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					Seed Inventory Assignment: Complete for Both of your Crops!

Part A: Seed Inventory:
1. Compare and Update the inventory of envelope for your crop with the “2010 Seed Log
    Crops with an X in the In Box column (column F) should be in the envelope.
    If the seeds with an X in the In Box column (column F) are not in the Envelope delete the X
    in column F.
    If you find other seeds in the envelope that are either
         a. not listed in the log or
         b. listed but don’t have an X in that column
    Do the following:
         a.    Add them to the list by assigning them a new tracking code (which will start with a
               O) see the worksheet “Seed Codes” that is attached. For example new the first new
               Cucumber seed packet would get the number O0001, the second O0002. New
               Sweet Pepper seed packets get the number O1201, O1202, O1203, and so on. Each
               seed packet with a different lot # needs a new tracking number. Seed packets with
               the same lot number should share the same tracking number. Fill out a new line for
               each new seed packet with a new lot number (can be found on the seed packet) in
               the seed log.
         b.    Put an X and circle it on the Seed Log print out.

2. Make sure the Year Column (column K) is also filled out- this would be the packed for year
on the seed packet.

Part B: Counting Seeds (Can be done at the same time as the Seed Inventory):
   1. For each tracking number (i.e. unique seed lot of seeds) determine what the total amount
       of the seed is (Fill in column G). This can be measured in ounces, grams, milligrams, etc.
       and is usually on the package. If the package is open compare it to an unopened package
       and estimate. Converting all the measurements to ounces, grams or milligrams is helpful
       in determining the total amount of seed in the inventory. Fill in the Total on the
       Assignment Sheet.

   2. Use the Seed Calculator on Johnny’s Selected Seeds Site to determine how many seeds
      are needed to fill a 100 sq ft bed. Use Option 1. See Table attached for Transplanted or
      Direct Sow, Fill in the answer on the
      Assignment Sheet.

   3. Next calculate how many 100 sq ft beds we could fill using the seeds we currently have.
      Most seed catalogs give Seed Specs- i.e. how many seeds per ounce, Johnny’s Website is
      a good source: under the crop click more details, and then click on the growing info. Seed
      specs are at the bottom. Fill in the answer on the Assignment Sheet.

C. Pick Varieties:
       1. Chose which varieties you want to grow this year, fill out the Table on the Assignment
Sheet. Use the Square Footage Suggested Amount on the Crop Assignment Sheet to determine
how much of each variety to should grow to total that amount per crop.

D. Order More Seeds:
If new seeds need to be ordered or you want to order new seeds to increase the variety available
do the following:
               1. Fill out the SEED ORDER FORM worksheet in the 2010 Seed Log Start.xls
               2. Make sure you look up to see if organic seeds of that variety are available
                  from the following sources:

               Seeds of Change:
               High Mowing Seeds:
               Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply:
               The Natural Gardening Company:
               Johnny's Selected Seeds:
               Seed Savers Exchange:

        In each column (columns K-P) on the sheet fill in what the price is for the closest amount
of the # of seed needed is. Be aware that Johnny’s and Seed Savers carry non-organic varieties.
Non-organic varieties are allowed if we can prove that organic varieties are not available from at
least 3 sources hence you need to check at all five sources. You are also doing comparison price
shopping for us so we can get the best deal for seeds. This also allows us to consolidate orders
and save on shipping expenses. If you find seeds from companies other than the 5 listed that’s
allowed they just have to be shown to not be available from one of those companies (fill out
columns Q and R). Also, assume you have no more than $10 for seed for each crop.

E. Electronic Copy
Also email copies of the Completed Seed Inventory & the Seed Order Form to Courtney Saves
as: Your Name Crop 2010 in .xls format.

Due: February15th 2010
Transplant or Sow Table:
                      Transplanted or                               Transplanted or
Crop                  Direct Sow        Crop                        Direct Sow
Bachelor Buttons      Transplanted      Marigolds                   Transplanted
Basil                 Transplanted      Marjoram                    Transplanted
Beans Dry             Direct Sow        Melon- honey dew            Transplanted
Beans Greens          Direct Sow        Melon- musk, cantaloupe     Transplanted
Beans Wax             Direct Sow        Melon- water                Transplanted
Borage                Transplanted      Nasturtiums                 Transplanted
Broccoli              Transplanted      Onions                      Transplanted
Brussel Sprouts       Transplanted      Oregano                     Transplanted
Cabbage               Transplanted      Pansies / Violas            Transplanted
Calendula             Transplanted      Parsley                     Transplanted
Catmint               Transplanted      Parsnips                    Direct Sow
Cauliflower           Transplanted      Pea Pods                    Direct Sow
Chard                 Transplanted      Potatoes                    Direct Sow
Chives                Transplanted      Pumpkins                    Transplanted
Cilantro              Transplanted      Romanesco                   Transplanted
Collards              Transplanted      Sage                        Transplanted
Corn- Sweet           Transplanted      Shallots                    Transplanted
Cosmos                Transplanted      Snapdragons                 Transplanted
Cucumbers             Transplanted      Squash- Summer              Transplanted
Dill                  Transplanted      Squash- Winter              Transplanted
Edamame               Direct Sow        Summer Savory               Transplanted
Eggplant              Transplanted      Sunflowers                  Transplanted
Fennel                Transplanted      Sweet Alyssum               Transplanted
Garlic Chives         Transplanted      Sweet Peppers               Transplanted
Ground Cherries       Transplanted      Tomatillos                  Transplanted
                                        Tomatoes large 3">, 8oz>,
Hot Peppers           Transplanted      Slicers, Big Ones!          Transplanted
                                        Tomatoes medium <3"
                                        <8oz per fruit, + paste
Hyssop                Transplanted      type                        Transplanted
                                        Tomatoes small cherry,
Kale                  Transplanted      currant, grape, pear        Transplanted
Leeks                 Transplanted      Zinnias                     Transplanted
Lemon Balm            Transplanted      Zucchini                    Transplanted
Seed Codes
2010 Codes                                2010 Codes
       Cucurbits                          O4xxx      Flowers
O00xx Cucumbers                           O400x      Bachelor Buttons
O01xx Squash- Summer                      O401x      Borage
O015x Zucchini                            O402x      Calendula
O02xx Squash- Winter                      O403x      Hyssop
O025x Pumpkins                            O404x      Marigolds
O03xx Melon- honey dew                    O405x      Nasturtiums
O035x Melon- musk, cantaloupe             O406x      Pansies / Violas
O04xx Watermelon                          O407x      Snapdragons
       Alliums                            O410x      Other edible Flowers
O05xx Onions & Green Onions               O420x      Sweet Alyssum
O06xx Scallions                           O421x      Cosmos
O07xx Leeks                               O422x      Sunflowers
O08xx Shallots                            O423x      Zinnias
O09xx Garlic                              O424x      Other Cut / Insectory Flowers
O10xx Corn- Sweet                         O5xxx      Perennials
       Nightshades                                   Apples
O11xx Tomatoes-small                                 Asparagus
O113x Tomatoes- medium                               Currants- Black
O116x Tomatoes- large                                Grapes
O12xx Sweet Peppers                                  Raspberries
O13xx Hot Peppers                                    Rhubarb
O14xx Eggplant                                       Sunchokes
O15xx Ground Cherries                                Strawberries
O16xx Tomatillos                                     Herbs
       Legumes                            O60xx      Thyme
O17xx Beans- Wax, Green & Dry             O61xx      Dill
O18xx Edamame                             O62xx      Fennel
O19xx Pea Pods                            O63xx      Parsley
       Brassicas & Greens                 O64xx      Cilantro
O20xx Broccoli                            O65xx      Sage
O21xx Brussel Sprouts                     O660x      Chives
O22xx Cauliflower                         O665x      Garlic Chives
O23xx Kohlrabi                            O67xx      Lavender
O24xx Cabbage                             O68xx      Cat Mint
O25xx Kale                                O69xx      Lemon Balm
O26xx Lettuces & Salad Mix Mild & Spicy   O70xx      Mint
O27xx Chard                               O71xx      Oregano
O28xx Spinach                             O72xx      Summer Savory
O29xx Arugula & Other Greens              O73xx      Marjoram
       Root Crops                         O74xx      Basil
O30xx Potatoes
O31xx Beets
O32xx Carrots                                        Misc.
O33xx Parsnips                            O36xx      Okra
O34xx Radish                              O37xx      Mushrooms
O35xx Turnip
Seed Inventory Assignment Sheet:

Your Name:
Crop Name:

   A. Seed Inventory
   Attach Print out of Completed Seed Inventory with Columns F & K are complete. Also
   make sure for any new seeds that have been added that the row is completely filled out.

   B.   Counting Seeds
   1.   Total Amount of Seeds in Inventory for this crop:
   2.   # of seeds needed for 100 sq ft for this crop:
   3.   # of 100 sq ft beds we have seeds for, for this crop:

   C. Pick Varieties

Variety                           # of sq ft                     Why this variety?

Total (sum # of sq ft)
   Total # of sq ft suggested for this crop in 2010 (from the Crop assignment sheet):

   D. Order More Seeds
   Attach Seed Order Form from 2010 Seed Log Start.xls

   Total cost of Seeds Requested for purchase in 2010: $

   E. Electronic Copy
   Also email copies of the Completed Seed Inventory & the Seed Order Form to Courtney
   Saves as: Your Name Crop 2010 in .xls format.

   DUE: FEBRUARY 15th 2010