SUITE CATERING MENU 2009-10 by pengxiuhui


									                        SUITE CATERING MENU 2009-10

                                           Premium Services Catering

General line .................................................................................................................... (613) 599-0230
Carol Harper, director of premium catering services ................................................... Extension 5011
Denise Branker, manager client services ...................................................................... Extension 5010
Kerri Brown, client services co-ordinator...................................................................... Extension 5013
Executive chef Keith Jones ............................................................................................. Extension 5007
Eddy Frank, inventory controller .................................................................................... Extension 5020
Fax line ........................................................................................................................... (613) 599-9288
Suites Pantry, game day after 4 p.m .............................................................................. Extension 5024
Online catering...........................................................................
All suite enquiries
Dear valued suiteholder,

Welcome to the new 2009-10 season.
As the exclusive caterers at the Scotiabank Place™, ARAMARK Sports and Entertainment
prides itself on delivering quality food and service. ARAMARK’S exceptional reputation as
an industry leader is evidenced in the premium seating department, where management
and staff look forward to serving you and your guests. Due to our extensive knowledge
of the sporting and entertainment facility market, we are confident that we will not only
achieve, but also exceed your expectations.
 This year, executive chef Keith Jones, his culinary team and the suites catering
department have created a new and exciting menu to satisfy and meet all of your catering
requirements during this exciting season. Due to popularity, we will once again be offering
in-suite dinner options.These fine-dining selections will come equipped with fine china,
linen and flatware, and require a minimum of 12 dinners to be ordered. And to enhance
your enjoyment of our Suite Vintage Selections, we will once again present our 18-ounce
Bohemia crystal wine glasses. As well, we now offer a variety of adult beverage bars
— mojitos, cosmopolitans and golden margaritas — that will come with glassware, juice
and garnishes.
I am extremely happy to announce that many suite attendants will be returning for the
new season and are anxious to service all your catering needs. For many of you who have
had a consistent suite attendant service your clients, I know it will be comforting to
both you and our team to have that familiarity once again. If there is a particular suite
attendant that you would like to request, please contact me.
ARAMARK's on-line catering feature has became user friendly and popular among our
regular suiteholders and has been enthusiastically received by our current customers in
the United States. It is an innovative and accessible on-line tool that will provide you with
the option to access, store, confirm and process all of your catering needs. Please contact
our catering office for your personal ID and password.
What follows is a list of additional information that is important in assisting you to
operate your luxury suite, as well as additional services that are available to you and
your guests. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly
at 599-0230 ext 1-5011.

Carol Harper
Director of Premium Services
Aramark Sports & Entertainment

  Method of payment
All invoices are to be settled at the end of the event. We accept all major credit cards and cash. We require a
credit card number on our file as a pre-authorization. Many suiteholders have opted for the new service of not
having a bill presented to them at the end of the evening. To set up this system, please contact our catering
office and we will make all of the necessary arrangements.
In order to provide our guests with fine quality and efficient service, we recommend that our suiteholders
pre-order their food. All orders are designed to serve six guests. We offer a 10 per cent discount for all
pre-ordered food. With a pre-order form, suiteholders can fax in (24 hours a day), call in or download the
information from or online: All pre-orders
must be received in the premium seating catering office 48 hours prior to an event or by 4 p.m. on Thursday,
for weekend and Monday events. Orders received after the deadline cannot be guaranteed.
  Event-day menu
If you are unable to place a pre-order, an event-day menu has been designed to satisfy all your catering
needs. Suiteholders can order directly from their suite host/ess or by phone using the pantry button on their
in-suite telephone. During an event, menu items require up to 45 minutes for preparation and delivery. Food
service will end at the 15-minute mark of the third period at a hockey game or immediately following an
intermission at a concert. Please note that delivering an order during intermission may take longer as this is
a high-volume time. To ensure efficient service, we recommend using our pre-order service.
  Suite inventory
All suite fridges are equipped with assorted Molson beer, Coca-Cola soft drinks, fruit juices, water and wines.
Billing will reflect only the items consumed during the event. All suites will be stocked with the necessary
chafers and other service equipment. A reasonable supply of disposables will be supplied at no additional
cost. As well, your suite is stocked with the best complimentary condiments.
  Beverage service
We recommend that suiteholders establish a liquor bar stock. As stock is depleted, your supply will be
replenished. For game-day rentals, a complete bar stock may be supplied on request. Due to Scotiabank Place
policies and the LCBO, no alcoholic beverages may be brought to or removed from the suite. Last call occurs
at the 10-minute mark of the third period during a hockey game or 30 minutes prior to the scheduled end of a
concert. To ensure that your catering bill is processed within 15 minutes of an event ending, we ask that you
follow the above times unless already arranged with your Suite Host/ess.
  Suite service
We are committed to providing fully trained and professional personnel in your suite at no charge. The suite
host/ess will see to all of your food and beverage requirements. Please note that each suite host/ess services
additional customers and suites. If additional service is required, a private suite host/ess is available at an
additional charge of $125. Please make your request to the premium seating catering office 48 hours prior to
an event.
  Special requests and services
We would be delighted to assist you in the planning of any special requirements in your suite. Special
menu items, flowers, balloons, ice carvings, specialty cakes, china, linens, private bartenders, etc., can be
accommodated at your request. Please call the premium seating catering office for any special requests.
  Services charges
All food and beverage ordered is subject to a 15 per cent service charge. This service charge will be
automatically added to your suite invoice. Your suite host/ess receives 1/3 of the service charge and the
remaining is distributed to the supporting suite catering staff. Any additional gratuity will be left to your
                          GREAT SAvE MENU
          The Great Save Menu is a quick, simple and money-saving alternative
        to our regular bill of fare. All items are designed to serve 12 or 18 guests.

           The Power Play                                         Bodycheck*
Chips and dip, popcorn, pretzels, hot roast        Chips and dip, popcorn, pretzels, Tuscany
 beef sandwiches, bratwurst and all-beef           antipasti, Greek island salad, farmstead
franks, fries and rings, buffalo wings and             cheeses with market-fresh fruits,
         chicken tenderloin strips.               Carribean chicken sandwich platter, Angus
    12 people $350 • 18 people $500               beef sliders and chicken tenderloin strips.
                                                      12 people $450 • 18 people $650
    Budget Beater Breakaway
     Chips and dip, popcorn, pretzels,                           The All-Star*
 market-fresh vegetables, bratwurst and                Chips and dip, popcorn, pretzels,
all-beef franks, extra-large pepperoni and        seafood martini, market-fresh vegetables,
      chicken bruschetta parm pizza,               Mrs. Jones' meatballs, caesar salad duo,
 fresh-baked cookie and brownie platter.              three-cheese and cranberry ravioli,
    12 people $250 • 18 people $360                deli sandwich platter and buffalo wings.
                                                      12 people $500 • 18 people $725
             Hall of Fame
Chips and dip, popcorn, pretzels, market-                       Playoff Glory*
 fresh vegetables, smoked meat platter,                Chips and dip, popcorn, pretzels,
nachos with three-layer dip, southwestern             Apple Wood House smoked salmon,
    beef and chicken fajitas, chicken               farmstead cheeses with market-fresh
 bruschetta pizza, Thai shrimp skewers.              fruits, shrimp and crab cake tapas,
    12 people $400 • 18 people $575                        chilled tenderloin of beef,
                                                     baby spinach and mango salad, and
                                                            vegetarian spring rolls.
      Festive Holiday Feast*                          12 people $550 • 18 people $800
    Chips and dip, popcorn, pretzels,
 fresh roasted turkey breast sliced and
 served with homemade sage and onion
        stuffing, cranberry sauce,
   mashed potatoes, homemade gravy,
  steamed vegetables, bakery rolls, field
     green salad and home-baked pie               All items followed by an * require 48 hours notice
    12 people $550 • 18 people $800                            and must be pre-ordered.
                IN-SUITE DINNER BUffETS
                   Priced per person with a minimum of 12 orders
         A Club Red experience… served on our Royal Doulton china with linen

           Bow Tie Pasta*                              British Columbian Salmon*
  With grilled Mediterranean vegetables                 Pan seared in soy ginger butter.
   tossed in a light boursin, feta and              Served with cilantro lemon-grass sauce,
             fresh basil sauce.                          sesame cashew jasmine rice
      Served with fresh oven-baked                         and seasonal vegetables.
              garlic panettes.                                     $35 per person
            $30 per person
                                                               Angus Prime Rib*
            Chicken Oka         *
                                                     Dry rubbed with rosemary and thyme &
  Pan roasted grain-fed supreme tucked               slow roasted to perfection. Served with
  with smoked Oka cheese, fresh spinach              traditional Yorkshire pudding, red wine
      and sweet herbs. Served with a                    au jus, seasonal vegetables and
Niagara ice wine and forest mushroom jus,                   Chef’s choice of potatoes.
         seasonal vegetables and                                   $45 per person
        Chef’s choice of potatoes.
            $35 per person

                                     Designed to serve 12
               Gourmet Cookies and Decadent Brownies
                                    Kyoto steeped green tea
                                     Traditional miso soup
      Japanese chef prepared sushi with bamboo-mat rolled California norimaki,
                  Fresh tuna, shrimp, salmon and white fish nigri.
                                    Akame seaweed salad
                                       Edamame beans
                                       $65 per person

            All items followed by an * require 48 hours notice and must be pre-ordered.

                IN-SUITE DINNER BUffETS
                    Priced per person with a minimum of 12 orders

           Bow Tie Pasta*                         British Columbian Salmon*
  With grilled Mediterranean vegetables             Pan-seared in soy-ginger butter.
      tossed in a light boursin, feta           Served with cilantro lemon grass sauce,
          and fresh basil sauce.                   sesame-cashew jasmine rice and
      Served with fresh oven-baked                       seasonal vegetables.
              garlic panettes.                                $35 per person
             $30 per person
                                                            Angus Prime Rib*
            Chicken Oka       *
                                               Dry-rubbed with rosemary and thyme, and
  Pan-roasted grain-fed supreme tucked                slow-roasted to perfection.
  with smoked Oka cheese, fresh spinach        Served with traditional Yorkshire pudding,
and sweet herbs. Served with a Niagara ice     red wine au jus, seasonal vegetables and
 wine and forest-mushroom jus, seasonal                chef’s choice of potatoes.
 vegetables and chef’s choice of potatoes.                    $45 per person
             $35 per person
         Six restaurants and over 1,600 seats; priced to suit every budget.
               Eat dinner then walk to your seats to watch the game!
                   Reservations are available at each restaurant.
                                 1 600 places; des
      Six restaurants et plus deDesigned to serve 12prix pour tous les budgets.
           Soupez et marchez jusqu’à vos sièges pour assister au match!
                 Réservations disponibles dans chaque restaurant.
                                  Kyoto steeped green tea
                                   Traditional miso soup
       Japanese chef-prepared sushi with bamboo-mat-rolled California norimaki
                    Fresh tuna, shrimp, salmon and white fish nigri
                                  Akame seaweed salad
                                     Edamame beans
                                     $65 per person
                         RESERvE yOuR SEAt tODAy
                    call 613-599-2582 or visit

                RéSERvER vOS PLACES DèS AuJOuRD’Hui
              composez le 613-599-2582 ou visitez le
                                SUITE SNACkS
                                        Serves six guests

     Homemade Potato Chips                                  Fresh Popcorn Basket
          with Dip
                                                      Mouth watering and served to you fresh.
 A hearty bowl of homemade potato chips
    served with a chive and onion dip.
                                                                   Candy Platter
                                                           A fabulous selection to satisfy
 Nacho Chips with Three-Layer Dip
                                                           anyone’s sweet tooth with this
   Crisp white-corn tortilla chips served                 assortment of M&M’s, Maltesers
with our tasty three-layer dip of salsa, sour                and Dove Milk Chocolates.
    cream and taco cream cheese dip.

                            ColD AppETIzERS
                                        Serves six guests

   Gulf Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail                             Farmstead Cheeses with
      Marinated with fresh cilantro                        Market-Fresh Fruits*
           and island spices.                        Quebec Oka, goat brie, herbed and garlic
   Served with traditional cocktail and               marinated bocconcini, aged Balderson
   Malayan fruity coconut-curry sauce.               cheddar, and smoked havarti presented
                    $100                                    with an array of seasonal
                                                              and sun-dried fruits.
  Market-Fresh Vegetable Garden
 Fresh, crisp seasonal vegetables cut bite
    size and served with artisan olives.                         Seafood Martini*
And for dipping, herb and garlic, ranch and            Shrimps, scallops, mussels, calamari
        roasted red pepper sauces.                    and clams, tossed in Absolut Vodka and
                    $45                                         spicy lemon aioli.

             All items followed by an * require 48 hours notice and must be pre-ordered.

           Applewood House                                         Tuscany Antipasti*
           Smoked Salmon*                                     Shavings of proscuitto, dopresasta
   With a crisp fennel and apple salad,                        salami, grilled sun-dried tomato
    drizzled with a light olive oil and                      Italian sausage, bocconcini cheese,
      cider vinaigrette. Served with                            artisan olives, pickled eggplant
           pumpernickel crisps.                                   and portabella mushrooms.
                      $100                                                     $68

            Japanese Sushi*
   Japanese sushi platter with bamboo-
  mat-rolled maki rolls and a selection of
fresh seafood on sushi rice. Garnished with
  wasabi, soya sauce and pickled ginger.
              (two dozen) $100

                               hoT AppETIzERS
                                          Serves six guests

        Thai Shrimp Skewers                                Three-Cheese amd Cranberry
 Tiger shrimps simply poached in a lemon                            Raviolis
grass, cilantro, ginger and lime leaf broth.                   Lightly breaded and crispy-fried.
    Served with an Asian noodle salad.                          Served with a spicy apple dip.
                      $76                                                      $69

     Mrs. Jones´ Meatballs                                   Shrimp & Crab Cake Tapas*
    and Garlic Cheese Bread                                Served with potato, crisp fennel, lemon
   Juicy, plump meatballs simmered to                         zest and caper berry salad, and a
  perfection and served with toasted and                            Mediterranean salsa
         tasty garlic cheese bread.                                           $100
    Topped with melted cheese, bacon
                and chives.                               Bourbon Caramelized Pork Ribs*
                      $60                                  Back ribs slowly braised in Jack Daniels,
                                                         clover honey, ginger root, garlic and sweet chili
                                                         sauce. Served with mini cornbread muffins.
All items followed by an * require 48 hours notice
             and must be pre-ordered.                                          $80
                             fINGER fooDS
                                    Serves six guests

           Crisp Chicken                                 Vegetarian Spring Rolls
         Tenderloin Strips                          Hand rolled and stuffed with crisp-fried
 Tender strips of chicken coated in country             southwestern-style vegetables.
breading. Served with our tangy plum sauce.         Served with a spicy roasted-red-pepper
                   $80                                         avocado lime dip.
         Traditional Buffalo
          Chicken Wings                                     Seasoned Fries and
        Always the crowd favourite!                            Onion Rings
  Served medium and accompanied with                Hot and plentiful. Our fresh crisp fries
 our roasted-garlic and herb dip, and blue         and gourmet onion rings served with our
           cheese dipping sauce.                    special seasoning mix and spicy mayo
                   $90                                         dipping sauce.
                          CoMBo plATTERS
   Traditional Buffalo Chicken Wings and Chicken Strips Combo
                   Two of our best: Buffalo wings and chicken strips.

                                    Serves 6 guests
          Caesar Salad Duo                                   Greek Island Salad
   Crisp romaine leaves, maple-smoked                 Red and green peppers, cucumber,
 bacon, herb croutons and fresh shaved                    red onion, vine ripe tomato,
 Parmesan. Tossed in your suite with our                    sun-dried black olives.
 house made tangy Caesar dressing and                  Tossed in your suite with oregano
 served with both shrimp and chicken so               vinaigrette and sprinkled with feta.
  that you may choose your own topping.                                  $55
                   $85                             All items followed by an * require 48 hours notice
                                                                and must be pre-ordered.
          Vitamin-Rich                                        Shell Pasta Nicoise*
    Hulled Barley Signature*                              Albacore tuna, fine green beans,
 Prairie-grown barley with a mixture of dried               egg, sun-dried black olives,
cranberries and apricots. Chopped scallions,              red sweet peppers. Red onions,
garden peas and grape tomatoes are tossed              grape tomatoes and curly leaf greens.
   in a tangy orange and yogurt dressing.              Tossed with a light sherry vinaigrette.
                     $55                                                   $55

            Baby Spinach
         and Roasted Mango*
    Tossed in your suite with a mango
         & poppy seed dressing.

                           SUITE pIzzA pIzzA
              Prepared with the suiteholder in mind; includes dipping sauce.

                Pepperoni                               Whole Wheat Garden Veggie
     Pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.                        Tomatoes, fresh mushrooms,
                     $35                                      green peppers and cheese.
  Pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers                        Thin Crust Chicken
         and mozzarella cheese.                             Bruschetta Parmesan
                     $40                                  Mesquite chicken, roasted garlic,
                                                       Italian seasonings, bruschetta sauce,
                                                      parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese.
            X-treme Cheese                                                  $40
            Mozzarella cheese.
             All items followed by an * require 48 hours notice and must be pre-ordered.

                                      Serves six guests

        Smoked Meat Platter                               Southwestern Grilled Beef
   Steamed tender and juicy Montreal                        and Chicken Fajitas
  smoked meat served on a fresh-baked                     Grilled beef fajitas seasoned with
    caraway seed loaf with a gourmet                       cilantro, chipotle and lime, and
   mustard tray and crisp dill pickles.                 grilled-chicken fajitas seasoned with
                    $75                                       a hint of mango and ginger.
                                                          Served with sautéed bell peppers,
                                                         sweet onions, sour cream, cheese,
      Hot Carved Roast Beef                                        lettuce, salsa and
        Sandwich Platter                                      house-made flour tortillas.
Juicy and altogether irresistible is this hot,                             $110
 hand-carved roast beef sandwich platter,
       served with au jus for dipping.
                                                             Deli Sandwich Platter*
                                                           An assorted deli sandwich platter
                                                            with smoked turkey sandwiches
          Chicken Carribean                                     and assorted cold cuts
          Sandwich Platter                                     made on a fresh baguette.
  Served on ciabatta bread with orange                                      $75
 marmalade and jalapeno pepper sauce.
                                                         Chilled Tenderloin of Beef*
   Bratwurst & All-Beef Franks                         Marinated beef tenderloin slow-roasted
                                                          to perfection and lightly rubbed
     Served with sauteed onions and                      with herb-dijon. Thinly sliced and
               dill pickles.                                served with fresh marinated
                    $48                                      asparagus, basil focaccia
                                                                and mustard sauce.
         Angus Beef Sliders*                                               $110
Mini Angus beef burgers flame-grilled with
 our secret steak spice recipe, served on
 fresh-baked kaiser buns. Accompanied
with crispy-fried onion rings, zesty roasted
      cherry tomato relish and spicy                  All items followed by an * require 48 hours notice
          sweet-corn relish salsa.                                 and must be pre-ordered.
                    $75                          11
                           ChIlDREN’S MENU
                                       Serves six guests

      Kiddy Strips and Fries                                       Kiddy Combo
        (Chicken strips and fries)                        (Chicken strips, dogs and fries)
                    $40                                                   $40

      Kiddy Dogs and Fries                              Ultimate Family Meal Deal
                    $40                               Unlimited popcorn, extreme cheese pizza,
                                                       chicken tenderloin strips, golden french
                                                            fries, Dibs ice cream snacks.
                                                          6 people $125 •12 people $225

                     DESSERT SElECTIoNS
                                       Serves six guests

      Gourmet Cookies and                                 Special Occasion Cakes*
      Decadent Brownies                                  Vanilla or chocolate 8-inch cake,
 Featuring the traditional fudge brownie               and we are happy to put an inscription
   and the tiger brownie along with an                            on that for you !
   array of decadent gourmet cookies.                                     $40
                                                          Assorted Ice Cream Bar
   Assorted Nanaimo Bars,                                        Platter
and Apple and Berry Crumble                              For the ice cream lover we offer an
A delectable assortment of Nanaimo bars              assortment of Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars.
 with a graham-crumb base and creamy                         platter $30 • each $5.50
custard filling, with a blend of chocolate,
      coffee and Irish cream flavors.
   Along with two other favourites, this              The Fabulous Dessert Trolley
    platter also offers both apple and
                                                      Delectable cakes, specialty coffees and
          berry crumble squares.
                                                        liqueurs available when requested.
            All items followed by an * require 48 hours notice and must be pre-ordered.

                   Canned Soft Drinks
        Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite,
          Canada Dry Ginger Ale, club soda and tonic

            Dasani Remineralized Water

                 Nestea, Minute Maid, orange

Glaceau - Enriched Mineral Water with anti-oxidants
                    Glaceau XXX – Energy

           FUZE – Vitamin-enriched Juice
                        Banana Colada

                  Tim Horton’s Coffee
                     Brewed in your suite

                   Assorted Tea Tray
                Served with three assorted teas

         SUITE AlCoholIC BEvERAGES
        Ice Cold Beer
           Domestic:                                            non-alcoholic
Molson is the official beer sponsor
                                                                   Molson Excel
      of Scotiabank Place.
  Coors Light, Molson Canadian
                                                      Smirnoff Ice and Smirnoff Caesar
      Corona and Heineken

                 ADUlT BEvERAGE BARS
             All include decorative glassware, shakers and garnishes

                            Classic Caesar Bar
               (750ml bottle of Polar Ice Vodka with Clamato Juice)

                             Red Martini Bar
        (750ml bottle of Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka with cranberry juice)

             Mojitos, Cosmos or Golden Margarita Bar
                     (750ml mixed and ready to pour)

         For your convenience, we also carry a supply of our most popular spirits and
         liqueurs in 50ml and 750ml sizes. Premium liquor is available upon request.

      Featuring Philippe Dandurand Vintage Selections

                         White Wine
             Folonari pinot Grigio (italy)

  errazuriz single vineyard sauvignon blanc (chile)

                           Red Wine
                Folonari ripasso (italy)

         errazuriz estate max shiraz (chile)

         George Duboeuf brouilly (France)

    napa cellars cabernet sauvignon (california)

          napa cellars merlot (california)

          * Club Red wine list also available upon request.

          2009–10 SEASoN
                                     Did you know?
  The Great Save Menu is designed to service 10-12 and 16-18 guests. In-Suite Dinners are priced per person
(minimum of 12), and all other menu items serve six guests.

  This year’s menu has many new options geared to satisfy all tastes and requirements. For those cost-
conscientious groups, our Budget Beater, Family Pack and bundling selections make a great alternative.

  All menu prices are subject to applicable government taxes and a 15 per cent service charge. Additional
gratuities are at your discretion. Please note that your suite attendant receives 1/3 of the service charge.

  If you wish to have a private suite attendant, 48 hours notice is required and a fee of $125 will be levied for
this service.

  All pre-orders must be received 48 hours prior to the event. If an event is scheduled on Saturday, Sunday
or Monday, the pre-order must be received no later than 4 p.m. Thursday. A limited event menu will be made
available during the event, however it may take up to 45 minutes for food delivery. We will stamp all faxed
pre-orders received and fax back as confirmation.

  Your suite fridge will be fully stocked with an assortment of beer, soft drinks, coolers and wine, and you will be
charged based upon consumption and replenished as required. Our pricing is comparable to concessions and we
do provide up to four separate guest cheques per suite.

  All suites contain new 18-ounce crystal wine glasses for our stocked vintage selections. Suites come completely
stocked with high-grade disposable service ware. If you wish to upgrade to china and complete glass service,
there is an additional charge of $10 per person for this service.

  An additional selection of liquor and liqueurs (750ml), additional wine selections and Coca-Cola products are
available for your suite. A pre-order is required and must be received 48 hours in advance.

  As there are no concessions available to our gallery suiteholder’s, they can now access our Founder’s Club Suite
450 for food and beverages.

  Our goal is to enhance the overall suite experience and we will solicit feedback using regular on-line surveys
and guest satisfaction calls.

  Suite Wizard and On-line Catering will continue to be an educational process provided to suite administrators.

  Please read our monthly suiteholder newsletter as we will continue to provide the latest food options, upcoming
events and planned features.

  A pre-order is strongly recommended for our Dessert Cart Service, due to the growing popularity.

  Express billing will again be provided to suiteholders who prefer not to have a customer summary presented to
them at the end of the event.

                                                            SCOTIABANK PLACE 09-10 SUITE PRE-ORDER MENU
                          Faxline: 613-599-9288 - or PHONE: 613-599-0230 enter 1-5010#
                             Pre-Orders must be received by 4:00 pm, TWO business days prior to the event - and by 4:00pm Thursday for the Weekend and Mondays

     COMPANY:_________________________ SUITE #: ___________ EVENT:____________________________ Event Date: ____________
     Telephone # :_________________________________              Fax: _________________________________                        Email: _________________________________________________
     Credit Card # :________________________________             Expiry Date:_________________________________                 Name on Credit Card: ____________________________________
     Contact Placing Order:__________________________            Onsite Contact:_____________________________                  Number of Guests Attending:_______________________________
     Use Company Co. Credit Card for all Food & Beverage ? YES or NO                                                           Refrigerator Open ? YES or NO

     Snacks- Serves 6                        Price   QTY Time    Salads-Serves 6                            Price   QTY Time                             Great Save Menu Options
     Housemade Potato Chips & Dip             $35                Caesar Salad Duo                            $85               Please CIRCLE Package                  To Serve      To Serve       Delivery Time
     Nacho Chips & 3 Layer Taco Dip           $40                Greek Island Salad                          $55               & QTY to Serve                            12           18        COLD        HOT
     Fresh Popcorn                            $15                Vitamin Rich Barley Signature *             $55               Budget Beater Break Away                 $250         $360              pm            pm

     Cold Appetizers-Serves 6                Price   QTY Time    Baby Spinach & Roasted Mango *              $55               Popcorn/Chips/Pretzels, Market Fresh Veggies, Bratwurst & Franks,
     Gulf Jumbo Shrimp Platter               $100                Shell Pasta Nicoise *                       $55               Pepperoni Pizza, Chicken Bruschetta Parmesan Pizza, Cookies & Brownies
     Market Fresh Vegetables                  $45                Sandwiches -Serves 6                       Price   QTY Time   The Power Play                            $350         $500            pm             pm

     Farmstead Cheeses & Fresh Fruits *       $85                Smoked Meat Sanwiches                       $75               Popcorn/Chips/Pretzels, Roast Beef Sandwiches, Bratwurst & Franks,
     Seafood Martini *                        $70                Hot Carved Roast Beef Sandwiches            $75               Fries & Rings, Chicken Wings & Chicken Strips
     Applewood Smoked Salmon *               $100                Carribean Chicken Sandwiches                $75               Hall of Fame *                            $400         $575            pm             pm

     Japanese Sushi - 2 doz *                $100                Bratwurst & All-Beef Franks                $48                Popcorn/Chips/Pretzels, Market Fresh Veggies, Smoked Meat, Nachos
     Tuscany Antipasti *                     $68                 Grilled Chicken & Beef Fajitas *           $110               w/ Dip, Beef & Chicken Fajitas, Chicken Brusch Pizza,Thai Shrimp Skewers
     Hot Appetizers-Serves 6                 Price   QTY Time    Angus Beef Sliders *                        $75               Body Check *                              $450         $650            pm             pm

     3 Cheese & Cranberry Raviolis            $69                Deli Sandwich Platter *                    $75                Popcorn/Chips/Pretzels,Tuscany Antipasti, Greek Island Salad,Cheeses
     Thai Shrimp Skewers                      $76                Chilled Tenderloin of Beef *               $110               & Fruits, Carribean Chicken Sandwich, Beef Sliders, Chicken Strips
     Meatballs w/ Garlic Cheese Bread         $60                Fresh Pizza Pizza -12 slices               Price   QTY Time   The All Star *                            $500         $725            pm             pm

     Shrimp & Crab Cake Tapas *              $100                Pepperoni                                   $35               Popcorn/Chips/Pretzels, Market Fresh Veggies, Seafood Martini, Meatballs, Caesar
     Bourbon Caramelized Pork Ribs *         $80                 Cheese                                      $35               Salad Duo, 3 Cheese & Cranberry Ravioli, Deli Sandwich Platter and Chicken Wings
     Finger Foods-Serves 6                   Price   QTY Time    Super (Pepp/Mush/GrPepper)                  $40               Playoff Glory *                           $550         $800            pm             pm

     Crisp Chicken Strips                     $80                Whole Wheat Vegetarian                      $40               Popcorn/Chips/Pretzels,Smoked Salmon, Cheeses & Fruits, Springrolls,
     Traditional Wings                        $90                Chicken Bruschetta Parmesan (Thin Crust)    $40               Shrimp/Crab Cakes, Chilled Tenderloin of Beef, Spinach & Mango Salad
     Vegetarian Spring Rolls                  $65                                   In-Suite Dinners                           Festive Holiday Feast *                   $550         $800            pm             pm

     Seasoned Fries & Onion Rings             $55                                  Minimum order of 10                         Popcorn/Chips/Pretzels,Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast sliced w/Sage & Onion Stuffing ,
     Combo-Wings & Strips                     $85                              Served on Royal Doulton China                   Cranberries, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Veg, Rolls, Green Salad and Homebaked Pie
     Kids Menu-Serves 6                    Price     QTY Time                       with linen & flatware                      Desserts                                              Price       QTY        Time
     Kiddy Combo (strips, dogs & fries)     $40                  Priced Per Person                        Price QTY Time       Cookies & Brownies                                     $40
     Kiddy Strips & Fries                   $40                  Angus Prime Rib *                         $45                 Nanaimo Bars & Apple/Berry Crumble                     $45
     Kiddy Dogs & Fries                     $40                  w/Yorkshire pudding, au jus, veg, potatoes & rolls            Platter of Ice Cream Bars (6)                          $30
     Kids Meal Deal - Serves 6             Price     QTY Time    Chicken Oka*                              $35                 Platter of Ice Cream Dibs (6)                          $30
     Popcorn, X-treme Cheese Pizza,        $125                  with vegetables, potatoes & rolls                             Candy Platter                                          $25
     Chicken Strips & Fries, Dibs Ice Cream                      British Columbian Salmon *                $35                 Cakes                                                 Price       QTY        Time
     Kids Meal Deal - Serves 12            Price     QTY Time    with rice, vegetables & rolls                                 Vanilla Cake 8"                                        $40
     Popcorn, X-treme Cheese Pizza,        $225                  Bow Tie Pasta *                           $30                 Chocolate Cake 8"                                      $40
     Chicken Strips & Fries, Dibs Ice Cream                      w/grilled veg & served w/oven baked garlic panettes           Inscription :
                   DESSERT TROLLEY                               Japanese Experience *               $65                       Comments:
     Available during evening Sens Games ONLY             Time   Kyoto steeped Green Tea,
                       Please stop by YES            at          Traditional Miso Soup, Japanese Sushi, Akame
                                     or NO                       Seaweed Salad, Edamame beans

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