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					Soy Foods
Millburn-Union Store, Northeast Region

Whole Foods Market is excited to bring you ''Celebrating Your Choices,'' a series of shopping lists and information
for those on special diets. We believe that food should bring pleasure along with good health, and these guides are
intended as a resource to help everyone experience as many healthy, natural food choices as possible. Check out
our website for more information about soy foods:

The information provided in this shoppers list is only a guide to help you identify products that may meet your
dietary needs or preferences. It is not medical advice. We have included products on this list based only upon
information provided by the manufacturer. In addition, while we are attempting to keep this information accurate and
up to date, please be aware that ingredients in products may change from time to time. You should always read the
actual product label before purchasing a product. Also note that there is no guarantee of the absence of cross-
contamination       in   any    product.      If   you   have     any    questions,       you    may     contact   us

Beverages                                                   Cereal
Odwalla                                                     365 Organic Every Day Value™
   Future Shakes - Al´mondo                                    High Fiber Cereal
   Super Protein Juice                                         Oat & Honey Granola
                                                               Raisin Granola
Alvarado Street Bakery                                      Condiments
    California Style Protein Bread                          365 Organic Every Day Value™
                                                               Blue Cheese (Fresh) Dressing
Canned Goods                                                   Caesar (Fresh) Dressing

Annie's Homegrown                                           Annie Chun's
   P´sghetti Loops with Vegetarian Meatballs                   Teriyaki Stir Fry Sauce
                                                               Organic Shoyu
                                                               Black Label Tamari
                                                               Low Sodium Tamari

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Condiments (Cont'd)                                         Dairy Alternatives (Cont'd)
San-J                                                       White Wave
   Sweet and Sour Sauce                                        Soy Hazelnut Creamer

Cookies and Snack Bars                                      Ethnic Foods
365 Every Day Value™                                        Edward & Sons
   Apple Cereal Bars                                           Miso-Cup, Savory Seaweed
   Blueberry Cereal Bars                                    Organicville
   Mixed Berry Cereal Bars                                     Organic Island Teriyaki
   Strawberry Cereal Bars
                                                               Sweet and Sour Sauce
365 Every Day Value™                                        Frozen Foods
   Saltine Crackers
                                                            365 Organic Every Day Value
   Unsalted Tops Saltines
                                                               Cheese Tortellini
                                                            365 Organic Every Day Value™
                                                               Cheese Ravioli
Stonyfield Farm                                                Whole Wheat Spinach & Cheese Ravioli w/ Soy
    Organic O'Soy Strawberry/Peach Yogurt, 6-pack              Ricotta
White Wave                                                  Alvarado Street Bakery
   Black Cherry Soy Yogurt                                      California Style Protein Bread
   Blueberry Soy Yogurt                                     Amy's
   Peach Soy Yogurt                                            Macaroni & Soy Cheese
   Plain Soy Yogurt                                            Organic Chicago Veggie Burger
   Soy Strawberry Yogurt                                       Vegetable Lasagna with Tofu
Dairy Alternatives                                             Original Chik´n Pattie
Soya Kaas                                                   Gardenburger
   Soy Cream Cheese                                            Fat Free Veggie Gardenburger
   Soy Monterey Jack                                           Low Fat Mushroom Gardenburger
   Soy Mozzarella Style                                        Mexican Gardenburger
Stonyfield Farm                                                Veggie Burger Pattie
    Organic O'Soy Blueberry Yogurt, 6 oz                    Health Is Wealth
    Organic O'Soy Chocolate Yogurt, 6 oz                       Broccoli Tofu Munchees
    Organic O'Soy Vanilla Yogurt, 6 oz                         Meatless Buffalo Wings
    Organic O´Soy Strawberry Yogurt, 6 oz                      Pizza Munchees
White Wave                                                  Seapoint Farms
   Non Dairy Vanilla Soy Beverage                              Ready to Eat Edamame
   Soy Creamer
   Soy French Vanilla Creamer

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Frozen Foods (Cont'd)                                       Pasta (Cont'd)
Whole Catch™                                                Amy's
   Maryland Style Mini Crab Cakes                              Vegetable Lasagna with Tofu
Whole Kitchen™
   Mini Quiche Appetizers, Trio Assortment                  Produce
                                                            365 Organic Every Day Value™
Jams and Nut Butters                                           Blue Cheese (Fresh) Dressing
Im Health                                                      Caesar (Fresh) Dressing
    Crunchy Soy Nut Butter                                  Seapoint Farms
                                                               Ready to Eat Edamame
Meat Alternatives
Boca                                                        Sauces, Salsas and Dips
   Original Chik´n Pattie                                   Organicville
Lightlife                                                      Organic Island Teriyaki
    Jumbo Smart Dogs
Miso                                                        Seafood
   Traditional Red Miso                                     Whole Catch™
Nate's                                                         Maryland Style Mini Crab Cakes
   Italian Meatless Meatballs
Tofurky                                                     Soups
    Peppered Deli Slices                                    Edward & Sons
Yves                                                           Miso-Cup, Savory Seaweed
   Bologna Deli Slices
   Chick'n Veggie Burger
   Fat Free Veggie Dog
   Salami Veggie Slice
   The Good Dog
   Veggie Ham Slices
   Veggie Turkey Slices

Nutritional Supplements
Whole Foods Market™
   Vanilla Soy Protein Powder

365 Organic Every Day Value™
   Whole Wheat Spinach & Cheese Ravioli w/ Soy

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