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									 APR 2010
         THE SP KE               A PUBLICATION OF THE WESTERN JERSEY WHEELMEN                                        V 30, N 3
 WJW recommends that new and prospective members try a “C” or a “New Member (NM)” ride for their first
 ride with the club to determine their riding preference. Also, all WJW ride leaders are volunteers. Riders are
 expected to understand that they ride at their own risk. Default area code is 908. All ride starts are in
 Hunterdon County unless otherwise noted.

                                                                                   Would like to welcome the following new
                                                                                        Mitchell Clarin, Flemington

                                                                                          Diane Duelfer, Basking Ridge

                                                                                          Dennis McCartney, Annandale

                                                                                        Dena & Gregory Scibilia, Ringoes

   April 24 & 25, 2010 Shad Fest, see details inside
                                               NJ Bicycling Regulations
  Listed below is the eighth regulation in our series of the laws regarding cycling in the State of New Jersey. The laws are
                                   posted on the Department of Transportation’s web site;

             Bicycling in New Jersey is regulated under Title 39 of the Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulation laws.
Title 39:4-10.1
In New Jersey, anyone under 17 years of age that rides a bicycle or is a passenger on a bicycle, or is towed as a passenger by a bicycle
must wear a safety helmet.

On August 1, 1998 this helmet law was extended to include roller and inline skates and skateboards. Roller skates means a pair of
devices worn on the feet with a set of wheels attached, regardless of the number or placement of those wheels and used to glide or propel
the user over the ground.

The definition of bicycle with reference to the helmet legislation is a vehicle with two wheels propelled solely by human power and
having pedals, handle bars and a saddle-like seat. The term shall include a bicycle for two or more persons having seats and
corresponding pedals arranged in tandem.

All helmets must be properly fastened and fitted. Bicycle helmets must meet the federal standards developed by the Consumer Product
Safety Commission (CPSC) effective March 10, 1999 that ensure the best head protection and strong chin straps to keep the helmet in
place during a fall or collision. Also acceptable are helmets meeting the Snell Memorial Foundation’s 1990 Standard for Protection
Headgear. (This is the first part of the Helmet Law)

 THE SPOKE                                                    -1-                                          April 2010
                        April 2010 Ride Schedule
    Reminder: Your membership renewal is your ticket to ride; see last page.
Saturday, April 3rd
A “Holy Saturday, Batman!” 50 miles 9:00am Desmares School, Old Clinton Rd, Flemington.
Leader: Jim Richardson 268-6774

B “Hopping Over Hills” 50 miles 9:00am Barley Sheaf School, Barley Sheaf Rd, Flemington.
Leader: Brian Snyder 304-2685

Sunday, April 4th
A “He has ridden again” 60 miles 9:00am Stewartsville School, South Main St. (Warren)
Leader: Mark Womer 454-1244

B “Wholey Holey Cheeses” 30-40 miles 8:00am Bridgewater-Raritan High School (main lot), Garretson Rd (Somerset).
Leader: Ellen Cronan 595-2926

Saturday, April 10th
A “Pre-Paris-Roubaix” 50 miles 9:00am East Amwell Elem. Sch., Wertsville Rd., Ringoes, NJ
Leader: Gary Jones 732-841-9923

B “Cruisine de Carversville” 60 miles 9:00am Union Twp. School, Rt. 78 and Perryville Rd. (exit 12). No rain this time.
Leader: Boyd Smith 337-3352

C “Frenchtown and Back” 30 miles 9:30am JP Case Middle School, Voorhees Corner Rd. and Case Blvd., Flemington.
Leader: Gordon Eyler 806-4948

Sunday, April 11th
A “Training for the Next Training Ride” 50-60 miles 9:00am Union Twp. School, Rt. 78 and Perryville Rd. (exit 12).
Leader: Alan Edelson 238-9375

B+ “Rolling Hills” 40-50 miles 9:30am Lester Wilson School, CR 513 & Schoolhouse Rd, Pittstown.
Leader: John McGowan 268-3158

C “A Spring Warm-Up” 25 miles 10:00am Oldwick Park & Ride, I-78 Exit 24, South on CR 523.
Leader: Muffin Williams 439-2796
Saturday, April 17th
A “Training Ride” 4 hours 9:00am Franklin Twp. Elem. School, 226 Quakertown Rd., Quakertown, NJ
Varied terrain, one stop
Leader: Jim Marinaccio 996-2720

B+ “Ride 'Em If You've Got 'Em” 50 miles 9:00am Stewartsville School, S Main St (Warren).
Leader: Don and Elizabeth Crouse 859-1581

B “Woodglen” 75 miles 9:00am Readington Middle School, CR 620.
Leader: Norman Glassner 782-0808

C “Heading Southeast” 30 miles 10:00am Summer Park, Rt 202 & Summer Rd. Three Bridges.
Leader: Bob Becker 806-4911

Sunday, April 18th
A “It Doesn't Rain on Sundays, Does It?” 50 miles 9:00am Mine Brook Park, Old Croton Rd, Flemington.
Leader: Dave Wyatt 797-0775

B “Wanna B” 40 miles 8:30am Barley Sheaf School, Barley Sheaf Rd, Flemington.
Leader: Beth Blauvelt 399-1557

C “Ridin' the Plateau 'Cause It's So Flateau” 27 miles 9:30am Franklin Twp School, CR 579, Quakertown.
Leader: Henry Kane 215-917-0555

              The Spoke                                     -2-                             April 2010
                                April 2010 Ride Schedule
        Weather is great for rides; please renew your membership and join us!

Saturday, April 24th
B “Shadfest or Bust” 30 miles and 12 miles 9:30am JP Case Middle School, Voorhees Corner Rd. and Case Blvd.,
Flemington. Additional info: Lambertville for the Shadfest. Hang out, enjoy the day, then take the short route back. Cue
sheet provided for ride back.
Leader: Barbara Snyder 399-7892

C “Lambertville Shadfest” 30 miles 9:30am JP Case Middle School, Voorhees Corner Rd. and Case Blvd.,
Leader: Gordon Eyler 806-4948

B “1st Overnightwally Training Ride” 90 miles 8:00am Three Bridges School, Main St. and Old York Rd. Just off
Leader: Norman Glassner 782-0808

Sunday, April 25th
A “I always end up in the same place” 75 miles 8:00am Stewartsville School, South Main St. (Warren)
Leader: Mark Womer 454-1244

B “On the Second Day – Shadfest” 45 miles 9:00am JP Case Middle School, Voorhees Corner Rd. and Case Blvd.,
Flemington. Additional Info: Plan to enjoy River Horse libations. Cue sheet for return from Lambertville.
Leader: Ellen Cronan 595-2926

C “Every Tour in the Book: Book 1 Chapter13” 29.5 miles 9:00am Three Bridges School, Main St. and Old York Rd.
Just off Rt.202.
 Leader: Dan Rappaport 609-933-6258

 Saturday, May 1st
 A “Haymarket to Haytown” 50 miles 8:30am Desmares School, Old Clinton Rd, Flemington.
 Leader: Jim Richardson 268-6774

 B “Mayday! Mayday!” 60 miles 9:00am Barley Sheaf School, Barley Sheaf Rd, Flemington.
 Leader: Brian Snyder 304-2685

 C “Heading Northwest” 30 miles 10:00am Summer Park, Rt 202 & Summer Rd. Three Bridges.
 Leader: Bob Becker 806-4911

 Sunday, May 2nd
 B “First Timer” 40 miles 8:00am Barley Sheaf School, Barley Sheaf Rd, Flemington.
 Leader: Jim Hopta 237-4633

 O/R B “Six Mile Fun” 2-3 hours 9:00am Six Mile Run State Park, Canal Rd, Franklin Twp (Somerset).
 Leader: Jim Richardson 268-6774

                The Spoke                                     -3-                             April 2010
                                                            New Jerseys Seen on Wheelmen
                                                        While the latest WJW jersey has been around
                                                        for a few months, now that it's warm out it can
                                                        actually be seen. John Colasanti, the jersey
                                                        designer, is seen here modeling the latest in
                                                        WJW-wear during the March Ride Meet at
                                                        The club used Champion Systems as the
                                                        supplier for this jersey. Items are special
                                                        ordered for each individual. They are
                                                        available in Men's Race Cut, Men's Club Cut
                                                        and Women's. There is also the option of a 7"
                                                        zipper, 3/4 length or full length. Jersey cost is
                                                        $55. If you are interested in a jersey, check
                                                        out the sizing at:
                                                        Then send a note to Ellen at ecronana <at>
                                                        yahoo.com, or so people are interested, we will
                                                        place an order with Champion.

Western Jersey Wheelmen – 2010 Calendar of Events-Mark your Calendars!
Date                   Event                                                 Coordinator
April 24, 25           Shad Fest (see details below and in Ride Schedule!)  Barb Snyder
April 24-27            Classic/Collectable Bike Show & Bicycle Museum       Tom Armstrong
                       Road Trip Ann Arbor, MI, New Bremen, OH
May 8                  Basic Bicycle Clinic, Cycle Corner of Frenchtown     Tom Armstrong
May 15                 Ride & Lunch Meet Warrenside Tavern in Warren        Don Crouse
                       County (see write up below)
May TBD                Tour of South Branch River Valley                    TBD
May 28 to 31          Manville Madness to Tour of Somerville                TBD
June 12-13             “Overnightwally”                                     Norman Glassner
June TBD               Tour of High Bridge                                  TBD
July 5 to 9            Delaware Perimeter Ride                              Dan Rappaport
July TBD               River Trials                                         TBD
July TBD               Ride Meet, Pickel Park                               TBD
July 23, 24, 25        Balloon Festival                                     TBD
August 6 - 15          Musikfest                                            TBD
August TBD             Ride to Riverfest                                    TBD
August TBD             Club Picnic                                          TBD
September 24-26        Celtic Fest                                          TBD
  If you see a To Be Determined (TBD) and you are interested in coordinating the event, or you have an
  event to put on the calendar, please send an E-mail to Tom Armstrong (twayne01@comcast.net) or
  call at 908-268-8602. Thanks in advance for suggestions and volunteering!

               The Spoke                             -4-                           April 2010
             Shad Fest . Saturday . April 25 . Sunday April 26 . Lambertville

From the official Shad Fest site: “Each year’s Shad Fest highlights our region’s arts community, the City
of Lambertville, the Delaware River, and of course, the ever popular fish, the Shad! The Shad Festival
has evolved from a local art show into a nationally recognized award-winning event. Shad Fest features
the area’s finest artists and crafters, great food and family entertainment, but the two-day extravaganza
also serves as a venue for local non-profit organizations to raise necessary operating funds”
You should plan on a variety of rides on Saturday and Sunday of this weekend.

                               May 15th, Warrenside Tavern Ride

Come join your fellow Wheelmen for the Spring ride meet at the Warrenside Tavern in rural Warren
County. Built in the 1920's, the Warrenside is a great place for a ride start and is even better as a ride
stop. The tavern, which is located on Rt 173 in Bloomsbury, has a wonderful laidback atmosphere and a
reputation for offering delicious food and a wide variety of beers. So come out on May 15th and join the
A, B, or C club rides. As always, your first beer will be paid for by the club, as long as you are a
club member.

Please note that the bridge at the intersection of Asbury Bloomsbury road and Rt 173 is closed for
construction. You can either take exit 7 off of I78 and detour through the small town of Bloomsbury, or
take exit 4, make a left at the exit and a 2nd left onto Rt 173. The Warrenside tavern is a 1/4 mile on the
left. Check the ride schedule for your choice of rides for the day. Contact Don Crouse if you have any
questions at 908-859-1581.

                                The “Overnightwally”, June 12-13
This year I'm going back to the “Overnightwally”. This is a two-day tour to Lake Wallenpaupack and
back on June 12th and 13th. It is about 114 miles on Saturday and returning 104 miles on Sunday. The
following paragraph excerpts the May 2008 write-up to give you the general idea. This time it will be a
"B" ride, but "A" riders are welcome.

If there are any significant others that are willing to drive up with overnight gear (about 2 hours from my
house), we can do the scenario as spelled out in the May, 2008 SPOKE, which said, “This is Norman’s
second attempt to pull off this weekend getaway to Lake Wallenpaupac in the Poconos and back. You’ll
want to book your room and tell him that you will be joining the group. Last year as many of you already
know, our fearless leader and the group valiantly went on without him. Most of them will go again and
Norm hopes to get several more adventuresome cyclists, both A and B riders. Basically, it's a 130 mile
run up from his house in Readington Township and 100 miles back on Sunday. The B riders will take cars
up and join us up there for 40 to 50 mi. rides with cue sheets & maps - one ride each on Saturday and
Sunday. That scenario would allow for two 50 mile rides when we join up with them. If no one will drive
up, we will carry what little we need on the bikes, which is what we actually did in 2006, and it was no

Another scenario, which was done many years ago, is for riders who don't want to do 100+ mi. a day, to
start from some place north along the route. We would then meet them at a designated spot, maybe
Califon or the like to reduce the miles.

              The Spoke                                  -5-                           April 2010
A more detailed note will be in the May Spoke, depending on your response and the final description will
be in the May Spoke. If interested please give me you email address so I can make up a mailing list for
updates etc. This ride is a definite go, so make motel reservations early. It is a busy time of the year in the

Norm Glassner glassner@comcast.net 908-782-0808

                                               Editor’s Column
Since there are so many activities in the area in and outside of our club, we are posting some of these for your

April 3: Hell of Hunterdon: Details: http://www.active.com/cycling/lambertville-nj/hell-of-hunterdon-

May 8: SCU Quad County Metric Century: Details: http://www.suburbancyclists.org

June 4-6: The Pro Cycling Tour, the producers of the TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship,
the nation’s largest and longest-running professional cycling race, is bringing a new dynamic to “race weekend”
this year, the all-new Philadelphia Cycling, Health & Fitness Show.

July 5-9: Delaware Perimeter Ride: Details email WJWheelman, Dan Rappaport: bikefar@hotmail.com.

September 24-26: New Jersey Ride Against AIDS: Details: www.njrideagainstaids.org

September 25: Escape NYC: Details: http://www.nycc.org/eny/.

Spring Tune-up: Garden State Bicycle: Details, email: gardenstatebicycle@embarqmail.com

Cable viewers:
It's true! Versus is back on DirecTV. The network of pro cycling, NHL hockey and Indy Car racing became
available again on Monday. The channel disappeared at midnight Aug. 31 when DirecTV, America's largest
satellite TV provider, and Versus owner Comcast, a cable TV rival, could not come to terms on a new deal. That
meant no spring classics or the Tours of California and France, among other events, for the satellite subscribers.
According to reports, hockey's high profile after the Olympics, as well as public anticipation for the upcoming
cycling season with races featuring Lance Armstrong, were instrumental in a contract agreement being reached.

For live bike racing on the internet, click to UniversalSports.com. The NBC property is showing Saturday's Milan-
San Remo classic and May's Giro d'Italia grand tour, and it has an archive of recent events.

Google Maps now has bicycle route options. Details: http://maps.google.com/biking.

               The Spoke                                      -6-                              April 2010
                                                     CLUB SPONSORS
                 These fine bicycle shops offer WJW club members a discount when a membership card is presented.
                  Depending upon individual shop policy, the discount may apply to parts, accessories, and clothing.

BIKE KING - 638-4488
Prop: Ron & Mary Ellen Asteak. 2002 State Hwy 31 N., Clinton. Specialized, Trek, Thule Car Racks. www.njbike.com

Since 1992, Prop: Gardner Berridge. 51 Main St., Clinton. Bianchi, Fuji, Parts, Clothing, Accessories, Expert Repairs.

Prop: Russell Padgett. 403 South Main Street, Phillipsburg. Bianchi, Diamondback, Haro, Raleigh, Specialized. Discount applies to
accessories. www.cyclefunattic.com

Prop: Dave Buegler. 52 Bridge St., Frenchtown. Klein, Lemond, Fisher, Giant, Terry, Pearl Izumi, Louis Garneau, Giro & Bell helmets
Website orders available (mention WJW in comments). www.TheCycleCorner.com

Prop: Gary Fitch. 405 Rt. 22 E, Whitehouse Station. Giant, GT, Litespeed, Cannondale, Torelli, Zipp wheels,
Demo bikes and on-the-spot service available. http://gardenstatebicycle.com/

Prop: Dan Force. 105 Rt. 31, Flemington. Descente, Felt, Garneau, Giro, Haro, Lemond, Marin, Nike, Orbea, Raleigh, Trek, Tyr
“Quality and service since 1973., www.petesbikeshoppe.com, BikeFitting.com

Prop: Arounkone Sananikone. 99 South Main St., Lambertville, NJ. Parlee, Lynskey, Look, BMC, Blue, Kona, Kuota, EWR, Zipp, Oakley,
Small World Coffee Roasters, Riverhorse, WiFi, Cycling.tv
“Preserving Cycling Culture”. www.pureenergycycling.com.

Prop: Steve French. The Mall at Far Hills, Far Hills. Bianchi, Marin, Kestrel, Pinarello, Gary Fisher, Cervelo, Felt Racing, Clothing, Videos,
Demo Bikes, Group Rides, Expert Bike Fit and Repair. www.sportspeople.net

                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES & OFFICERS
                           Please send any correspondence to trustees@bikewjw.org

President           Jim Richardson     268-6774                               Special Events                 Tom Armstrong 268-8602
Vice President      Ellen Cronan       595-2926                               Treasurer                      Barbara Snyder 399-7892
Membership          Henry Kane     215-862-3296                               Newsletter Editor              David Wyatt    797-0775
Secretary           Don Crouse         859-1581
                                WJW Special Events are held periodically throughout the year.
                                          Rides are scheduled each weekend.
                                      Check THE SPOKE for the date and time.

                           If you would like to submit an article or place an ad in THE SPOKE,
                     send it by the 15th of the previous month to David Wyatt at bdwyatt@gmail.com

                                     If you would like an updated list of WJW club members,
                                          please contact Henry Kane – 215-862-3296

                The Spoke                                                 -7-                                     April 2010
                                     WJW MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
_____________________________________________________________________________ (__________)___________________
name                                                                                  phone
_____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________
street                                                                                e-mail
_____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________
city, state, zip                                                                      age

RELEASE FORM: I understand that the purpose of this club is to promote bicycling in a sound and recreational manner and that this is a
not-for-profit organization and the members volunteer to lead rides and organize events. I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for my
own personal safety and for observing safe bicycling practices. I acknowledge that it is always possible for an accident to occur and I
assume all risks of injury to my person or property that may occur while I am participating in club events. I waive, release, forever
discharge and hold harmless to the fullest extent permitted by law, the club, its officers, trustees, members, guests and any other party
connected with club events in any way whatsoever from any and all claims of any kind that I, or someone else on my behalf, could assert
arising out of my participation in any club event. I certify that I am eighteen years of age or older.
(FAMILY MEMBERS who intend to ride should also sign below.)

Signature(s)       ______________________________________________________________ Date__________________________

                   ______________________________________________________________ Date__________________________

Annual Fee for Single or Family Membership Year March 1, 2010 – February 28, 2011 (check one option):

            $15.00 without paper copy of SPOKE delivered (SPOKE available at www.bikewjw.org) OR
            $22.00 with paper copy of SPOKE delivered.
        Optional:    $30.00 for WJW Club Jersey (please call the Club Vice Prsident 595-2926 for available sizes).
Make checks payable to Western Jersey Wheelmen and mail check & signed form to: Henry Kane, 1 Belaire-Village 2, New Hope, PA

Western Jersey Wheelmen is a member of                              Henry Kane
                                                                    1 Belaire-Village 2
                                                                    New Hope, PA 18938

                                                                    FIRST CLASS MAIL

If you are interested in leading a club ride, please
contact the coordinator listed below. All rides must
be submitted by the 10th of each month in order to
be published in the following month’s SPOKE.

May                Henry Kane              215-862-3296
June               Jim Richardson              268-6774
July               Dave Wyatt                  797-0775
August             Tom Armstrong               268-8602
September          Ellen Cronan                595-2926
October            Barbara Snyder              399-7892

Visit us online at www.bikewjw.org

               The Spoke                                              -8-                                   April 2010

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