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									                                   LUMMI                                   LIFESTYLES
                                                  Wellness & Safety Newsletter

                          Lummi Victims of Crime
                          “Journey to Healing” ½
                          The Lummi Victims of Crime "Journey to Healing" 1/2 Marathon
                          and Relay was held last month on Saturday October 11th 2008.      In This Issue
                          The 13.1 mile course started at 10am and finished on Kwina
                          near the Fitness Center. There was water, food, and relay
                          hand off stations approximately every 3 miles along the loop        Event Schedule       1
                          consisting of Kwina, Haxton, Lummi View, and Lummi Shore.
                          Individuals had the option to either walk or run the entire 1/2     LVOC Marathon
                          marathon (13.1 miles) or form a relay team of 2 or more                pictures          2
                          people. Alberto Galler was our running division winner and
                          his time was 1-hour 59 minutes.                                     LVOC Marathon
                                                                                              Pictures cont…       3
                                                                                            Lummi Fitness News     4
                                                                                              HikingTrails in &
                                                                                             around Bellingham     5
                                                                                               Recognition of
                                                                                               Lummi Fitness
     Don Ligocki
   Fitness Manager
                                                                                             Bio’s Continued…      7
     360.384.2274                                                                          Bio’s Continued…      8
    Starla Jefferson      Picture above is Alberto Galler –Running
Coach/Certified Fitness   Division Winner.                                                    Bio’s continued      9
  360.384.2292                           Event Schedule:                                    Fitspresso Café Menu   10
                                  rd              st
      Regina Tom          Nov 3 – Dec 31 - Guilt Free Holiday Challenge
  Assistant Managaer
    (360) 384-2274
                                                                                              Class Schedule       11     Weekly: Thursday Mile Walk on Kwina
                                                                                              Doralee Sanchez
 Shasta Cano-Martin
     Safe Streets                            th
                          September 11 - October 11            th                               Benefit Run        12
   (360) 384-2274         Marathon in a Month Fitness Challenge
LFC Employees:                          th
                                                                                               Event Pictures      13
Sarah Ballew, Michelle    October 11 – Lummi Victims of Crime “Journey
Lewis, Jerome Tom         To Healing” ½ Marathon
                          Rally & Spirit Run

                          October 25th – Diabetes Conference
Safety & Wellness Newsletter

Lummi Victims of Crime “Journey to Healing” ½ Marathon


Safety & Wellness Newsletter

                                    Lummi Fitness News

Halloween Thursday Walk & Lummi Head Start Trick or Treat Day: Thank you, to everyone
who participated in the "Dracula Dash" Halloween Walk. I hope you had fun and didn't get too scared. The
winners of the drawing for a pair each of tickets to the big Costume party at Silver Reef are Bernalyn
Washington and Shasta Cano-Martin.

On Thursday October 30, 2008 approximately 75- 100 Children & their families from the Lummi Head
Start children visited LIBC offices for a day of trick or treating around Lummi West campus, East campus
& NWIC. Thank you for supporting Lummi Head Start children during Halloween !! pictures below….

See more halloween pictures on page 12

Northwest Washington Indian Health Board Hosts 6th Annual Diabetes Conference
Over 100 Natives from Lummi, Nooksack, Swinomish, Upper Skagit and Samish gathered on Saturday October
25th to learn more about living well with diabetes. The 6th annual event was entitled “Honoring the Gift of
Health”. Lummi Elder Jack Cagey and his wife Beverly opened and closed the ceremony with a prayer and
song. Honoring those participating in the Healthy Heart Project started the day. Information was presented
about the Healthy Heart Project and how the over 100 local Natives with diabetes who are participating are
doing. It was encouraging to hear the success stories of a few participants who have made great strides in taking
care of their diabetes. Desiree Webster, a dietitian and diabetic educator who works at the St. Joe’s Diabetes
Center, talked with the audience about how to shop for healthy food in the “toxic food” environment we live in.
She taught the attendees to look for “real food” and what to look for on the label when trying to decide what to
purchase. The fewer items listed on the label’s list of ingredients, the healthier the item usually is. Eating more
whole foods, unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables was emphasized. The next speaker was Darryl Tonemah
Phd, who talked about using your sense of humor and the knowledge you have when dealing with health
behavior change. He emphasized that all changes start with small steps, and if you continue to take small steps,
you will eventually reach your goal. To close the day, the audience was encouraged to honor their health by
keeping active. Don Ligocki and Starla Jefferson discussed the benefit of exercise and shared their knowledge
on how people with mobility problems can still be active by doing chair aerobics. All those attending got a
chair-robics dvd to take home and use. All those attending had a good time visiting with fellow tribal members
and guests and discussing some of the ways they honor their health.


Marathon in a Month Challenge: Thank You to everyone who participated in this year's "Marathon in a
Month" fitness challenge. A total of 184 people participated, and 100 completed at least one marathon (26.2
miles). A total of 5,202 miles were logged by participants between 9/11/08 and 10/11/08 with 55 participants
completing more than one marathon.

Lummi Victims of Crime “Journey to Healing” ½ Marathon : The Lummi Victims of Crime
inaugural "Journey to Healing" 1/2 Marathon took place Saturday 10/11/2008 with 44 participants. We were
blessed with a crisp, clear, fall morning for the 10 AM start. The 13,1 mile course started on Kwina near the
Fitness Center. From there participants headed south on Haxton, around on Lummi View, and returned on
Lummi Shore to finish back on Kwina at NWIC. There were water and food stations approximately every 3
miles along the course. The water and food stations also featured Native drummers who gave much needed
motivation and encouragement to the participants. Lummi Law and Order provided course patrol for the safety
of all participants. All precedes benefited Lummi Victims of Crime programs.

As of this righting, I have a very incomplete list of participants and finish times, but since I was the official
timer, I recall a few of them from memory. Kelly and Ralph Long rode their bikes around the 13.1 mile course
in 1 hour 35 minutes. Alberto Galler was the first runner to come in at 1 hour 59 minutes with Tim Ballew II
finishing at 2 hours 3 minutes. If I remember right, Skyler Olsen finished on his scooter between Alberto and
Tim. Jan and Christian Holmes competed as a team trading off between one of them running while the other
rode a bike. I believe that Tracy Olsen was the first female runner to finish with a time of 2 hours and 17
minutes. Dr. Freeman was the first official walker across the line in 3 hours and 1 minute. Once again, I
apologize for not having all of the official finish times of all participants, and I ask that anyone who does have
this list to please send me a copy. Thank you to all the participants and volunteers who made this year’s
“Journey to Healing” a success, and I’m already looking forward to next year.

Breast Cancer Thursday Walk: October was Breast Cancer awareness Month, and our Thursday's
Noon Walk/Run will be for Breast Cancer Awareness too. There will be food and prizes for participating.
Please read the following paragraph concerning how easy it now is to get a mammogram from the Lummi
Tribal Health Clinic. Have a good day, and please come over tomorrow to support this important cause.

Safety & Wellness Newsletter


Lummi Fitness Instructors & Manager Biography’s

                                             Don Ligocki
                             Lummi Fitness Center Manager/ Personal Trainer

Don Ligocki has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Western Washington University, is a
certified Personal Trainer, and hopes to become Certified Diabetes Educator in the near future. Don is a
life long resident of Whatcom County, has had Type 1 diabetes for 45 years, and has worked for Lummi
as Manager of the Lummi Fitness Center since it opened in 1999. Don manages the daily operation of
the Fitness Center, does personal training and counseling, and teaches strength training and jogging
classes. He finds his work at the Fitness Center to be very rewarding because he firmly believes that
physical activity is the key to living a long healthy life with diabetes. He also believes that diabetes
should not prevent anyone from doing what they want, and in leading by example. As a result he is a
daily bicycle commuter, and a competitive recreational bicyclist and runner. Fitness achievement of
2008: training for and running the Portland Marathon.

                                              Regina Tom
                                  Lummi Fitness Center Assistant Manager

Regina has been employed at the fitness center since it has opened in 1999 she has assisted in
managing the operation of the fitness center as her regular full time job as the Assistant Manager. She
has dedicated her time as a full time employee assisting the manager with operation of the Fitspresso
Café, supervising and training employees for the front desk receptionist job.

Safety & Wellness Newsletter

                                              Darren J. Phair
                                     Certified Group Exercise Leader
                               Kenneth Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research

The first classes I took were high impact classes offered through WWU designed by David Gillespie and
instructed by Kathy Moore. I have been teaching fitness classes since I was 18 years old. My mother
instructed high impact cardio classes that I took over for her. The classes were originally in the old
gymnasium at the Neighborhood Facility and we had attendance of up to 45 people.

I have instructed low impact cardio classes and conditioning classes for one of the Lummi Diabetes
Projects. I instructed classes on an on-call basis at the Bellingham Athletic Club. In Seattle I attended
classes at Sean’s Broadway Workout – the owner was featured as one of People Magazine’s 50 most
beautiful people that year.

Over the last year beginning on June 1st, 2007 I started a more intense workout schedule utilizing the
elliptical machine, treadmill, and eventually jogging. I took full advantage of utilizing Don Ligocki as a
personal trainer, Mark Zollitsch as health advisor, and Lanae Sisco as a nutrition specialist. In the last
year I have lost about 92 lbs and am still challenged to keep it off.

I prefer cardio, but am in resistance training three times a week. My main goal is to workout for the rest
of my life. I think my goals will continually change and evolve, but what is important to me is that I
always have goals in health and fitness.


                                               Starla Jefferson
                              Lifestyle Coach/Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
        Native American Fitness Council, Flagstaff, Arizona (affiliate of the Institute of Sports & Health)

        Starla Jefferson, employee of the Lummi Fitness Center of three years is a Certified Personal
Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Coach. She teaches a Circuit Training class on Tuesdays & Thursdays
from 12:00pm-1:00pm and also provides personal training services for her clients. Starla received her
certification from the Native American Fitness Council and has attended various fitness trainings through
the Aerobics Association of America (AFAA) and Nike. She is a member of the Lummi Rez Runners,
which is an organized running club and they organize fitness events (such as the Kwina Mile), attend
local health fairs, and participate in marathons. Her hobbies include golf, jogging, traveling and riding
bikes with her family.
       She been an employee of the Lummi Tribe since 1998 working in various LIBC Departments and
has finally discovered the career path she can expand and grow with. Starla has presented at Native
Diabetes Conferences within the Pacific Northwest on the benefits of exercise and demonstrations on
Chair Aerobics. She enjoys working with Lummi youth and elders and her target goal is to provide more
family fitness classes centered around the Washington State initiative on healthy families campaign.
       In addition, Starla is currently in the process of becoming a licensee with Healty Moms® Fitness
providing Pre/postnatal Fitness classes for moms and babies. The grand opening for Healthy Moms &
babies is to be announced Spring 2009. In the mean time her focus is her family and most importantly
her four children; two girls and two boys with her fiancé Anthony and together they live in the county of
Bellingham, Wa.

Safety & Wellness Newsletter

                                             Shaleena Bertram
                                          Certified Personal Trainer

Hello. My name is Shaleena Bertram, daughter of Marilyn Morganroth & Gary Bertram. I have been
teaching my circuit course since last November. I also taught aerobics in High School & took two years
of fitness courses while in Community College. When I moved back to Lummi 3 1/2 years ago, I had just
graduated from University of Washington with a Masters Degree in Social Work & after 7 years of
college, I packed on some pounds. Thru kickboxing, circuit training, and regular usage of the fitness
center... along with pulling canoe with Autumn Rose Canoe Club, I was able to get back to my regular
size. I also participate regularly in the Kwina Mile and the triathlon during Stommish. I currently teach a-
very fun-circuit aerobic course at the Lummi Fitness Center: Monday-Thursday 4:30-5:30pm & I also
lead fitness instruction at the Lummi Nation High School. I am a certified Personal Trainer as of last
spring & recently attended an Aerobic and Agility training... So, please join us in our fun class and
unwind after a day of work- it really helps! Thank you, Shaleena Bertram.


                                             Bob Stallings Bio
                                           Black Belt in Hopkido

Bob Stallings has a Black Belt in Hopkido which is a combat form of martial arts. Bob has taught
Hopkido at the Lummi Fitness Center and Senior Tai Chi at Little Bear Creek for more than 8 years.
Bob also teaches at North County Martial Arts Academy in Lynden. Before teaching at the Fitness
Center, Bob would often set up his mats in Marietta and other locations around Lummi and work with
anyone who was interested.

Pictures of Senior Tai Chi at Little Bear Creek below.

Safety & Wellness Newsletter

                                      Barbara Finkbonner-BA, PA
                                  Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  Barbara Finkbonner is a member of the Lummi Nation and a mother of three. She has worked for the
        Lummi Nation Health Services for the past 29 years and currently serves as its director.
Barb has been teaching fitness classes since the opening of the Lummi Fitness Center in 1999 teaching
                           Bench Aerobics and other group fitness classes.

  She graduated from the University of Washington in 1981 to become a physician assistant. She later
            went back for a bachelor's degree, then a certificate in medical management.
In 2001, through a fellowship from the Kaiser Family Foundation, she spent a year in Washington, D.C.,
     working for the Democratic staff of the Energy and Commerce Committee and getting firsthand
      experience in policy development. For about 10 years, she has also been a soccer coach.

                                          Carmen Fitzgibbon – MA
                                          Kids in Motion Instructor

Carmen teaches our Kids in Motion class and has worked with Lummi children and families for the last thirty
years. She began her professional career as a Head Start teacher for the Lummi Nation and is currently a Mental
Healthy Counsel for the YESS Program. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Development.

                                            Fitspresso Café Menu
                      Tall Grande                                    Tall Grande
                      12 oz 16 oz                                    12 oz 16 oz
* Americano           $1.50   $2.00          Chai Tea              $2.50 $3.00
Latte                 $2.25   $2.75          Hot Chocolate         $2.00 $2.50
Flavored Latte        $2.50   $3.00          *SF Hot Chocolate     $2.00 $2.50
Cappucino             $2.00   $2.50          Tazo Tea              $1.00 $1.00
Mocha                 $2.50   $3.00          Wild Orange, Awake Black, Calm Chamomile,
* SF Mocha            $2.50   $3.00          Green Tips
Flavored Mocha        $2.75   $3.25
                                      Milk Options: 2%, *Non-fat, *Soy - $.25 extra
                    Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Almond, Irish Cream, Caramel, Cinnamon
                 *Sugar Free Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Caramel, and Coconut
                                                 All Flavors $0.25 extra


Breakfast and Light Items
* Annie’s Breakfast Burrito                                                         $2.50
* Nugo Protein Bars Chocolate Banana, Orange Cream                                  $1.50
  *Cliff Bars                                                                       $1.50
*Yoplait Lite Yogurt                                                                $0.75

Lunch Items
Burritos Lean Chicken & Lean Steak                                                  $1.50
Teriyaki Chicken Bowls                                                              $2.50

Snack Items
Beef Jerky                                                                          $1.00
Pretzels                                                                            $0.75
Peanuts                                                                             $0.50
Sunflower Seeds                                                                     $0.50
Baked Potato Chips                                                                  $0.75
Smart Pop Pop-corn Butter Flavored                                                  $0.75
Dagoba 2 oz Chocolate Bar                                                           $2.75
*Sahale Snack packs Heart Healthy Nuts & Fruit blends                               $2.75
* Indicates Diabetic Friendly Choices                  SF = Sugar Free

            Fitness Center Classes
                                                                                                                       Safety & Wellness Newsletter

                  Fall / Winter
       Time            Monday           Tuesday           Wednesday           Thursday          Friday      Saturday

     6:00 am      Step Aerobics                         Step Aerobics                          Step
                  Barb Finkbonner                       Barb Finkbonner                        Aerobics

     12:00 noon   Low Impact         Ciruit Training    Low Impact          Circuit Training   Low Impact
                  Darren Phair       Starla Jefferson   Darren Phair        Starla Jefferson   Darren

     4:30 pm      Circuit Training   Circuit Training   Circuit Training    Circuit Training
                  Shaleena Bertram   Shaleena Bertram   Shaleena Bertram    Shaleena

     5:30                                               Kids In Motion
                                                        Carmen Fitzgibbon

     6:00 pm                         Martial Arts                           Martial Arts
                                     Bob Stallings                          Bob Stallings



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