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					         Kesher Zion Bulletin                             January/February 2010

            Tevet/Shevat/Adar 5770                      January/February 2010                              Volume 74, Issue 4

Kesher Zion Mission Statement: Kesher Zion Synagogue seeks to encourage the involvement of its members and create a special sense of
belonging, while stressing the joy within Judaism. Our egalitarian synagogue is committed to meeting the religious, social, educational,
and cultural needs of its members within the framework of the Conservative Movement. Kesher Zion Synagogue also recognizes its
responsibilities to provide a public place of worship, to observe Jewish life cycle events, and to support the local community and the State
of Israel.

         FREE Pancake Breakfast followed by a
         Sing-Along with Dr. Minna Bromberg                                   KZ PURIM SEUDAH
                                                                            & CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH

                                                                          Our community Purim celebrations will begin
                                                                          on the evening of Saturday, February 27th at
                                                                           the RCOS (time to be announced) and will
                                                                         continue on Sunday with the morning Megillah
       Come join us on Sunday, January 17th at                              reading and a champagne brunch at KZ
         10:30 a.m. in Sisterhood Hall for a
          Pancake Breakfast prepared by
               “Our Men Who Cook”

                         Then a Sing-Along with Dr.
                       Minna Bromberg as she plays her
                        guitar and shares some of her
                              beautiful original
                            works with everyone.

   We look forward to seeing you on January 17th.

       RSVP by phone 610-374-1763 or e-mail by January 10th to
               reserve seating for your                                          LOOK FOR FURTHER DETAILS
            Pancake Breakfast/Sing-Along                                            IN YOUR MAILINGS!!!!
              with Dr. Minna Bromberg
       Kesher Zion Bulletin                    January/February 2010                                       2

               DR. MINNA BROMBERG

"The world stands on three things: Torah, avodah, and g'milut hasadim." With this teaching from Pirkei Avot,
our earliest sages set out for us three pillars upon which Jewish life rests to this day: Torah, prayer
     (as "avodah" came to be understood after the destruction of the Temple), and acts of loving-kindness.

   Prayer is perhaps the hardest of these to wrap our heads around. Many of us wonder, "What is prayer ex-
actly? What are we trying to do when we pray? Is prayer just saying the words or is there more?" At the same
  time, this middle pillar of Jewish life is ostensibly the activity that brings us together every week for Shabbat
          services. Toward the aim of beginning to peel back the veil that often surrounds our worship,
                         I will be launching my first adult education class on the topic of:
             "Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Prayer (But Were Afraid to Ask)."

 Without a strong sense of both the structure of the prayer service and our own kavannah/intention in praying,
  worship can seem --for many, if not most of us-- like a long and boring string of unintelligible Hebrew words,
sentences, and paragraphs, page after page. By contrast, the more we can get to know both the service itself and
  ourselves as pray-ers, the more each word and each minute of prayer becomes precious to us. Approaching
     prayer with curiosity and intention is a lifelong process. This class aims to open a door to that process.

One key component of the class will be learning the structure of the Shabbat morning service. Learning the dif-
ferent parts of the service can make it more meaningful whether or not you know a word of Hebrew. For exam-
  ple, did you know that our prayers start with "Morning Blessings" which can be thought of as a warm-up for
  the more intense "workout" at the heart of the service? How might we approach these preliminary blessings
  with this in mind? Perhaps this part of the service could then become a time for us to consider what kinds of
"warming up" our own "prayer muscles" might need on any given day. If you prefer a more artistic metaphor,
         the service can be thought of as a symphony made up of several distinct but related movements.
  How can we best attune our ears and our other "prayer instruments" to approach each different movement?

 We will move from the structure of our worship to broader questions about why and how we pray. While we
will draw on a variety of teachings from our tradition, I especially hope that people will bring questions of their
 own so that the class can be crafted to the needs of those participating. And while we will be focusing on the
           Shabbat morning service, we will also be touching on what prayer means more broadly.
                        So please feel free to join us even if services "aren't your thing."

           "Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Prayer..." will meet on four Sundays
             (January 24, January 31, February 7, February 14) from 5-7p.m. in the KZ Library.

                                   Your synagogue is eager to serve you . Our Rabbinic Resident Dr.
                                  Bromberg shares her pastoral time in Reading with her educational
                                time in Boston. When you need her services, please call her directly at
      Kesher Zion Bulletin                January/February 2010                                 3


               Announcements…..Opportunity.....Hear Ye Hear Ye
                     …..Changes….Interesting Stuff…..

 I’m trying to get your attention to let you know that important activities are planned. Your
           participation and support would enhance and enliven these occasions.

 1. Neighborhood Shabbatot (April 30)- Are you interested in attending a Shabbat dinner? With
your friends? With congregants in your neighborhood? Dinner would be FREE ($0). This would be
an opportunity to socialize with friends, or break bread with neighbors you don’t often see. We are
 proposing the following potential locations, but can certainly increase it if there is the interest and
                    Exeter, Hampden Heights, Sinking Spring and Wyomissing.
              Please mark the date on your calendars, and look for further announcements.

 In order to achieve the goal of having anyone who wants to attend to be able to attend we need
volunteers to open their homes. Would you be willing to have a Shabbat dinner at your home? No
       cost and no cooking involved, just your hospitality. Please contact Janet Kaplan and
            let her know that you are interested. This is one of those occasions where
                         the hosts may benefit just as much as the guests.

We of course would also love to have donors who would be interested in helping to defray the costs
of this Shabbatot. If you think this is an endeavor worth supporting and are interested in funding all
          or part of this effort please contact Janet or me. We would love to hear from you.

       Janet can be reached at 610-373-4497 or I can be reached at
                          610-372-4553 or

  2. The Helen Rudolph Museum Committee is re-activated after a dormant period. Committee
members, of whom I’m one, are actively looking at the collection currently on display in Sisterhood
Hall to determine what else can be purchased to increase the collection. They would like to remind
  everyone that a donation to the museum is a great way to honor someone. Please take the time
next time you are in Sisterhood Hall to look at the items on display. There aren’t many synagogues
 that can claim as extensive and as beautiful a collection of Judaica. I want to thank the members
                                of the committee for their interest and
                    commitment to the Museum. The Committee members are
 Pam Weisberg, Bob Kauffman, Shirley Kauffman, Mara Winn and Chair, Debbie Goodman.
                      If you have an interest in Judaica and would like to be a
                      member of the Committee, please let Debbie or I know.
         Kesher Zion Bulletin                   January/February 2010                                   4

                           SANDY BLOOM ~ HEBREW SCHOOL DIRECTOR

A number of years ago our Hebrew School established an annual Mitzvah Blitzvah Day. We organized into
 mitzvah corps and blitzed the Reading community with numerous mitzvot to be accomplished in one day.
   Our hope was to encourage families to routinely perform mitzvot. This year our school is once again
                          devoted to engaging in mitzvah projects, but rather than
 doing them in a one day period, we’re doing them on many days throughout the year. The Hay Class has
               selected a project for each month, the sum of which will more than equal our
      previous Mitzvah Blitzvah Day. We have already collected personal items for the residents of
                           Wernersville State Hospital, “Loving One’s Neighbor”.

Our next project is to collect food for the Food Bank which offers help at KZ once each month. Please help
         our students to feed the hungry by dropping off non-perishable items at the synagogue.

 As Tu B’Shevat approaches we are asking for monetary donations to the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in
  Israel. $18 will pay for a tree; however, any amount is welcome to be added to our group collection.

                          Simply send your check (made payable to JNF) to our office.

    Won’t you please join in our Mitzvah Blitzvah Days? They’re easy to do. They make you feel good.
                                        They’re commandments.


        The Wernersville State Hospital would like to thank all the members of Kesher Zion Synagogue
Hebrew School for the very generous donation of gifts to be used for the patients at Wernersville State Hospital on
            Christmas Day. Patients of all faiths or lack of the same will benefit from the groups’
       contribution. The sharing of the groups’ themselves will give our patients a sense of community
                                especially for those without family or friends.

Both the patients and staff here at the Wernersville State Hospital join in sending Kesher Zion Synagogue and the
                                           Hebrew School students our
           warmest wishes for a joyous holiday season and a healthy New Year. Happy Chanukah!!!

                            Sincerely, Michele Duffy—Volunteer Resources Coordinator
Kesher Zion Bulletin   January/February 2010   5
       Kesher Zion Bulletin                   January/February 2010                                    6


                                              KOSHER IN READING
Being kosher involves thinking about what one eats on a daily basis. While most people spend some time de-
ciding what to eat, they don’t usually stop to think if it has dairy products or meat ingredients. Coming from a
   family where dessert was considered the most important part of the meal, it was important to plan the meal
based on what dessert was going to be. If we had a meat meal, we had to wait at least 4 hours before consum-
  ing dairy, i.e. ice cream. As a result, foods that were neither dairy nor meat were good alternatives. For the
 most part, this meant a fish dinner that could go either way. In today’s world, pareve foods have become in-
  creasingly popular with the general population because they tend to be healthier alternatives to meat. In our
family, my mother, of blessed memory, started to substitute a vegetarian “chopped liver” for the real thing. It
 has now become a staple as an appetizer at our home for holidays and looks and “almost” tastes like the real
thing. And if you really want to, you can have ice cream after you finish the “chopped liver”. Here is the rec-
 ipe for this delicious concoction. You may not believe that it will look and taste like the real thing when you
                    see the ingredients but you really should give it a try. ( It’s also a lot easier!)

                                         MOCK CHOPPED LIVER

                              3 hard boiled eggs             1 small can green beans
                              1-2 onions                     1 small can mushrooms
                              1 small can peas               ½ cup walnuts

                     Drain peas, beans, and mushrooms. Sauté onions and mushrooms.
                       Put all ingredients in food processor until mixture is smooth.
                                        Add salt and pepper to taste.


          Kesher Zion Synagogue Library
    Sundays, January 24 and 31, February 7 and 14
                     5 – 7 p.m.

     Wondering what Jewish prayer is all about?
       Hoping to get more comfortable with
                 the prayerbook?
        Curious about what the structure is
             behind all those words?
                                                               12 Convenient Locations to Serve You
         Kesher Zion Bulletin                            January/February 2010                                                 7

                                     RACHEL YAFFEE ~ CHILDREN’S LIBRARIAN

Tu B’Shevat traditionally marks the festival “New Year of the Trees” (usually occurring in the month of January or February). It is
celebrated by donating trees to Israel, the eating of specific fruits and grains, and singing psalms and songs. In Israel the holiday has
come to symbolize the transformation of the Land of Israel from desert sands to green fields and forests.

Listed below are books from our Juvenile Library pertaining to trees, stories about the holiday and a few books about caring for the
earth and our world. All are available to be borrowed NOW.

BEHOLD THE TREES, by Sue Alexander. A land once protected by all sorts of wonderful trees is reduced over many years by
war and environmental neglect, becoming a desert, until new inhabitants plant new trees and slowly the land is once again filled with
the beauty of trees.

CURIOUS DAVID, by Esther Adler. A Tu B’Shevat tale.

THE GIVING TREE, by Shel Silverstein. A tender story for all ages, touched by sadness, offering an interpretation of the gift of
giving and the serene acceptance of another’s capacity to love.

LISTEN TO THE TREES, by Molly Cone. This books looks to the Torah for its environmental wisdom that has made responsibil-
ity for caring for the earth a part of Judaism.

THE LORAX, by Dr. Seuss. The Once-ler describes the results of the local pollution problem in rhyme.

THE NEVER ENDING GREENESS, by Neil Waldman. When a family comes to live in Israel after WWII a young boy begins
planting and caring for trees – a project that spreads across the whole country.

PEARL PLANTS A TREE, by Jane Zalben. This book discusses the celebration of Tu B’Shevat and other tree planting festivals
around the world.

SECRET OF THE LEAVES, by Esther van Handal. Another story in the Art Scroll Middos (good traits) Series. Beryl’s loud be-
havior changes when he learns of the secret of the trees.

SEDAR FOR TU B’SHEVAT, A FESTIVAL OF TREES, by Harlene Appleman. Describes the celebration of Jewish Arbor Day
and explains its history through a Sedar.

SEDAR TU B’SHEVAT, A FESTIVAL OF TREES, by Adam Fisher. A Sedar, similar to the Pesach Sedar, celebrates the re-
newal of trees and of all nature, the Land of Israel, thankfulness and responsibility to God’s world.

TREE FULL OF MITZVOS, by Dina Rosenfeld. The story of a little maple tree who learned through the holidays and Shabbat and
daily living that he too could perform Mitzvos.
                                                                                               Also Available Are….
TU B’SHEVAT, by Sophie Cederbaum. A story about the holiday.
                                                                                Goodbye Tree, by C. Woyke
TU B’SHEVAT, by Norma Simon. An easy story explaining the holiday. Grandpa and Me on Tu B’Shevat, by M. Gold-Yukson
                                                                           Honi’s Circle of Trees, by P. Gershator
We also have a video about Tu B’Shevat – GRANDPA’S TREE.               In the Shade of the Chestnut Tree, by B. Tene
                                                                               The Littlest Tree, by S. Rouss
2nd Period BOOK REPORTS are due NO LATER than April 12, 2010

Videos MAY NOT be used for Book Reports!

IMPORTANT NOTICE - In the bookcase opposite the Children’s Library are two (2) shelves of books which are free for
children, parents and teachers. Help yourself!
      Kesher Zion Bulletin                 January/February 2010                                8


The Men’s Club is looking for programs! We have the second Sundays of each month penciled in
 for programs, but we need YOUR help! Do you have an interesting job or hobby that you would
  like to share with the group? Have you recently attended a meeting, and heard an interesting
speaker? We’ve covered health, finance and political topics over the years, but there are no limits
      to what we can schedule. If you’d like to be on the schedule, contact one of our officers
                (Ed Jacobson, Bernie Kaplan, Seymour Bloom, or Paul Schwartz),
                                     and we’ll find a date!

                         Keep Super Bowl Sunday open in the morning for
                                        World Wide Wrap.
                                We’ll be sending out details soon!

 If you haven’t paid your 2009-10 dues, please remember to send a check payable to “Kesher Zion
          Men’s Club.” Dues are still only $25. You can mail the check to the Synagogue.

                                                                      Shabbat Babysitting

 To Rabbi Joel & Shirley Weintraub on the birth of
                 their first grandson
  To Masha Dubravin & Yosef Weintraub on the
         birth of their son, Ari Leo born on
                  October 26, 2009
To Harvey & Roberta Goldstein on the marriage of          Now available upon request with one
     their daughter Shira to Jason E. Goldberg
  To Donald & Ellen Abramson on their son,                               week
               Bradley’s engagement                                advance notice…

                                                                   Please reserve your “spot”
                                                                            by phone
             To Betsy Katz and family on the                            610-374-1763 or
     loss of their loved one, Helen Hirsch                                   e-mail
To Dr. Irving Ehrlich on the loss of his father,         
               Jacob Ehrlich
      Kesher Zion Bulletin               January/February 2010                              9

                        CAMP RAMAH IN THE POCONOS
                              PRESS RELEASE
      Camp Ramah in the Poconos now accepting 2010 camper applications

   Camp Ramah in the Poconos, the official camping arm of the Conservative movement, is now
  accepting applications from children grades 3-10 for the summer of 2010. Each summer, Camp
Ramah provides children with educational and recreational experiences that are active, creative, and
              fun-filled. Camp Ramah is a great summer experience which combines
                       Jewish living and learning in an overnight camp setting.

     With a staff of over 200 individuals, Camp Ramah is able to provide a quality, personalized
  experience for each camper. At Camp Ramah, campers participate in aquatics, performing arts,
 sports, outdoor adventure, visual arts, Hebrew language, and Jewish studies. Each of these seven
main areas of focus incorporate many different activities; aquatics encompasses swimming lessons,
   sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and rowing while visual arts includes ceramics, painting, weaving,
woodworking, photography, jewelry making, and more. Each camper is able to foster many different
                 interests and skills, all while exploring what it means to be Jewish in
                         today’s world and experiencing the beauty of nature.

Campers at Ramah are in the care of experts and professionals. Counselors receive rigorous training
   in child development, programming skills, and Jewish education. Additionally, specialists are
 brought in with strong backgrounds in their areas of focus. Meanwhile, a trained college graduate
    leads each unit while working closely with parent liaisons and advisors. Most importantly, a
                professional medical team of nurses and doctors is always available.

        To learn more about Camp Ramah in the Poconos, or to get an application, e-mail or go to Scholarship funds are also available from
                               KZ Synagogue and KZ Sisterhood.

            First time campers can visit to learn how to apply
                                $1000.00 toward the cost of camp.

  Cemetery Memorials, Bronze Plaques
       Stone Cutting & Cleaning
           Office—Same as

Richard H. Rhoads, Jr.
4631 Pottsville Pike, Reading PA 19605
Phone: (610) 921-3240
Cell: (484) 269-1783
         Kesher Zion Bulletin                  January/February 2010                                 10

                                           Todah Rabah
                            Our warmest thanks are extended to those
                           who have contributed to the following funds:

BARRER YOUTH FUND:                            ~Shirley & Burton Krieger                ~Bernie & Janet Kaplan
To Gaye Corbin in memory of your      To Pauline Goldberg in honor of your     To Betsy Katz in memory of Helen
mother, Natalie Adelglass             Simchat Torah Tribute                    Hirsch
        ~Alan & Esther Strauss                ~Shirley & Burton Krieger                ~Mae Marlowe
To Betsy Katz in memory of your       To Gaye & Glenn Corbin and family        To the Spector family in memory of
mother, Helen Hirsch                  in memory of Natalie Adelglass           Harold Spector
        ~Alan & Esther Strauss                ~Samuel & Sarah Flamholz                 ~Trina Rudolph
CAMP RAMAH FUND:                      To Fay Spitz in memory of your           Happy Birthday to Mae Marlowe
To Betsy Katz in memory of Helen      brother, Dr. Herman Zeidman                     ~Pauline Goldberg
Hirsch                                        ~Samuel & Sarah Flamholz         To Betsy Katz & family in memory of
        ~Esther & Sid Bratt           To Dr. & Mrs. Irving Ehrlich on the      Helen Hirsch, beloved mother of
To Dr. Irving Ehrlich in memory of    birth of your grandson, Noah             Betsy Katz
your father, Jacob Ehrlich            Benjamin                                         ~Doris & Elliot Leisawitz
        ~Esther & Sid Bratt                   ~Samuel & Sarah Flamholz         To Dr. Irving Ehrlich in memory of
Get Well Wishes to Pauline Goldberg   To Gerald Levine in honor of your        Jacob Ehrlich
        ~Esther & Sid Bratt           Simchat Torah Tribute                            ~Harvey & Roberta Goldstein
Get Well Wishes to Judy Hartman               ~Samuel & Sarah Flamholz                 ~Al & Betsy Katz
        ~Esther & Sid Bratt           To Rhoda Rosenberg best wishes on                ~Robert & Norma Nagy
Get Well Wishes to Berna Sherman      her “89” birthday                        JOSEPH M. RAVITZ LIBRARY
        ~Esther & Sid Bratt                   ~Samuel & Sarah Flamholz         FUND:
Get Well Wishes to Trina Rudolph      To Rabbi & Shirley Weintraub on the      To the Spector family in memory of
        ~Esther & Sid Bratt           birth of their grandson                  your father, Harold Spector
MORRIS HASSEL RELIGIOUS                       ~Betsy & Al Katz and family              ~Miriam & Jacob Fogelman
SCHOOL FUND:                          To Dr. Irving Ehrlich in memory of               ~Frances Rudolph
To Betsy Katz in memory of your       Jacob Ehrlich                                    ~Teresa Riquelme
mother, Helen Hirsch                          ~Rob, Mindy, & Joe               To Gaye Corbin in memory of your
        ~Dick & Sandy Bloom                   Coopersmith                      mother, Natalie Adelglass
        ~Mindy, Rob, & Joe                    ~Dick & Sandy Bloom                      ~Sheila & Gary Lattin
         Coopersmith                  To Mr. & Mrs. Jason E. Goldberg in               ~Mickey & Linda Roeberg
        ~Ilene Goldberg               honor of the marriage of our daughter,   To Marvin Adelglass in memory of
To Gaye Corbin & family in memory     Shira to Jason E. Goldberg               Natalie Adelglass
of Natalie Adelglass                          ~Harvey & Roberta Goldstein              ~Rhoda Rosenberg
        ~Dr. Varsha Lift              THE LEONARD LEVIN FUND                           ~Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brok
To Betsy Katz & Harry Hirsch in       FOR THE IMPROVEMENT AND                  To David Spector in memory of
memory of Helen Hirsch                BEAUTIFICATION OF KESHER                 Harold Spector
        ~Judy & Vic Tynes             ZION SYNAGOGUE:                                  ~Rhoda Rosenberg
To Betsy Katz & family in memory of   Best wishes for a speedy recovery to             ~Bernie & Janet Kaplan
Helen Hirsch, beloved mother and      Trina Rudolph                                    ~Marcia Gross
grandmother                                   ~Leah & Joe Wittenberg           To Dr. Irving Ehrlich & family in
        ~Marvin Adelglass             To Bob & Sheila Spector in memory        memory of Jacob Ehrlich
        ~Glenn & Gaye Corbin          of Harold Spector                                ~David & Rachel Yaffee
        ~Samuel & Sarah Flamholz              ~Grace & Meyer Lewis             Get Well Wishes to Pauline Goldberg
To the Goldberg family in honor of    To Stephanie Emerson in memory of                ~Eileen Kope
Mark’s Bar Mitzvah                    Harold Spector
        ~Dick & Sandy Bloom                   ~Grace & Meyer Lewis
Happy birthday wishes to Rhoda        To Betsy Katz & family in memory of       Todah Rabah CONTINUED ...
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Rosenberg                             Helen Hirsch
          Kesher Zion Bulletin                January/February 2010                                 11

                                           Todah Rabah
                             Our warmest thanks are extended to those
                            who have contributed to the following funds:
JOSEPH M. RAVITZ LIBRARY              memory of Harold Spector              Adelglass
FUND:                                         ~Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brok               ~Dick & Sandy Bloom
To Betsy Katz & family in memory of   To Mr. & Mrs. Larry Emerson in        To Gaye Corbin and family in
Helen Hirsch                          memory of Harold Spector              memory of Natalie Adelglass
       ~Marcia Gross                          ~Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brok               ~Mindy & Rob Coopersmith
       ~Rachel & David Yaffee         To Mr. & Mrs. Robert Spector in       To Betsy Katz in memory of Helen
To Bob & Sheila Spector in memory     memory of Harold Spector              Hirsch
of your father, Harold Spector                ~Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brok               ~David, Debbie, Scott, Mark,
       ~Marcia Gross                  To Mrs. Claire Delsack in memory of            and Abby Goldberg
To the Coopersmith family in honor    Harold Spector                                ~Ms. Lila Shapiro
of Joey’s Bar Mitzvah                         ~Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brok       To the Adelglass and Corbin family in
       ~Marcia Gross                  To Mr. & Mrs. Al Katz in memory of    memory of Natalie Adelglass
Happy “89th” birthday to Rhoda        Helen Hirsch                                  ~Ms. Lila Shapiro
Rosenberg                                     ~Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brok       To the Spector family in memory of
       ~Betsy & Al Katz and family    To Gaye Corbin and family in          Harold Spector
To Fay Spitz in memory of Dr.         memory of Natalie Adelglass                   ~Ms. Lila Shapiro
Herman Zeidman                                ~Bernie & Janet Kaplan        To Betsy Katz and family in memory
       ~Honey & Sy Youngerman                 ~Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brok       of Helen Hirsch
To Betsy Katz in memory of Helen      KESHER ZION SYNAGOGUE                         ~Pauline Goldberg
Hirsch                                GENERAL FUND:                         To David & Debbie Goldberg and
       ~Rhoda Rosenberg               To Betsy Katz in memory of Helen      family in honor of Mark’s Bar
       ~Gladys & Merv Lewis           Hirsch                                Mitzvah
       ~Ms. Frances Rosenberg                 ~Randall & Mara Winn                  ~Betsy & Al Katz and family
       ~Gertrude, Mark, & Carol       To Gaye Corbin in memory of Natalie   DAVID & REBECCA SCHEIN
         Goldberg                     Adelglass                             SCHOLARSHIP FUND:
       ~Honey & Sy Youngerman                 ~Randall & Mara Winn          To the Schein family in memory of
To Gaye Corbin & family in memory     Get Well Wishes to Berna Sherman      Lita Schein
of Natalie Adelglass                          ~Bernie & Janet Kaplan                ~Roberta Dunitz
       ~Gladys & Merv Lewis           To Dick & Sandy Bloom in memory       TORAH FUND:
Get Well Wishes to Berna Sherman      of Irene Bloom                        To Gaye Corbin & Marvin Adelglass
       ~Ms. Frances Rosenberg                 ~Ms. Frances Rosenberg        in memory of Natalie Adelglass
To Claire Delsack in memory of your   Get Well Wishes to Berna Sherman              ~Eric Bluestone & family
brother, Harold Spector                       ~Honey & Sy Youngerman        To Betsy Katz in memory of your
       ~Grace & Meyer Lewis           Happy Birthday Wishes to Rhoda        mother, Helen Hirsch
Happy Birthday wishes to Rhoda        Rosenberg                                     ~Eric Bluestone & family
Rosenberg                                     ~Barbara Solowey & Irwin      KIDDUSH FUND:
       ~Pauline Goldberg                       Goldstein                    In memory of Selma Chitister
       ~Honey & Sy Youngerman                 ~Paul & Ruth Isenberg                 ~Eileen Kope
To Dr. Irving Ehrlich in memory of            ~Bernie & Janet Kaplan        RUDOLPH MUSEUM FUND:
Jacob Ehrlich                         To Betsy Katz and family in memory    To the Hirsch family in memory of
       ~Rhoda Rosenberg               of Helen Hirsch                       Helen Hirsch
To David & Debbie Goldberg in                 ~John & Barbara Bellus                ~KZ Sisterhood
honor of Mark’s Bar Mitzvah           Get Well Wishes to Judy Hartman       To Dr. Irving Ehrlich in memory of
       ~Rhoda Rosenberg                       ~Bernie & Janet Kaplan        Jacob Ehrlich
Get Well Wishes to Pauline Goldberg   HEBREW SCHOOL                                 ~Jerry & Pam Weisberg
       ~Rhoda Rosenberg               RENOVATION FUND:                        Todah Rabah CONTINUED ...
To Mr. & Mrs. David Spector in        To Gaye Corbin in memory of Natalie                next page
            Kesher Zion Bulletin                      January/February 2010                                         12

                                                  Todah Rabah
                                 Our warmest thanks are extended to those
                                who have contributed to the following funds:
JOSEPH M. RAVITZ LIBRARY                          ~Gertrude Goldberg                 Adelglass
FUND:                                      KESHER ZION SYNAGOGUE                            ~Morris & Ruth Lift
To Donald & Ellen Abramson in              GENERAL FUND:                             TORAH FUND:
honor of your son, Bradley’s               To Dr. Irving Ehrlich in memory of        To Dr. Irving Ehrlich in memory of
engagement                                 Jacob Ehrlich                             Jacob Ehrlich
       ~Jonathan & Janice Simon                   ~Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Corbin                  ~Samuel & Sarah Flamholz
To Betsy Katz in memory of Helen           To Donald & Ellen Abramson in             THE LEONARD LEVIN FUND
Hirsch                                     honor of your son, Bradley’s              FOR THE IMPROVEMENT AND
       ~Jonathan & Janice Simon            engagement                                BEAUTIFICATION OF KESHER
To Dr. & Mrs. David Goldberg in                   ~Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Corbin           ZION SYNAGOGUE:
honor of Mark’s Bar Mitzvah                To Dr. & Mrs. Irving Ehrlich in           To Dr. Irving Ehrlich in memory of
       ~Jonathan & Janice Simon            memory of Jacob Ehrlich                   Jacob Ehrlich
To Mrs. Cynthia Rapp in memory of                 ~Janet & Bernard Kaplan                   ~Jeffrey & Deborah Frank
Reverend David Rapp                        To Gaye Corbin in memory of Natalie

♦   I would like to thank the congregation for honoring me on Simchat Torah. I also thank my friends who honored me by their
    donations in my name to Kesher Zion.

                ~Jerry Levine

♦   Thank you to everyone for the warm wishes for our “ 4 0 ” special anniversary. It was very much appreciated.

                ~Anzie & Edward Golden

♦   Fran Mendelsohn thanks all of the members who sent her Leagrams for her birthday. They were very much appreciated.

♦   Betsy Katz and family would like to thank everyone for their tremendous support upon the passing of her mother, Helen
    Hirsch. The Kesher Zion community was remarkable in their attendance at daily minyans in the morning, evening, and even
    some afternoons. Thank you to those who did the honor of Chevra Kadisha, those who led services, read Torah, and the
    many congregants who came and gave their support at this difficult time.
                ~Betsy & Al Katz and Family, Dr. Harry
                & Sharon Hirsch and Family, and Dina
♦   Thank you to all my friends at KZ for the very warm birthday greetings.
                ~Doris Leisawitz
♦   My heartfelt thanks to everyone for the Leagrams, donations, birthday cards, and good wishes for my birthday.
                ~Rhoda Rosenberg
♦   Naomi Knoll would like to thank everyone for her birthday Leagrams. Your thoughts were greatly appreciated.
♦   Thank you for the thoughtful birthday Leagrams.
                ~Gaye Corbin
♦   Thank you to everyone for their thoughtful wishes for my birthday. They were very much appreciated.
                ~Eileen Kope
♦   Thank you to my wonderful friends for the cards and Leagrams for my “ 92nd ” birthday.
                ~Evelyn Blumberg
       Kesher Zion Bulletin                    January/February 2010                                    13

Contributions to support our Synagogue and Sisterhood are deeply appreciated. Whenever you wish to remember
friends and loved ones, in joy or sorrow, please think of the following funds. An appropriate acknowledgment is
sent. Make your check payable to the appropriate fund and send to the office.

Individual name plates available for purchase. (Call the office)
  Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund …….……………….......…….Minimum $ 6.00
  Hebrew School Scholarship Fund ………………….....………..Minimum $ 6.00
  David & Rebecca Schein Scholarship Fund……………........…Minimum $ 6.00
(Please make check payable to Leonard C. Levin Fund)……....….Minimum $ 6.00
ZION SYNAGOGUE: (Please make check payable to the Foundation.) Proceeds
are used to purchase additions to the museum collection…….......Minimum $ 6.00
(Please make check payable to the Harry G. Barrer Youth Fund) Proceeds are
used for U.S.Y. and Kadima activities.…….….............................. Minimum $ 6.00
Contribute to the weekly Shabbat kiddush and your name will be listed in the
Shabbat bulletin. There will also be a framed acknowledgement at the kiddush in
Sisterhood Hall................................................................................Minimum $36.00
Inscribe your happy occasion permanently on Kesher Zion Synagogue’s Tree of Life. The leaves cost $100.00. A
maximum of 100 engraved characters is permitted. The stones cost $500.00 Since the stone is larger, there is
more room for lettering. To place an order, please call the synagogue office.
JOSEPH M. RAVITZ LIBRARY FUND: ……..………...............................Minimum $ 3.00
Bookplate ……………………………….…………………..….............................……... $10.00
Send your check to the Library Fund c/o the office. An acknowledgement is sent.
Cards available for all occasions. Funds are used to support the Jewish Theological Seminary’s programs and
scholarship fund. Call Arlene Ehrlich (610-373-6648) to have cards sent ($4.00 each) or to purchase cards for
personal use (3 @ $10.00).
Cards available for all occasions. Call Sylvia Wenger (610-375-3422) to have cards sent ($1.50 each) or to pur-
chase them for personal use ($1.00 each).

 Contributions to the Synagogue and the Sisterhood funds must be paid before cards are processed. Mail or bring
your check with complete information to the synagogue office. If you have an account or wish to start one, please
contact the office. Money should be added when the account gets low. This will eliminate writing numerous
Kesher Zion Bulletin   January/February 2010   14
Kesher Zion Bulletin   January/February 2010   15
        Kesher Zion Bulletin                     January/February 2010                                   16

              Kesher Zion Synagogue                       Synagogue Office hours:
              1245 Perkiomen Avenue                       Mon.      9:00 a.m.   to    6:00 p.m.
                 Reading, PA 19602                        Tues.     9:00 a.m.   to    3:00 p.m.
                Office: 610-374-1763                      Wed.      9:00 a.m.   to    6:00 p.m.
                 Fax: 610-375-1352                        Thurs.    9:00 a.m.   to    3:00 p.m.
                              Fri.      9:00 a.m.   to    3:00 p.m.

        Affiliated with the United Synagogue of
                 Conservative Judaism
Dr. Minna Bromberg .……….…Rabbinic Resident                               WINTER WEATHER
Mark E. Kushner …………………………...Cantor                                       CANCELLATIONS
Sandra Bloom ……………... .Educational Director
Solange Mintz…. ……………….……. ...President
Edwin Jacobson … … ……...Men’s Club President                        For current Kesher Zion
Office…………………………………...Sisterhood                                     bad weather closings:
Muyumi Minnich…………………….……...Editor
Esther Strauss …………………………Proofreader
                                                                   Call the office (610) 374-1763
    Call the office for advertising information.                           Listen to Y102
    The deadline for submission of articles for the                 Log on to
               March, 2010 Bulletin is
             Monday, February 8, 2010

                                                                                     CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

  Permit No. 65
   Reading, PA                                                                       Reading, Pennsylvania 19602
  U.S. Postage                                                                          1245 Perkiomen Ave
    Non-Profit                                                                       Kesher Zion Synagogue

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