interpreters, present-
ers, conference chair, volunteers, and others deemed nec-             The group surprised Mr. McGann with the Award, along
essary by the president.                                              with the PPDB’s first Lifetime Membership, during their
And any other responsibilities as directed by the PSAD                annual meeting. The Award reads: “PPDB Annual
President.                                                            Helen Keller Award presented to Rich McGann for his
                                                                      outstanding work with the Deafblind Community 2009”.
Home Office Documentation:                                            Mr. McGann, who is deafblind, has been employed for
•   Maintains a folder for every Board meeting to include             more than 30 years by the Western Pennsylvania School
agenda, meeting minutes, handouts, Quarterly Reports,                 for Blind Children, in Pittsburgh, PA. He has been a
hotel information, etc.                                               valuable asset to the PA Deafblind Project, and serves on
• Maintains a special folder for each PSAD Conference                 their Advisory Council. He has also been a supportive
including Annual Meeting minutes, Program Book and                    friend to the Pennsylvania Partnership for the Deafblind,
handouts.                                                             and is a strong advocate for the deafblind community.
Collects and mails handouts at Board meetings to absen-               PPDB appreciates all of Mr. McGann’s hard work, and
tee members.                                                          was proud to have him as their first award recipient.

                          PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009
                                       Rich McGann with            Mr. Weitbrecht came up with the idea of using an acous-
                                        PPDB Award                 tic coupler — now called a modem — to connect two of
                                       Rich McGann                 the Teletype machines. The coupler changed electrical
                                       (front) is presented        signals coming from one Teletype machine into tones sent
                                       Helen Keller Award          through a telephone wire; at the other end, the tones were
                                       by PPDB Board               changed back into electrical signals so that the message
                                       members (l-r) M.            could be printed on the receiving machine.
                                       Black, S. Green, G.
                                       Radzik, G. Boe, and         Another tinkerer, Andrew Saks, an electrical engineer and
                                       P. McGowan                  a grandson of the founder of Saks Fifth Avenue, was soon
                                                                   working in the garage as well. Dr. Marsters and Mr. Weit-
Pennsylvania Partnership for the Deafblind is a private,           brecht had gone to him for financing.
non-profit organization, which exists to provide support
for individuals with deafblindness and their families              With the intention of building a network of TTY users,
through a family-driven network. If you would like more            the three men began collecting and reconditioning the
information regarding PPDB, or are interested in joining           Teletype machines that were being discarded by news
us, please contact Gordon Boe, President at                        services and companies like Western Union. They formed                                                 a company, the Applied Communications Corporation, to
                                                                   refurbish and donate TTYs. Dr. Marsters traveled around
               James Marsters,                                     the country, educating the deaf community about the new
            Deaf Inventor, Dies at 85                              technology, forming partnerships with other organizations
                                                                   and lobbying for support from government officials.
Sign language, lip
reading and speech                                                 There were only 18 TTYs in operation in 1966, Karen
training helped                                                    Peltz Strauss, the author of “A New Civil Right: Tele-
James Marsters get                                                 communications Equality for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
through college and                                                Americans” (Gallaudet University Press, 2006), said in a
dental school and                                                  telephone interview on Thursday. By 2006, there were
made it possible for                                               about 30,000 listings in the Blue Book, a national direc-
him to succeed as an                                               tory of TTY users.
orthodontist. He
could communicate very well face to face.                          Pointing out that the Internet has since greatly reduced the
But for most of his first 40 years, the telephone was a bar-       need for text telephones, Ms. Peltz Strauss said, “I would
rier.                                                              say that by the mid-1990s it had peaked at tens of thou-
                                                                   sands of people who had and used them regularly.”
“All of us in the family, whenever a call came for my              Dr. Marsters, she said, “got the ball rolling for future gen-
dad,” his son James Jr. said on Friday, “we picked up this         erations of people with hearing loss to achieve telecom-
handset attached to the phone so that we could listen in           munications equality.”
and relay to my father what the caller was saying. He
would read our lips and then reply in his own voice.”              Beyond making their technological breakthrough and
Dr. Marsters and two deaf colleagues broke that barrier            starting the network, Dr. Marsters and his partners, work-
for themselves and tens of thousands of other hearing-             ing with other leaders of the deaf community, played sig-
impaired people in 1964 when they converted an old,                nificant roles in reshaping government policy.
bulky, clacking Teletype machine into a device that could
relay a typewritten conversation through a telephone line.         When they introduced their device, the partners met
It was the first example of what became commonly                   strong resistance from AT&T, which then had virtual con-
known as a TTY and is now, in a greatly updated and                trol over the nation’s telephone system and prohibited
compact version, called a text telephone.                          direct connections to its network. In 1968, the Federal
                                                                   Communications Commission struck down AT&T’s re-
Dr. Marsters died of natural causes at his home in Oak-            strictive policy, saying it had no right to deny the connec-
land, Calif., on July 28, his son said. He was 85.                 tion to its network as long as there was no harm to its op-
A mutual acquaintance, aware that two of his friends were          erations.
thinking along the same lines, introduced Dr. Marsters to
Robert H. Weitbrecht, a physicist at Stanford University,          In the 1970s, Dr. Marsters and Mr. Saks made arrange-
in 1964. Both were soon fiddling with the nearly obsolete          ments with several local telephone companies in Califor-
Teletype machines cluttering Dr. Marsters’s garage.                nia to introduce relay services — technology that allowed

                         PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009
deaf people to communicate with hearing people.                  range wireless technology that simplifies communication
                                                                 between internet devices like mobile phones, PDAs
“Dr. Marsters and his partners provided the forerunner of        (Personal Digital Assistants) and computers. Bluetooth's
what is now a nationwide network of telecommunication            has a range of about 30 feet and allows you to do away
relay services,” Ms. Peltz Strauss said. “These services         with messy cables.
are now completely free to anybody who wants them be-
cause they are required by law under the Americans With          The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, a cabal of over
Disabilities Act.”                                               3000 manufacturers, oversees the standards and security
                                                                 of the technology. It gets its unusual name in honor of
James Carlyle Marsters was born in Norwich, N.Y., on             Harald Bluetooth, king of Denmark in the mid-tenth cen-
April 5, 1924, one of two sons of Guy and Anna Belle             tury for no other reason than to recognize the contribution
Marsters. His father was a pharmaceutical company ex-            of Baltic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and
ecutive.                                                         Finland) to the communications industry.

Besides his son James, Dr. Marsters is survived by an-           If you look around you'll find a ton of devices that use
other son, Guy; a daughter, Jean Marsters; and two grand-        Bluetooth. Everything from wireless printers, wireless
children. His wife of 49 years, the former Alice Dorsey,         keyboards, even home appliances (I still don't know why
died in 2003.                                                    my computer and washing machine need to communi-
In infancy, Jimmy Marsters lost his hearing to scarlet fe-
ver and measles. As a toddler, he received lip-reading and       Bluetooth enabled mobile phones have recently been un-
speech training. After graduating from the Wright Oral           der attack by hackers who gain access to information be-
School for the Deaf in New York City in 1943, he earned          ing stored on the phone. This is often called bluesnarfing
a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at Union College, in            or bluebugging. In order to carry out a bluejacking, the
Schenectady, N.Y.                                                sending and receiving devices must be within 10 meters
                                                                 of one another. If you use enabled devices, the Official
For three years, Mr. Marsters worked in a necktie factory        Bluetooth website has a Q and A page explaining how to
in New York while his applications to dental schools were        protect yourself—it's worth reading.
repeatedly rejected. Eventually, the New York University
College of Dentistryadmitted him, with the understanding         I hope this demystifies this new technology so when you
that it would offer no special accommodations. He re-            are out shopping for a mobile phone, PDA, laptop, or
ceived his dental degree in 1952, then moved to Califor-         other device you'll be aware of what Bluetooth can do.
nia, where two years later he earned a master’s degree in
orthodontics at the University of Southern California in           PSAD SENIOR CITIZENS SECTION
Los Angeles. Dr. Marsters opened his orthodontics prac-
tice in Pasadena, Calif., in 1954; he retired in 1990. Mr.            ANNUAL MEETING AT THE
Weitbrecht died in 1983, and Mr. Saks died in 1989.               CHATEAU RESORT & CONFERENCE
One day in May 1964, when both were at their homes in                CENTER TANNERSVILLE, PA
California, Dr. Marsters and Mr. Weitbrecht made the                     AUGUST 14, 2009
first TTY call on a traditional telephone line.                         MEETING MINUTES

Their communication was garbled at first. But after some                  Violet Petrick, President,
adjustments were made, their typed words were clear and          called the annual meeting to or-
concise: “Are you printing me now?” Mr. Weitbrecht               der at 1:35 p.m.
asked Dr. Marsters. “Let’s quit for now and gloat over the                Ms. Petrick thanked
success.”                                                        Christine Gannon for her presentation, “Sexuality & Ag-
                                                                          She then appointed Jim Gillin and Obed Sheffer
                                                                 as Sergeants-at-Arms.
                                                                          96 members were present.
                                                                          Violet Petrick opened with a silent prayer in re-
                                                                 membrance of deceased PSAD members.
Question: What is Bluetooth?                                              The August 1, 2008 meeting summary was dis-
Answer:                                                          tributed.
That's what your dentures get after eating blueberry pie,                 Joseph Jezerski moved to accept the meeting
but you may hear about mobile phones and other devices           summary as is. It was unanimously approved. Carried
having "Bluetooth Technology". Basically, it's a short-

                          PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009
    Officers’ Reports:                                                 Janet Rader announced that the DSA’s next confer-
President’s Report: Violet Petrick                                 ence will be in Chicago, Illinois.
     Reported that she and other Senior Citizens Section               Door Prizes:
         officers attended the Deaf Seniors of America                     PSAD Northeastern Pa Chapter donated $50.00
         conference, held in Las Vegas, Nevada on June                     $10.00 – Charles Warthling
         19 – 28, 2009. Over 2,100 attended the confer-                    $10.00 – Sue Beidleman
         ence. She believed that the conference turned out                 $10.00 – Elizabeth Hillman
         successfully and was enjoyable.                                   $10.00 – Jim Gillin
     Reported that the Senior Citizens Section donated                     $10.00 – Vicki Ferrance
         $250.00 to Valley View Assisted Living Center                     Electric Driller – Marge Gompers
         for its building fund.                                            Cooler (Bag) – Vicki Danco
Vice President’s Report: Ed Jenkins                                        50 – 50 Chances:
     Reported that he would like to open a discussion                      $10.00 – Charles Warthling
         about the membership dues of the Senior Citizens                  $20.00 – Myrna Feldman
         Section under new business.                                       $30.00 – Joe Dye
     Also reported that he enjoyed the DSA conference in                   $40.00 – Carolyn Lindeman
         Las Vegas.                                                        $50.00 – Steve Walder
Treasurer’s Report: Carl Frels                                         The annual meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.
     Mr. Frels reported that the account balance as of Au-             Submitted by Sandy C. Duncan, Secretary
         gust 1, 2009 was $3,398.56. 2008 – 2009 Finan-
         cial Report was audited and verified by Janet                         Notes from Violet Petrick
         Rader, Trustee. Charles Warthling motioned to                           Chair of PSAD Camp
         accept the report as printed. It was approved                       Strategic Planning Committee
         unanimously. Carried
                                                                   Paula Tajc, Camp Director,
Communications (Letters & E-mails): Sandy C. Dun-
                                                                   camp volunteers and I want
                                                                   to express our big thanks
     Sandy C. Duncan shared several e-mails he wrote and
                                                                   for the donations received
                                                                   at the PSAD conference
Old Business:
                                                                   toward the project of a new
                                                                   well, electric system and
Nominations for President and Secretary for 2009 –
                                                                   toilet/shower facility. It
                                                                   was very generous of you
                                                                   all to begin to help reach
         Larry Brick nominated Violet Petrick and be
                                                                   the goal of $175,000. To
     elected as President by acclamation. She accepted.
                                                                   accomplish this project, we Steve Mitchell, Violet Petrick, Paula Tajc
                                                                   need your skills so please consider volunteering your tal-
                                                                   ents and effort.
         Charles Warthling nominated Sandy C. Duncan
     and be elected as Secretary by acclamation. He ac-            I will be contacting lumber companies to discuss the pos-
     cepted. Carried                                               sibility of timbering the wooded area and obtaining bid
     New Business:                                                 proposals. I will also contact an engineering company to
     Ed Jenkins moved that the membership due of $1.00             survey the campground, make recommendations for the
for the Senior Citizens Section members should be con-             toilet/shower facility, and develop a proposal for the in-
tinued as a motion was passed in 2002. Joseph Jezerski             stallation.
amended that whenever the Senior Citizens Section has
its annual lunch or dinner meeting, membership dues will           We are working hard to improve the campground. The
be added to the cost of the meal. The amended motion               installation of the swing set and basketball court are com-
was approved unanimously. Carried                                  plete and ready for use. The next phase will be develop-
     Sue Beidleman moved that New Business be closed.              ing a trail/path for hiking and biking. A variety of events
Carried                                                            have been planned for 2010. We hope you make plans to
     Announcements:                                                attend the events. The campground can also be reserved
     Chris Noschese reported about his recent activities           for wedding receptions, family reunions, or other events.
with the local leaders and legislators and urged the mem-          If interested, please contact me or Paula.
bers to do the same with their local legislators to let them
know their concerns.                                               Please visit the camp website at for
     Violet Petrick also encouraged the members to be              information on upcoming events and progress of future
involved within their local Area Aging Association.                projects.
                          PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009
          From the Desk of the CAPS                               Stroud. The members also voted for Sandy Duncan who
          Chairperson, Evy Williams                               returned after an 11-year absence, as the 4th elected
                                                                  member of the board. Departing board member, Martin
                       The year of 2009-2010 just begun!
                                                                  Caha, will be missed. However, Martin has expressed
                       There are no new 2009-2010 CAPS
                                                                  interest to remain as PSAD’s webmaster and Audio-
                       Committee as we are all the same
                                                                  Visual technician.
                       group as 2008-2009 with the excep-
                       tion of two roles which are no
                                                                  The 2009-2010 officers of the PSAD Board of Managers
                       longer part of the Committee –
                                                                  are the following:
                       Camp Director and CAPS Fundrais-
                                                                           President              ‑      Larry Brick
                       ing Chairperson, as per the Support-
                                                                           1st Vice President       ‑    Thomas King
                       ers’ request.
                                                                           2nd Vice President       ‑    Sharon Antal
         We all had a wonderful time at the PSAD 123rd
                                                                           Recording Secretary    -      Jeffrey Yockey
Conference at the Poconos! It was filled with many new
                                                                           Treasurer                ‑    James Noschese
things and for CAPS too! We had our first sponsored
                                                                           Member‑At‑Large (East) -      Sandy Duncan
Breakfast meeting sponsored by Hamilton Relay and
                                                                           Member-At-Large (West)      - Violet Petrick
Sorenson Communications, on Friday morning. We’ve
                                                                  Gary Bootay has agreed to remain as PSAD’s Acting Ex-
finally sealed the deal – the new CAPS Policy Program –
                                                                  ecutive Director.
replacing the Grandfather clause, and other old programs.
The new program was signed by Evy Williams, CAPS
                                                                  Thursday afternoon saw a packed room full of chapter
Chairperson, Tom King, 2008-2009 PSAD President, Joe
                                                                  delegates and observers for the annual Conference of
Jezerski, CAPS Founder, and two witnesses - Jim Gillin
                                                                  Chapters. PSAD was pleased to see representation from
and Susan Beidleman. We also showed the financial re-
                                                                  all six chapters. Many issues and concerns were dis-
port from 2006 to 2009. Everyone was pleased including
                                                                  cussed. The meeting minutes will soon be distributed to
the PSAD Board.
                                                                  the PSAD Board of Managers as well as to all chapter
         On Saturday, there was a PSAD forum – “PSAD
                                                                  officers and delegates. Thursday evening the 2011 Con-
in Trouble” introduced by the Poconos Chairpersons/
                                                                  ference Committee had their dinner meeting. That night
Board members, Jeff Yockey and Sharon Antal. With the
                                                                  we relaxed and socialized in the Presidential and Gover-
team of Chris Noschese, PSAD and CAPS Treasurer,
                                                                  nor’s Suites with delicious snacks.
Paula Tajc and her Camp committee, and Evy with Paul
Mente, Jr – each of us provided the need for raising funds
                                                                  On Friday morning there was a CAPS breakfast meeting.
to support PSAD, Campground, and CAPS. It was a suc-
                                                                  A room full of exhibits was held all day Friday and Satur-
cess! I hope to see more of this in the future.
                                                                  day across from the ballroom where the general meeting
         Now with the new year ahead of us, our work is
                                                                  was held. Three excellent and well-attended workshops
not done! We still have more “re-organization” to do!
                                                                  were held: (1) by the Video Relay Services Consumer
We’ve been working hard in building the foundation for
                                                                  Association, (2) “Sexuality Spells More than Sex”, (3)
the CAPS future since I’ve became a Chairperson in
                                                                  “How to be Careful with your Money”. The annual Deaf
2006. If you missed this conference, we hope to see you
                                                                  Senior Section Luncheon and meeting was also well-
at the 2010 conference in Harrisburg!
         For any CAPS issues, please contact me at: We are also located in the web: under CAPS.

          2009 PSAD CONFERENCE
                       By Gary Bootay
              Acting Executive Director of PSAD
The 123rd Annual Conference of the PSAD was held Au-
gust 13-15, 2009 at the Chateau Resort and Conference
Center in Tannersville, PA with 177 members in atten-
dance. It was the Northeastern Chapter’s 2nd time in
PSAD’s 128-year history to host the conference. The first
time was at the Pocono Manor in 1998.

The following three board members were reelected for a 3           Left to Right - Barbara Johnston, Rebecca Fedio, Janet Rader,
-year term: Thomas King, Violet Petrick and Lynn                     Gerald Kane, Irene Kane, and Ladies Man - Gary Bootay

                          PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009
attended. In the evening we were treated to a wonderful            Martin Caha swore in all board members for the new term
Hawaiian cookout under the sunny blue skies. Two                   by having them repeat the oath on the stage.
PSAD President’s Appreciation Awards were given: to
Dr. Monita G. Hara, departed superintendent of Scranton            We all played the “Price is Right” game with fabulous
State School for the Deaf, and to Representative Kevin P.          prizes given. The night ended with the DJ and dancing.
Murphy (D) 113th Legislative District Lackawanna
County. That night there was a full room for the DINGO             During the Annual Meeting 15 resolutions were pre-
game.                                                              sented. They will be discussed at the October Board
On Saturday morning there was a breakfast meeting for
all interested participants under the topic of “Is PSAD in         The PSAD Board of Managers had a special meeting on
Trouble? The annual PSAD General Meeting opened at                 Sunday, August 3rd, to welcome one new Board member
9:15 am. Jeffrey Yockey, Chair of the 2009 PSAD Con-               and to determine future dates of the regular PSAD Board
ference Host Committee handed the gavel to Tom King,               meetings. The following Board and annual meeting dates
President of PSAD. President King declared the 123rd               were selected:
annual meeting open. He proceeded to announce that all
officer’s reports and financial reports are published in the
                                                                   • October 23-25 at Harrisburg
Program Book. He also mentioned that last year’s resolu-           • January 8-10, 2010 at Philadelphia (MDPP Pageant
tions, along with the Board’s dispositions, are printed in         on Sunday)
the Program Book. Fifteen resolutions were introduced at           • April 24-25, 2010 location to be determined
the General Meeting and will be discussed at the next              • August 16-18, 2010 at PSAD Camp & Training Cen-
PSAD Board meeting.                                                ter
                                                                   • July 23-24, 2010 at Erie
The six candidates for the four vacant Board seats came            October 1-3, 2010 at Harrisburg for the 124th Annual
on the stage to introduce themselves and tell the member-          PSAD Conference
ship why they wanted to be elected to the Board. The
voting and election results took place prior to the lunch          For more information about these meetings or any PSAD
break.                                                             issue, please access the PSAD website at
                                                         , PSAD News or contact Gary Bootay
After lunch we were treated to a wonderful announcement            via e-mail at You are welcome to
by Sue Beidleman who introduced Gina Riccobono Pro-                attend any Board meeting and see us “in action”.
copio who is our Miss Deaf Pennsylvania Pageant Direc-
tor. The MDPP has been revived. The pageant will be
                                                                                PSAD Legislative News
held January 10, 2010 at the PA School for the Deaf in                                  By Thomas King
Philadelphia and tickets are available.
                                                                   As most of you know, the Com-
Evy Williams spoke about CAPS and the importance of                monwealth was without a state
donations for the PSAD Camp and Home Office.                       budget since July 1, 2009. This
                                                                   had an important effect on the
The Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award was given to             Deaf community. The reason for
the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter. The 25 and 50 Year                 this is the closing of the Scranton
Membership Awards were announced. Mr. Charles                      State School for the Deaf
Warthling was in attendance with a big smile and had his           (SSSD). PSAD was in support
50th year photograph taken.                                        of HB 1318 but now have shifted
                                                                   to support HB 1416. The reason
A moment of silence was held in respect of our members             for the change is that there were several amendments that
who passed away during the year.                                   were made to HB 1318 that made it less favorable for it to
                                                                   pass. That is why HB 1416 was passed by the House of
It was announced that all chapters are encouraged to send          Representatives. This bill restores funding to SSSD. As
one or two delegates to the NAD Leadership Training                most of you know, the Senate passed their own version of
Conference at Columbus, OH.                                        the budget called SB 850. Therefore the two sides do not
                                                                   agree. Since the impasse, not passing of the budget, the
Saturday evening we were treated to a delicious banquet.           House and the Senate are in a Conference Committee.
After dinner, Nellie Miller, who is 92 years young, was            This committee composes of Democrats from the House
called to the stage to receive the PSAD Outstanding Sen-           and the Republicans Senate. The purpose of this commit-
ior Citizen of the Year Award. April Nelson then came to           tee is to come to a compromised that both sides can agree
the stage to receive the PSAD Member of the Year Award.            and to pass the budget.
                          PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009
So far this has not yet happened. PSAD has no idea how              please let Gary Bootay ( know
long this impasse will continue. This is where you as               with cc to President Larry Brick (
member and friend of PSAD can help. How? By con-                    and Vice President Tom King
tacting your local representative and senator. This is im-          ( If this is not agreeable to the
portant to SSSD and PSAD needs your help and assis-                 members, PSAD can go back and ask ODHH to provide
tance on this. If you are not sure who your local represen-         an annual report at every PSAD Conference.
tatives are, please go to PSADWEB.ORG. In “Quick
Tidbits”, look for “Don't know who your senator or state                  PUBLIC TRANSIT INEQUITIES
representative is? Click here to find out. Senators and                                          by
House of Reps”. If you do not have a computer, ask some                     Gary Bootay, Acting Executive Director of PSAD
one who does and have that person locate the information
for you. This is very important to PSAD. Please save

        PSAD relationship with ODHH
                      by Thomas King
It was brought to PSAD’s
attention that some members
felt concernsed that they
have neither seen nor heard
from the Office for the Deaf
and Hard of Hearing
(ODHH). They did not pre-
sent their annual report at the
PSAD Annual Conference
nor during the PSAD Board                                           PSAD is seeking two volunteer representatives to serve
of Managers meetings. The                                           with Nancy Kingsley on PUBLIC TRANSIT advo-
relationship between PSAD                                           cacy. Any PSAD member may volunteer. Initially we
and ODHH is good. What happen during the Board meet-                need just one volunteer to work with Nancy and the sec-
ings is that the Board agreed to a new meeting format to            ond volunteer to be an alternate. Nancy Kingsley is the
help save expenses that PSAD incurred when Board                    chairperson of the Hearing Loss Association of PA Advo-
members stayed for two nights. Most Board members                   cacy Committee and would like a PSAD member to advo-
who travel a great distance such as Pittsburgh or Scranton          cate with her on public transit inequities.
for example will be allow to stay for two nights, other
agreed to return to home after the meeting is concluded.            Being deaf or hard of hearing we know how frustrating it
Also, since the Board meet on Saturday for its meeting,             is at airports, train stations, bus stations as well as in the
the agenda is streamline to fit all that is need to discuss.        aircraft, train, bus, etc not to have equal access to an-
Therefore, this removes the reports that PSAD received in           nouncements that the hearing population take for
person ODHH. With this in mind, PSAD continues                      granted. This all began on Philadelphia buses where ap-
to receive email reports from ODHH for review at the                proaching stops are announced verbally over a loud-
meeting. Concerns or questions, if raised. are shared with          speaker.
ODHH soon after the meeting. In regard to the PSAD
Annual Meeting, PSAD will continue to invite the ODHH               What we need are VISUAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. The
Director or its representative to present the ODHH report           ADA seems vague on this issue and we need to level the
during the conference. At this point we are uncertain as            playing field between the hearing loss population and
to whether to invite ODHH to give their status reports              hearing population.
annually or every two years, or how often. There are
many issues to consider such as length of the meetings              If you wish to know more about serving with Nancy on
and how much business we need to cover. Long agendas                the Public Transit issues, please e-mail Nancy
can mean extra stays at the hotel causing PSAD to go                ( If interested in volunteering on the
over budget. Since the economy has affected our budget,             committee please e-mail me at
we need to be careful. The question of how often to invite
the ODHH representative to present their report in person           Thank you for your consideration. PSAD continues to
will be on the agenda of the October PSAD BOM meet-                 strive to serve and advocate for the rights of the Deaf and
ing. The Board's decisions will be shared with the mem-             Hard of Hearing.
bership. If any of you have thoughts or ideas about this,

                           PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009
                                                                                PSAD Conference 2009

News from Miss Deaf PA Pageant Director
                       Gina Procopio
This is my first time
to write an article for
the PSAD newsletter
and I am much hon-
ored to do so. This all
begun with the urge
in my stomach, hav-                                                The PSAD conference at the chateau resort and confer-
ing the desire for our                                             ence center was a huge success. The northeastern chapter
own beautiful state to                                             conference committee was very busy the whole week-
have a Miss Deaf PA                                                end. On Thursday, we had the conference of chapters in
queen after 7 years of                                             the board room where everyone threw in different ideas
waiting. Also, like I                                              and suggestions on how to improve psad. Then
explained to Sharon                                                we had a hospitality room where everyone hanged around
Antal, whom was                                                    and enjoyed different kinds of food and we social-
very supportive since the very beginning, that we would            ized with other people and met new friends.
like to have the pageant since NAD-MDAP will be held
right here in Philadelphia in July 2010. Therefore, I would        On Friday, we had three different workshops and they all
be happy to be State Pageant Director. Many thanks to              were well attended. The workshops were “VRSCA”,
the PSAD board members who approved and made it hap-               “Sexuality Doesn’t Spell Just S E X” and “How to be
pen that I become the State Pageant Director. Sue Beidle-          careful with money?” Many people really enjoyed the
man is currently the MDPP Advisor. The committee in-               workshops.
cludes 14+ women, who each are so amazing, unique, full
of wonderful ideas, and very motivated to have the pag-            Then we had a Hawaiian cook-out outside in the sun.
eant! This would not have happened without them.                   We offered variety of Hawaiian food and desserts. We all
Maybe you will remember me, my maiden name is Ricco-               enjoyed the entertainment that Brent and Maureen pre-
bono and I won first runner up in Allentown, PA in 1993            sented at the Hawaiian cook-out. After the Hawaiian cook
– I represented for Greater Philadelphia Chapter.                  -out, we had dingo and everyone had fun.
The State Pageant will be held at PSD (PA School for the           On Saturday, we had the general meeting all day. We
Deaf)-Gym on Sunday, January 10, 2010. We, the com-                had a banquet that night and the food was very good. We
mittee have been working hard to set up some fundraisers;          all enjoyed the vendetta dessert tables
we will have a poker tournament at Wilmington Deaf                 that had many different types of desserts for everyone to
Club on September 19th and Penny Auction at PSD on                 enjoy. Then we played the price is right game. There were
November 14th. You will be able to see the flyers on the           five big prizes that were given away: GPS, laptop, digital
PSAD web site. There will be more fundraisers coming               camera with getaway vacation, DVD player, and 40 inch
up as well! Keep checking the PSAD website.                        TV. Brent and Maureen did an amazing job doing enter-
                                                                   tainment during the price is right game.
Any interested ladies (age: 18-28), please contact me. My
email address is The                Everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves at the
application form is posted on the PSAD web site. Hope to           conference. See you all in Harrisburg next year.
see you at the pageant and at the fun fundraising events!
Our committee is very excited about the returning of the                                  Jeffrey Yockey
pageant!                                                                         Psad conference 2009 chairperson

                                                                    (See next page for more 2009 PSAD Conference pictures)
Thanks for your support!
PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009

            PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009

A t G ym!                                               Gre na Wi
                                                           at P     n
 PSD                 Penny Auction                         ??
                      Great Prizes!!
                    Perfect for Holiday gifts!!
        Come, find out what great prizes are and join to play!
                        $30 by November 6th
                           $35 at the door
                           Lunch Included
                         Location: PSD Gym
                         November 14, 2009
                              12 to 5 PM
                      For Information, contact:
         Co Chair Karen Kennedy:
  Co Chair Kristy Arney Griffin:
   Pageant Director Gina Procopio:

---------------------------------------------                          --
                                                     f or
                                                join iss
Mail money order or check for $30.00 to

                                             and ort M !
MDPP 2010
Kristy Arney Griffin
3114 Belgreen Road
                                       C  me upp
                                        o S            ant
Philadelphia, PA 19154                     !      age
                                        fun f PA P
Name: _________________________
Email Address: __________________        Dea
VP: _________________________

                     PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009

                        Sunday, January 10, 2010

                   PA School for the Deaf ~ Gym
                               (100 W. School Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144)

                                                     1 p.m.
                   Admission: $20 ~$10 under 10 yrs old ~ Under 5 Free
         The winner will participate in the Miss Deaf America in July 2010 during
             the National Association of the Deaf Conference in Philadelphia
         Interested Ladies (age: 18-28 years old), please contact Gina Procopio,
            PA State Pageant Director at
                                      ------------------------ cut ------------------------
Make money order to: MDPP and Mail it to: 2526 South Jessup St., Philadelphia, PA 19148
How many? $20 x___ = $____ $10 x___ = $_____



TTY or VP# _____________ Email: ___________________

                                    Deadline: January 4, 2010
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                                    PSAD News - Volume 85 - Issue 3 - Autumn 2009

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