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					        KENYA POST OFFICE
          SAVINGS BANK


P.O. Box 30311-00100 NAIROBI TEL: ISDN 2803000, 020-2229551-6
EMAIL:   FAX: 020-2229186
                              Who We Are
The Kenya Post Office Savings Bank traces its history from 1910 when savings
services were started as a Savings Department within the East African Common
Services. When the East African Community broke up in 1977, the Kenya
Government established its own savings services.

The Kenya Post Office Savings Bank was incorporated in 1978 through an Act of
Parliament Cap 493B of the laws of Kenya.

The primary mandate of the bank is to encourage thrift and mobilise savings for
national development through provision of primary savings services. However,
efforts are already underway to review the legal framework to allow the bank to
diversify into credit products and other services as well.

The bank offers savings and payment services through its own branch network and
uses agency services of the Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK).

The bank is wholly owned by the Government of Kenya, and reports to the Ministry
of Finance. Its governance is vested in the Board of Directors and the Managing
Director,   supported    by   three   Directorates    (i.e.   Operations,   Finance   &
Administration and Human Resources).

                      Our Vision

                     “To Be the Bank of Choice”

                    Our Mission
“To Provide Accessible and Sustainable Banking and Other Related
Financial Services, through Innovative Delivery Systems for Wealth
Creation to the Benefit of Customers and Other Stakeholders”

                           Our Mandate
The Bank was established primarily to encourage thrift and mobilise savings, and has
carried out this mandate quite successfully, through expansion of its outreach and
development of products and services that meet the expectations of its customers.

                                    Our Values
           CORE VALUES

       Postbank subscribes to the following key values:

       Provision of quality service to our customers:
       •    Professionally,
       •    Diligently, and
       •    Promptly to exceed their expectations.


       •   Teamwork,

       •   Integrity and

       •   Respect to customers and all stakeholders.

       •   Are socially and environmentally responsible.

       Our Board of Directors
The Board is chaired by Mr. Wilson Kinyua, while at the helm of the bank, as
Managing Director is Mrs. Nyambura Koigi. The Bank is wholly owned by the
Government of Kenya and reports to the Ministry of Finance. The Permanent
Secretary, Ministry of Finance sits in the Bank’s Board of Directors.

               Key Corporate Attributes
1.   Wide Network- Postbank is the only bank with the widest reach in Kenya.
     With a network of 85 own branches, and over 396 outlets operated on agency
     agreement with the Postal Corporation of Kenya, it means that there is access
     to our products and services countrywide. 75 Postbank branches are online.

2.   Diverse Products and Services- Postbank has seven (7) savings products, Safe
     Custody Services, International Money Transfer, M-Pesa, Visa Credit card
     (Local and International), Payment and cash collection services and has ATM
     services in operation.
3.   Affordable Banking- Comparatively, Postbank offers the lowest rates and
     charges in the market. This means that you save more when you bank with us.
     In addition, majority of our products offer tax-free interest.

4.   Stability and Wealth of Experience- Postbank has been offering its services
     to Kenyans from the year 1910. Since then the Bank has grown in knowledge
     and experience to ensure that we continuously improve service to customers.

              Our Products and Services
The Postbank Savings Account (OSS)
This is a passbook-based account. It is categorised into Personal, Trustee, Joint and
Children’s Accounts. The minimum balance to open is Kshs. 500 while the minimum
to operate the account is Kshs. 1,200. The pricing structure is competitive and
includes tax free interest. The passbook will soon be replaced with ATM cards.

Bidii Savings Account
This is a card-based savings product allowing customers more flexibility in account
transactions it has a withdrawal fee of Kshs. 50 per transaction and monthly
maintenance fee of Kshs. 90. The current photo cards are now being replaced with
ATM Cards.

Bidii Salary Account
The salary account enables the customer to receive the salary conveniently and have
unlimited access as they can withdraw at any time using the ATM services. Minimum
to open and operate the account is Zero. It has a withdrawal fee of Kshs. 50 per
transaction over the counter and has no monthly maintenance fee.

Bidii Junior Account
This account is open to all children below 18 years of age. An opening balance of Ksh
800 is required to open and maintain the account. The account has no maintenance/
ledger fee.

Save-As-You-Earn (SAYE)
This is a contractual savings scheme. Individuals or groups remit regular savings
either directly into their savings accounts through check-off arrangements or
through cash payable at our counters. The contracts run for 3, 6, 12, 24, and 36
months, with minimum monthly savings of Kshs. 10,000, Kshs. 5,000, Kshs. 1,000 and
Kshs. 500 respectively. Tax free interest plus a bonus on interest earned are payable
for all uninterrupted savings on monthly basis.

Fixed Deposit Account
The account targets savers who prefer term deposits. The fixed terms are 3, 6, 9,
12, 18, and 24 months, and currently the minimum amount to open the account is
Kshs 30,000. Competitive interest rates are offered and vary with the duration and
the amount deposited.

Premium Savings Account
The Scheme requires a minimum savings of Kshs 50,000, and offers additional
benefits to customers. It also offers competitive tax-free interest earnings. One can
transact at any Postbank branch or sub-branch countrywide and Interest earned is

Postbank Visa Credit Card
Postbank Visa is a credit card that gives you the flexibility to transact in all visa
outlets in Kenya and throughout the world. Postbank offers you both local and
international Visa credit cards.

Western Union Money Transfer Services
This is a money transfer service offered by Postbank through Western Union
Financial services. With this service, one is assured of fast, safe, convenient and
reliable service, through Postbank, the pioneer agent of Western Union services in

Postbank is an agent for Safaricom’s M-Pesa services where customers deposit and
withdraw money using their mobile phones.

Safe Custody:
This is service which entails safekeeping of valuable assets deposited by customers.

Step Account:

STEP Account is our latest account to roll out that target the Youth market
Key features of the account-
o Minimum Opening Balance of Ksh. 200.
o Minimum Balance to maintain the account of Ksh 200.
o Transaction fee over the counter Ksh 30
o No monthly ledger fee.

Agency/Commission Based Services offered by Postbank
We offer a variety of agency services, which are designed to make banking         an
affordable and easier experience for our customers as follows:
-   Cheque Encashment- This service is for those corporate clients with a large
    customer base countrywide who require faster cheque banking services. The
    customer simply presents the cheque to us and we facilitate cash payment of the
-   Cash Collection- the Bank can assist companies who require cash collected on
    their behalf from various locations countrywide.
-   Cheque Deposits-This service is for companies who wish to access cash
    against presented cheques immediately.
-   Salary Payments- For organisations with a large countrywide presence,
    Postbank can assist in ensuring that salary payments are done faster and safely
    thus reducing security risks of carrying large amounts of cash on pay days.
-   Wage Payments- For companies with a large network and high wage
    payments, the Bank can facilitate such payments securely.
-   Redemption of cash premiums- Companies that running product
    promotions countrywide and are offering cash prizes can easily pay winners
    though us.
-   Disbursement of Student Loans- Postbank disburses student loans
-   Payment of Pensioners- On behalf of the Government, we handle the
    payment of pensioners countrywide.

Our Branch Network
The Bank offers its products and services through a network of 85 own branches,
and over 396 outlets operated on agency agreement with the Postal Corporation of
Kenya, besides the over 4,000 outlets countrywide for the local Postbank Visa card
and over 1 million outlets worldwide for the international Postbank Visa card.

 NAIROBI    AREA        1   HEAD OFFICE         MT.KENYA      Branches     1     CHUKA
 ( C B      D )         2   WABERA                                         2     EMBU
                        3   MARKET street                                  3     ISIOLO
                        4   C S C - Ken Ave.                               4     KARATINA
                                                                           5     KERUGOYA
                                                                           6     MAUA
 NAIROBI    Branches    1   EASTLEIGH                                      7     MERU
 NORTH                  2   GARISSA                                        8     NANYUKI
                        3   GITHURAI                                       9     NYERI
                        4   KARURI                                         10    WANGURU
                        5   KIAMBU
                        6   KIKUYU                            S/branch     11    MURANGA
                        7   LIMURU
                       8    MATUU               R/VALLEY      Branches     1     BOMET
                       9    MWINGI                                         2     ELDORET
                       10   NGARA RD                                       3     GILGIL
                       11   RUIRU                                          4     KABARNET
                       12   THIKA                                          5     KAPSABET
                       13   UTHIRU                                         6     KITALE
                       14   WESTLANDS                                      7     MOLO
                                                                           8     NAIVASHA
                                                                           9     NAKURU
                                                                           10    NANDI HILLS
                                                                           11    NAROK
 NAIROBI    Branches    1   AFYA CENTRE                                    12    NYAHURURU
 SOUTH                  2   ATHI - RIVER
                        3   CANNON HOUSE                      S/branch     13    KERICHO
                        4   JOGOO ROAD
                        5   KANGUNDO
                        6   KAREN
                       7    KENYATTA MRK        WESTERN       Branches     1     BUNGOMA
                       8    KIBWEZI                                        2     BUSIA
                       9    KITUI                                          3     HOMABAY
                       10   MACHAKOS                                       4     KAKAMEGA
                       11   MAKUENI                                        5     KEROKA
                       12   NACICO                                         6     KISII
                       13   ONGATA RONGAI                                  7     KISUMU
                       14   RONALD NGALA                                   8     LUANDA
                       15   TOM MBOYA                                      9     MUMIAS
                                                                           10    SARE -

                                                               11   SIAYA
            S/branches   16   ENTERPRISE RD                    12   SUNA- MIGORI
                         17   NGONG HILLS                      13   WEBUYE
                         18   VIWANDANI

 COAST      Branches     1    CHAANI
                         2    KILIFI
                         3    KISAUNI
                         4    LIKONI
                         5    MALINDI
                         6    MARIAKANI
                         7    MOI AVENUE
                         8    MOMBASA
                         9    MTWAPA
                         10   TAVETA
                         11   UKUNDA
                         12   VOI

Out of the above mentioned branches, 75 branches are online.

Collaborations and Partnerships
The bank has entered into strategic partnership with several institutions: -
   •   MicroSave (product development & costing, branch costing, marketing etc)
   •   The Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK), where the PCK render the bank’s
       services on an agency relationship basis
   •   Western Union Financial Services International on money transfer service
   •   Citibank N.A.
   •   Kenya Women’s Finance Trust
   •   Visa Card International on card credit to customers,
   •   Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) for disbursement of loans to university
   •   Government of Kenya for payment of pensions, and disbursement of funds to
       support the free-education policy,
   •   Central Bank of Kenya on payment system for the East Africa region
   •   Founder member of the Association of Micro Finance Institutions (AMFI).
   •   German Savings Bank’s Foundation for International Co-operation (SBFIC),
   •   The World Savings Banks Institute (WSBI) which brings together savings
       banks globally,
   •   The three East Africa savings banks under the Association of Savings Banks
       East Africa (ASBEA),
   •   Women’s World Banking as a member of Global Network for Banking
       Innovation (GNBI).
   •   Suntra Investment Bank Ltd.
   •   Southern Credit Banking Corporation Ltd

We continue to develop more partnerships with other institutions.